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This podcast brings you stories from Game Wardens across the world. Listen to their favorite cases, worst cases, what led them to their career, and what makes their job unique. Hosted by retired game wardens Wayne Saunders and John Nores.

This podcast brings you stories from Game Wardens across the world. Listen to their favorite cases, worst cases, what led them to their career, and what makes their job unique. Hosted by retired game wardens Wayne Saunders and John Nores.


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This podcast brings you stories from Game Wardens across the world. Listen to their favorite cases, worst cases, what led them to their career, and what makes their job unique. Hosted by retired game wardens Wayne Saunders and John Nores.






92 Col. Joel Wilkinson (Ret.) – Maine – Part I

Joel Wilkinson spent 28 years serving the state of Maine, including twelve years as Colonel of the Maine Warden Service. Now retired, Col. Wilkinson sits down with Wayne to reflect on an extraordinary career that began when he was just a teen. In this episode, we discuss his early years as a game warden, including an intense turn in covert operations that resulted in some of the agency’s most significant prosecutions of the time. Our Sponsors: Thin Green Line Podcast Don Noyes Chevrolet...


91 Sean Spencer - Utah

Sean Spencer is a Sergeant with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. After 14 years patrolling in some of the most remote and most populous areas of the Beehive State, he’s dealt with a wide variety of people, wildlife, and problems. In this episode from the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association conference (NAWEOA) in Tennessee, he and our hosts discuss planning for next year’s conference, some of his memorable experiences, and much more! Our Sponsors: Thin Green Line...


W08 MooseMan Nature Photography

When Rick Libbey saw his first moose in 1981, he was hooked for life. An entirely self-taught photographer, Rick and his wife Libby travel between New England and Alaska to capture stunningly beautiful and rare photos and videos of loons, bear, lynx, raccoons, wolves - and of course, moose – all of which they showcase on their YouTube channel and website, MooseMan Nature Photos. Often rising at 3am, they launch their kayaks before sunrise and wait silently for that perfect moment when a...


90 Josh Landrum – Tennessee

Josh Landrum is a Nashville-based Boating Officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Besides receiving multiple honors for his tireless efforts to combat impaired boating, he has also served on the board of the Tennessee Wildlife Officers Association for the past decade, and most recently as president. This year, Josh and his fellow officers hosted the annual North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association (NAWEOA) conference, where Wayne and John caught up with him for a...


89 Ty Runyan – Oklahoma

Ty Runyan is a state game warden with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Besides being a rancher, driving instructor, former K9 handler and sometimes-snake wrangler, he may be best known for his TikTok presence. Ty’s lighthearted, interesting, and educational short videos have attracted more than 175,000 followers. In this episode, he and Wayne discuss the value of social media as an outreach and recruitment tool, and share some exciting stories from the field. Our Sponsors:...


W07 Winter Ticks with Alexej Sirén

The winter tick is a small, external parasite that, like all ticks, survives on the blood of its host. Although winter ticks are not dangerous to human health, they can pose a significant threat to wildlife - moose calves in particular. In this episode of Warden's Watch WILD, wildlife biologist Dr. Alexej Sirén describes the relationship between winter ticks and the eastern moose, how ticks spread, and efforts underway to help mitigate damage to the moose population. Our Sponsor: The Village...


88 Terry Hodges – Warden Force

Award winning author Terry Hodges is the creator of the popular Warden Force series of short stories, the true adventures of game wardens and the wildlife-destroying outlaws they pursue. Having been a California Fish & Game warden himself for over three decades, Terry writes with the special authority found only among those who have worn a badge on behalf of wildlife. In this episode, he shares some compelling - and often comical - stories of the legendary game warden who would become not...


W06 Moose with Lee Kantar

Lee Kantar is man with moose on his mind. Whether he’s conducting aerial population surveys by helicopter, attaching specially adapted tracking collars, or racing to the scene of a mortality to conduct a field necropsy, Maine’s official state moose biologist is dedicated to the health and survival of the largest herbivore in the North Woods. Throughout the last decade, he has been integral to building a moose management program that’s been described as one of the most modern and...


TGL029 Tom Rowland

Capt Tom Rowland is a fishing guide in both fresh and saltwater turned entrepreneur. Becoming a flyfishing guide in Jackson Hole, WY was a dream come true but finding great success in Key West, FL was even more of an unlikely success story. No one could have predicted what came next as Tom and his partner started a production company, created, starred in, sold and distributed a television show on ESPN and OLN Networks Most recently, he has become a podcaster and creates inspiring and...


