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Up My Hockey is a podcast that pulls back the curtain on how to make a career out of hockey and the high performance habits required. Your host, ex-NHL'er and mindset coach, Jason Podollan, has candid conversations with NHL players, coaches, scouts, and agents, about the hockey journey and living your dream. If you are an aspiring hockey player, a hockey parent, or a hockey fan who wants to hear the inside scoop, this podcast is for you.




Up My Hockey is a podcast that pulls back the curtain on how to make a career out of hockey and the high performance habits required. Your host, ex-NHL'er and mindset coach, Jason Podollan, has candid conversations with NHL players, coaches, scouts, and agents, about the hockey journey and living your dream. If you are an aspiring hockey player, a hockey parent, or a hockey fan who wants to hear the inside scoop, this podcast is for you.




EP. 107 - Dean McAmmond - Harnessing Your Engine

In today's game, size is not a limiting factor like it once was. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, with most people identifying and working to improve that weak area in their game. But what if your weakness is something you can't control, like your height? Your mindset becomes the most important part of your game. Dean McAmmond was listed with the Prince Albert Raiders as a 13 year old, and after playing 4 years in the WHL he was drafted in the first round, 22nd overall, by the...


EP.106 - Brady Leavold - From Hockey to Hell and Back

Hockey to Hell and Back is the title of Brady Leavold's aptly named podcast. He's been there done that. Seen things and done things most of us only see in movies. Brady isn't proud of his choices, or his history, but he wouldn't change it for anything - not even Jaime Benn's career, as he says in this episode. Leavold's journey is HIS journey and because he literally HAS been to hell and back, he is now using his recovery and his message to help others. There is grace, humility and guilt...


Bonus Episode - Reflections on 100 - Episodes 51-60

In this bonus episode I get to go deep on my discussions Nathan Mackie EP.57, Chris Joseph EP.59 and Cristobal Huet EP.53. Mackie is the current captain of the Salmon Arm Silverbacks and committed to Michigan State, but was 16 at the time of the interview and was looking forward to his rookie season in Salmon Arm. We speak about our work together during the interview. Chris Joseph was a teammate of mine in Mannhiem, and one of the best people you could meet. Tragically he is also the...


EP.105 - Trevor Gillies - 18 year Professional and over 3000 PIM's

If you know the name, Trevor Gillies, then you probably instantly think "handlebars". While in the NHL with the New York Islanders, Gillies was famous for his thick, black handlebar moustache. Trevor was also famous for his willingness to get involved in the rough stuff. Gillies worked his way from juniors in the OHL, to the ECHL, to the AHL, and then to the NHL, because of his left hand and how he took care of his teammates. He rarely said no to a fight, and always had a clear...


Bonus Episode - Reflections on 100 - 41-50

Big time heavy hitters in this group of 10 to reflect on! Check it out...


EP. 104 - Tyler Shattock - Head Coach of the Salmon Arm Silverbacks

Tyler Shattock is now the head coach of a premier BCHL organization, but he was once a professional hockey player - and it wasn't too long ago. Drafted 5th overall in the 2005 WHL draft to the Kamloops Blazers - Tyler Shattock was a prized prospect that earned himself a 4th round selection in the 2009 NHL Entry draft to the St. Louis Blues. Shattock was never able to find his way to the NHL as a player and spent is pro career between the AHL and ECHL. Although Shattock's career should be...


Bonus Episode - Reflections on 100 - Episodes 31-40

In this episode I break down my favorite episodes from 31-40. So many excellent episodes to choose from in this group. I decide to highlight: Nathan Lafayette Dave Scatchard Jerred Smithson


EP.103 - Brent Gilchrist - A Warrior, a Great Teammate and a Stanley Cup Champion

Brent Gilchrist is best remembered by his teammates. Before I go any further, the above statement is a HUGE honor, When you have earned the respect of your locker room you have succeeded as a hockey player. Ask Brendan Shanahan or Steve Yzerman, or Chris Osgood about what Brent Gilchrist provided the Detroit Red Wings during their run to become Stanley Cup Champions in 1998 and they will tell you... Guts... Character... Sacrifice... Brent Gilchrist put the team first and played...


Bonus Episode - Reflections on 100 - Episodes 21-30

In this episode I discuss the lack of confidence in today's players and also break down my favorite episodes from 21-30. I highlight: Nathan Dempsey from episode 27! Also, Stacy Roest, AGM of the Tampa Bay Lightning in Episode 21.


EP.102 - Mike Needham - Stanley Cup Champion and Dir. of Development for OHA Okanagan

Mike Needham grew up playing his minor hockey in Fort Saskatchewan, but ended up getting listed by the Kamloops Blazers. And the Blazers were lucky to have him as he turned into a WHL star, scoring 59 goals and 125 points in only 60 games during his final season. Needham also won the gold medal while representing Canada at the World Junior Championships that same season in 1990. Mike Needham played in parts of two NHL seasons with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Dallas Stars from 1992 to...


