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13: When Orla Met Jonnie Peacock

When Orla Met Jonnie Peacock is an insight into one of those rare people in life who genuinely don’t seem to see hardships as obstacles, who simply deals with life as it comes to them, rather than over-thinking, over-worrying, or asking ‘why me?’ As a five-year-old Jonnie lost his leg to meningitis, but rather than allow it to hold him back, he threw himself into all kinds of sport, ignored the bullying that came his way, and started out on the journey that would see him become double...


12: When Orla Met Jonathan Vaughters: Can sport ever be clean, and why does it matter? - Part 2

In the second part of When Orla Met Jonathan Vaughters the cycling team manager and confessed doper debates the Darwinian urge to gain advantage, the justice of the penalties imposed on Lance Armstrong, and the need for both society and sports teams to believe that sport can be clean.


11: When Orla Met Jonathan Vaughters: Can sport ever be clean, and why does it matter? - Part 1

When Orla Met Jonathan Vaughters is a thoughtful discussion with the former professional cyclist, confessed doper, and current cycling manager about the idealism and practicalities of clean sport. Does it exist? Can it exist? And where do we draw the line from eating cheese, to injecting performance enhancing drugs?


10: When Orla Met Mark Cavendish: Chasing Records, Building Lego and Spelling Bees

When Orla Met Mark Cavendish is a conversation with one of the most successful cyclists of all time, and his mum. Despite his fame and fortune Cavendish still feels most at home on the Isle of Man, where he grew up and where he still has a house opposite his mother. Orla meets both Mark and his mum and chats about his drive as a child, his ongoing need to win, and the challenges of spending so much time away from family and loved ones.


9: When Orla Met Lizzie Deignan: Becoming a mum in professional sport, and the damage of doping smears

When Orla Met Lizzie Deignan is a chat with one of the top cyclists in the world about the challenge and excitement of impending motherhood. Lizzie shares her joy at starting a family, and her plans to juggle her new role, with that of being a professional cyclist. She also talks openly about her “horrendous” experience before the Rio Olympics when it was reported that she had missed three anti-doping tests in a year, despite having her name cleared in court, and her disappointment in the...


8: When Orla Met Maggie Alphonsi

When Orla Met Maggie Alphonsi is an inspirational conversation with the World Cup winning rugby player, who became the face of international women’s rugby. Maggie opens up about her childhood on a council estate in North London, as the daughter of a single-parent mother who sacrificed everything to give her child the best start in life. Born with a physical disability, she talks about the freedom she found in sport, and her good fortune in having a PE teacher who changed her life. Maggie’s...


7: When Orla Met Judy Murray: Not Just a Tennis Mum - Part 2

In Part 2 of When Orla Met Judy Murray, the mother to two World Number 1 tennis players shares her compelling theory on the power of sport for children, and the need to teach competitiveness from a young age. "I've always felt in life that you learn much more from the defeats, the losses, the disappointments, than you do from the wins". The former Scottish Tennis Coach also has novel theories on how we can encourage more girls into sport, and how she's preparing her "army of women, ready...


6: When Orla Met Judy Murray: Not Just a Tennis Mum - Part 1

In Part 1 of When Orla Met Judy Murray, Judy lays bare the sacrifices she made to give her Grand Slam winning sons the best start in life, and the lessons she's learned along the way. Judy shares her experience of motherhood, coaching, and teaching her sons to 'love the torture of hard work'. Having been portrayed for years as the pushy, tennis mum, the former Scottish National Coach confesses 'nothing could be further from the truth.'


5: When Orla Met Pippa York: Being Transexual in Elite Sport - Part 2

In Part 2 of When Orla Met Pippa York, Pippa reflects on the ongoing lack of openly gay athletes, and the perceived lack of team support for anyone wishing to come out. She talks about the transition of fellow elite athlete Caitlin Jenner, and the implications of the huge amount of media coverage afforded to it, and also shares her thoughts on life back in the public eye, and back in the sport of cycling.


4: When Orla Met Pippa York: Being Transexual in Elite Sport - Part 1

When Orla Met Pippa York is a conversation about the difficulties and struggles of living life as a transexual in elite sport. Pippa was, for many years, Robert Millar, the most successful British cyclist in history at the time. From the age of 5 she realised she was different, and in her years standing on the podium of the toughest bike races in the world, she realised what that difference was. Pippa candidly lays bare the "awful situation' of being trans, and the relative ease of her...


3: When Orla Met Sir AP McCoy - Part 2

In Part Two of When Orla Met Sir AP McCoy, we hear from the record Champion Jockey about the demons that tormented his two decades at the top of his sport, the impact of losing his mother who recently passed away, and his ongoing quest for happiness.


2: When Orla Met Sir AP McCoy - Part 1

When Orla Met Sir AP McCoy is a brutally honest conversation with the world’s most successful ever jump jockey about life at the top of elite sport, and the struggle to find meaning when you walk away from it. Sir AP tells of his pact with the Devil, in living the highest of highs but knowing it can’t last forever, and details the lows that come with striving to be not just the best he could be, but the best anyone in the sport could ever be.


1: Welcome to When Orla Met...

What does it take to get to the very top of your game? What kind of personalities thrive in high-pressured environments, and what can we learn from them? This is When Orla Met...a conversation with people from the world of sport, about sport, but it's not just a sports podcast. It's a podcast for anyone interested in stories, in the fortitude and frailties of those who push themselves to the limit. It's a conversation about outrunning demons and finding inspiration in the pursuit of...