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Re-entry Throwing Programs: ideas and innovations to create results

In the “Coaching the Coaches” segment, Angel talks about creative ways to make the first few weeks of flat ground throwing valuable and how to create objectives that will produce solid results. In the “All it Takes is All You Got” segment, Angel shares one of her skill-specific exercises to teach pitchers how to properly flex at the hip to create the best forward trunk tilt…the skill that is necessary to get over the front leg when delivering the ball. She filmed Joe DeMers during one of...


Our “Engineering the Pitcher” Series

In a very special “Coaching the Coaches" segment, Joe and I continue with the discussion from the last episode about the re-entry throwing programs that we use to transition pitchers from the off-season to the pre-season. The necessity of returning to “precision” specific methods for the pitcher is discussed and I offer food-for-thought for re-structuring how you handle your throwing programs. In the very popular “All it Takes is All you Got” segment, the next priority-training muscle group...


Engineering the Pitcher

Angel and Joe kick off the fall/ winter episodes with their Engineering the Pitcher series. In this episode’s first segment, “Who’s Your Daddy”, Angel answers the most frequently asked questions from fathers. She talks about creating a calendar for reentry from off-season, how to plan showcases, whether or not a pitcher should have an off-season, etc. In the second segment, “All it Takes is All You Got”, Angel talks strength training for pitchers and suggests Priority Training the rear...


Releasing closer to the plate: Front Knee Mechanics

In the Lessons from the MLB, Joe and Angel discuss the use of stats during the game to determine when to pull a pitcher. Angel shares an innovative idea for MLB teams to consider that could help them take additional care of their pitchers. In the Teaching Moment, front-leg knee mechanics is discussed. Using a photo presentation that you can see on her YouTube Channel, she discusses how the common habit of pulling and extending the front knee backward, away from the target, costs velocity as...


Troubleshooting Velocity: An Easy Adjustment to a Common Flaw

In the Lessons from the MLB, Angel and Joe discuss the newest statistics on the high number of TJ surgeries. Angel weighs in on her thoughts about not only the reason, but what needs to happen so make a dent in this issue. You won’t want to miss her common sense approach to a solution. In the Teaching Moment, Angel instructs on a common flaw she often sees that not only robs the pitcher of velocity but is one of the easiest adjustments to make. Please visit Angel Borrelli Pitching on...


3 Drills for Teaching an Efficient Arm Angle at Stride Foot Contact

In the Lesson from the MLB segment, Angel and Joe discuss when not “to take a lesson” from the MLB with Angel giving you a checklist to think about before you decide to try something a little left of center. In the Teaching Moment, with live drills, Angel teaches you how to teach your pitchers the angle of an efficient arm at stride foot contact. Please visit Angel Borrelli Pitching on YouTube to see what you're hearing. And in the 9th Inning, back by popular demand, is a discussion of...


How To Identify a Late Arm and Why It Needs To Be Corrected

Big news! Angel has launched a YouTube channel for further in-depth pitching education. This episode is the first that implements the channel as a supplement to the podcast -- so you can see what Angel is explaining. Lessons from MLB MLB is doing things with the intent to protect pitchers, such as following specific pitch counts, setting maximum innings limits for the season, using the "piggyback system," starting the game with an "opener," and other methods. Additionally, MLB is analyzing...


Troubleshooting the 7 most common glove arm flaws

In the Lessons from the MLB segment, Angel and Joe explain why a clean MRI is not necessarily good news, but rather a reason to continue investigation into the problem that brought you to the doctor’s in the first place. In the Teaching Moment, Angel talks about the frequency with which the glove arm causes problems to the delivery. She discusses the seven most common flaws and educates on how to troubleshoot. And in the Ninth Inning, Angel talks about the effects of fatigue on the medial...


The 7 Best Exercises To Prevent Tommy John Surgery

Can a pitcher succeed both as a starter and a reliever? In the "Lessons from the MLB" segment, Joe and Angel discuss the differences between starters and closers, as well as the important details that a coach should remember when deciding to use a pitcher in both roles. In "The Teaching Moment," Angel provides a seven-exercise complete workout for the forearms, wrists and fingers that strengthen the muscles needed to keep the pitcher's elbow safe and help prevent UCL injuries. And, she...


Should Pitchers Push Off the Rubber? How You Really Get from the Back Leg to the Front

Should you push-off the rubber? While discussing Aroldis Chapman’s knee injury during the "Lessons from MLB" segment, Joe and Angel visit the debate of how you get from the back leg to the front leg. In "The Teaching Moment," Angel talks about the dangers of the long-held belief that pitching with pain is normal -- as is commonly reported by many current and former MLB pitchers. She explains how, over the past 30 years, science has developed answers that provide the opportunity to pitch...


