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The White Sox Talk Podcast brings you unparalleled insight and access to the White Sox. Featuring interviews with current/former players and coaches, we’ll tell you why something happened yesterday, and what’s likely going to happen tomorrow. Featuring Chuck Garfien, Ryan McGuffey, Chris Kamka and Vinnie Duber.

The White Sox Talk Podcast brings you unparalleled insight and access to the White Sox. Featuring interviews with current/former players and coaches, we’ll tell you why something happened yesterday, and what’s likely going to happen tomorrow. Featuring Chuck Garfien, Ryan McGuffey, Chris Kamka and Vinnie Duber.


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The White Sox Talk Podcast brings you unparalleled insight and access to the White Sox. Featuring interviews with current/former players and coaches, we’ll tell you why something happened yesterday, and what’s likely going to happen tomorrow. Featuring Chuck Garfien, Ryan McGuffey, Chris Kamka and Vinnie Duber.




MLB.com's Jim Callis talks White Sox draft--who will they take in the 1st round?

Host Chuck Garfien is joined by Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline and MLB.com, to discuss next week's MLB draft. Jim discusses how the draft will be different with it being reduced to only five rounds this year. Then, he talks about several players who could be on the White Sox radar, the best player they could potentially draft and much more. (2:45) - How this draft will be like none we've seen before--and what that means (12:50) - "The best player" the White Sox could realistically get with the...


Hope in a bad time with Laurence Holmes and Tim Anderson

As the country faces rough times not only with the pandemic but the many demonstrations of protest against police brutality, it's time we had a real discussion on the issues. Host Chuck Garfien is joined by radio host and host of the Under Center podcast Laurence Holmes to discuss the murder of George Floyd, the reactions and solutions. Later, Tim Anderson joins to discuss what he's doing to get involved to help with change. (5:44) - Getting justice for George Floyd (14:06) - How to get...


Will the players and owners come to an agreement for baseball in 2020?

The MLB players' union isn't happy with the first economic proposal by MLB owners. Will the two sides come to an agreement? If so, how and when? Host Chuck Garfien is joined by NBCS Chicago's White Sox coverage team of Adam Hoge and Vinnie Duber to discuss what made the players so upset, how this can be fixed, and has the latest proposal damaged the trust between the players and owners? (1:28) - Details of the new proposal rejected by the players (12:15) - What a player and agent told...


Dylan Cease is ready to play right now

Negotiations are expected to heat up this week between MLB and the players union about playing a season in 2020. Host Chuck Garfien shares what he's heard. Then, White Sox pitcher Dylan Cease speaks with Chuck about how he almost caught COVID-19 when he returned home to Georgia, playing games without fans, why he's ready to pitch in a game right now and more. (1:44) - Is momentum building between the owners and players? (3:58) - Dylan Cease interview (7:20) - Why he was worried about...


Evan Marshall gives the player perspective on starting the season

MLB owners and players are still working to find a solution to start the 2020 season. Host Chuck Garfien is joined by White Sox pitcher Evan Marshall as they discuss the hurdles that still need to be figured out, the way the players have been perceived throughout the process, and his thoughts on if there will be a season this year. (3:00) - Trying to stay in shape during the pandemic (5:40) - Where things stand right now in negotiations between players and owners (12:00) - Are the players...


Distant Replay: A.J. Pierzynski vs. the Cubs

14 years ago today, Michael Barrett socked A.J. Pierzynski in the face, starting a benches clearing brawl between the White Sox and Cubs on the South Side. Six weeks later, Pierzynski got revenge against Barrett and the Cubs, hitting the game-winning home run in the 9th inning at Wrigley Field. On this edition of Distant Replay, Chuck Garfien, Ryan McGuffey, Vinnie Duber and Chris Kamka take a look back at the season when Pierzynski's legend crew on the South Side, and he became Public Enemy...


Don Cooper believes we need baseball in 2020

Host Chuck Garfien is joined by White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper who explains why there needs to be a baseball season, why he's optimistic it will happen, why the White Sox pitching staff might get off to a good start if baseball returns and more. (4:50) - Coop says "I believe we're going to play" (6:24) - How much time would be needed to get ready for a season? (10:41) - What will baseball look like with the new MLB health and safety rules (13:10) - The experience of playing games...


What was it like coaching during the '90s Bulls era

Chicago in the '90s was all about Michael Jordan and the Bulls, so what was it like for the other major teams during that time? Host Laurence Holmes discusses this with four coaches who led teams in the shadow of the Bulls during that time. From the Blackhawks former coach Craig Hartsburg, from the Cubs Jim Riggleman, from the White Sox Gene Lamont, and from the Bears Dave Wannstedt, all come together to discuss one of the most important times in Chicago sports history. (0:43) - During the...


Checking in with Chuck and Jason

Chuck Garfien is joined by White Sox play-by-play announcer Jason Benetti to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, how Jason is connecting with White Sox fans on Twitter, the chances of baseball in 2020, what music they're playing at home, the White Sox sim game both of them are broadcasting and the podcast Chuck is really excited to tape in the near future. (4:40) - How Chuck and Jason have been dealing with the pandemic (9:14) - Jason reading poignant messages from White Sox fans on...


Will the players say yes to new proposal to start the season?

