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From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia is a mecca for outdoor travel and adventure. Virginia Outdoor Adventures Podcast is the ultimate guide to local outdoor recreation, including hiking, camping, kayaking, and so much more. Get the information and the inspiration to plan your own adventure, right here in Virginia. Lets Go!


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From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia is a mecca for outdoor travel and adventure. Virginia Outdoor Adventures Podcast is the ultimate guide to local outdoor recreation, including hiking, camping, kayaking, and so much more. Get the information and the inspiration to plan your own adventure, right here in Virginia. Lets Go!








Follow My Adventures and Get a Behind-the-Scenes Peek at New Content

Hi Friends, Just popping on to let you know that there won’t be a new episode of Virginia Outdoor Adventures this week. I’m on a 16-day, action-packed road trip across the Commonwealth where I’ll be touring new state parks, attending festivals, exploring Wildlife Management Areas, meeting new podcast guests, scouting local dining and lodging options, collaborating with park advocates, and even giving a keynote address at a tourism conference. And, of course, I’ll be hiking, biking, camping,...


42. A Glimpse into the Wonderful World of Virginia’s Wildlife with Meagan Thomas, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

“You get this intimate view of something that you don't get to see too often, and you kind of get to know the birds and what to expect from them. You get sucked in. It's like nature documentaries and I think it has the same appeal. You get that here in downtown Richmond, which is probably the last place people expect to see it.” - Meagan Thomas, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources Imagine taking a peek at aquatic life below the surface of the James River or watching Peregrine Falcons...


41. Stargazing in Virginia’s Dark Sky Parks with Jayme Hanzak, Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society

“As I stared at the cloud, I realized it wasn’t really a cloud. Those were all stars. It was very humbling for a 12-year-old to be looking up at the Milky Way. It really set me back on my feet to realize how small I was on this planet, and how little our planet was compared to all those stars up in the sky.” - Jayme Hanzak, Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society When was the last time you looked up at the night sky? There are few experiences quite like stargazing that can help...


40. Whale Watching in Virginia Beach with Mike Mizell, Virginia Aquarium

“When the whales come up for a breath, they're not out at the surface very long, and you're intently searching for it. Then suddenly, there it is! I don't think it is possible to not get excited, especially the first time when you see a whale surface.” – Mike Mizell, Virginia Aquarium Imagine the largest mammals on earth just mere miles from the most populated city in Virginia. Acrobatic humpback whales, enormous fin whales, endangered right whales, and playful bottlenose dolphins all spend...


39. Ice Climbing in Virginia’s Blue Ridge with Grant Price, Blue Ridge Mountain Guides

“One of my favorite parts about Virginia's outdoors is that a lot of places aren't that mainstream or heavily publicized, so they require some adventuring, which can make for great experiences, stories and memories.” – Grant Price, Blue Ridge Mountain Guides Ice climbing in Virginia? You may not think of the South as a destination for ice climbing, but when the conditions are right, the frozen crags in the higher elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains might be the best kept secret in...


38. Hiking to Heal with Jessica Chenard, Her Hike Collective

“Moving on taught me to climb mountains not because they are easy, but because they are worth it. When I summit a mountain, that is when I feel most alive. I imagine that’s how you might feel too.” - Jessica Chenard, Her Hike Collective Those of us who love to hike, know the benefits it brings to our lives. Hiking reduces stress and anxiety, while allowing us to clear our minds and reconnect with ourselves and nature. Jessica Chenard, Founder of the Virginia-based hiking community, Her Hike...


37. Adventure is for Everyone with Shep Roeper, Beyond Boundaries

“Our mission is to get people outdoors. It's to offer individuals of all abilities, no matter physical, cognitive, or economic situation, the opportunity to experience the outdoors with the surrounding community. We empower people's abilities through outdoor adventure.” - Shep Roeper, Beyond Boundaries Adventure is for Everyone. The Richmond-based non-profit, Beyond Boundaries, specializes in guiding outdoor adventures for participants with disabilities, veterans, at-risk youth, and...


36. Caverns and Caving in Virginia's Karst Regions with Dave Socky, Blue Ridge Grotto

“Caves are otherworldly. You have the experience of exploration where you don't know what's around the next corner. One of the prime draws to caving is that you get to explore places that nobody's ever been before.” – Dave Socky, Blue Ridge Grotto Imagine a hidden, underground world of stunning geologic wonders that few others have experienced before. Stalagmites and stalactites, streams and waterfalls, and beautiful stone and crystal formations are beneath our feet. Dave Socky, an...


35. Whitewater Paddling with Jen Jimenez and Berkley Nestler, James River Women

“I've never experienced anything in my life that gets me so connected to nature and earth. You're feeling the way that the water is pushing you, you are going with it, you are looking for it, and it's such an amazing feeling of connection and presence.” -Berkley Nestler, James River Women Nicknamed “River City,” Richmond is situated on the mighty James where the hard bedrock of the Piedmont Region gives way to the sandy sediments of the Coastal Plain. This geographic feature, known as the...


