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Episode 42: ASG recap, Manny Machado and Brad Hand trades!

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) return for another week of baseball talk. This week, Matt and Grant look into the Home Run Derby and All Star Game. They also discuss the stories that dominated the ASG including the Josh Hader problematic tweets. After that is all over, there is still plenty of time to cover the Manny Machado trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers for five prospects. Also, Brad Hand and Adam Cimber were traded from Grant's San Diego Padres for an...


Episode: 41 2018 MLB All Star Preview

Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) and Grant Shives (@grantshives) return after a short break for the 4th of July to discuss all of the most important issues surrounding the 2018 MLB All Star Game. Grant and Matt discuss the snubs as well as one player who was definitely not deserving of an All Star nomination. They also analyze the final vote, and why the best players left off of the original rosters were voted in. Finally, Grant and Matt look at the remaining MLB schedule to predict the...


Episode 40: What is going on with Matt Kemp?!?

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) return for another episode of the Visitor's Bullpen presented by Pure Sports MLB (@puresportsmlb)! Grant and Matt discuss the radical change in Matt Kemp over this year, as well as the underwhelming candidates for the NL outfield. July is also creeping upon us, so the trade deadline comes with it! Matt and Grant look at the best possible players to be dealt to most improve a team. Where will Jacob DeGrom be in August? What about...


Episode 39: Brandon Nimmo is an animal!

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) look deep into the action this week. Matt opens the show discussing the Kelvin Herrera trade to the Nationals, and Brandon Nimmo has potentially booted Jay Bruce out of an outfield spot once Cespedes returns from injury. Grant Shives leads a conversation of who should be voted to start in this year's MLB All-Star Game! To finish off the show, Matt and Grant rank their favorite jerseys of all time in baseball. Come spend an hour...


Episode 37: Special guest Austin Shives talks Padres

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and his brother Austin come in for a special episode of the Visitor's Bullpen! Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) is traveling, so Austin came in to simply talk about the San Diego Padres. They discuss the potential for the prospects that are waiting in the wings as well as the growing pains for the prospects in the MLB. Austin talks about Sean Newcomb because he faced the Braves lefty in college, but he also brings insight on how the Padres can fix the problem of...


Episode 36: Mike Trout is still the best player in baseball

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) go into the best player in the MLB (it's still just Mike Trout). Matt Gibbons also wanted to talk about how great Jacob DeGrom has been over this year, but no one is talking about him. Grant Shives talks about the last week for Travis Jankowski and how little playing time he gets. Phil Hughes was also traded to the Padres, but that's irrelevant. Finally, Matt and Grant draft MLB players that would best fit an NBA Finals roster....


Episode 35: We are a Travis Jankowski Podcast!

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) return for another week of MLB sports talk! Grant was in Pittsburgh this weekend, and he met the new favorite player of the podcast: Travis Jankowski. Travis has been elite to start off the year in his short stint in the 2018 MLB season, and Grant was able to ask him a serious question involving Pure Sports MLB. They also talk about the beauty of PNC Park (top 3 stadium in Grant's mind). Then Matt and Grant look into the most...


Episode 34: Robinson Cano Suspension and "The Wave" Stinks!

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) have a long talk about how terrible the wave is to the fan trying to enjoy a baseball game. Grant has been in San Diego for the last week, so he has to gloat about the perfect weather and beautiful baseball stadium that is Petco Park. They also discuss the Robinson Cano suspension, and there are even more injuries that happened this week. There will not be enough time to ever cover all of the issues around the league, but Matt...


Episode: 33 The Dark Knight Falls

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) return for another week of pure sports talk. The guys fall down the rabbit hole a few times because they just decided to have a little fun, but they always came back on track. Matt Harvey was officially designated for assignment by the New York Mets. Clayton Kershaw, Jacob Degrom, and Yu Darvish all went on the DL over the course of this past week so the Dodgers panic meter is rising, SLIGHTLY. Also, Matt and Grant discuss the...


Episode 31: All-time fantasy lineups

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) return to the bullpen for another week of discussions. This past week, Sean Manaea threw a no-hitter in Oakland against the hottest team in baseball: the Boston Red Sox. Also, the Los Angeles Angels were swept by a combined score of 27-3 against the Boston Red Sox. There was a special call-up for the San Diego Padres as Eric Lauer pitched in his first career MLB game in Colorado on Tuesday night. Then Matt and Grant go into a...