87 Eric & Ash Hannett – GypSeaLegs

Eric and Ashley Hannett are embarking on an adventure like no other - sailing the world while promoting conservation and sustainable living on their new YouTube channel, GypSeaLegs. In this episode, they share some triumphs - and some trials - they’ve faced while preparing for the first leg of their journey; sailing to the beautiful Bahamas, where they will begin repairs on a hurricane-damaged catamaran that will soon become their home. Our Sponsors: Thin Green Line Podcast Don Noyes...


W05 Moose with Alexej Sirén

Historically native to the Northeast, the mighty eastern moose declined throughout the last century due to over hunting and land clearing. With the establishment of hunting laws and forest restoration efforts, the population slowly expanded, but is again under threat from climate change. Warden’s Watch WILD is joined by wildlife biologist and postdoctoral researcher Alexej Sirén discussing he and his colleagues’ efforts to build a regional monitoring system to track moose populations and...


86 For The Fallen

In 1962, US President John Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, and the calendar week in which May 15 falls as National Police Week. Established that same year by a joint resolution of Congress, National Police Week pays tribute to law enforcement officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. Please join us for this very special episode as we honor the service and sacrifice of fallen heroes Captain Stan Elrod of Danielsville, Georgia, and Staff Sergeant...


TGL028 Hometown Hero Outdoors

Hometown Hero Outdoors is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to facilitating outdoor adventures for actively serving military, military veterans, and licensed law enforcement officers. These adventures include hunting, fishing, backpacking, foraging, camping, snowmobiling, and so much more. Our primary goal is to assist these individuals as they begin healing and building healthy relationships within the community by: 1- Encouraging them to get up and get moving 2-Connecting them with...


W04 Fisher with Jill Kilborn

As far as names go, no animal has it quite like the fisher. Often called a “fisher cat”, it is not a feline, and doesn’t really care much for fish. One of nature’s few porcupine predators, this feisty, forest-dwelling expert climber is actually a member of the weasel family. Join us for this episode of Warden’s Watch WILD, as we meet once again with wildlife biologist Jill Kilborn to learn more about the small but mighty fisher. Our Sponsor: The Village Gun Store Credits Hosts: Wayne...


85 Hunt of a Lifetime

From the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA, we meet two representatives for Hunt of a Lifetime, a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling hunting and fishing dreams for people 21 and under facing life-threatening illnesses or disabilities. Grant Fritz is a lifelong hunter who has been volunteering with the organization for over twenty years. Gabe Kerchner is a cancer survivor who shares the story of his Arizona mountain lion hunt. Together, they are part of a team of...


TGL027 Rose Anna Moore

Rose Anna Moore grew up in Tioga County, PA, where she hunted and fished the trout streams of the Pine Creek Gorge. Learning outdoor skills and having an interest in sustainable living helped Rose develop an adaptable and agile nature. While most of her childhood was spent moving from one environment to another or from one home to another, Rose has always found a way to make the changes and curveballs work for her as she navigates through life’s journey. Because of her lifestyle, travels,...


84 Bob Farrell – Hawai’i

Bob Farrell is a former fish and wildlife enforcement officer with more than 30 years of maritime experience in multiple environments from Alaska to Hawai’i. After a successful career with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife – culminating in serving as Assistant Chief – Bob figured he’d return to his home state of Hawai’i to wind down his career as an active game warden in the field, but fate soon intervened, and he once again found himself in a leadership position. Today, he...


W03 Snowshoe Hare with Alexej Sirén

In this episode of Warden’s Watch WILD, we meet Alexej Sirén, a Maine-based biologist and postdoctoral researcher, and arguably an authority on many large and small mammals in the northeastern US. In this episode, Alexej discusses his work studying the snowshoe hare, including how their range and numbers affect a surprising variety of plants and animals, and the specific challenges climate change has created for the population. Read more about Alexej’s work with snowshoe hares here: NH...


83 Jonathan Demler - New Hampshire

In this episode, Wayne sits down with New Hampshire Conservation Officer Jonathan Demler. A highly decorated US Army veteran, Demler and his family moved to New Hampshire eight years ago when he joined Fish & Game after a distinguished military career which included three tours in Afghanistan. Listen as Jon describes what led him to a career in the outdoors, how his experience in the armed forces has contributed to his success at Fish & Game, and in a Warden’s Watch first, answers questions...


W02 Canada Lynx with Jill Kilborn

Warden’s Watch WILD is back with wildlife biologist Jill Kilborn discussing her work studying the elusive Canada lynx. At about three feet long and anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds, Canada lynx are at least twice the size of the average house cat. Often recognized by their pointed ears and large, furry paws, which help them travel over deep snow and leave a distinctive “ice cream cone” print, Canada lynx are considered an endangered species in New Hampshire, but biologists have been taking...