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An out of the ordinary and unusual expression of opinions and explanations about sports, events, situations and life. Hosted by Curtis Terry. #UnCommenTerry


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An out of the ordinary and unusual expression of opinions and explanations about sports, events, situations and life. Hosted by Curtis Terry. #UnCommenTerry






Episode 5 - After The Rose with Chris Bukowski

Welcome to the UnCommenTerry! This is episode 5 and we’re coming at you this week with a reality check…Crypto currency, sports betting and reality television are all big industries in current times. And when it comes to our next guest he’s dabbled in all 3, successfully. He’s been on the most seasons of the Bachelor franchise in its history, is a serial entrepreneur who has opened his own sports bar and digital marketing agency, he’s a graduate of UNLV’s Harrah’s Hospitality college, and is also a diehard Runnin’ Rebels fan…I’m talking about Chris Bukowski. We’re going to check in with Chris as he breaks down his experience owning a sports bar and gives us the scoop on his digital marketing agency KCM Create. He also shares with us his advice for future entrepreneurs looking to get into the game and be their own boss. Chris is originally from Chicago so we dive into his hometown sports teams and he gives us his outlook on the Chicago Bears and their new quarterback, and what he thinks is next for the Chicago Cubs. And like I said, Chris is a UNLV grad so we reminisce about his time in Las Vegas, while he gives us his favorite Runnin’ Rebel moments and his thoughts about the future of UNLV Basketball. And for those that want the scoop, and I know you do, we dive into Chris’ 6 season run on the Bachelor series as he shares his thoughts on being on reality TV including the good, the bad and the ugly that can come from overnight fame and the new world it opens up. There’s no group dates or hometowns here, but listen up as we sit down and go one on one after the rose, with Chris Bukowski.


Episode 4 - Insight w/ Matt McKay Jr.

Welcome to the UnCommenTerry! This is episode 4 and we’re coming at you this week with Insight. Insight is defined as, “an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding”. And when it comes to our next guest he knows a thing or two about insight, especially when it comes to identifying talent on the basketball court. He’s a former NBA Front Office staffer and Scout for the Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Hornets, and is the CEO and Founder of Pro Insight…I’m talking about Matt McKay Jr. We’re going to check in with Matt as he breaks down Pro Insight and the purpose behind it, we get his take on the process of scouting college basketball prospects post Pandemic, specifically at Section 7 in Phoenix, AZ and USA Basketball U19 training camp in Fort Worth, TX - and he gives Insight on a couple under the radar class of 2022 prospects for us to keep an eye on. And the road Matt traveled to the NBA and now scouting blue chip recruits had quite a few stops along the way - so we take a look at the unique journey he took from King’s High School in North Seattle to Pro Insight. And for those that think future NBA Draft picks only have to check the boxes from a physical standpoint, Matt gives us Insight as to what NBA Scouts really look for as they cross the country trying to get the scoop on potential NBA draft picks before teams make a big financial investment. Get out your notebook and media guide, and dust off that Press Pass as we take a closer look and get some Pro Insight from Matt McKay Jr.


Episode 3 - Chop Shop with Steve Jones Jr. - Part 1

Welcome to the UnCommenterry! This is episode 3 and we’re coming at you this week from the film room and the sideline because there are multiple views when it comes to the game of basketball. And when it comes to our next guest, he has seen the game from both angles and at the highest level. Whether its film, player development, or in-game adjustments, using a different lens allows you to see things you didn’t see before. If you’re an NBA diehard or just a basketball junkie you’ve probably seen his game breakdowns on Twitter. He’s a former Memphis Grizzlies Video Coordinator and Brooklyn Nets Assistant Coach, and the son of a Legend, literally…I’m talking about Steve Jones Jr. We’re going to check in with Steve and get his take on the current NBA Season including James Harden and the Nets, this year’s All Stars, biggest surprise he’s seen on the court so far – as well as get his predictions for this season’s awards. And Steve’s a Pacific Northwest guy too, hailing from Portland, OR so we talk about his journey from the PDX to the NBA and everywhere in between – which includes some strong basketball connections that well prepared him on his way – and when you hear about the players he’s worked with I’m sure you’ll give him a follow on Twitter too, if you don’t already. And although Steve can breakdown the game with the best, some of his greatest moments have come off the court – so we have some fun talking everything but basketball! Throw on your wranglers and Cowboy boots because it’s going to be hotter than a Thursday night at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country in Las Vegas…and Steve Jones Jr. is on the dance floor!


Episode 2 - "Just Move" with Kaisa Keranen

Welcome to the UnCommenterry! This is episode 2 and we’re coming at you this week with one thing in mind and that’s “JUST MOVE”! And when it comes to our next guest, she has made it her life’s work to get everyone to do just that. She’s been on the covers of Strong Magazine, American Fitness and Oxygen Magazine; Was hand chosen by former First Lady Michelle Obama to be the go to trainer for her Let’s Move campaign; And with the help of her team is single handedly turning the fitness world upside down! I’m talking about the founder of Just Move, Kaisa Keranen…or you may know her as KaisaFit! We’re going to check in with Kaisa and learn why movement is so important to her, why it should be to you, and hear what she is thinks is a backwards formula in the fitness industry. If you don’t know, Kaisa is a Seattle girl at heart who loves to put on for her city – so we talk about her journey from Roosevelt HS in Seattle to current day - and you won’t believe how she got started in the fitness world, because what she’s doing now was not in the plans! And for that reason, her training an NBA Champion during his offseason is all the more interesting. And Kaisa will be the first one to let you know her thoughts about equality, so we talk about women in sports and the impact that it will have on future generations, as well as her involvement in the community and giving back. We’ve got all that and more to cover so we better get busy and “Just Move’’, because Kaisa is in the building!


Episode 1 - Slow Grind with Isaiah Thomas

Welcome to the UnCommenterry! This is episode 1 and and to kick things off we're coming at you with a Cold Blooded Killa. This week’s guest went from being “Mr. Irrelevant” as the last pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, who then blossomed into a 2 time NBA All Star and 5th place finisher in the 2017 NBA MVP race. He was also dubbed The Mighty IT by the late great Kobe Bryant…I’m talking about Mr. 4th Quarter himself, Isaiah Thomas! We’re going to check in with IT to see how he’s feeling physically after being on his SLOW GRIND. And speaking of SLOW GRIND, we’re going to chop it up about his company Slow Grind Media and their newest project “Hoops Heist” – which dives into the basketball culture of the Pacific Northwest and the State of Washington. It’s well-known that IT is a product of his environment, so we talk about his active involvement in the community of our hometown, Tacoma, Washington. And Isaiah will be the first to tell you that there is more to life than just basketball, so we rap about what the future might hold for him after his playing days…but not so fast because we all know there’s more work to be done on the court for The Mighty IT! We’re coming at you full throttle so strap up and check ball…but remember this is IT were talking about…so you might contain the cross but you’ll get lost by the hesi!


Episode 0 - Welcome to UnCommenTerry

Episode 0 of UnCommenTerry - The Podcast, is an introduction to the host Curtis Terry - Curtis gives a rundown of his background as a former NCAA Division 1 and professional basketball player, and shares how sports, specifically basketball, played a huge role in shaping his life. Curtis also provides a blueprint of UnCommenTerry - The Podcast, and gives a sneak peak as to what you can come to expect throughout this podcast.