Bonus Segment #2 - Reflections on 100 - Episodes 11-20

Reflections on Episodes 11-20 EP.11 Dave Oliver - A former NHL'er, a Director of Player Dev. for the Avalanche, an Assistant coach for the Rangers and a hockey dad... Dave has a lot of experience! A great interview EP.12 - David Michaud - President of the BCHL Alberni Valley Bulldogs EP.13 Wade Redden - NHL All-Star Defenseman EP.14 - Ryan Guenter - WHL Scout and author EP.15 - Scot Nichol - Nashville's Director of Player Dev. and former NHL'er - AMAZING story EP.16 - Joe Oliver -...


EP. 101 - Pierre Turgeon - 1327 Career NHL Points

Pierre Turgeon's career was amazing. We talk hockey, we talk about development, the mindset of goal scoring, who his best coach was, how to recover from mistakes, when they turned out the lights during the brawl against the Russians, his Hall of Fame status and much, much more!!! Enjoy the conversation!


Bonus Segment #1- Reflections on 100 - Episodes 1-10

Join me for this 10 episode bonus segment, as I reflect on the first 100 episodes of the Up My Hockey podcast. In this segment I talk about how the podcast came into existence, why I am doing the bonus segments, and my favorite episodes from the first 10 released. Thank you for being a part of this podcast! I appreciate all the support over the past 3 years.


EP.100 - Duane Sutter - 4 Cups, the Islanders Dynasty, and 5 NHL brothers

If you were born in the 50's or 60's or 70's and were a hockey fan you are probably quite familiar with the Sutter name. It was impossible not to be. How do you not notice the Sutter's when 6 brothers ALL played in the NHL at the SAME TIME for 5 seasons! But if you are a younger player or new to the game, you may not know the amazing story and you NEED to know the story. Hailing from a farm outside of Viking, Alberta with a population of about 1000, Duane Sutter was the middle brother of...


EP.99 - Scott Tinkler - The "Glue" of the Florida Panthers for 1000+ games

Scott Tinkler was one of the unsung guys who makes everything work in an NHL locker room. Equipment managers are around the players more than anyone else involved with the team because they are always in the dressing room. Unlike the physiotherapists and the massage therapists who players go to visit, the equipment guys are always around - they are part of the room, and therefore part of the team. They know the players - the different personalities and their idiosyncrasies - better than...


EP.98 - Ladislav Kohn - a story about going "all-in"

Ladislav Kohn grew up in a small town in communist Czechoslovakia. An unexpected invitation turned into an opportunity to leave home and play hockey at school. That turned into a spot on the national u18 team. And that turned into a flight to Brandon, Manitoba, Canada to play for the Wheatkings, of the WHL. Canada was a country Kohn had never been to. Brandon was a town he never heard of. The WHL was a league he knew nothing about. And he never spoke a word of english. But he was told...


EP.97 - Marty Stein - Western Amateur Scout for the Buffalo Sabres

Marty Stein has been scouting junior hockey players for 27 years. Currently, Marty is working for the resurgent Buffalo Sabres, covering the western region of North American. If there is a 17 year old playing Junior A, or Major Junior, Marty is going to know about them - that's his job. Prior to Buffalo, Stein had a similar role with the Detroit Red Wings, where he started in 1996. After 4 Stanley Cups, and 2 Calder Cups, you can say Marty has seen it all from the scouting...


EP.96 - Frank Banham - 83 Snipes in one season!

Frank Banham owned WHL goaltenders in 94-95, tallying 83 tucks in one season with the Saskatoon Blades. Playing on one of the most productive lines in a generation, Banham, his center, Mark Deyell, and his winger Clark Wilm combined for 193 goals that season. Simply astonishing numbers for 3 players to produce that much. Frank was originally drafted by the Capitals, but went unsigned, so became a free agent. He ended up signing with Anaheim during his last year in the WHL. Banham went on...


EP.95 - Scott Borek - Head Coach of the Merrimack Warriors

Scott Borek has been a coach in the US university landscape since 1983. Borek started his coaching career as an Assistant Coach for Dartmouth College and has has never stopped since. After stints at Brown, Lake Superior State, Providence, and University of New Hampshire (among others), Boreks was hired by Merrimack to start the 2018-19 season. It was a job that came with some challenges. Merrimack had the smallest arena. The smallest campus. And it wasn't nationally recognized as a...


EP. 94 - Hnat Domenichelli - Player, Player Agent, GM

Hnat Domenichelli has accomplished a lot in hockey. 2 Memorial Cups and 2, 50 goal/100+ point seasons in Major Junior with the Kamloops Blazers. Gold Medalist at the World Junior Championships with Canada in 1996 267 NHL Games with the Flames, Thrashers and Wild. 213 AHL games with 118 goals. 10 Professional Seasons, 442 games and 220 goals in the Swiss A league retiring at 38 years old. If you haven't noticed, Hnat was a sniper! Played with Switzerland at the 2010 Olympics in...