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Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk. Featuring The Pete Carroll Show and The K.J. Wright Show during football season, and The Jerry Dipoto Show during baseball season.


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Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk. Featuring The Pete Carroll Show and The K.J. Wright Show during football season, and The Jerry Dipoto Show during baseball season.




Hour 4-Why Huskies have to start quick, Can the M's be like the Rays and Ranked

Brock and Salk discuss why the Huskies cannot afford to fall behind early on Friday. Then, Brock says he wants the M's to be more like the Rays in stacking talent but then go above what they do and actually pay to keep those players around. Salk says if you want to be like the Rays, you have to wait five more years. Plus, Brock brings you the top 5 players that will dictate the PAC-12 Championship game in Ranked.


Hour 3-The KJ Wright Show - can the Seahawks establish an identity?

Salk asks KJ how it feels as a player to know your unit doesn't have a clear identity, what it takes to get the rushing attack established, Geno Smith's regression and a rapid fire round of "Stock Up/Down" with a selection of Seahawks players.


Hour 2-Pac-12 Champ preview, Geno regressed to the mean, Brock's Blue 88

Brock & Salk get into the numbers behind the dominance Oregon has shown since losing to the Huskies and why they're such big favorites heading into the Pac-12 Championship game on Friday before Salk admitting that he agrees with Colin Cowherd regarding Geno Smith's regression. Brock's Blue 88.


Hour 1-New names linked to Mariners, Around the NFL

Salk opens the show with his piece on about how the narrative of the Seahawks & Russell Wilson could be changing and explains why. Jon Morosi and Jeff Passan link the Mariners to 2 new names on the market and Maura takes us Around the NFL.


Hour 4-We need more from Geno Smith, Brock's big broadcast weekend and Ranked

Salk is struggling to understand Geno Smith laying on a table, shirtless, getting treatment during a TNF production meeting. He and Brock discuss how big this next game is if Geno wants to solidify a future here. Then, Brock discusses his weekend calling Oregon Oregon State and the Apple Cup within 24 hrs and Justin and Salk have a sweet Ranked for you.


Hour 3-Who deserves the blame for Seahawks shortcomings?

Brock & Salk discuss some of the body language that they've noticed from Seahawks players on the sidelines before taking calls from Seattle Sports fans who have a lot of questions, blame, and finger-pointing to go around.


Hour 2-Seahawks playing at, above, or below their talent level? Brock's 'Blue 88'

Brock & Salk agree the Seahawks are full of talent, but are they playing up to it on offense OR defense? Either way, it will fall on the coordinator or the quarterback, but why is a Pete Carroll team 26th in rushing yards per game and 30th in rushing attempts? Brock shares stories from calling the Apple Cup before Blue 88.


Hour 1-Why is Pete questioning himself twice in two weeks?

Salk opens the show with questions about the Seahawks identity, Geno and Waldron before asking why Pete is so concerned for the second game in a row. Why is he questioning himself twice in two weeks? The Mariners make two confusing moves but Salk is going to reserve judgement until the offseason is over.


Hour 1: What went wrong for the Seahawks in their loss to the 49ers

Stacy Rost joins Mike Salk to break down what went wrong for the Seahawks in their loss to the 49ers // The Pete Carroll Show


Hour 4-Trading Bryan Woo or Bryce Miller for a bat, Callers and Ranked

Would you trade Bryan Woo or Bryce Miller for a bat? Which pitcher would you prefer to keep? Salk discusses that and then takes your calls on everything Seattle Sports. Plus, Justin and Salk rank "Holidays".


Hour 3-Thanksgiving rules with Gee Scott

Gee Scott makes a special holiday appearance to share some of his Thanksgiving rules (that Salk cannot believe) and explain why the 49ers loss has him more mad at the Seahawks than he's been in years.


Hour 2-Are the M's about to make a move? Ryan Divish (Seattle Times), Brock's Blue 88

Salk is still confused by the decision to run the play at the end of the 49ers game but understands the difference between what fans/media want to hear vs what players/coaches are going to say. Ryan Divish (Seattle Times) joins Salk to discuss the Mariners and why he thinks the M's are about to make a move before Brock's Blue 88.


Hour 1-M's, Hawks, Huskies all standing on precipice

Salk opens the show with a statement about how the Seattle Sports teams are all standing on the edge of something - the M's with free agency, Seahawks playoff implications with a Thanksgiving game, and the Huskies' heading toward a CFB playoff. We revisit the conversation with Mike Tirico (NBC).


Hour 4-What is wrong with the Seahawks offense?

What is wrong with the Seahawks offense? Chris Long says they are bad at situational football. Brock says they need more ingenuity in the run game. Then, Brock discusses Brock Purdy's unlikely rise to one of the best QB's statistically this season and Justin and Salk have a National Stuffing Day themed Ranked.


Hour 3-Seahawks miscommunication woes, Jason Benetti (FOX)

Brock & Salk try to decode the communication issues on the offense that led to such a strange ending of the Rams game on Sunday. Brock's broadcast partner on the call for Oregon/OSU and the Apple Cup joins the show to preview the games and poke fun at Brock.


Hour 2-Should Huskies be ranked better than #4? Mike Tirico (NBC), Brock's 'Blue 88'

Brock & Salk discuss the turnaround Kalen DeBoer has executed on Washington and where it ranks in history and the surprising name right next to his. Mike Tirico is calling the Seahwaks Thanksgiving game and joins the show to share how excited he is to be in Seattle before Brock's Blue 88.


Hour 1-The good, bad, and ugly of Pete Carroll Show

Salk is conflicted on his thoughts after talking to Pete Carroll after noticing some things that don't feel true based on Pete's explanation of the clock management, penalties and how he never has a plan for an idea that doesn't work out. We revisit the conversation to hear all of Pete's thoughts.


Hour 4-Huskies keep finding ways to win, The Pete Carroll Show

The Huskies keep finding ways to win and Brock says this is emblematic of Kalen DeBoer teams who are built on more than just stars. He has empowered a locker room and has the entire roster contributing before looking for answers on the Seahawks loss to the Rams in The Pete Carroll Show.


Hour 3-What happened on the Seahawks final series?

It was impressive to see Geno Smith find a way to get back out there after suffering an elbow injury but we do have some questions about his decisions on the final drive. Then, we go through all of our biggest takeaways from yesterday's loss.


Hour 2-How big of a problem is the Seahawks lack of discipline yesterday?

Brock and Salk discuss yesterday's Seahawks loss and what the biggest issue was. Then, they break down UW's win over Oregon State and their path going forward. Plus, Brock answers three football questions in Blue 88.