MLB owners have approved a plan for a 2020 baseball season, but will the players accept it? Host Chuck Garfien is joined by Vinnie Duber and Adam Hoge to discuss all of the details in the proposal. When would the season start? What would the schedule look like? Why the players might reject it? Will it be safe enough for the season to begin? (1:55) - Optimistic or pessimistic that baseball will be played this year (9:08) - Details of revenue sharing between players and owners (16:05) -...


Why Philip Humber wasn't the same after his perfect game

Eight years after shocking the baseball world with his perfect game against the Seattle Mariners, former White Sox pitcher Philip Humber opens up to Chuck Garfien about the game that was the highlight of his career--and is also the reason it ended. (2:40) - How often does the perfect game follow Humber? (9:30) - His biggest regret looking back on his career (28:00) - The feeling of throwing a perfect game and getting a phone call from President Obama (35:30) - Living up to expectations...


Tyler Saladino on the world watching him play baseball

In a world deprived of sports, baseball season has begun in South Korea where former White Sox infielder Tyler Saladino plays for the Samsung Lions. Tyler joins host Chuck Garfien to discuss the significance of playing live sports, playing baseball without fans, South Korea's fight against the virus, the incredible bat flipping in South Korea and more. (3:03) - Saladino on being one of the few people in the world who can play sports (10:00) - What the testing situation is like in South...


Distant Replay: Philip Humber’s perfect game

On this edition of Distant Replay, the crew takes a deep dive looking back at Philip Humber’s perfect game in 2012. How did he do it? Was it really a perfect game? Why Mark Buehrle’s perfect game has always overshadowed Humber’s—and shouldn’t. Plus, the imperfect broadcast by Fox Sports and more. (2:35) No one was ready for Humber to throw a perfect game. (9:56) Why the game would have been more memorable if Hawk Harrelson called it. (21:14) What was the Mariners game plan against...


Jason Benetti and Bill Walton

During our "Be Chicago" telethon to raise money for United Way's COVID-19 relief fund for Chicago, White Sox play-by-play announcer Jason Bennetti spoke with the one and only Bill Walton. The eccentric NBA Hall of Famer provides wisdom, advice and humor in a wide-ranging conversation about Michael Jordan, John Wooden, the Grateful Dead, COVID-19 and calling a White Sox game together last summer. (5:45) - How Bill Walton is staying positive during this time (15:30) - Jason and Bill talk...


2005 World Series champion White Sox reunion!

What happens when you reunite seven key members of the 2005 White Sox on a Zoom call? You’re about to find out. Ozzie Guillen, A.J. Pierzynski, Jermaine Dye, Jon Garland, Aaron Rowand, Geoff Blum and Cliff Politte joined host Chuck Garfien for a 2005 reunion on the “Be Chicago: Together We Can” telethon on NBC Sports Chicago. They shared some of their favorite memories from that championship season. (3:55) - The time Aaron Rowand played a practical joke on Ozzie Guillen (9:57) - Why the...


Bob Nightengale on momentum building for baseball in 2020

After breaking the story about MLB's new ideas for a 2020 baseball season, USA Today's Bob Nightengale joined host Chuck Garfien to talk about all the details. When the season would start, where games would be played, how the White Sox and Cubs would be in the same division, a wild playoff format and why league officials are optimistic that there will be baseball in 2020. (2:38) - The White Sox and Cubs in the same division? (6:26) - How would the playoffs work? (9:40) - Could fans be...


Top 10 White Sox players we hated to love

With the "The Last Dance" documentary highlighting Bulls bad boy Dennis Rodman, host Chuck Garfien wanted to know: who are the top 10 White Sox players we hated to love? Chuck is joined by Chris Kamka and Mike Cappozzo. They rank the most hated rivals who later became members of the White Sox. Who will be #1? (3:00) - The one player who ALMOST made the list (9:04) - Carl Everett. Oh yeah, he's in here. (17:50) - An injury to Frank Thomas gave us Jose Canseco??!! (26:30) - Blue Jays fans...


Michael Jordan vs. Old Comiskey Park

It was the most exciting batting practice in White Sox history. Michael Jordan taking swings at Old Comiskey Park before a White Sox game in 1990. The site of seeing Jordan in a White Sox uniform hitting home runs was the talk of Chicago. Host Chuck Garfien is joined Ryan McGuffey and former White Sox slugger Ron Kittle who actually brought Ryan who was 10 years old at the time to the game. Lots of great stories in this one. (2:20) - Ron Kittle takes young Ryan McGuffey to see Michael...


Why a Sox team doctor thinks baseball can be played in 2020

Host Chuck Garfien and NBCS Chicago White Sox insider Adam Hoge speak about Hoge's interview with White Sox team physician, Dr. Nik Verma who believes there's a real possibility that baseball can be played in 2020. (1:50) - MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred believes baseball will be back in 2020 (7:40) - Dr. Nik Verma explains how and why baseball can return this year (12:10) - Players wouldn't have to be away from their families for weeks or months (16:43) - Details of the White Sox...


Incredible inside stories about Michael Jordan's baseball career

With the 'Last Dance' documentary chronicling Michael Jordan's final season with the Bulls, host Chuck Garfien takes an inside look at Jordan's one season playing baseball with the White Sox in 1994. Chuck gets stories from those who were around Jordan during that time: former White Sox players Frank Thomas, Ozzie Guillen, Darrin Jackson and Bill Melton, plus Birmingham Barons broadcaster Curt Bloom who called all of Jordan's games in the minor leagues. (2:40) - White Sox secretly asked...