Noah Syndergaard's Finger Injury Explained Plus Getting Over the Front Leg To Maximize Velocity

In the Lessons from the MLB segment, Joe and Angel talk about Noah Syndergaard’s sprained index finger: what does it mean and tips on determining the cause. In the Teaching Moment, Angel gives three possible causes of why a pitcher is having a problem with getting over his front leg and releasing the ball as close to the plate as possible. And in the Ninth Inning, Angel talks about the dangers of using MLB pitchers’ style to determine what should or shouldn’t be done. She teaches about...


Add Velocity Naturally: How a Baseball Pitcher Maximizes MPH Using His Height

In this episode of Baseball Pitching: The Fix, there are three segments. First, in "Lessons from MLB," we examine New York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino's ability to self-correct his mechanics during the game. Baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli talks about the beauty of this skill and how to acquire it…without letting it interfere with your pitching. Then, in "The Teaching Moment,"Angel talks about a way that every pitcher can increase his velocity right now -- by using...


The Change-Up: Grips, Muscles, and Troubleshooting Tips

In The Teaching Moment, Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli talk about the change-up, including the grips, the muscles involved, and how to use that information to troubleshoot issue with its effectiveness. Additionally, using some examples of common methods used to practice the change-up, Angel talks about how to avoid mistakes when creating a drill or practice session. Additionally, Angel answers a listener's question about the exact description of "stride foot...


5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Pitching Performance

In this episode, Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli speak with Bellarmine University Head Baseball Coach Larry Owens about five things that pitchers can do to improve their performance. One by one, Larry details five pillars of pitching performance that many coaches and pitchers already are familiar with. After Larry explains the importance of each -- i.e., "the why," Angel describes ways that pitchers can approach and practice them -- i.e., "the how." Angel...


4 Critical Adjustments for Power Pitchers

In this episode, Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli discuss the 4 most critical adjustments for power pitchers. Just like a race car needs constant tune-ups, baseball pitchers need to be regularly reviewing and correcting their mechanics to remain at peak performance. Angel goes through the four most common adjustments she makes when working with high-velocity pitchers. In the "Trending Topics" segment, Joe relays to Angel a comment by MLB Hall of Famer Pedro...


How Joe DeMers Pitched a Perfect Game - Tips on Preparation, Training, and Making Adjustments

In this episode, Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli speak with Joe DeMers, ace starter for University of Washington and author of the 27th perfect game in NCAA Division 1 history. DeMers has been Angel's client for the past eleven years, keeping him injury free through his entire career and ensuring that his strength training and mechanics stay in check. DeMers shares the training and mental preparation necessary to stay healthy and remain an elite pitcher at...


How Pitchers Attract and Impress Pro Scouts and College Coaches - with Larry Owens

The final episode of Season 4 features Larry Owens, head baseball coach of Bellarmine University and a former pro baseball scout and minor league pitching coach. Angel and Joe tap Larry's vast and varied experience as a player, coach, and scout to learn what amateur pitchers need to do to attract the attention of MLB scouts and college coaches. Additionally, Larry shares some of the secrets of successful pitching programs at both the college and pro levels.


Pitching Angles: How the Chest, Arm, and Location Are Connected and What That Means For Long Toss

In "lucky" episode 13 of The Fix, baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli discusses how pitch angles are created, while explaining the connection of the chest, arm, and location. With that, you may think differently about long toss -- and you'll learn why it shouldn't be described as "strengthening the arm." Speaking of, what should a pitcher do if his coach wants him to throw at distances he's never thrown before? What should coaches consider before implementing a "one...


Fall Ball Reboot Part 3 - Purpose of the Knee Lift and How Even Aroldis Chapman Can Add Velocity Via This Stride Adjustment

In part three of the Fall Ball Reboot, baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli and Joe Janish answer listeners' burning questions that arose as a result of parts one and two. The episode begins with Angel answering a question posed by several fathers -- what to do if their sons are being forced to do long-distance running? Next, Angel addresses a coach's question about whether the pitcher should be moving forward as his knee is being raised. Angel explains the purpose of the...


Fall Ball Reboot: Using Science To Update Your Fall Baseball Program Part Two

In part two of the Fall Ball Reboot, baseball pitching motion troubleshooter Angel Borrelli puts the pitcher back into the pitch by explaining what coaches should find out about each of their pitchers, and why it's important to develop programs customized for each individual.