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The Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast is two unqualified idiots rambling on sports topics they likely know nothing about.

The Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast is two unqualified idiots rambling on sports topics they likely know nothing about.




The Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast is two unqualified idiots rambling on sports topics they likely know nothing about.




AEW Fight for the Fallen and Bray Wyatt Release | UNP 107

Episode 107 has Carlos and Dave discussing the National Sports Collectors Convention before going into a pretentious cross-country running report and then Aaron Rodgers reporting to the Green Bay Packers and some thoughts on that. After that, the rest of the conversation is discussing AEW Fight for the Fallen and some moves leading into Homecoming, the not-so-subtle hints at CM Punk joining AEW, Carlos educates Dave and they revisit the "Pipe Bomb" promo. From there they conclude with a...


Where Watch YouTube was set ablaze... on Episode Salt | UNP 104

On the bizarrely named Episode 104 we visit and embrace the theme of salt throughout. Carlos explains the controversy with the YouTube channel "The Timepiece Gentlemen" that led to Watch YouTube being set ablaze! From there Dave brings up the failed talks between the XFL and CFL, WWE dropping the ball on the Tommy End (Malachi Black in AEW), resulting in his non-compete ending in 30 days, rather than 90. The salt continues from there as Dave explains why he hates both Tampa Bay and...


Buy Low, Sell High and maybe buy again? | UNP 102

As usual, episode 102 follows Carlos and Dave moving through stream of consciousness topics. They discuss Dave's current issue with Netflix documentaries having filler, Carlos' latest Sports Card live stream brought about some lessons in adjusting to the market, then they discuss the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Final and Carlos makes his series wager. After that more financial life lessons as taught by the sad parable of the Dogecoin Millionaire before going into some Wrestling...


Tears in my poutine | UNP 101

Episode 101 comes mid-week as Carlos and Dave discuss another random group of topics. Some card talk off the top as Carlos has been going nuts with the eBay buys with another 2020 Leaf Wrestling addition and some Juan Soto for the PC, then the guys talk some hockey, random basketball talk, some pretentious cross country running and then Wrestling talk to finish things off. Just another episode of the Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast. Shameless Plugs: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter:...


Episode Cake | UNP 100

Episode 100, codenamed Cake has Carlos and Dave having a little rundown of how they arrived at the episode, the evolution of the podcast, and why they remain committed to passionately discussing topics they know nothing about even at this point. Then Carlos springs an $11.8 Million dollar NFT on Dave, there is a spirited discussion on WWE's latest foray in B-Quality horror, some Canadian Content is appeased with a discussion of the final four in the NHL as well as an edition of the...


AEW All or Nothing and USFL?!?! | UNP 99

Episode 99 has Carlos and Dave reviewing Carlos' latest eBay rabbit hole and trolling the local sports team (Toronto Maple Leafs). After that an extended recap and discussion on AEW's presentation of All of Nothing PPV as well as some fallout on the Friday episode of AEW Dynamite. A discussion follows on the WWE releases, whether this implies that WWE is tracking towards a sale, the arguments for and against. Lastly, a quick talk on the surprising news that the USFL is supposedly coming...


Ultimate Warrior documentaries and Carlos fantasy books AEW | UNP 98

Episode 98 has Carlos and Dave discussing foray's into TTM (through the mail) autographs as Carlos discovered a long-lost cache of autos from a trip to his family's place, a discussion of AEW's go-home show for Double or Nothing this Sunday and a general wrestling discussion breaks out. Talking some on the dueling Ultimate Warrior documentaries this past week, A&E's other WWE content, and concluding with a Wrestling Mount Rushmore from both guys. Just another episode of the Unnecessary...


Dave wants a supersize of death, with a coke.... | UNP 97

Episode 97 has some standard, random discussion on dark subject matter documentaries, more David Arquette than anyone should discuss, some talk of AEW, the potential of a Fall Toronto Sport Card Expo and Dave tries to deny his bloodlust after expressing obvious disappointment at the most recent "Dark side of the Ring" episode... plus the title is a play off of a song lyric, bonus points if you can guess it. Just another episode of the Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast. Shameless Plugs:...


Court of Justice? | UNP 96

Episode 96 has Carlos and Dave going all over the map to discuss AEW Blood and Guts, Wrestling in general, Carlos gives the rundown on the controversial documentary "77 Minutes" and why most people shouldn't watch it, they discuss some more Super League items and somehow even more randomness... Just another episode of the Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast. Shameless Plugs: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter: @unnecessary_pod Site: http://unnecessarypod.podbean.com YouTube:...


Enter... the Patron Saint of Salt | UNP 95

Episode 95 has Carlos declaring himself the Patron Saint of Salt as discussions of the Super League enter in a present but diminished Pretentious Cross-Country Running Report... Beyond that, the guys acknowledge the existence of hockey to meet their Canadian citizenship obligations, discuss their personal favorite sports venues to exist that would have been possible in their lifetimes and Dave asks Carlos to discuss professional wrestling matches that have stood the test of time, in his...


