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Bonus Ep - Woho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum

We're back! Our abrupt hiatus has officially ended and in celebration of Alice's birthday, we had a few drinks and talked about our favourite topic: women's hockey. In this episode we mainly discuss Hayley Wickenheiser's comments to The Athletic, and related topics. It's...a wild ride y'all. Listen to us on RadioPublic! It's a free app that pays podcasters (like us) every time you listen, through their Paid Listens program. Help support us and enjoy a great app at the same time.


Can't Stop Wohon't Stop

And here we thought we'd have nothing to talk about after the NWHL and CWHL seasons were over. In the second episode of our new podcast, we recap the SDHL finals (kinda), talk about advertising, continue our #OneLeague conversation and answer our very first listener questions! ...Yes the title is supposed to be spelled like that, it's a pun.


So We Started A Women's Hockey Podcast

So, how do you create a women's hockey podcast? You Google it. Welcome to the inaugural episode of Unofficial Woho Radio, a podcast by women's hockey fans, for women's hockey fans! Join co-hosts Tay, Lauren and Alice as they introduce themselves and dive into topics like how they got into women's hockey, those super stressful Cup Finals, #OneLeague and how much they love Markham's jerseys.