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UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 115: Eli Thomas

UConn linebacker Eli Thomas joins The Courant's Alex Putterman to discuss all-you-can-eat seafood strategy, his background, his stroke, his recovery and why, despite it all, he has nothing to complain about.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 114: Drafting Memorable UConn Wins

The Shot. 77-74. Bird at the buzzer. UConn teams have been responsible for some iconic victories that need little to no explanation. The Courant's Alex Putterman and Chris Brodeur took turns drafting memorable wins in Husky history.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 113: UConn Heads To The Big East

UConn is headed back to the Big East.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 112: Handing Out Husky Superlatives

Now that the UConn baseball team's season is over, it's time to take stock of the players, teams, coaches and moments that defined the year in Husky athletics. The Courant's Alex Putterman and Chris Brodeur hand out superlatives for the best male athlete, female athlete, most improved player, best quote and more.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 111: Dan Hurley

UConn men's basketball coach Dan Hurley joined The Courant's Dom Amore to discuss his expectations for his second season with the Huskies. Hurley broke down the Huskies' recruiting class, shared his thoughts on some issues affecting college basketball, revealed how he unwinds in the offseason and discussed the possibility of playing against his brother Bobby's Arizona State team some day.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 110: Women's Hoops Talk And An NCAA Baseball Preview

The Courant's Kelli Stacy drops by to break down a busy offseason for the UConn women's basketball team and discuss a tumultuous lead-up to the WNBA season. Then, Dom Amore recaps the UConn baseball team's AAC tournament run and looks ahead at the Huskies' NCAA tourney draw in Oklahoma City.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 109: Drafting UConn Women's Players

One week after our men's draft, co-hosts Alex Putterman and Chris Brodeur take turns drafting the best players in UConn women's history.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 108: Drafting UConn Men's Players

The Courant's Alex Putterman and Chris Brodeur renew their rivalry with a long-awaited second draft. The topic? UConn men's basketball players. The rules were simple: the guys took turns drafting until each had a full line-up along with one bench player; only players from the Jim Calhoun era and later were considered; and non-UConn resumes were not. This is strictly about what these guys did as Huskies. After you've listened, head over to the UConn Insider Twitter account (@UConn_Insider)...


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 107: Breaking Down The ESPN-AAC Deal

The Courant's Alex Putterman returns to break down the ESPN-AAC deal. What does it mean for UConn's relationship with SNY? How does it compare to other deals involving Power 5 schools? Must you be a millennial to own and operate an ESPN+ account? Putterman answers all those questions and more. The show closes with a brief discussion on iconic calls of UConn moments that have aired on "linear TV."


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 106: Baseball Talk With Dom Amore And Shawn McFarland

In his debut appearance on the podcast, The Courant's Shawn McFarland discussed his recent feature on the UConn baseball team's success in developing big league pitchers. He was joined by Dom Amore, who gave an update on this year's Huskies. The guys broke down the methods used by UConn's coaching staff and discussed the character and the toughness that makes Husky recruits a different breed.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 105: 'Which Coach Said It?' With Kevin Vellturo And Alex Putterman

The Courant's Alex Putterman won last week's draft decisively, per a Twitter poll, so the hosting throne is his alone. That left Chris Brodeur to try to pick up his first victory in a game of "Who said it?" Putterman picked out quotes from UConn coaches and read them to Brodeur and his challenger, Kevin Vellturo, and there was a bit more drama as the two Berlin High/UConn alums battled it out.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 104: Drafting The Best UConn Teams

The show gets a reboot for the spring and summer, as The Courant's Alex Putterman steps into a semi-permanent role as co-host alongside Chris Brodeur. The 2018-19 school year was a rough one for UConn's major sports programs. But was it the worst ever? The guys discuss. Then, it's onto happier topics, as Putterman and Brodeur take turns drafting their favorite UConn teams from the basketball, football and miscellaneous ranks.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 103: Women's Hoops With Kelli Stacy

It was time to put a bow on another disappointing UConn women's basketball season, so The Courant's Kelli Stacy dropped by to recap the Final Four, assess the legacies of departing seniors Katie Lou Samuelson and Napheesa Collier, preview the Huskies' offseason and provide some updates on recruiting.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 102: ESPN's Kara Lawson

The Courant's Mike Anthony and Kelli Stacy drop by to recap the UConn women's basketball team's road to the Final Four before looking ahead at the matchup with rival Notre Dame. Then, at around the 35-minute mark, ESPN's Kara Lawson calls in to give a Final Four preview of her own.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 101: The '99 Champs, 20 Years Later

Friday marks the 20th anniversary of the UConn men's basketball team's first national championship. In this audio documentary, Jim Calhoun, Kevin Freeman, Rip Hamilton, Rashamel Jones, Khalid El-Amin, Souleymane Wane, Jake Voskuhl, Tom Moore and Dave Leitao look back on the ups and downs of that magical season, beginning with the cloud of uncertainty that hung over the Huskies in the spring of '98, when their loss to North Carolina in the Elite Eight was fresh and a couple of key players had...


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 100: Women's Hoops With Kelli Stacy

The Courant's Kelli Stacy was in studio to preview the NCAA Tournament. She, like the rest of the UConn women's basketball team, had an eventful Monday, beginning with Geno Auriemma's entertaining (and headline-making) Q&A session at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Then, it was time to react to the bracket leak, which saw the Huskies earning a surprising No. 2 seed in the Albany Regional. Stacy also discussed her recent profile of Katie Lou Samuelson, provided a...


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 99: Men's Hoops With Dom Amore

The Courant's Dom Amore dropped by to discuss Jalen Adams' legacy, Alterique Gilbert's injuries, Josh Carlton's emergence, the Huskies' AAC Tournament prospects, ESPN's Jim Calhoun Project and more.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 98: Previewing The AAC Women's Tourney And Steve Lappas

The Courant's Mike Anthony and Kelli Stacy stop by to break down the upcoming AAC women's basketball tournament and offer some thoughts on what the legacy of UConn seniors Katie Lou Samuelson and Napheesa Collier might look like six weeks from now. Then, at around the 28-minute mark, CBS Sports Network analyst Steve Lappas calls in to discuss Dan Hurley's first year on the job, Jalen Adams' leadership qualities, memories of coaching against Ray Allen and more.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 97: Rentschler Field's Struggle To Meet Expectations

In another Capitol Watch-UConn Insider crossover episode, Mike Hamad chats with Alex Putterman about Rentschler Field's struggle to meet the expectations with which its debut was met in 2003.


UConn Insider Podcast, Episode 96: Men's Hoops And Baseball With Dom Amore

The Courant's Dom Amore dropped by to discuss the latest news regarding the injuries to Alterique Gilbert and Jalen Adams, assess the Huskies' postseason prospects and preview the ceremony planned for the 1999 national championship team, which will be honored during Sunday's game against Cincinnati. Then, Amore offers his thoughts on the UConn baseball team, which opened its season with a series win over No. 4 Louisville.