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4/2: Wrestlemania Preview- Jonathan Hood on Busted Open

Ryan McKinnell & Jonathan Hood preview all things WrestleMania in this episode of the Busted Open podcast. But of course, one of the main topics is that The Undertaker - finally has his place in the WWE Hall of Fame. Ryan and Jonathan talk about the Undertaker's legacy and what made him so unique to captivate the audience for literally decades. Also, who will win between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar? Tune in to get the Busted Open picks! https://twitter.com/tweetjhood...


3/31: Good Karma Wrestling - Episode 0

On this pilot episode of Good Karma Wrestling, Gabe, J-Hood and Brian preview Wrestlemania and talk about AEW Dynamite from Columbia, SC and much more! https://twitter.com/tweetjhood http://instagram.com/igjhood


3/24: The Undertaker WWE HOF

The Undertaker is going into the WWE HOF. Shouldn't he be inducted as the lone inductee? Jonathan Hood talks about the full career of one of wrestling's all time characters. twitter.com/wrestlingtwt instagram.com/wrestlingtwt Merchandise/podcasts and more: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


3/22: Wrestlemania Preview

Jonathan Hood reviews Wrestlemania. Thoughts on the most interesting matches on the card and more. Twitter.com/wrestlingtwt Instagram.com/wrestlingtwt Merchandise/Podcasts: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


3/16 R.I.P. Scott Hall: The life and times of the "Bad Guy"

Jonathan Hood talks about the late Scott Hall on this edition of TWT. From his time in AWA and Memphis, to Razor Ramon, to nWo member, to TNA, this is the podcast that gives you the great moments in the career of Scott Hall! YouTube, TWT Merchandise and Podcasts and more! https://linktr.ee/Jhoodradio twitter.com/wrestlingtwt instagram.com/wrestlingtwt


3/7: AEW Revolution Review

Jonathan Hood reviews AEW Revolution from Orlando, Fl. Thoughts on the best matches and storylines. Also, you will hear from CM Punk and Hangman Adam Cole and much more. Merchandise/Podcasts and more here: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio twitter.com/wrestlingtwt instagram.com/wrestlingtwt


3/1: TWT Mailbox

Jonathan Hood opens up the TWT Mailbox and gets tons of questions from you, the pro wrestling fan! Everything, from WWE and Wrestlemania, to AEW's growing roster to MLW and DanHausen. For Merchandise, YouTube, Podcasts and more: https://linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


2/22: Elimination Chamber Review

CJ Taylor from www.thectjreport.net joined Jonathan Hood to discuss the WWE's Elimination Chamber from Saudi Arabia. Plus, something AEW fans should be wary of if you don't want All-Elite Wrestling to change their format or personalities. Podcasts/Merchandise and more here: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio www.siriusxm.com/channels/siriusxm-nba-radio Under the Hood basketball pod-Sponsored by: www.draftkings.com- Promo Code WMVP Under the Hood podcasts, merchandise and more here: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


2/15: Cody Leaving AEW? Austin at WrestleMania in Dallas

Andrew Thompson, from postwrestling.com joined Jonathan Hood on TWT to discuss the latest news on Cody Rhodes free agency, Stone Cold Steve Austin and his possible return to WWE and much, much more. TWT Merch, podcasts and more. https://linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


2/15: Court Bauer MLW CEO- Breaking News

Court Bauer, MLW CEO, joined Jonathan Hood on Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday on ESPN Chicago to discuss the breaking news of MLW's return to Chicagoland. Plus thoughts on pro wrestling free agency, Super Fight on Feb 26th in Charlotte, Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holiday thoughts and much more. TWT Merch, podcasts and more! linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


2/12: Go Home Shane

Jonathan Hood sprays to all fields on this edition of Tuesday rustling Tuesday. Shane McMahon, was asked to go home by Vince McMahon. Thoughts on Ronda Rowsey returning to the WWE as well as Bill Goldberg. Also thoughts about all elite wrestling and their main event with CM Punk versus MJF and much more. Subscribe. linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


