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Brent Musburger and Matt Mosley break down the NCAA Football card every week of the season

Brent Musburger and Matt Mosley break down the NCAA Football card every week of the season
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Brent Musburger and Matt Mosley break down the NCAA Football card every week of the season




National Championship Edition

Brent Musburger and Matt Mosley take a look at The National Championship Game and has some advice for you: He believes that The Teacher (Saban) is about to school The Pupil (Smart)


Brent Musburger: Football Will Always be Violent

Brent Musburger says that there is simply no way to take violence out of football is to put flags on the players and take contact out of the game. Brent also points out that and the NFL Game and the NCAA Games are completely different. Matt Mosley says that safety is a big issue to a lot of parents and the higher levels of football should be concerned about the pipeline of talent being diminished at the youth level. Brent also says that if you are going to have a playoff in College...


Brent Musberger Championship Week

Brent Musberger and Matt Mosley breakdown the games of Championship Week. Brent thinks that the CFP Committee would much rather have representatives from 4 different conferences rather than 2 from the same Big Xii Championship Big X Championship ACC Championship SEC Championship


Brent Musburger-Baker Mayfield "Suspension" Little Impact on Point Spread

Brent Musburger and Matt Mosley discuss all things college football this weekend...Including:


Brent Musburger: These Are Not the Rankings That Matter

Brent Musburger breaks down the latest College Football Playoff Rankings... He says that the current rankings don't matter. And that the committee may be looking for some regional diversity.


Brent Musburger Supports Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

Brent sides with Jerry Jones in the current controversy with the NFL Commissioner. He says that he doesn’t have anything against the commissioner. But he says that it’s time for the NFL to find new leadership. As a matter of fact, Brent says that he could post odds on Jerry’s ability to force Roger Goodell out, he would make Jones a -200 favorite.


Brent Musburger 3 Best College Football Selections

Brent Musburger and Matt Mosley analyze this week's NCAA Football Card. Brent gives his top 3 selections. Brent also drops a bomb on the NFL Commissioner saying that it's time for a change.


Brent Musburger: This is Best Sports Weekend of the Year

Brent Musburger says that this weekend is shaping up to be one of the best sports weekends of the year. Not only do we have the great NCAA Football lineup, but there are also a couple World Series games. Brent also tells a great story about “stepping on” Vin Scully’s play by play call.


Brent Musburger: College Football Wins Over NFL in Vegas

Brent weighs in on why the MONEY'S coming in on College Football, not the NFL. He also has a couple "Brent Beats Your Bookie Selections" for you


Brent Musberger Says Don't Bury 1 Loss Teams Yet

This is a week where there is not a single matchup between Top 25 teams…But, Brent points out that there are plenty of games that matter. He says that the rankings don’t matter right now. The one loss teams are still very much in the race. Brent says even after a home loss to Iowa State, don’t bury OU and Baker Mayfield just yet. All 3 CFP Champions have had home losses to the regular season. Brent points out that OU can still run the table and win the Big XII Championship. Brent also...


Brent Says Current CFP System is Unfair

Brent calls for an 8 team playoff…He says that 4 teams creates great drama during the season but it always eliminates one of the Power 5 Conference Winners and that’s not fair. He says that they need to expand this playoff as quickly as possible. He also give multiple “Brent Breaks Your Bookie” selections for this weekend.


Brent Issues a Warning & Gives You a Winner

Brent starts this episode by saying that he has no interest in talking about “protests” since you can’t bet on them. He goes on to warn that there are some tricky games this weekend and tells you which ones to watch out for. He gives you very specific advice on games to focus on and games to stay away from. Brent looks to College Station and the Texas A&M/South Carolina game to Break Your Bookie this weekend


Brent Loves Baker Mayfield and Breaking Your Bookie

Brent say that it’s early but the Big XII is on track for a spot in the College Football Playoff…but the worry would be that the new Big XII Championship being a rematch of a regular season game could be a possible hurdle to clear. He also says that Penn State has a tricky trip to Iowa this week. Penn State is a 13 point favorite on the road. It could be a spot in the schedule where the Nittany Lions could look past their opponent. Brent points out that the SEC is down this year. “..It’s...


Brent Musburger Explains How Vegas Lines Are Set?

Matt Mosley asks Brent Musburger how the opening lines are determined and how the level of wagers on each side impacts the line. Brent also says that he is not bothered by Baker Mayfield’s attempt to plant an OU flag at midfield in The Horseshoe. He says, “Enjoy the moment…Have a good time…” He goes on to say that he wishes that he would have started betting on Cleveland Indians games after their 3rd win in a row.


Brent Breaks Down Buckeyes/Sooners

Brent Musburger and Matt Mosley analyze this week's NCAA Games · OU and the coaching staff has been honing in on this game all off season…Beware here · South Carolina is an under the radar team being over looked · From a wagering point of view, it may be a good idea to stay away from Auburn/Clemson…no one should give an opinion on this game until we here the status of the Auburn RB …but from a viewing standpoint this could be one of the best games of the weekend · USC/Stanford—a major...


Brent Beats Your Bookie

Brent Musburger and Matt Mosley team up and talk about anything and everything in the opening episode of You Are Looking Live. It's Brent's first podcast and he does not hold back. He even gives some great advice if you'd like to place a wager on some the games on this week's card. For more with Brent visit VSiN for My Guys in the Desert with Brent Musburger, Vinny Magliulo & Ron Flatter also heard on SiriusXM Channel 204