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Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.

Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.
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Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.




Project Gameday Bengals/Ravens Postgame (November 18, 2018)

Glenn and "The NFL Chick" Syreeta Hubbard react to the Ravens' win over the Bengals, brought to you by Glory Days Grill...


Glenn Clark Radio November 16, 2018

Busy Friday edition of Glenn Clark Radio. Drew Forrester ( is here, which is...unfortunate. We have issues with our flies (it's what you think) and we obviously have to react to Pat Mahomes outing himself as an utter monster this week. With that in mind, what are your monstrous favorite condiment/food combinations? We talked some Ravens after that-how much blame does Steve Bisciotti deserve for the situation they're in? Late in Hour 1, the great John Feinstein joined us...


Glenn Clark Radio November 15, 2018

Mike Elias isn't official yet. Are you nervous? We're not, but we get it. Also John Harbaugh doesn't like you grilling him about his quarterback's health. Really John? Very busy Thursday edition of GCR. We kicked things off by making our College Football and NFL picks for the week. What to make of Ravens/Bengals without knowing for sure who will be under center? Midway through Hour 1, legendary former quarterback/FOX analyst Michael Vick joined us to discuss Lamar Jackson potentially making...


Glenn Clark Radio November 14, 2018

Crazy busy #WouldYouRatherWednesday edition of GCR. But first, Glenn is in a mood. He had a tough night last night with his kids and then his phone ringing and some technology issues. But we'll get him some pumpkin spice latte to calm him down since he obviously can't even. Early in Hour 1, we dove into #WYRWednesday. Would you rather the Ravens clear cap space and sign Le'Veon Bell as a free agent or go young and draft a back early? At the top of Hour 2, Ravens legend Jamal Lewis joins us...


Glenn Clark Radio November 13, 2018

So much happening on a Tuesday edition of GCR. Obviously the most important part is finding out what a Las Vegas sportscaster said he was ACTUALLY doing when he was caught masturbating at a bar at 8:30am. So we got that out of the way. Also, the football game was probably better than we wanted to admit and Maryland won, so there's that. Early in Hour 1, Jason La Canfora (CBS Sports/B-more Opinionated) joined us to discuss his reports of the Ravens and John Harbaugh nearing a "mutual parting...


Glenn Clark Radio November 12, 2018

Welcome back. EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE. Let's talk about it, shall we? The Baltimore Ravens may well have a new starting quarterback this week. And apparently a mutual agreement to move on to a new head coach next season? We guess? This is all so batsh*t that Lamar Jackson better really be good. And he might be! But no one else in the NFL seemed to think he was worthy of being a first round pick. So....yeah. Late in Hour 1, ESPN 680 Louisville's Bob Valvano joined us to talk more about Lamar....


Glenn Clark Radio November 9, 2018

Drew Forrester ( is back with us in studio for a #FridaysWithForrester edition of the show and we can't apologize enough. We start with a #FinishThis, what weird reason did an Indiana man have to call the cops? When you hear the whole story-you might agree with his decision, but still. And ah yes, the Ravens. We continue to discuss the possibility of Lamar Jackson replacing Joe Flacco but there's a bigger issue. Are the Ravens a total clusterf*ck? Who is the adult in the...


Glenn Clark Radio November 8, 2018

Much to discuss on a Thursday edition of GCR-nothing more significant than CBS' Jason La Canfora hypothesizing on Twitter that the Ravens could start Lamar Jackson in Week 11 against the Bengals. Is it a hypothesis? Does it make sense? all? Has anything the Ravens done in recent years made any sense? We discussed all of that at the top of today's show. Late in Hour 1, The Athletic's Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) checked in with us to discuss Maryland football's last stand game at...


Glenn Clark Radio November 7, 2018

It's a #WouldYouRatherWednesday on GCR. Would you rather the Ravens eek their way into the playoffs at 9-7 or just lose out and make the drastic changes that seem to be necessary? We discussed that to start today's show-as well as how "meh" Maryland was last night and wow "oh" Duke was. At the bottom of Hour 1, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joined us to discuss his report this weekend that John Harbaugh was on the hot seat and what it would take for the Ravens to not move on from...


Glenn Clark Radio November 6, 2018

College basketball season starts tonight! Let's get...mild? Glenn can't pretend that he's as excited for the start of Maryland's basketball campaign as he typically would be and there are a number of reasons why. Also-John Harbaugh wants to use Lamar Jackson more-maybe even for whole series. Is that the right thing to do? Late in Hour 1, PressBox Ravens beat writer Bo Smolka joins us to discuss that and what the Ravens' health status will be after the bye. At the top of Hour 2, Maryland...