34. Foraging for Wild Edible Plants with Tim MacWelch, Advanced Survival Training

“We all have ancestors who lived really close to nature, who found their food in the wild. This is our birthright and I get really excited when I can lead people back to that heritage.” -Tim MacWelch, Advanced Survival Training Once used by our ancestors as a means of survival, foraging for wild edible plants is surging in popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s to collect food, maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn about native plants, or just spend more time outside, foraging is...


33. Hiking Old Rag Mountain with Gabby Dreyfus, Old Rag Mountain Stewards

“Old Rag is a particularly memorable and rewarding hike. We’re there to help protect this cherished natural and cultural resource, and protect people at the same time, because we want everyone to enjoy the park.” – Gabby Dreyfus, Old Rag Mountain Stewards Often referred to as one of the best hikes on the east coast, Old Rag Mountain is the most popular hike in Shenandoah National Park. Highlights of this hike include boulder scrambling and spectacular views of the Shenandoah Valley. But...


Season 3 Trailer with RVA Hiker Girl

In this Season 3 Trailer, my friend, Jacqueline, better known as RVA Hiker Girl, joins me for a sneak peek into upcoming episodes. Jacqueline and I discuss the diversity of outdoor recreation activities in Virginia, the connectedness of the outdoor community, and the listener input I received that led to the selection of new content for Season 3, which launches one week from today on October 18. Follow VAOA Podcast: Website I Facebook I Instagram I Twitter Send Questions, Comments, and...


Bonus Episode: How to Recreate in Virginia, VML Voice Podcast

In this Bonus Episode, I’m sharing a guest appearance I made on The VML Voice, the official podcast of the Virginia Municipal League. I speak with the Host, Rob Bullington, about simple things you can do to make the most of your Virgina getaways. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to read the featured article I authored in this month’s edition of Virginia Town & City Magazine, entitled, How to Recreate in Viriginia. Virgnia Town & City Magazine Article Follow Virginia Outdoor Adventures...


Bonus Episode: Brian Livingston, Author of The Habits of Squirrels

In this Bonus Episode, I speak with Brian Livingston, Author of the new book, The Habits of Squirrels. Drawing upon his own experience completing a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, Brian wrote this fictional tale about a retired mailman who uses a thru-hike to assess his life, career, and family relationships. Brian shares a sneak peek into his book, as well as his insights and advice for anyone considering a thru-hike of their own. Connect with Brian Livingston: Website I Instagram I...


Bonus Episode: Aaron Owens Mayhew, Backcountry Foodie

I recently asked you, my listeners, what topics you would like to learn more about in Season 3. One of the most popular responses I received was meal prep and how to pack food for outdoor adventures. I asked Aaron Owens Mayhew, registered dietician, and founder of Backcountry Foodie, to give us a brief introduction to prepping for the backcountry, including considerations for nutrition, pack weight, ease, and expense. Aaron even shares one of her most popular recipes. Please let me know...


Bonus Episode: Tara Fisher, Author of Virginia is for Adventurers

In this Bonus Episode, I speak with Tara Fisher, Author of the new book, Virginia is for Adventurers. Inspired by her own adventures around Virginia with her family, Tara wrote the book as a guide for families to explore the Commonwealth while learning about Virginia’s geography and history along the way. As a former fourth grade teacher, I am thrilled that Tara created a wonderful resource that encourages kids and adults to travel to every region of Virginia to explore our parks, natural...


Bonus Episode: Hike Podcast with Lori Prima

“Hike” is a podcast about, you guessed it, hiking. It was created by hikers for hikers and is a place to share stories to inspire others to explore, wander and live. My friend, Lori Prima, is the host of Hike and in this episode, she speaks to two volunteers, Tawyna and Curt Finney, who have been caring for a trail shelter for over 30 years. It’s a fascinating conversation about stewardship, trail etiquette, and changes in the hiking community over the past several decades. These are topics...


Bonus Episode: The Green Tunnel Podcast with Mills Kelly

In this bonus episode, I’m sharing another fantastic Virginia-based podcast called, The Green Tunnel, which is a show about the history of the Appalachian Trail. You may already know that Virginia contains more miles of the Appalachian Trail than any other state, with 544 miles of the trail right here in Virginia. If you’re a history buff like me and you love hiking and the outdoors, this is a show you don’t want to miss. The Green Tunnel is one of my favorite podcasts to enjoy, usually...


Bonus Episode: If She Can Do It So Can You Podcast with Amanda Creasey

In this bonus episode, I’m sharing a guest appearance I made on another fantastic Virginia-based podcast called, If She Can Do It So Can You. The show is hosted by my friend, Amanda Creasey, who is a gifted writer, teacher, and podcaster. Amanda and I share a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for being reflective about our experiences in nature. I enjoyed the opportunity to share why I began podcasting, the impact the show has had on our community, and the vision I have for the...


32. Exploring the Wild at Wildlife Management Areas with Lisa Ghidotti

“I want to visit all the Wildlife Management Areas, but honestly, it's about the journey, not the destination. I've traveled to all corners of the Commonwealth, I've met some good people with great stories, I've learned a lot of things, and I've seen some beautiful land. I want to share my adventures at the WMAs and ,hopefully, encourage and inspire others to go explore the wild as well.” -Lisa Ghidotti, Wildlife Management Area Explorer Virginia is blessed with an abundance of public lands...