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I host Pre & Postgame Live for the Oakland A's and San Jose Sharks. This is my podcast! Find me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @BrodieNBCS

I host Pre & Postgame Live for the Oakland A's and San Jose Sharks. This is my podcast! Find me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @BrodieNBCS
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San Francisco, CA


I host Pre & Postgame Live for the Oakland A's and San Jose Sharks. This is my podcast! Find me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @BrodieNBCS








45: A's 2018 Season Preview

Along with Bip Roberts, we preview all aspects of the A's 51st season in Oakland - including what the team can build on from last year, what they've added since, and what are the next steps in 2018. Opening Day is March 29th, on NBC Sports California!


44: Riding Shotgun with Bob Melvin in Arizona

Bob Melvin is a busy man every Spring Training in Arizona, but on the way to our free-throw-shooting-competition (yes, seriously) we had this conversation. Bob discusses everything from giving smooth signs on the field, to maintaining a normal life away from work, and whether baseball has become too boring. Also - thoughts on Yoenis Cespedes, launch angles, and the fan critique that "gets" to him.


43: Three Things I'm Not & Ryan Christenson

This week's show begins with a criticism, an admission, and a new direction. Then later - nobody knows the next core of A's players like Ryan Christenson. The former A's outfielder was their minor league manager at every level through the system, and now he's the Bench Coach in Oakland. Ryan gives full insight on making it back to MLB, and what to expect from Chapman, Olson, Barreto, and Pinder.


42: Now That The Sharks Have Evander Kane...

Today, the San Jose Sharks pulled off their biggest acquisition since Brent Burns in June 2011. Evander Kane is now a big part of Team Teal, but what does that mean for this season, and the future? Instant reaction on 9 fronts, plus reaction from General Manager Doug Wilson on the winger who will wear number 9.


41: Matt Chapman & Matt Olson

Matt Chapman and Matt Olson have a lot of people excited about the future of Oakland A's baseball. Chapman discusses being a quiet leader, how his defense helped build his MLB foundation, and why he hit 100 points higher at the Coliseum than on the road last season. Olson gives us great insights into his unique batting stance, the 47 total homers he hit last season, and how the A's can trade strikeouts for more productive outs in 2018.


40: Andrew Triggs & Liam Hendriks

Andrew Triggs and Liam Hendriks each pitched themselves up the A's depth charts in 2017. Triggs discusses how his 1 minor league start wasn't even legitimate, and how that has led to a current role as a starter. Also his "reliever-like" mechanics of a lower arm-slot and throwing across his body working in the job of a starter. Hendriks chats about the bullpen's anticipated improvements in 2018, why he was so good at home versus the road, and how leadership will evolve in Oakland's clubhouse.


39: Kendall Graveman & Sean Manaea

They look to be the pillars for Oakland's starting rotation in 2018. Kendall Graveman discusses how he views his health differently now than ever before, why arm injuries are so prevalent among MLB pitchers, and why he and teammates didn't want the 2017 season to end. Sean Manaea shares how Bob Melvin gave his team goosebumps headed into 2018, what the AL West should be like this Summer, and what he embraces about living and playing in Oakland.


38: Rickey Henderson & Marcus Semien

Recorded at FanFest 2019 -- where we begin with perspectives about Jack London Square, and revisiting a potential future home for the A's at Howard Terminal. Rickey Henderson discusses the difference between teaching versus doing at the Major League level, how the A's became more athletic last season, and how often he will be around in 2018. Marcus Semien explains how leadership has continued despite such turnover on Oakland's roster, plus how MLB can fix it's declining percentage of...


37: Six Sharks Conversations

Jace is our studio producer for Sharks broadcasts on NBC Sports. He and I have a lot of great discussions in preparing for shows. It's time we recored one of them. Our six conversations include: There's nothing sexy about the Sharks, and that's okay (1:18)... Why defense has to be their Plan A (6:05)... Balancing the good wins and the bad losses (8:30)... A goalie tandem that will get you there (11:40)... All the guys who have stepped up their offense (17:28)... and the John Tavares "dream...