2/2: AEW wrestler - Serena Deeb

The woman of 1000 holds, Serena Deeb, joined Jonathan Hood on Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday. Serena talks about her career, the state of AEW, what Shimmer meant to her as a pro wrestler, her new persona in AEW and much more! Subscribe: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tuesday-wrestling-tuesday-with-jonathan-hood/id1464098067 https://linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


2/1 AEW wrestler - Powerhouse Hobbs

Powerhouse Hobbs joined Jonathan Hood on Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday to discuss his career, his biggest influences, being with Team Taz, African American wrestlers in wrestling, his fur coat he wore in Cleveland and much more. www.aewtix.com - to see AEW live! TWT Merch, podcasts, and more available here: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


1/25 GCW/Independent Wrestling- Andre Viola (Part 2)

Andre Viola, executive producer Sirius XM's Busted Open, joined Jonathan Hood to talk about the state of Independent wrestling, a review of GCW- The World of GCW, also predictions on the WWE's Royal Rumble and more. Part 1- open.spotify.com/show/6LRKIyB1xPuWMqYxcZnle0 Jonathan Hood reviews Game Changer Wrestling's latest show from New York City, NY. Also information on how you can attend AEW Dynamite in Chicago on 2/3! twitter.com/wrestlingtwt instagram.com/wrestlingtwt TWT...


1/25 The WRLD On GCW Review (Part 1)

Jonathan Hood reviews Game Changer Wrestling's latest show from New York City, NY. Also information on how you can attend AEW Dynamite in Chicago on 2/3! twitter.com/wrestlingtwt instagram.com/wrestlingtwt TWT Merchandise/podcasts: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


1/18 Part 2: Terminus Review/Phil Lindsey Grapsody

The pro wrestling independent scene is getting hotter. Phil Lindsey, Grapsody Podcaster, joined Jonathan Hood on Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday to discuss, Terminus emanating from Atlanta, Georgia. Plus Lindsey gives us some of his favorite Indy wrestlers to watch in 2022 and much more! TWT Podcast/TWT You Tube/TWT Merch: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


1/18 Part 1: WWE's Hypocrisy

Jonathan Hood points out the hypocrisy of WWE and their attack of AEW's use of blood and violence in Tony Khan's All-elite wrestling. Plus thoughts from Phil Lindsey, from Grapsody Pod and Bleacher Report to discuss Terminus, the independent event from Atlanta, Ga is on Part 2 of this podcast. TWT Merch/TWT Podcasts are here: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio Manscaped.com - Promo code Hood - Save 20%!


1/11: Jeff Jarrett

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett joined Jonathan Hood to talk about Jeff's upcoming appearance at Game Changer Wrestling on January 15th. What are the similarities in AEW and Total Non-Stop action from back in the day? The evolution of Jeff's podcast, My World, cms.megaphone.fm/channel/WWO5330741307, his involvement in the Springfield Sliders baseball team and much more. TWT Merchandise and podcasts here: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio


1/4: WWE Day 1 Review/AEW on TBS

We salute Jeff Dickerson, a big pro wrestling fan on this edition of TWT. Brock Lesnar is the new WWE Champion. Jonathan Hood breaks down Day 1, WWE's first premium event of 2022. You will hear a full review of the Day 1 event. Plus thoughts on AEW returning to TBS on 1/5/22 and predictions and Big Swole's comments regarding diversity in AEW. TWT on YOU Tube: www.youtube.com/results?search_qu wrestling+tuesday Podcast and TWT Merchandise: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio 0:00-7:30- Tribute to Jeff...


12/28: 2021 Year in Review Show

CJ Taylor from www.thectjreport.net, joined Jonathan Hood to review the year that was in professional wrestling in 2021. You will hear thoughts about the state of AEW and WWE, plus some of the highlights from both brands including NJPW, MLW and much more! Happy Holidays! For TWT Merchandise, TWT on YouTube, previous podcasts and more, click here: linktr.ee/Jhoodradio YouTube.com -www.youtube.com/channel/UCRNeP-RO K6opSrVQ/featured