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The Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast is two unqualified idiots rambling on sports topics they likely know nothing about.

The Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast is two unqualified idiots rambling on sports topics they likely know nothing about.
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The Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast is two unqualified idiots rambling on sports topics they likely know nothing about.




Magic quits, AB needs a break from Instagram and the 2019 NHL Playoffs

Episode 12 has Carlos and Dave talking through some more Antonio Brown drama (2:51) and the sudden resignation of Magic Johnson (9:51). Also the zombie remains of the AAF won’t let players sign with the CFL (20:06) and in the main topic they also make their 2018-19 NHL Stanley Cup brackets and try to predict this years Stanley Cup Champion. (29:07) Articles referenced this week: AAF Players can’t sign in the...


Closing thoughts on the AAF and Vince McMahon's XFL in 2020

Condolences for the AAF as Carlos and Dave have some final thoughts on the little league that Tom Dundon stomped out of existence. Does this actually make sense in the long run and what impact, if any does this have on the XFL happening in 2020? Aside from that the usual news and notes and the “triumphant” return of the Pretentious Cross-Country Running (Soccer) report with Dave. Follow us on the social media places: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter: @unnecessary_pod Site:...


Tom Dundon plays 4D Chess... or something... and Conor McGregor retires?

Episode 10 has Carlos and Dave doing a deep dive into Tom Dundon showing how NOT to conduct a negotiation, Conor McGregor supposedly retiring and Major League proclaiming that we’re old, along with the usual complement of news and notes including opening day in the MLB. Topics covered: - Major League Baseball says we’re all old (1:27) - Dave making excuses for not winning his NCAA pool (3:49) - Conor McGregor’s “Retirement” (9:46) - Opening Day in Major League Baseball (20:40) - Tom...


Trout wins the LA Angels Powerball lottery, Manziel in the AAF and the NHL Playoffs

Episode 9 of the Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast has Carlos and Dave talking Week 6 in the Alliance of American Football (AAF) while looking forward to Week 7 (3:12), Johnny Manziel signing with league and potentially starting with the Memphis Express (12:04), Mike Trout winning the Angels Powerball lottery (23:34), Ichiro’s last games and retirement (37:15), some thoughts on the NCAA tournament thus far (41:38) as well as another exciting edition of Dave’s Pretentious Cross Country Running...


Odell to Cleveland, NFL Free Agent Signings and 2019 AL East Preview

In Episode 8 Carlos and Dave discuss Week 5 of the Alliance of American Football (AAF), many news and notes from the NFL in trades and free agent signings and more. Some of the topics covered: Week 5 in the AAF (2:27), Odell Beckham in Cleveland (14:49), Nick Foles signs with Jacksonville Jaguars (23:41), Le’Veon Bell to the New York Jets (27:53), Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans/ Talking Dolphins QB situation (33:26), Pretentious Cross-Country Running Report (Soccer with Dave):...


Antonio Brown Drama and 2019 NL East Preview

Episode 7 has Carlos and Dave review Week 4 in the AAF (Alliance of American Football) as usual including what they’re looking forward to in Week 5, Josh Rosen being potentially out in Arizona (11:44), the Antonio Brown saga (15:36) and more from Dave on the CONCACAF (26:26). In the main topic the guys will review the National League East division (34:27) in the penultimate episode of their 2019 MLB review. How has the addition of Bryce Harper impacted the Phillies? Is that enough to offset...


Arenado and Harper Get Paid and Johnny Manziel excommunicated from Canada

Episode 6 has Carlos and Dave focusing mainly on the 2019 MLB season, but there is always time for a little football talk. First a recap of Week 3 in the Alliance of American Football (AAF) with an eye on what they’re expecting for Week 4. Then a discussion on Nolan Arenado’s contract extension with the Colorado Rockies (7:19). Bryce Harper ends our long national nightmare and accepts money from an MLB franchise (10:46) Johnny Manziel gets himself excommunicated out of the Canadian...


NL Central Preview and AAF Gets Funding

Carlos and David wade through a busy week of news in sports. - AAF gets Funding from Tom Dundon. What are the implications? - Robert Kraft in trouble - Manny Machado signs. Does this mean anything for Bryce Harper? - Hurricanes are jerks and a full slate of news and notes. The main topic is a breakdown of the NL Central (Starts at 31:39) - Who has improved and where do we see the teams falling in 2019? Lastly, the guys mention what they're looking forward to, including Dave...


AL West Preview, Week 1 AAF thoughts and multi-screen life!

Episode 4 is a winding journey as Carlos and David discuss podcast updates (we officially exist in the podcast world!.... unless you're on iTunes... but soon!) Also on the pod: Week 1 AAF thoughts, how was the style of play compared to what we were expecting and are we interested in seeing week 2? Will Carlos ever get his Arizona Hotshots merch? AL West Preview: Will the Astros repeat? Have the Rangers, A's, Angels or Mariners caught up any ground? And things we're looking forward to...


2019 MLB Preview Ep. 1 NL West and Random Nonsense

Episode 3 includes a recap of the Super Bowl, prop bets that worked out and some more notes on the AAF launch on Saturday night. Is the XFL already capitalizing on early growing pains pre-launch? The main topic is a review of the National League West - Do we see the Dodgers returning to the postseason? - Is anyone challenging them? - Is anything happening with Arizona, San Diego or the San Francisco Giants?


AAF Season Preview and Terrifying Bobbleheads?

Episode 2 has a full breakdown of the inaugural AAF (Alliance of American Football Season) and Reluctant Super Bowl predictions. Lastly, Dave decides frightening his own students with his face in person is fine... but scarring people with merch is a step too far...


NFC Championship Breakdown and Tom Brady is Kylo Ren?

Episode 1 has an excruciatingly detailed breakdown of the NFC Championship Also on the podcast: - a brief discussion of the AFC Championship - Is Tom Brady the "Kylo Ren" of the NFL? - and rundown of the newest Baseball Hall of Fame inductees. NOLA.com Article