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WFS 043 - Euro Nymphing with Devin Olsen | USA Fly Fishing Team, Provo River, Reading Water

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/43 I interview Devin Olsen to talk about Euro Nymphing and the USA Fly Fishing team. He provides a bunch of tips to help you get started with euro nymphing. We cover the Provo River, the history of Polish Nymphing, Indicator leaders, Fly Fish Food and Dynamic Nymphing. Lots of content in this one so enjoy! Click below to listen to the Devin Olsen Interview: Find the show: itunes | stitcher | overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple...


WFS 042 - Red Fish and the Barely Live Podcast with Paul Puckett | Big Labowsky - Flood Tide Company

I interviewed Paul Puckett from the Barely Live Podcast in this episode. We talk about how he has made a business out of fly fishing art. Paul talks about working in a fly shop, guiding and the Flood Tide Company that he helped to create. Walter from the Big Labowsky pretty much started the brand. Click the button below to listen to Paul Puckitt: Find the show: itunes | stitcher | overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe via RSS Show Notes with Paul...


WFS 041 - Fly Fishing Fitness with Jimmy Kim | Injuries, Longevity, The Governator, Remix My Fitness

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/41 I mixed up the podcast today with my interview with online fitness coach, Jimmy Kim from Remix My Fitness dot com. We talk about some easy activities to keep you injury free and increase your longevity. Jimmy talks about my journey on his podcast, the most common fly fishing injury and why biking is one of the most important things you can do. Let's get into it, this is a good one. Here's a link to the 7 minute maintenance workout that Jimmy...


WFS 040 - Fly Fish Food Interview with Curtis Fry | Provo River, Dry Flies, Whiting Farms, and the Lego Fly

I connected with Curtis Fry from Fly Fish Food. We talked about the Provo River, their connection to Hareline and Wapsi and some great tips on tying dry flies. We get into some of the background on the great quality of fly tying materials we have today including dry fly hackles. The Morris Mouse, the Fripple Fly, Ants and hoppers are all covered in todays episode. Show Notes with Curtis Fry Curtis used to write for the Salt Lake Tribune with The Fly of the Week. Here's a link to a old...


WFS 039 - Tenkara Basics - Luong Tam Interview | Fly Fishing Techniques, Tips + the Vietnam War

https://wetflyswing.com/39 I am very happy to share this episode with Luong Tam about Tenkara fly fishing. Luong breaks down Tenkara and shares the reasons why many people catch more fish with Tenkara over traditional methods. Trust me, I was a little skeptical at first as well. Have a listen and you will also get an amazing perspective from Luong about growing up in Vietnam during the war and what air raids and bombs felt like from his perspective. Show Notes with Luong Tam The...


WFS 038 - FlyFish Journal Editor Steve Duda on Punk Rock, Surf Fly Fishing, and the Burning Pram

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/38 Editor of the FlyFish Journal, Steve Duda is on the podcast today to talk about how he became the editor of a unique fly fishing magazine, his passion for banjo and punk rock and why it's all about the experience for him. We talk about the Burning Pram Party, the Swallow Story, woman in fly fishing, conservation and politics. We pretty much cover it all and is now a pleasure to share this one with you. Show Notes with Steve Duda ay Nicholas was on...


WFS 037 - Entomology and Fly Fishing with Rick Hafele | Mckenzie, Deschutes Rivers and Spinner Falls

Show Notes: http://wetflyswing.com/37 Rick Hafele, one of the biggest entomologist in the western US, was on the podcast to all things entomology and fly fishing. Rick provides some great tips on fishing dries, nymphs and wet flies. He breaks down the basics of entomology, how the bugs life changes and how this will make you a more consistent fisherman. He shares the top 3 things you need to think about when you first get to a stream to increase your success. Show Notes with Rick...


WFS 036 - Skip Morris Interview - Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, West Slope Cutthroat Trout and Lochsa River Idaho

Show Notes: wetflyswing.com/36 had Skip Morris on the show to talk about trout fishing, fly tying the Lochsa River and a bunch of tips to improved your game. We talk about the power of the woman in fly fishing and hear about Skip's background publishing 18 books to date. Skip talks about his biggest influences and some great stories from Alaska, bears and a whale that almost took him down. Show Notes with Skip Morris American Sportsman was a big influence for Skip early one. Here is...


WFS 035 - Davy Wotton Wet Fly Fishing Interview | White River Arkansas, Classic Flies

Show Notes: http://wetflyswing.com/35 I had a great interview with Davy Wotton on Wet Fly Fishing and his long history around fly fishing. He guides on the White River in Arkansas where he has been for 20 years. We talk about what the biggest struggle is with wet fly fishing and ways to overcome these concerns. Davy talks about fishing a "cast" of flies that might include 4 flies on one leader. Show Notes with Davy Wotton Dave Whitlock is a good of Davy's and someone who spends a lot...


WFS 034 - Stillwater Fly Fishing with Phil Rowley | Chironomids, the stillwater app, Brian Chan

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/phil-rowley-stillwater-fly-fishing/ I had the pleasure of interviewing Phil Rowley to discuss stillwater trout fishing. We covered sinking lines, rod length for lakes, how to match the hatch, fly tying and chironomid behavior on top of much more. To be totally honest I've been a little out of the loop on lakes as of late and Phil sheds light on a number of techniques that I have never used before. You don't want to miss this episode if you are interested...


