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Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, returns to Seattle Sports weekdays from 6:00am - 10:00am.

Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, returns to Seattle Sports weekdays from 6:00am - 10:00am.


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Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, returns to Seattle Sports weekdays from 6:00am - 10:00am.




Hour 4-The Pete Carroll Show

Pete Carroll joins the show to discuss yesterday's win, Geno Smith's poise, DK Metcalf battling, thoughts on Bobby Wagner and his departure here, Tariq Woolen's growth and injury updates for Ken Walker III, DeeJay Dallas and Travis Homer. See for privacy information.


Hour 3-What's left for Geno Smith to prove? Seahawks vs Rams Takeaways

The Rams were scrappy and gave you their best yesterday despite all of the injuries and Bobby Wagner's splash plays stood out. Knowing everything we know now; would you keep Bobby Wagner if you could go back? Sean McVay deserves credit for scheming a good game with his major stars on the bench. Brock & Salk share their biggest Seahawks Takeaways from the win. See for privacy information.


Hour 2-Geno's complete game, is the Mariners plan coming together? Brock's 'Blue 88'

What did you see from Geno yesterday? Brock & Salk share their biggest moments and what impressed them the most from his comeback win (his first since 2014). Salk says Kolten Wong's signing means the M's are likely out of the running for a top SS candidate but he thinks the plan is coming together for the M's. Brock's 'Blue 88' answers why Michael Penix Jr. decided to return, what did McVay & Waldron do so well yesterday in their offensive schemes and how did Russell Wilson once again prove...


Hour 1-Seahawks beat Rams in LA, Michael Penix, Jr staying at UW

The biggest storyline to come out of yesterday's win is that we finally got to see Geno Smith lead the team to a win in the final minutes. Salk says it wasn't just the fact that he did it - but it was the poise he did it with that was also impressive. MLB winter meetings underway and on Friday the M's traded Winker and Toro for Kolten Wong. Is there a chance Bryan Reynolds from PITT is next? We hear Pete Carroll postgame press conference and discuss how pumped Bobby Wagner was for this...


Hour 4-Seattle Kraken winger Jordan Eberle and Ranked

Jordan Eberle joins Mike Salk to discuss the Kraken's OT win, what's changed for them this season, how the chemistry on his line has developed and witnessing Matty Beniers growth and development. Then, we take your calls and Justin and Salk have another edition of Ranked. See for privacy information.


Hour 3-Joe Fann on the Mariners spending, Gee Scott (97.3 KIRO)

One person who really disliked the comments made by Jerry Dipoto was our friend Joe Fann who joins Salk for his weekly appearance to discuss the strategy behind how the Mariners choose to spend money and why he believes it is wrong. Our other Friday guest Gee Scott (Gee & Ursula, 97.3 KIRO) joins Salk in-studio to break down the Seahawks recent stumbles, if Sunday's game is a must-win, who he wants the Seahawks to target in the draft and an update on his son Gee Scott Jr at Ohio State. See...


Hour 2-Clarifying the Mariners free agent spending strategy, Shannon Drayer (M's Insider)

The conversation surrounding the Mariners spending strategy on free agents continues and Salk's main point continues to be that the team shouldn't lock themselves into a long-term contract with a big name when it won't make sense down the road. Mariners Insider Shannon Drayer joins Salk to share her insights and beliefs on the Mariners offseason and how she believes the team can (and should) navigate free agency. Salk wonders if this Rams game is a “must win” for the Seahawks because a loss...


Hour 1-Kraken win 7th straight, Seattle Sports rookies continue to shine

The winning ways of the Kraken continued last night as Matty Beniers scores the game-winner 7 seconds into OT over the Capitals, now just a couple points out of 1st place in the Pacific Division and Salk thinks Seattle is having the best luck with sports rookies right now between Julio, Tariq, and Beniers. We revisit yesterday's Jerry Dipoto conversation because Mariners fans were fired up after hearing what they believed to be a signal that the Mariners are not spending enough. See...


Hour 4-M's budgeting for future with young stars, Gossip Guy and Ranked

We react to what Jerry Dipoto told us about wanting to save money for deals with guys like Kirby, Gilbert and Raleigh in the near future. Then, we hear from Gossip Guy on Russell Wilson's b-day party attendance and Justin and Salk have another edition of Ranked. See for privacy information.


Hour 3-The "what if" game with the Seahawks, Jerry Dipoto

Brock asked - what if 5 years ago Schneider would have traded Russ and got a Top 5 pick to take Josh Allen? What if they went young instead of paying Bennett, Marshawn and Bobby their second (and third) contracts? Ultimately, have Bobby and Russ made Seahawk fans re-think the calculus of holding on to players too long and the benefit that can be gained if you love them early? Mariners President of Baseball Ops Jerry Dipoto joins Brock & Salk for his weekly conversation to break down where...


