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Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.

Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.


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Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.




Glenn Clark Radio February 27, 2020 (Clark Kellogg, Mike Eruzione, Patrick Stevens, Stan The Fan)

What a friggin' night. What a win. What a moment for Darryl Morsell and Maryland. We discussed the game to start Thursday's GCR, with CBS analyst Clark Kellogg joining us early in the show to share his thoughts on a Terps team that has been inconsistent but just keeps finding ways to win. Later in Hour 1 our weekly conversation with The Athletic's Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) as he discussed Maryland's win, another tough injury for Loyola and a tough start for Johns Hopkins lacrosse. Early...


Glenn Clark Radio February 26, 2020 (Rece Davis, Jess Settles, Rob Rang, Bo Smolka)

It's #WouldYouRatherWednesday presented by Glory Days Grill-would you rather Chris Davis has a decent season (after his solid start to the Spring) or, hell, they won't be able to trade him anyway so you'd rather other guys get at-bats? Just past the bottom of Hour 1, ESPN's Rece Davis joined the show before College Gameday comes to College Park Saturday. Is he worried about any of Maryland's offensive inconsistencies? Late in Hour 1, our weekly NFL Draft segment-Lindy's Rob Rang checked in...


Glenn Clark Radio February 25, 2020 (Thiru Vignarah and Sheila Dixon in studio, Aquan Smart)

We're not expecting Hayden Hurst to get traded-but should there be concern that someone who has otherwise been a helpful, happy player might want to get away to be somewhere he could catch the ball more? Will that hurt in trying to entire free agent receivers? Early in Hour 1, recent Maryland commit Aquan Smart (Niles North HS in Skokie, IL) joined the show to discuss coming on the radar during his senior year and deciding to come to College Park. Later in Hour 1, we continued our...


Glenn Clark Radio February 24, 2020 (Brandon Scott in studio, Ryan Odom, Booker Corrigan in studio)

Welcome back-Maryland...lost a basketball game. The horror! Glenn's not all that worked up about it and explained why at the top of the show. Shortly after that, we continued our 2020 #GCRMayoralForum as we welcomed Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott to the studio to discuss the future of Preakness/Pimlico, whether it's specifically important to have sports betting at a renovated track, the future of the Orioles and getting folks back to Camden Yards and more. Late in Hour 1,...


Glenn Clark Radio February 21, 2020 (Geoff Arnold, Drew Forrester in studio)

Drew Forrester ( is back and so it's time for us to spin the wheel-we discussed NFL Playoff expansion, the anger directed to Rob Manfred, the 40th anniversary of the Miracle On Ice and much more. In Hour 2, we dove into this week's Jon Proctor Quiz-Glenn had a 5-2 lead coming in and there was both a close finish and some controversy. And we wrapped the show by chatting with new Orioles broadcaster Geoff Arnold about getting the call up from Frederick and what interests...


Glenn Clark Radio February 20, 2020 (Bill Ripken, Craig Patrick, Patrick Stevens, Bradley Bozeman)

Very busy Thursday GCR-Duke lost! Bradley Bozeman had one of the great Baltimore sports accomplishments ever! And we're going to get more NFL Playoff games! You can't possibly think that's a bad thing, right? Almost midway through Hour 1, The Athletic's Patrick Stevens joined us for our weekly college sports chat-Maryland's Tournament realities, wild February lacrosse and more. Late in Hour 1, former Oriole/MLB Network analyst Bill Ripken checked in to discuss his new book "State of Play"...


Glenn Clark Radio February 19, 2020 (Mike Westhoff, Bradley & Nikki Bozeman, Stan The Fan in studio)

It's a #WouldYouRatherWednesday, brought to you by Glory Days Grill. Would you rather MLB strip away the Astros' 2017 World Series title OR they ban all of the players from that team from participating in THIS postseason? Early in the show, we chatted with former Saints & Jets Special Teams coordinator about the controversy that followed the unearthing of his comments saying Taysom Hill was a better thrower than Lamar Jackson-he clarified the comments weren't meant to be a shot at Jackson....


Glenn Clark Radio February 18, 2020 (Darren Waller, Walt Williams, Jim Nagy)

Right out of the shoot today, a very special conversation with former Raven Darren Waller, who has opened up about the addiction battles he went through during his time in Baltimore before coming out on the other side and having a monster season with the Raiders (that included getting a big contract). It's a special conversation with powerful testimony. At the bottom of Hour 1, our weekly NFL Draft conversation as Senior Bowl Executive Director Jim Nagy joined us to discuss some of the...


Glenn Clark Radio February 17, 2020 (Pat Spencer, Jerry Palm, TJ Smith & Booker Corrigan in studio)

Very busy Monday edition of GCR-another massive win for Maryland this weekend-they've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they're a very good team-how (if at all) has this season changed your opinion of Maryland coach Mark Turgeon? Late in Hour 1, bracketologist Jerry Palm joined us to discuss his newest bracket, where the Terps are a 2 seed. What would it take to get them on the 1 line before the end of the year? Early in Hour 2, Northwestern guard/former Loyola lacrosse...


Glenn Clark Radio February 14, 2020 (Terry Hasseltine, Drew Forrester in studio)

It's Valentine's Day and, for some reason, Drew Forrester ( is still here. Yeesh. Before we get to this week's "topic roulette," what are your cheekiest romance disaster stories? We discussed our own at the start of today's show and then, yep, it's time for topic roulette. MLB's playoff format plan, whether ILB or pass rush is a bigger need for the Ravens, Matt Judon's future, that plane video, Lisa Smith's firing from Archbishop Spalding, whether Caves could host a PGA...