Talkin' 2021 NFL Draft and Carlos heeds the Salt Signal | UNP 94

Carlos and Dave talk a few select picks from the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Carlos in particular takes enjoyment from the meme-able Giants fan reaction to their first-round pick followed by a discussion of Aaron Rodgers trade demands and the reaction of the Packer fanbase as they accumulate impressive amounts of salt. Carlos is clearly in his element... They briefly also talk about crazy Prizm prices with the UFC Prizm product shown as an example and Dave asks Carlos some Wrestling...


Where Carlos basks in a kingdom of Salt #TheSuperLeague | UNP 93

Episode 93 has noted Futbol, CFL, and Wrasslin' expert Carlos opining on the botched attempt at a European Super League (ESL), the fallout and possibly horrifying Dave with his sudden enthusiasm for "footy" coverage. Then they talk about the CFL prospects for 2021 and then some Wrestling Talk based on WWE's net show on finding Wrestling relics. Just another episode of the Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast. Shameless Plugs: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter: @unnecessary_pod Site:...


Smorgasbord of topics | UNP 92

Episode 92 has Carlos and Dave having some fun shifting through different topics, Carlos discussing mind-blowing stats regarding Patrick Marleau playing an obscene amount of games, puts Alexander Ovechkin's goal-scoring into perspective, talks about Magic the Gathering, makes fun of the CBC and the usual silliness. In the main topics, there is a pretentious cross-country running report from Dave, a discussion of possible new names for the Washington Football team as well as experimental...


Bonus Mbappe (allegedly....) | UNP 90

Episode 90 has Carlos and Dave truly going through the gamut of random topics, including the briefest of mentions of the MLB opening games, Carlos discussing arranging his office for proper multi-screen life (and work as well I suppose...), gives some Sports Cards insight and you even get some bonus Mbappe... for like a moment. Just another episode of the Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast. Shameless Plugs: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter: @unnecessary_pod Site:...


Trevor Bauer, Super Bowl Props and Wrestling Randomness | UNP 83

In episode 83, Carlos and Dave spend more time than expected discussing the Trevor Bauer deal, how ridiculous it is and if there's any actual justification? Then a brief talk on the Super Bowl itself, followed by looking at their favorite silly prop bets. Lastly, Dave admits after watching Dark Side of the Ring he "kinda" would want to see a Wrestlemania. Carlos understandably mocks him and settles the question of whether Vince Russo or Jim Cornette are more nuts. Just another episode of...


Other questions... we have them... do we have answers? Maybe | UNP 81

Episode 81 has Carlos and Dave confirming that the New Orleans Saints have failed us... dooming the football world to more Tom Brady. Aside from that dark future they also discuss hockey briefly, discuss the possibility of Matthew Stafford moving on from the Lions as well as the NFC and AFC Championship Games. They also ask the question: Will this ever be an audio podcast again? Answer: Maybe.... Shameless Plugs: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter: @unnecessary_pod Site:...


Where "Football team" is the Super Bowl Champ we deserve | UNP 75

Episode 75 has Carlos and Dave briefly talking about MLB’s latest attempt to claim poverty to not pay players followed by getting almost too much entertainment discussing the end of the Jets - Raiders game and the rest of the NFL week 13 slate. Shameless Plugs: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter: @unnecessary_pod Site: http://unnecessarypod.podbean.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVOMfLo9xZjl3A3bh8O-6Yw?


We didn't even need OMC for that | UNP 73

Episode 73 has Carlos and Dave discussing MLB not disciplining anyone for Justin Turner being Covid positive and celebrating on field, a bad game for the faux GOAT, why Team Panama is terrible, the Netherlands inexplicably and another questionable week in the NFL with the ascension of Jameis Winston to come in the future. And yes... it was a stretch for this title, but it's in the pod anyway, so deal with it. Shameless Plugs: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter: @unnecessary_pod Site:...


Dear God Why?!?! | UNP 72

Episode 72 has Carlos and Dave realizing just how old they are as they briefly reminisce about MuchMusic, Electric Circus and the mistakes Dave has made in referencing pop culture that his students weren't even born for. This is then followed by them discussing the Dodgers actually winning a thing, Dave and his brothers "love" of analytics, Carlos explains why MLB is not really baseball and then explains the horror that is the new Dallas Stars alternate "Rave Neon" jersey. Lastly, they...


Half Jack Sparrow, Half Mr Peanut | UNP 71

A second try at episode 71 has Carlos and Dave discussing the World Series, some talk of Antonio Brown signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and trying to figure out if there mascot is actually Sir Pirate Esq. Even if he's not, would it be better if it was? Another episode of randomness interspersed with some sports talk, the usual for the Unnecessary Nonsense Podcast. Shameless Plugs: Instagram: @unnecessarypodcast Twitter: @unnecessary_pod Site: http://unnecessarypod.podbean.com...