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Legendary sports columnist William C. Rhoden and sports writer & attorney Jamal Murphy talk sports on and off the court, including the intersection of sports, racism and politics. Presented by BetOnline


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Legendary sports columnist William C. Rhoden and sports writer & attorney Jamal Murphy talk sports on and off the court, including the intersection of sports, racism and politics. Presented by BetOnline




The Heisman debate; College Football Playoff controversy, NBA In-Season Tournament

Bill and Jamal talk about who deserves the Heisman Trophy this year, the College Football Playoff controversy and Jamal tries to convince Bill to pay attention to the NBA In-Season Tournament.


John Harris, author of Tomlin: The Soul of a Football Coach

Bill and Jamal talk to longtime journalist and author John Harris. The three talk about Harris' latest book on Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, Tomlin: The Soul of a Football Coach. Harris talks about why he wrote the book, the process of writing it, Tomlin's stance on racial issues within the NFL, where he developed his legendary leadership style and more.


Bill on-site in Germany with the NFL

Stationed in Germany for NFL weeks 9 & 10, Bill chats with Jamal about the NFL games in Germany and the atmosphere and enthusiasm for the events. They also talk Deion Sanders and Colorado's continued slide, Mac Jones' descent, HBCU alumns shine in Germany, NFL Flag Football, Black QB updates, Jim Harbaugh's scandal at Michigan and more.


Deion Sanders looks to get Colorado Bowl eligible, MLB Playoffs, WNBA Finals & more

Bill and Jamal talk Colorado and Deion Sanders heading into the Stanford game, WNBA Playoffs, Jamal's Black QB rankings and more.


NFL Week 2 brings more injuries; Deion Sanders & Colorado move to 3-0

Bill and Jamal talk NFL Week 2 and the injuries that came with it, including Nick Chubb's devastating knee injury. The two also talk about Deion Sanders and Colorado continuing to make believers out of the masses heading into a showdown versus Oregon. Finally, Jim Trotter's lawsuit against the NFL Network is discussed, including alleged comments made by Jerry Jones and Terry Pegula.


Aaron Rodgers' short Jets tenure, Deion Sanders takes over college football, Coco Gauff & more

Bill and Jamal talk Aaron Rodgers' tragic debut for the Jets, Deion Sanders and Colorado's amazing start to the college football season, Coco Gauff's championship run at the US Open and more.


Author of It Was Always a Choice, David Steele

Bill and Jamal caught up with Author David Steele after his book signing in Martha's Vineyard. The three talk about his book, It Was Always a Choice: Picking Up the Baton of Athlete Activism, the reaction to it, and where the movement goes from here.


Michael Oher Blindsided, Jets, Martha's Vineyard & more

Bill and Jamal talk Michael Oher's Blindside claims, Jets and Aaron Rodgers, James Harden, Martha's Vineyard and more.


The Giants treat Saquon Barkley like a running back; soccer's attempt to lure young Black athletes & more

Bill and Jamal talk soccer's attempt to increase young Black participation, whether the NY Giants will pay for refusing to give Saquon Barkley a contract extension (32:46), Bill attends an MLS match & more.


NY Times Shuts Down Sports Section & AAU Basketball/Peach Jam Thoughts w/Khalid Green

Bill and Jamal talk about the New York Times' decision to discontinue its sports section and what it means for sports journalists moving forward. Later, Khalid Green, author of the book Free Game, joins the podcast to talk about the state of AAU basketball and his recent participation in the Nike EYBL championships at Peach Jam in Augusta, Georgia. Victor Wembanyama, Cooper Flagg and Chris Eubanks are also discussed.


Affirmative Action ruled unconstitutional, but PWI's and Baseball still need it.

Bill and Jamal are joined by Judge Glenn Woods. The three discuss the Supreme Court's recent ruling on Affirmative Action, Baseball's lack of Black participation and NFL players punished for sports gambling.


NBA Draft Night: Is It Time To Abolish It?

Bill and Jamal talk the 2023 NBA Draft, Victor Wembanyama, whether it's time to abolish the draft, Ja Morant's suspension and more.


Don't Hate Jokic, Hate the Game

Bill and Jamal talk Denver Nuggets NBA championship, discuss Nikola Jokic "haters," Ja Morant & more.


Jim Brown; NBA Finals Almost Set

Bill and Jamal talk about Jim Brown's incredible career and life and then the current outlook for the 2023 NBA Finals.


Ja Morant's Punishment, Doc Rivers as Fall Guy, NBA Playoff Winners and Losers

Bill and Jamal talk all things NBA playoffs, Ja Morant, Doc Rivers, gun culture and more.


NBA Playoffs, Lamar Jackson, NFL Draft, Brittney Griner

Bill and Jamal talk NBA Playoffs, Knicks fever, Phil Jackson's bonehead comments, NFL Draft and the significance of 3 Black QBs taken in the first four picks, Lamar Jackson's new contract and who won the negotiation process & Brittney Griner's first meeting with the media since her wrongful detention in Russia.


CL Brown on LSU, Angel Reese & Caitlin Clark, Women's College Basketball & more

Louisville Courier Journal Columnist, CL Brown joins Bill and Jamal to look back on last weekend's Women's Final Four and all of the storylines that came out of it, including Caitlin Clark vs. LSU and Angel Reese, Jill Biden's White House invitations and more.


Lamar Jackson vs the NFL; Brandon Miller and Alabama

Bill and Jamal are joined by Judge Glenn Woods, as they talk about Lamar Jackson's pursuit of a guaranteed contract and the stakes of him taking such a stand. The three also talk about the University of Alabama's handling of Brandon Miller after the killing of Jamea Harris.


David Steele on his new book: It Was Always a Choice

Bill and Jamal are joined by author and sports writer David Steele. The three discuss Steele's new book, It Was Always a Choice: Picking Up the Baton of Athlete Activism. They discuss Colin Kaepernick, Dak Prescott and Deion Sanders, among others. Bill and Jamal end the podcast discussing Ed Reed and Bethune-Cookman University ending their relationship before it started and this weekend's NFC and AFC Championship matchups.


Damar Hamlin, the NFL & the world's reaction

Bill and Jamal are joined by friend and renowned jazz musician Steve Wilson to discuss the Damar Hamlin on-field cardiac arrest that occurred on Monday Night Football. The three discuss their reactions to the horrifying event and the reactions of the NFL and the media. Later, Bill and Jamal are joined by cardiologist Dr. Thomas Price, who discusses the Damar Hamlin incident from a medical perspective.