WFS 033 - The Fly Tapes Podcast and Writers on the Fly Interview with Jason Rolfe

Show Notes: http://wetflyswing.com/33 I had a great chat with Jason Rolfe from the Fly Tapes Podcast and Writers on the Fly. Jason has been doing an amazing job of showcasing some of the great fly fishing writers we have the priviledge of reading today. Jason talks about what it takes to be a great writer and why he's obsessed with writers and writing. I'm really excited to introduce you to Jason if you have seen what he has going. Show Notes with Jason Rolfe: Emerald Waters Angling...


WFS 032 – Deschutes River Salmon Fly Hatch with John Smeraglio + Fireside Chat with Dave

I've got a special episode today to celebrate launching into season 2. I interview John Smeraglio from the Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop, share a first time on the air fireside chat with Dave and friends. I also share a short audio clip of a intense experience after a raft dumped in one of the larger rapids on the river and my process in helping them get to shore safely. This is the first time that we've had this type of show so enjoy. Show Notes for the Salmon Fly Trip Pretend the...


WFS 031 - Deschutes River Steelhead with Doug Stewart | Fly Fishing Pioneer, The Max Canyon, Rattlesnake Tales

Doug Stewart, one of my biggest mentors and my dad, is on the show today to talk about some of the history of steelhead fly fishing on the Deschutes River. Some topics really hit home with me especially as he talked about my grandpa and the comparisons between the two. We talk about some of his big influences and how 30 years of guiding came to be in his life. Show Notes with Doug Stewart Here's a link to the first episode I put together with my dad. Take a look below for the picture...


WFS 030 - Anchored with April Vokey | Women in Fly Fishing, Sexism, Steelhead, Conservation, Bulkley River

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/30 April shared her opinion on a bunch of topics around fly fishing including a huge change with her business she has upcoming in the next few months, women in fly fishing, #metoo and some other great topics. Her take isn't always what you might think coming from an influential steelhead fishing. She is also the host of the Anchored Podcast, has guided for years and has made a business out of fly fishing. I love hearing her stories in this one and some...


WFS 029 - OPST Pure Skagit Interview with James Millard | Commando Heads, Bugs

Show Notes: http://wetflyswing.com/james I had an amazing interview with James Millard, the operations manager for OP Skagit Tactics (aka - Pure Skagit). We get into some great stories about steelhead fishing, products and James' life getting to work with one of the big names in steelhead. We talk about the commando head, some new products upcomming, greased line presentation and how jet boat wakes running up the river can help with steelhead fishing. Show Notes with James Millard: The...


WFS 028 - Good, Bad and Ugly of Spey Lines - Barney Wong Interview + Pimp My Canoe

Show Notes: http://wetflyswing.com/28 I had Barney Wong on the show to go in depth on spey lines and the challenge of identifying the actual sinking rates. We discussed an experiment we conducted on the river and how the outcome might surprise you. Barney tells his story of how he dropped everything to move out to the northwest to chase steelhead and a job in a local fly shop. Show Notes with Barney Wong - Weight compensated spey lines - Experiment on sinking rates of 6 weight vs 10...


WFS 027 - The Line Speed Jedi - Tim Rawlins Interview | Spey Casting, Kamloops, Alaskan Pilot

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/27 I was finally able to sit down and have a conversation with Tim Rawlins from Line Speed Jedi dot com. Tim has been documenting his spey casting journey on his youtube channel and website. Tim not only breaks out some amazing resources for those interested in spey casting but shares some crazy Alaskan stories from his time flying bush planes. I'm excited to get into this one so let's jump in and get er done. Show Notes with Tim Rawlins Bill...


WFS 026 - Rogue River Half Pounder Steelhead - Dennis Lee Podcast Interview | Eel & Trinity Rivers

Show Notes: http://wetflyswing.com/26 I talked to Dennis Lee about the Half Pounder steelhead, a unique life history that is only found in large number in the Rogue River, Klamath, Trinity and Eel Rivers. We will talk about why this life history is significant to you as a fly fisher, talk about his new book and get into some of the history of steelhead fly fishing as this was the birth place of steelhead fly fishing. Show Notes with Dennis Lee The book "A Half Pounder A Steelhead...


WFS 025 - Trout and Feather Interview with Tim Cammisa | Youtube Fly Tying - Lake Erie Steelhead

Show Notes: http://wetflyswing.com/25 Tim Cammisa breaks down his history tying flies online and building a fly fishing brand while working full time. He shares some sweet fly tying tips and gives us a glimpse at a special fly fishing conference that he attends each year. Tim talks about Lake Erie Steelhead, his home trout waters and the fly tying video that got 150,000 views for him. He shares what it has taken him to become a leader in the online fly fishing space. Click on the Show...


WFS 024 - NW Fly Tyer Expo Interview with Hal Gordon - Fly Tying Tips, Steelhead Fly Fishing

Show Notes: http://wetflyswing.com/24 I talked to Hal Gordon, the chair of the NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo. He talks about the history of the show and how it has grown into the larges tying event in the western United States. Hal shares some great fly tying tips, talks about the history of Atlantic Salmon flies and sheds light and where to find and get good deals on fly tying materials. Click below to listen to the Hal Gordon Podcast: Find the show: itunes | stitcher |...