Glenn Clark Radio November 5, 2018

Happy Monday! Well-it isn't a "happy" Monday obviously, but welcome back to a week of GCR? You've been given the power to make one move by the Ravens-you can fire John Harbaugh, fire Marty Mornhinweg, replace Joe Flacco with Lamar Jackson or do none of the above. Which do you choose? Glenn's officially on the "John Harbaugh deserves to be fired" bandwagon and explains why by doesn't think it will happen now (for good reason). Midway through Hour 1, CBS' Evan Washburn joins us to discuss his...


Steelers/Ravens Project Gameday Postgame (November 4, 2018)

Glenn and Eric Arditti ("Barstool RDT" from react to Ravens/Steelers, brought to you by Project Gameday....


Glenn Clark Radio November 2, 2018

Jam packed Friday edition of GCR. We start with some further discussion of a mind-boggling week for the University of Maryland. What could possibly come next? Early in Hour 1, Fox Sports 1's Kristine Leahy joined the show to discuss her new show "Fair Game" and the episode she did with Ray Rice. Later in Hour 1, we made our picks for the weekend of college and NFL games-can Maryland somehow beat Michigan State? Can the Ravens beat the Steelers? Early in Hour 2 PressBox's Ken Zalis joined us...


Glenn Clark Radio November 1, 2018

It's our annual college basketball preview show as The Athletic's Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) joins us in studio to co-host. We kick off the show with new Loyola coach Tavaras Hardy joining us in studio to discuss his first season at the helm, then Towson coach Pat Skerry stops by to talk about the Tigers' hopes of finally winning the CAA this year. Late in Hour 1, Mount St. Mary's coach Dan Engelstad joined us ahead of his first season at the helm in Emmitsburg. At the top of Hour 2,...


Glenn Clark Radio October 31, 2018

Jam packed Halloween edition of GCR. Obviously we come out of the shoot talking about the Maryland situation-what to say about the perplexing decision to let DJ Durkin return and Damon Evans stay? The unspoken seems to be about as important as the spoken here.'s Adam Rittenberg has been at the center of the reporting on the Durkin story and joined us early in Hour 1 to offer his reaction to the news. And what could still come next? After that, PressBox's Stan "The Fan" Charles...


Glenn Clark Radio October 30, 2018

On this episode of "Mike and Mike," Mike Gundy makes mouth farts and Mike Francesa can't pronounce "Vasgersian," which he shouldn't be trying to pronounce anyway. The NFL Trade Deadline is today-should the Ravens do anything at all? Late in Hour 1, PressBox Ravens beat writer Bo Smolka doesn't think they'll make a move-does he think they'll be okay when they get Alex Lewis, James Hurst and Marlon Humphrey back? At the top of Hour 2, Steelers safety/former Towson star Jordan Dangerfield...


Glenn Clark Radio October 29, 2018

So...everything kinda sucks, huh? We discussed the Ravens' disastrous loss to the Panthers ad nauseam in our first segment-with CJ Mosley clearly in the crosshairs (but much more needing to be discussed). Late in Hour 1, NFL Network analyst/former Ravens Super Bowl winning coach Brian Billick joined the show to discuss whether we've given the Ravens' defense too much credit, Mosley's rough day and if the Ravens are forcing the Lamar Jackson stuff too much. Early in Hour 2, The Athletic's...


Project Gameday Ravens/Panthers postgame (October 28, 2018)

Glenn and "The NFL Chick" Syreeta Hubbard react to the Ravens' disastrous loss, brought to you by Glory Days Grill...


Glenn Clark Radio October 26, 2018

Late start to a Friday edition of GCR (we apologize) and Glenn is a little peeved to start the show. Will it impact his thinking when it comes to making picks this week? We kicked off the show by picking the weekend's college and NFL games-including Illinois/Maryland and Ravens/Panthers. Midway through Hour 1, The Athletic's Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) joined us to discuss Maryland releasing their internal report on football culture, what it means for the parties moving forward, tomorrow's...


Glenn Clark Radio October 25, 2018

It's a #ThursdayFridaysWithForrester edition of GCR as Drew ( joins us in studio today. We tell some old war stories, then we discuss the Ravens' run game issues. Can they win without drastically improving the run game? Can they drastically improve the run game without personnel changes? Should they be looking to make a change? Late in Hour 1, PressBox Fantasy Football expert Ken Zalis joins us to set our Week 8 lineups. In Hour 2 we briefly discuss the Orioles'...