36: Douglas Murray

Murray played 451 games with the Sharks, and now heads their Alumni Association. Douglas discusses being known as "Crankshaft" (0:08), why he doesn't stay in Sweden full-time (1:15), what Joe Thornton is really like away from the rink (10:46), and how he approached being a "hitting" player all his career (6:05).


35: Dave Kaval

In this Bonus Episode - A's President Dave Kaval's first interview since the "Peralta Site" suffered a huge setback, in hopes of building a new Oakland Ballpark next to Laney College. Kaval discusses how the A's are regrouping, what the options have become, and what they're planning next for a new stadium. This interview was conducted at the A's new Headquarters in Jack London Square, which officially opened yesterday.


34: Mark Canha

He's an Oakland Athletic, a San Jose native, and a soon-to-be-father. In this conversation, Canha discusses: how he became a "foodie", his several seasons of playing youth ice hockey, and what once made him drop a "Thizz Face" after hitting a walk-off-homer. Mark also addresses his next steps in MLB, and why he's been watching so much of the Sharks lately.


33: Randy Hahn

Randy Hahn has been with the Sharks since the very beginnings. He shares his recurring broadcasting nightmare (0:47), what once got him in trouble on the team bus (11:51), and thoughts on the "Cup or Bust" mindset by San Jose fans (14:30). Also included in the conversation: How the Sharks ultimately fared without Patrick Marleau (19:13), and "If they went to the Stanley Cup Final this year, it would not shock me at all" (16:50)


32: Why Are We Still Doing This In 2018?

The final episode of 2017! Thank you so much for supporting this Podcast across the last few months, which hopes to grow bigger and better in 2018. Speaking of resolutions for the New Year, topics in this program include: paying college athletes, Seattle lacking the NHL/NBA, too many exhibition games in MLB/NFL, and hiding hockey injuries.


31: Dan Boyle

He was never drafted into the NHL, but ended up winning a Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold. Dan Boyle discusses being a career underdog, and also why his worst statistical season in San Jose was actually the campaign he was most proud of. Now retired, Boyle resides in the South Bay and tells us what would be his ideal "hockey job" should the game start calling him back.


30: Hockey Heroes in Santa Rosa

You'll meet the Santa Rosa hockey player and firefighter who saved lives and property... while his own home burned down during those tragic fires. The President of the local fire union also gives us a little more background on what happened two months ago, and how we can avoid ever repeating what took 44 lives and almost 9,000 structures. These interviews were conducted the same night the Sharks Alumni Foundation raised almost $50,000 for the local community's fire relief efforts. Opening...


29: Ten Year Reunion with Mike Sklut

A lot of you know me through social media and television in the last 9 years. But until now, not too many know the real story of how I (literally and figuratively) landed this job in 2009, after being completely out of television in 2008. This is one of the most personal things I've ever shared. My former KICU-TV co-host Mike Sklut was also part of the sad ending to our show "High School Sports Focus". He joins me to discuss his last 10 years, which included beating cancer twice.


28: Matt Williams

The former Giants infielder is now the Oakland A's newest coach. Matt discusses switching sides of Bay Area baseball (15:20), how he approaches guiding young talent like Matt Chapman (4:20), what managing in MLB taught him (6:24), and why he's called "The Big Marine" (16:44).


27: Marc-Edouard Vlasic

San Jose's "best defensive defenseman" discusses starting in the NHL at age 19, and the potential of playing for the Sharks his entire career. Also his love for dogs, his knowledge of longtime defensive partner Justin Braun, and a shocking revelation on his favorite television show.


26: Janelle Wang

She's a Peninsula native who is an evening news anchor at NBC Bay Area. Janelle discusses what it was like emotionally to cover the North Bay fires, how Social Media has changed the television landscape, and her biggest blooper - the Buffalo "Sab-res".