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Just some guys talking about all the things on our minds.

Just some guys talking about all the things on our minds.
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Just some guys talking about all the things on our minds.




This one is for my buddy, Gene...

In a world where humans have extraordinary powers, sickness is part of a dark history, and travel to other planets is a reality, Two Minds Podcast is called upon to ask these very important questions… “Should genetic modification research continue; and if it does, where do we draw the line?” Join us as we travel into a magical future where designers babies are just a few clicks away, bio-code is rewritten, and the only thing it costs is your humanity. Reality? Science-fiction? The answer may...


Golden State Bound!!!

Taking trips across the U.S. can be an enlightening experience. In this episode we recount some of the best moments from our trips trekking across the country we love. Whether it’s the Grand Canyon, the Diamond in the Desert, Tinseltown, or The Mile High City, there’s something out there for every taste. We also touch base on a few cool household tech items that make any home a smart home. So it’s ‘Denver or Bust’ in this, our travel episode. Music: Parasail by Silent Partner obtained via...


Very Superstitious, Writings on the Wall

Cross your fingers, throw some salt over your shoulder, avoid the number 13, and knock on wood for our Halloween special! In this episode we dive into the origin of some of the most common superstitions. Where does the 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror come from? Why don’t we walk under ladders? All of these and more are covered in this very unlucky episode! Music: Parasail by Silent Partner obtained via YouTube Audio Library Logo by Jason Baker Download or Subscribe:...


What's Your Number?

In this episode we dive into an episode of the Netflix hit series Black Mirror. With technology moving as fast as it is and infiltrating every aspect of our culture, are some of the science fiction themes we see in series such as these a possible reality in our near future? In some ways fiction is becoming a scary reality. Music: Parasail by Silent Partner obtained via YouTube Audio Library Logo by Jason Baker Download or Subscribe: Spotify:...


Play it Again Sam

Our 25th episode shines light on our favorite TV remakes/reboots as well as those that didn’t quite make it into the favorites category. We offer up our opinion of what makes for a good remake and how others fail. We also discuss a few random shows that aren’t necessarily remakes or reboots; we just love them. We also give a quick shoutout the “The Dancing Outlaw”, Mr. Jesco White and reveal one comeback we are both stoked for.


Welcome Back, Hamm

In this episode Mr. Hamm gives us a little insight into why he has been absent and what exactly a train feels like. We discuss the influence electronic devices may be having on the development of both children and adults. We also talk about how society has put knee pads and helmets on the inherent risks one takes while growing up.


Whiskey and The 'Squatch

Mr. Hamm usually writes these so I'm lost. In this episode, Mr. Taylor once again graces me with his presence as he fills in for Mr. Hamm who is still recovering from illness. We wish you a speedy recovery. Try to follow our meandering conversation as we go from whiskey to books to WWII to millenials to bigfoot.


Two Thumbs Up? Really?!?

Sometimes every star in the night sky is blotted out by clouds. In this episode we discuss how even star power can’t save some of Hollywood’s attempts to remake iconic films. Joining us in studio is a special guest and longtime friend, Richard Taylor. He lends his opinions of the good and bad of Tinseltown remakes. Though there are many bad out there, there are also some really good ones and we balance out this episode with our opinions of both.



per·cep·tion pərˈsepSH(ə)n/ noun The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses."Let's push normal limits to human perception"The state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses.Brain teasers abound in this mind-twisting episode. Welcome to a Rorschach test, podcast style. Follow along with us and let us know how you fair.


Bluegrass State of Mind

Happy Mother’s Day everyone who qualifies! Quick…..the first thing that comes to mind when I say Kentucky. I bet you thought bourbon or racehorses. There is actually a lot more to the Bluegrass State than just these two things. We talk about many of the natural wonders to be found, make a few suggestions of places to see, and a brief history of a frigid fighter plane.


3, 2, 1….ROFLMFAO!!!

We are joined by the brothers Calder from A Brothers’ Quarrel podcast in this very special crossover episode! We discuss, as best we can, the responsibilities of social media outlets and break our own rules about discussing politics. Jake and Bob lend their opinions, humor, and insight into how social media is used and abused. No holds are barred in this one, so hit play and hold on for this rollercoaster of an episode!!! Also, if you just can’t get enough of Mr. Claywell and Mr. Hamm, get...


Meet George Jets… Not Quite Yet

Digital… Vinyl… DIGITAL!!! VINYL!!! We kick things off with a discussion about our audio medium preferences and then dive right into the world of tomorrow. How far are we from becoming completely self sufficient and what implications would that have on our social structures? Maybe we even stumble upon a fix for those social interactions by looking back at our college days. Make sure to come back next week for a very special episode with very special guests.


Name Your Poison

We all have our vices and in this episode we dive into some from our past. In the words of Charles Dickens, “Vices are sometimes only virtues carried to excess.” We also share some of the ways we indulge and reward our good behaviors. To wrap things up, we pay homage to the great Stephen Hawking and give a word of encouragement to the voices of the “March For Our Lives” movement.



In the words of Dr. Sam Beckett “Oh boy.” We have had a doozy couple of weeks here at Two Minds. From starvation to gunshots to being attacked by zombie rodents. Then there were anniversaries, Olympics, and learning about the worst financial week ever experienced by the MGM grand hotel.


A Ray of Hope in These Dark Days

We begin this episode by discussing the recent tragedies in Texas, Kentucky, and Florida. Then we move on to topics that lift our spirit and warm our hearts. If you start this episode in tears we hope you finish with laughter.


The Pixarverse

For all the parents out there who are hearing "Let's watch it again!" for the fourth time today; here is a fun way to watch the animated world of Pixar. For anyone else who just loves these animated films; here is a fun new perspective on these classics.


Git Gud N00b

You ever play a video game online and just think that either you're that bad or everyone else is cheating? Well maybe neither of those things is the case. Maybe the other players just have more money than you. What would it be like to buy a game and the a few months down the road lose access to content that was there when you purchased it? Also, what the hell is everyone talking about swatting? Are there that many flies around here?


He Said, She Said

Well, net neutrality is dead. Is there anything worse we can talk about? I'm certain I can find something. There have been a lot of accusations flying around the country about sexual misconduct of late so we're going to throw our two cents on the topic into the ring. If you are in trouble please seek help. There are resources available at or call them 800.656.HOPE(4673).


Rage Over Neutrality

Please contact your Senator and Congressperson and let them know it is not OK to repeal net neutrality rules put in place in 2015. Also apologies for the rant on net neutrality skip to 37'45" to get to the happier stuff. Mistake in cast--Elon Musk started PayPal not eBay. YAY! Best loved and most hated Christmas movies and what is a Christmas movie?


Hodge Podge

ˈhäjˌpäj/ noun: 1. A confused mixture. 2. A heterogeneous mixture; jumble. ex. “This episode is a hodge podge of random topics.” synonyms: mixture, mix, mixed bag, assortment, random collection, conglomeration, jumble, ragbag, grab bag, miscellany, medley, salmagundi, potpourri, patchwork, pastiche;mélange, mishmash, hash, confusion, farrago, gallimaufry