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Singletrack Session #109

Just hit snooze baby! That is what Aric has learned this week about Facebook. He also has questions on "Business Casual" and Joel definitely talks him out of Yoga Pants for men (you gotta listen). Thanks for listening this week and make sure you check out the show notes and mark your calendars for the Beaverhead Endurance Runs- July 13th, 2019! Show Notes: Past Episode #124- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200Beaverhead Endurance RunsPC: Katie Michele Barney- Lake Mary, Big Cottonwood Canyon...


Episode #124- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200 Finale

Harrison Fluman is a Bigfoot 200 finisher!! We tracked him throughout the year and had 3 podcasts building up to the longest race of his life. We are so proud and happy to see Harrison come out the other side. This was such a fun show to record and watch the expressions as he took us along the journey. Thanks Harry- you are one of the special ones and we are lucky to call you a friend. Show Notes:


Singletrack Session #108

October has arrived and so has another Episode of the TrailManners Singeltrack Session. Today we talk about a few of our favorite races, cover the Bear 100 and get after it with some Ask TrailManners questions. Show Notes: Episode #123- Mark HammondBeaverhead Endurance Runs 2019 PC: Aarin Saft- Shut-In Trail near Asheville, NC- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #123- Mark Hammond

We were finally able to sit down with Mark Hammond to talk about how choir lungs improve trail running and his crazy 2018 schedule. Mark has had plenty of success on the trails over the years and we have an idea he is just getting started. Thanks Mark and good luck at the North Face 50! Show Notes: PC: Paul Nelson- At Run Rabbit Run


Singletrack Session #107

October is right around the corner folks. In this episode, we have a ton of laughs and of course we came up with some great ideas. Enjoy National Trail Running week and hang a pair of shirts for us. Show Notes: Past Episode #121- Erin HillPatagonia Video-The WolfpackPC: Marci Pearson- Wasatch Crest Loop/Dog Lake- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #122- Erin Hill: Wasatch 100 2018

We love talking to people after their first 100 mile trail race and this was no exception. We were lucky enough to sit down with Erin Hill to talk about her running of the 2018 Wasatch 100. Erin was nice enough to bring cheese curds, crackers and sweet tattoo arm sleeves for us. Man, we love our guests. Congrats to Erin on her incredible day! Show Notes:


Singletrack Session #106

Singletrack Session #106- Loaded with race results, marathon world record, Killian winning again...then again, Nordic Valley 7k, Ask TrailManners and oh so much more. Keep the "Ask TrailManners" questions coming. Show Notes: Past Episode #121Nordic Valley 7kGrizzly AttackPC: Andrew Whetten: North Ridge of Logan Canyon- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #121- Tara Warren: UTMB- 3rd American Female

We are BACK! Tara Warren has joined us for her 3rd time (Episode #3 & #34) and we couldn't be happier. Tara has just returned from the 2018 UTMB as the 3rd American Female and we get a blow by blow of the trip. Thanks Tara and congrats!!!! Show Notes:


Singletrack Session #105

Happy Birthday to Joel! This week we cover some race results from Wasatch 100 and Tahoe 200 and a few others. We give a shameless plug for our upcoming Nordic Valley 7k and quite a bit more. Keep the Ask TrailManners questions coming. Have a great week! Show Notes: Walmsley UTMB issuesWasatch 100 resultsNordic Valley 7k- Let's get registeredPC: Chelsea Myntti- Church Mtn. - Mount Baker Area- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Singletrack Session #104

What a huge week of racing in Europe. We break down the results and apologize to the Hornet. So many great performances and a laundry list of carnage. We hope everyone heals up and gets right back after it. We also talk about the new UTMB races coming soon, Wonderland Trail FKT, preview of the Wasatch 100 and plenty more. Have a great week and stay safe out there Show Notes: More UTMB races coming soon to more continentsWonderland Trail FKT broken - Candice Burt: Self SupportedPC:...


Singletrack Session #103

UTMB has finally arrived and it is stacked for both the ladies and the fellas! We break it down the only way we know how. The Appalachian Trail (supported) FKT fell by over 4 days thanks to Karel Sabbe of Belgium and Joel returns from a snowy run in the Tetons. Thanks for listening and have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! Show Notes: AT FKTPC: Jessica Torgerson-Lundin: Stillwater Trail Nye, MT- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Singletrack Session #102

Goodbye old friend- Aric lost his favorite trucker hat after he ran the Tetons...(moment of silence please). In STS #102 we cover some quality races and start some chatter about the 2018 UTMB- yes- we are getting closer. Show Notes: HERE PC: Krista Alderdice- Enchanted Forest, VT- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Singletrack Session #101

Grand Teton Circ, Trail running Beauty Queen DQ, Altra moving, Ask TrailManners and so much more in this weeks Singletrack Session. You also get to hear the great story of Aric and the Bear Spray. Remember to send your "Ask TrailManners" questions and Closing show quotes to Have a great week! Show Notes: VF Corporation to DenverBeauty Queen gets DQ'dPC: Jeff Fullmer- Palisades Ultra Trail Series (PUTS) Course- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Singletrack Session #100

BOOM- Singletrack Session #100 is here. Since Joel is back we have lots to discuss and catch up on. See the show notes below and please don't forget to send in your "Closing Quotes" and Ask TrailManners questions. Show Notes: Episode #120 recap: Harrison Fluman PC: Jessica Taylor- El Vaquero Loco Race- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #120- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200

Aric had an exciting time sitting down with Harrison just days before his first go at a 200 mile race- Bigfoot 200. We have sat down with Harrison two other times and followed his progress to race day. This show was special because we had so many questions for you- the listeners. Thank you for all the amazing questions. We want to wish Harrison GOOD LUCK on his adventure and look forward to chatting with him after his success at the Bigfoot 200. Go get 'em Harry! We are all behind...


Singletrack Session #99.5

August is here but Joel is not. So you have to listen to Aric run down the list for this episode. Lots to disuss and we ask for a little help. Hope to see many of you at El Vaquero Loco this weekend. Show Notes: LINKPC: Jeff Stephens- PUTS 50- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Singletrack Session #99

Ka-Boom! Lots to talk about this week on the TrailManners Singletrack Session. You definitely wanna tune in and comment on the weekend we just had. Show Notes: Podcast Episode #119- Hardrock 100Vermont 100Palisades Ultra Trail SeriesPC: Steve James: Great Bear Rainforest Nimmo Bay- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #119- It's a Hardrock Life!

On location is Silverton Colorado for the Hardrock 100. Aric snagged a few people for a roundtable on what makes Silverton and the Hardrock 100 so special. Thank you Breein, Harrison and Jeff for joining in and thanks for the fun miles in the San Juans! PC: Some stranger on the top of Grant Swamp Pass.


Singletrack Session #98

We are amped for this years Hardrock 100 this weekend. Silverton should be hoppin'! Aric will be down there being as uncomfortable as possible and looking for selfies..... Have a great week everyone! Show Notes: PC: Natalie Sheffield- Beaverhead 55k Salmon, ID- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Singletrack Session #97

We are fast approaching Singletrack Session #100 and are a full go on the 2018 Hardrock 100 Contest. This week we talk about Killian's Bob Round FKT, Hero Saman Kunont and cover the World Cup final. TrailManners will be on the road most of July but we plan on recording as much as we can. Have a great week folks! Show Notes: Killian- Bob Graham Round FKTThai Hero- Navy Seal and Trail Runner Saman KunontBest Trail Running Destinations in America???PC: Cade Brown- Crawford Notch, NH- Weekly...