Glenn Clark Radio February 13, 2020 (Jay Bilas, Chris Wilcox, Patrick Stevens, Paul Cantabene)

The Houston Astros held a pretty disastrous press conference this you still want more blood or are you ready to move on from the whole thing? We discussed that throughout today's show and a lot of Maryland basketball. Midway through Hour 1, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas joined us before College Gameday hits Maryland/Michigan State Saturday. We discussed how good Maryland is despite whatever flaws they might have. Later in Hour 1, The Athletic's Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) checked in...


Glenn Clark Radio February 12, 2020 (Eric Weddle, Seth Greenberg, Rick Dempsey)

Welcome Glory Days Grill aboard for #WouldYouRatherWednesday on GCR-which could make you a winner, too. Maryland was a winner last night...barely. How concerning was it that they had to escape Nebraska at the end. Would you rather bet 100 to win 500 that they'll make the Final Four OR that they'll be bounced in the first weekend? At the bottom of Hour 2, former Virginia Tech coach/ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg checked in to share his thoughts on the Terps and why he thinks they're a Final Four...


Glenn Clark Radio February 11, 2020 (Andre Smith, Pat Clatchey, Stan The Fan in studio)

So MLB has a crazy new idea for the postseason and you all hate it. But is it as bad as you're making it out to be? And if you accept that MLB wants better programming for the TV networks, do you have a better idea? We discussed that at the top of today's show. At the bottom of Hour 1, veteran Ravens OL Andre Smith joined us to discuss his decision to re-sign with the team after having a cup of coffee at the end of the year. Could he be an option at guard if Marshal Yanda retires? Late in...


Glenn Clark Radio February 10, 2020 (Daniel Jeremiah, Casey Jacobsen, Booker Corrigan)

You guys seemed to like the XFL, eh? To be fair, you seemed to like the AAF last year, didn't you? We discussed that at the top of today's show, then reacted to the news of Chuck Clark's contract extension with the Ravens-are you as convinced as they are that the priority should be the secondary, not the pass rush? At the bottom of Hour 1, NFL Network analyst/former Ravens scout Daniel Jeremiah joined us for our weekly NFL Draft segment-why does he have the team selecting an inside...


Glenn Clark Radio February 7, 2020 (Jeremy Maclin, Drew Forrester in studio)

Drew Forrester ( is here so we're playing "topic roulette" if you will. We're spinning the wheel and letting Drew decide if he wants to talk about it. Does the Mookie Betts thing mean baseball is "broken?" Does Pete Rose have a point? Should we be buying into Maryland basketball? Are the Ravens or Chiefs the bigger AFC threat for the next five years? Is there anything interesting about what the XFL is doing? Could Eric Weddle be a Hall of Famer? All of that and then in...


Glenn Clark Radio February 6, 2020 (Steve Lavin, Patrick Stevens)

Does Pete Rose have a point? It's not apples to apples, but is there merit to his argument? We opened today's show discussing that and why Glenn just isn't buying into there being any actual reason to care about the XFL, with even the experimental rules not being that interesting. Late in Hour 1, our weekly conversation with The Athletic's Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) joined us to discuss Maryland's hot stretch, the first full weekend of college lacrosse season and more. In Hour 2, Fox...


Glenn Clark Radio February 5, 2020 (Tariq Owens, Tim Brando, Chris Trapasso)

Nice win for Maryland last it as simple as saying "they'll go as far as Jalen Smith takes them?" And a blockbuster baseball trade-does Mookie Betts being dealt prove that "baseball is broken?" We discussed these topics to start today's show-at the bottom of Hour 1, our weekly NFL Draft segment as's Chris Trapasso checked in to explain why he thinks the Ravens will go edge rush at 28 while so many others see them taking an inside linebacker. It's...


Glenn Clark Radio February 4, 2020 (Len Elmore, Stan The Fan in studio)

Iowa, huh? Not great! Ahead of a big game for Maryland tonight, are you starting to buy in at all on what the Terps are doing based on how they've played of late? Or are you still of the opinion that "we've seen them win games in January before-I'm not buying in yet?" Also early in today's show, a few #FinishThis set-ups: what did a man use to try to pay a prostitute in New Mexico? And why are folks in India dressing up like bears? Late in Hour 1, PressBox's chief grand poobah Stan "The Fan"...


Glenn Clark Radio February 3, 2020 (Brandon Copeland, Dan Bonner, Bradley/Nikki Bozeman, Terry Ford)

So the Chiefs managed to rally and so did Kyle in our picks contest. The weekend wasn't quite as food for Kyle Shanahan or Andrew Stetka. Near the bottom of Hour 1, our friends Bradley & Nikki Bozeman from the Bradley & Nikki Bozeman Foundation checked in to talk about the Super Bowl, rotel cheese dip and hitting the road for their anti-bullying world tour this week. Later in Hour 1, Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland (Gilman) checked in after he was named the NFLPA's Alan Page Community Award...


Glenn Clark Radio January 31, 2020 (Tom Flacco, Van Brooks, Drew Forrester in studio)

Drew Forrester ( is here. So...there's that. We discussed Maryland's big win over Iowa last night before being joined by Van Brooks (Loyola Blakefield) to discuss Safe Alternative and why we're rooting for sixes in the Super Bowl. After that, we discussed the NL switching to the DH, whether target scores should come to college basketball and Baltimore sports' best events. Early in Hour 2, our weekly Andrew Stetka Quiz-how much do you know about Super Bowls past? Late in...