Hour 2-Will the Mariners actually spend "big" money? Brock's 'Blue 88'

Salk reacts to KJ's comment about drafting Bryce Young at #2 if you have it, but Salk feels more and more confident that they should go with one of the DL’s. Salk doesn't want to worry about the "Same Old Mariners" crowd, but the responses to his tweet last night shows they're very much still alive leading Salk to ask: is Jerry telling the truth about being a DDT organization or is that a PR spin to cover for not spending? Brock's 'Blue 88' answers why the Hawks picked up former 1st Rounder...


Hour 1-Bobby Wagner's first appearance vs Seahawks, KJ Wright

Salk starts the show with a little bit of soccer discourse and a discussion about seeing former Seahawk (and future Hall of Famer) Bobby Wagner in a different jersey and number against the Seahawks. Salk still believes it's only a matter of time before the bridges are mended between him and the Seahawks, but wonders if he's miserable in LA with the collapse that they've experienced this season. We revisit some of yesterday's KJ Wright show to hear his thoughts on the future of Russell. See...


Hour 4-Seattle Kraken play by play voice John Forslund and Ranked

Brock and Salk continue discussing KJ Wright's thoughts from the previous hour that the Broncos should sit Russ the rest of the year. Then, John Forslund joins the show to discuss the Kraken's high scoring overtime battle with the Kings, Matty Benier's development and why the chemistry on the team is much better this year. Plus, it's time for another edition of Ranked. See for privacy information.


Hour 3-The KJ Wright Show - who should the Seahawks target in the draft?

KJ Wright shares his thoughts on the lack of pass rush against Derek Carr and how Josh Jacobs had such a big day because of their focus on Davante Adams. KJ shares why he thinks the fullback position is needed in the NFL and what he wants to see the Seahawks do with a Top 3 pick next year before sharing his thoughts on why the Broncos season is a wash and how they should sit Russell to focus on next year. See for privacy information.


Hour 2-Seahawks player updates, Matt Miller (NFL Draft Analyst), Brock's 'Blue 88'

Where are the Seahawks with Kenneth Walker, DK Metcalf, Boye Mafe, Darrell Taylor and Jordyn Brooks? Brock shares his thoughts on their status before being joined by NFL Draft Analyst Matt Miller to discuss the upcoming stars & potential Seahawks targets in the 2023 class. Brock's 'Blue 88' answers: why was Ryan Fitzpatrick so impressed with Geno Smith, how can K9 get loose vs Rams Sunday and how has Bobby Wagner played in LA? See for privacy information.


Hour 1-Seattle Kraken get wild 9-8 OT win, Seahawks NFC Pro Bowl leaders

The Kraken and Kings took us on a wild ride last night in Seattle's 9-8 OT win for their 6th straight and 11 of 13. It wasn't great hockey but it was pretty fun to watch. Salk talks about what he's seen from the first line and how physicality has helped spark them. The Seahawks have 3 players leading NFC Pro Bowl voting at their positions in Geno Smith, Tariq Woolen, and Jordyn Brooks, and we learn Sean McVay is uncertain who will start at QB for Rams vs the Seahawks on Sunday. We revisit...


Hour 4-Buy or Sell, have baseball analytics gone too far? Ranked

Brock & Salk play some "Buy or Sell" and answer if they think Russell Wilson will finish the the season as a starter, if Michael Penix Jr will return for a final season and if Tua Tagovailoa will be the NFL MVP. Salk plays a clip of Jeff Bagwell discussing how analytics have affected baseball and calls it the "smartest and dumbest" thing he's heard. Ranked: Top 5 Max's. See for privacy information.


Hour 3-Will the Seahawks have a Top 3 pick? Brandon Stokley (104.3 The Fan, Denver)

Things have gone from bad to worse in Denver and Brock & Salk ask if there's ever been an example of a HOF career player fall so fast like Russell Wilson. The audio we've been playing all morning comes from our sister station in Denver so we ask midday host, former Bronco, Colt (and Seahawk!) Brandon Stokley to explain what they've been seeing and feeling with the "lemon" that Seahawks sold Denver. This leads to more conversation surrounding a future draft pick and if Donovan McNabb is the...


Hour 2-How much of UW's success is due to Michael Penix Jr or Kalen DeBoer? Brock's 'Blue 88'

This if the first time Salk has true jealousy and envy for Brock when he was invited to go down to Tampa to hang out with JT, Jordan Speith, and Tiger Woods. Brock hears the audio re: trouble in Denver and asks if this one of the worst trades in the history of the NFL? Salk asks Brock - how much of UW's success this year is due to Michael Penix or Kalen DeBoer? Brock's 'Blue 88' answers: What is Pete Carrolls assessment of their offensive line, are safety's very interchangeable these days,...


Hour 1-Denver's darkest days have arrived, Pete Carroll Show

Salk starts the show with audio out of Denver that will make you either: laugh, feel sad, disappointed or elated regarding how things are going for Russell Wilson. Good news on the injury front for the Seahawks as Pete Carroll seems to think Ryan Neal could play this weekend. Mariners sign reliever Trevor Gott as an "under the radar" move. We revisit yesterday's Pete Carroll Show to hear the coach's response to getting run over on defense. See for privacy information.