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Bunch of Aussie talking about Warhammer 40k. The RLG40k folks do like to ramble and are a casual competitive group that likes to share.We will talk about stuff, mostly 40k battle reports, hobby progress, tactics and of course key topics that challenge the world as you see it.




Bunch of Aussie talking about Warhammer 40k. The RLG40k folks do like to ramble and are a casual competitive group that likes to share.We will talk about stuff, mostly 40k battle reports, hobby progress, tactics and of course key topics that challenge the world as you see it.




Episode 59 - Looking Into the Warp, 2023

It is a new year which brings new predictions, hopes and dreams. The crew have a look at what they think 2023 will bring in the 40k universe. Join them as they provide their predictions and wish lists for Games Workshop. What are your predictions for this year? Support the show and get a shoutout next episode: https://www.buzzsprout.com/164830/support Support the show


Episode 58 - What Have You Done For Me Lately, GW?

The hobby year in review. What have been the glorious moments throughout the hobby? What are the moments we would rather expect. Has GW been naughty or nice? Join the crew as they look back at the year that was. Support the show


Episode 57 - You're All Individuals.... I'm Not

Every faction has a unique trait that gives them flavour and a different style of play such as Death Guard have Disgustingly Resilience and Imperial forces have Armour of Contempt. But is this still unique to their factions? Damage reduction has become more common, APs have become higher, Invulnerable saves becoming redundant. Is there truly uniqueness to each faction any more? Support the show


Episode 56 - Mob Rules

We have a special guest joining us this episode - Twitch streamer, Mango_Smasher She join Greg, Mark and Adam to discuss the challenges and joys of mob armies likes orcs. Mango_Smasher also has a painting challenge in 2023 so we will discuss what that challenge involves and for great cause she is doing this for. Hundreds of miniatures may be fun to play but how keep your sanity in painting them all? Support the show


Episode 55 - The Big Drip

GW has a tendency to tease us with drip feeding information. Do we love this or hate this teasing? The folk give their feelings about long term edging. Support the show


Episode 54 - Cost of My Happiness

We know Warhammer 40k is not an inexpensive hobby. We often cry foul at some of the costs. But should we be complaining? What is the real value of the hobby? We play this game for years. Some of us have models from the 90s. So what is the real value of our hobby? Support the show


Episode 53 - The Finer Things in Life

The gang have talked a lot about the multiple ways of playing 40k. There's Eternal War, Tempest of War, Crusade, Tournament and more!! But what makes a great game of 40K? Is it when you have a stomping? Or maybe a really close, down to the wire, game? Maybe it is about the opponent themselves? Support the show


Episode 52 - What's the Narrative, Kenneth?

The crew have a closer look at the story telling of 40k matches. The Crusade format was a big announcement at the start of 9th edition. Is it the story driven 40k game you have been waiting for? Do you want to be invested in your force? Will you weep a little when you captain of a number of battles finally succumbs to his wounds? Who will step up to fill the gap? Story driven 40k. It is just so damn good. Support the show


Episode 51 - Warhammer Fest or Meh?

Warhammer Fest 2022 has been and gone. Four days, 2am starts for the Aussies. Some new miniatures, some announcements and a lot of hype. Was the hype worth it? The gang have a look and share there humble thoughts. Support the show


Episode 50 - The Core of the Problem

It is the big 50 and we are excited! Cant believe we have got this far and what do we do to celebrate? Complain about the CORE keyword of course. It is too overused for most factions? How did some clearly core units miss getting the CORE keyword? Join the gang as they rant again for a 50th episode Support the show


Episode 49 - The Creep In The Room

With some many new codex books coming out, has the Power Creep got out of control? The lads have a look at the new codex book and their relationship in being the top tier tournamnt lists. Has the ever present power creep got out of hand? What does this mean for the next codex books? How bad ass will the Tyranids be?!?! Support the show


Episode 48 - Whats Love Got To Do With It

Its Valentines day so the folk got a bit mushy and express their love for the hobby. That was the start at least. But as all one night stands, it got a little awkward afterwards. Join the gang as the remind us why we love the hobby Support the show


Episode 47 - Looking Into The Warp 2022

Its a small crew this month as they delve into the warp and make their predictions of the hobby for 2022. It was a hit & miss from last years predictions so lets see what happens this time? Will there be a new Primarch? Will there be a new astra militarum tank? Will there be a new way to finish your pile of 'potential'without having to work for it? Join SFW Mark, Radio Mike and RedBelly Greg as they answer these questions and try their hand at predictions. Support the show


Episode 46 - What Have You Done For Me Lately, GW?

The gang look back at the hobby for 2021. What has GW got right and what did that absolutely mess up? We know about Warhammer+ but there is definately more highlights! *Be aware there were some technical issues and editting was had. Support the show


Episode 45 - Nothing Like A Balanced Diet

Games Workshop sent out a survey to the players of 40k. Then they send out a Balance sheet? Do GW really care? Is 40k a balanced game? The gang have a closer look at this so called unbiased survey and discuss the wierd balancing of Warhammer 40k. There is a bit of rambling here as the gang dont always agree on the questions and the fact that a negative and a positive answer could be the same score. You have the reguara stuff of new releases, hobby progress and a couple of Battle Reports...


Episode 44 - Tools of the Hobby

NSFW Mark wants to help the community. He suggest we looked at the Tools in the hobby. When NSFW Marks says Tools, we get concerned...... The gang have a look at the must haves, the should avoids and just some general hints and tips when it comes to the 'equipment' of the hobby Support the show


Episode 43 - Always Look On The Bright Side

There is a lot of passion in the community currently and the gang thought it would be best to highlight the positives of the hobby and Games Workshop. Join the whole gang, Greg, Adam, NSFW Mark, Radio Mike, SFW Mark and Anthony as they explore what is going right in the hobby and why we are so addicted. There is also new support from Manscaped so you will have a good giggle listening to gang talk about that! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code WOBBLY at MANSCAPED.com!...


Episode 42 - Stop Right There, You Heretic

There is a lot of emotion within the Warhammer community currently. Games Workshop is making the IP a number one proiority and none shall taste it without their knowledge. The gang have decided to get all the drama into one podcast so we can move on with the Hobby. Have a listen, you may be surprised in the comments being made. But remember, GW is not the Hobby, we are the Hobby. Support the show


Episode 41 - There, I Fixed It

It is all about the Kitbash this month. What do you do when there isnt a model available or it is too boring for your liking? You make your own with bits and peices of other models of course. The gang chat about the kitbash part of the hobby but there was a debate as to what is a kitbash and what is a conversion? And they launch the KitBash challenge for August that is open to all listeners. check out the details on the Facebook page @rlg40k Support the show


Episode 40 - No Thanks, I Brought My Own Terrain

Hammerfall Bunker, Convergence of Dominion, Miasmic Malignifier, Battle Sanctum.... it seems every one is getting ther very own terrain piece. But are any of them any good? The RLG40k crew have a look at each of them and rate whether theyare worth the point for an army or just a pretty display piece. Support the show