Episode 30: Matt Gibbons returns!

Grant Shives (@grantshives) and Matt Gibbons (@matt_gibbons5) return to talk about another amazing week of Major League Baseball action. Because Matt was unavailable last week, they talk about the Charlie Blackmon extension. Also, Grant and guest host Alex Fields had the talking Padres segment last week. Therefore, Grant and Matt talk about the Mets because they are Matt's favorite team. The injury bug strikes, yet again, as even more marquee athletes will miss significant time. The...


Visitor's Bullpen Episode 29: guest host Alex Fields

Grant Shives and Alex Fields take on this week's scouting report as Matt Gibbons was not able to be here. Even without Matt, Grant and Alex rolled right along into the most important conversations around Major League Baseball. Alex and Grant spend time talking about the struggles for the Red Sox and Yankees, as well as the injury report that continues to plague the MLB. Because Alex is a native San Diegan, Alex and Grant have their first official segment, "Talking Padres," and they go into...


Visitor's Bullpen Episode 28: stories around opening week

Grant Shives and Matt Gibbons (@grantshives and @matt_gibbons5) return for another week of the Visitor's Bullpen. There are so many stories from around the MLB to discuss, but the most important story to Grant was the amount of postponed games during opening week. There were games that were snowed out and rained out, so Grant wanted to throw a scenario of potentially making a retractable roof standard around the MLB. Matt goes into the best stories of the first week of the MLB season. They...


Episode 27: Injury report and preseason award picks

Matt Gibbons and Grant Shives return for another week of preseason action. This week, Matt and Grant cover the injuries that will impact teams the most, heading into the 2018 season. They discuss the Alex Cobb signing and the implications for Baltimore, since they had just missed the news last week. Also, Matt and Grant make predictions for the potential winners of the Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, Cy Young, and MVP. There is so much to still cover as regular season...


Visitor's Bullpen Episode 26: American League Preview

Matt Gibbons and Grant Shives return for another week of baseball discussions. In this week's episode, they talk about the potential in the American League. Matt and Grant appear to be in agreement on the teams at the top of each division, but there is always so much more than just the top team in each division. They analyze a player to watch for each team that could potentially make or break a season for the fringe Wild Card contenders. This is the last full week without regular season...


Episode 25: National League Preview

Grant Shives and Matt Gibbons bring Visitor's Bullpen back after a long break, and they go into everything involving the National League. Grant Shives officially joins the podcast as the new co-host, and he goes deep into the NL West. Matt Gibbons covers his predictions for his team, the New York Mets, and they both cover the potential for some sleepers for the National League Wild Card. It is a good time. Grant and Matt will fill you in on everything you need (and some you don't) to know...


Andrew McCutchen & Gerrit Cole trades, best pitching staffs + more (Ep. 24)

January 18 — Matt Gibbons and Eli Jennings take a look at the recent trades of Andrew McCutchen & Gerrit Cole and determine what the outlooks should be this upcoming season for the Astros, Giants and Pirates in addition to ranking the top pitching staffs for the 2018 season and make predictions for the remaining free agent market.


MLB Offseason Review

December 22 — New hosts Matt Gibbons and Eli Jennings introduce themselves by discussing the implications of Giancarlo Stanton's to the Yankees, Shohei Otani in the MLB, baseball's future in south Florida, the challenges of being a middle teir teaml, upcoming free agent deal predictions for pitchers and hitters around the league and much more. New episodes will be coming weekly in 2018, thanks for listening!


MLB Offseason Review

December 22 — New Hosts Matt Gibbons and Eli Jennings introduce themselves and breakdown the offseason to this point discussing the implications of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees, Shohei Ohtani in the MLB, baseball's future in south Florida, predictions for the landing places of the remaining group of free agent hitters and pitchers & much more. We'll be coming to you on a weekly basis in 2018, thanks for listening!


Roy Halladay's legacy, MLB award finalists, Hall of Fame ballot + more

November 9 — Hosts Kevin Haswell and Matt Weyrich discuss the legacy of Roy Halladay, biggest surprises of the MLB award finalists, the top storylines of the 2017 season and which first-year players on the Hall of Fame ballot have the best chance of making it in this year