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Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.

Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.


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Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.




Glenn Clark Radio May 13, 2021 (Troy Stokes Jr., Todd Pletcher, Bo Smolka)

The schedule is out and Glenn has a LOT of thoughts. And by that, we mean "no, not that." We talked about that, another Orioles loss, TV recommendations and adventures in getting gas in Hour 1, plus at the bottom of the hour legendary trainer Todd Pletcher discussed his pursuit of finally winning a Preakness with Unbridled Honor, why he's okay with Medina Spirit running as long as the blood test comes back clean and being announced for the National Racing Hall of Fame. Early in Hour 2,...


Glenn Clark Radio May 12, 2021 (Jacoby Jones/Ryan McNulty/Will Leitch/Patrick Stevens/Drew & Rick)

Insanely busy #WouldYouRatherWednesday version of GCR, brought to you by Glory Days Grill. Would you rather get a free trip to Vegas for the Ravens game or not have to think about gas at all for the next month? Near the bottom of Hour 1, author Will Leitch (the man who founded Deadspin and now contributes to joined us to discuss his new novel "How Lucky" and what the Orioles should do with John Means. Late in Hour 1, our weekly chat with Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse, U.S. Lacrosse...


Glenn Clark Radio May 11, 2021 (Buck Britton, Jen Adams, Marty McGee)

Jorge Lopez's success is probably the least enjoyable success the Orioles can have. We explain. Plus...Tim Tebow isn't worthy of the conversation he's receiving. At the bottom of Hour 1, Loyola women's lacrosse coach Jen Adams joined us to discuss their 11 game win streak, winning the Patriot League and getting for the NCAA Tournament. Near the end of Hour 1, our weekly visit with the Bowie Baysox-this week, manager Buck Britton told us what we could expect from D.L. Hall, Adley Rutschman...


Glenn Clark Radio May 10, 2021 (Dan Duquette, Booker Corrrigan in studio, Jeremy Conn)

The Bob Baffert thing is weird and we don't fully understand it and also, seriously, how could we possibly understand it? Tough weekend for the Orioles, but that's the nature of the beast. Near the bottom of Hour 1, our friend Booker Corrigan joined us in studio to break down the NCAA lacrosse Tournament field and for our annual draft of teams that somehow leads to Glenn having to run again. At the top of Hour 2, former Orioles GM Dan Duquette joined us to discuss the rise of John Means (who...


Glenn Clark Radio May 7, 2021 (Bob Baffert, Edward James Olmos, Quincy Roche)

We celebrated yesterday so today we have to ask the awkward question-is John Means' greater value with the Orioles or as a particularly incredible trade chip? Late in Hour 1, Baltimore native Quincy Roche (New Town) joined us to discuss what it was like to be drafted by the Steelers, how awkward it is for some friends and family and the chip on his shoulder after falling into the sixth round. Early in Hour 2 we went in the kitchen with Kyle for some sweet potato wedges. Near the bottom of...


Glenn Clark Radio May 6, 2021 (Jim Palmer, Caroline Means, Ben McDonald, Randy Mazey)

A show like we've never done before today on GCR. We celebrated John Means' no-hitter and where it is on our list of great moments in our Orioles' fandom. To start the show, Hall of Famer Jim Palmer-the last Oriole to throw a complete game no-hitter-checked in to discuss Means' dominance. After that, Ben McDonald joined us to discuss Means and what it was like to call a no-no, particularly being on the other side of the country. Near the bottom of Hour 2, West Virginia coach Randy Mazey...


Glenn Clark Radio May 5, 2021 (Jake Funk, Sonny Dykes, Patrick Stevens, Drew Forrester)

It's #WouldYouRatherWednesday on GCR, presented by Glory Days Grill. Would you rather the Orioles flirt with .500 the rest of the year (and acquire no one but also trade away no one) OR no, that doesn't help anything? Just before the bottom of Hour 1, former Maryland RB Jake Funk (Damascus) joined us to discuss being drafted by the Rams. Late in Hour 1, our weekly conversation with Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) ahead of lacrosse's Selection Sunday. Early in Hour 2, Drew Forrester...


Glenn Clark Radio May 4, 2021 (Brandon Stephens, Daelin Hayes, Adam Pohl, Kelly's Dream)

How do we talk to our kids about Cedric Mullins? Like-when do we definitively say it's real and how do we view it in context of the Orioles' rebuild? We discussed that and the Ravens making the Alejandro Villanueva signing official throughout the show. Early in Hour 1, we met Ravens fifth round pick Daelin Hayes (Notre Dame EDGE), a long-time Ravens fan. Early in Hour 2, Bowie Baysox PBP voice Adam Pohl checked in to discuss MILB Opening Day, Adley Rutschman, Mullins and more. Near the...


Glenn Clark Radio May 3, 2021 (Rashod Bateman, Jeff Zrebiec, Jeremy Conn)

The question shouldn't be how the Ravens did in the NFL Draft. The question should be how the Ravens' roster now stacks up against the other top teams in the AFC. We discussed that throughout today's show. Late in Hour 1, Ravens first round pick/former Minnesota wide receiver Rashod Bateman joined us to discuss his whirlwind of emotions since being selected 27th overall. Early in Hour 2, The Athletic Ravens beat writer Jeff Zrebiec checked in to discuss where the roster now stands after the...


Project Gameday Draft Night 2 (April 30, 2021)

Glenn, KZ and Kyle react to Night 2 of the NFL Draft, including the Ravens' two third round picks...


Glenn Clark Radio April 30, 2021 (Howard Griffith, Ron Johnson)

It's "The Morning After." There are two new Ravens, Rashod Bateman and Odafe Oweh. We have thoughts. So does former Ravens/Minnesota receiver Ron Johnson (KFAN 100.3/FOX9 in Minneapolis), specifically about Bateman. To wrap Hour 1, a listen to our pre-Draft interview with Bateman. Early in Hour 2, Big Ten Network analyst Howard Griffith checked in to discuss Bateman and Oweh (and others still on the board...and the Terps!) After that, a listen to our pre-Draft interview with Oweh, Kyle In...


Gus Edwards (April 29, 2021)

Ravens RB Gus Edwards stopped by the Project Gameday NFL Draft Special live from Looney's Pub Perry Hall to hang with Glenn, Ken Zalis and Jeremy Conn...


Project Gameday NFL Draft Special Part 2 (April 29, 2021)

Glenn, Jeremy Conn and Ken Zalis react as the Ravens make their selections of Rashod Bateman and Odafe Oweh...


Glenn Clark Radio April 29, 2021 (Draft Day Special with Ken Zalis & Bo Smolka)

It's #DraftDay. We're gonna do what's best for the team. In Round 1, our PressBox NFL Draft analyst Ken Zalis joined us to offer some final thoughts on the Draft and then we held our annual "Draft Draft," with the loser having to wear a Quinn Meinerz belly shirt, consume a Spaghetti-o's and Milk Pie and perform some Bone Thugz. Early in Hour 2 we checked in with our pal Kris Ruhling from Great 8's Memorabilia to preview tonight's Draft party at Looney's Perry Hall with Gus Edwards and then...


Glenn Clark Radio April 28, 2021 (Sal Paolantonio, John Tillman, Patrick Stevens, Drew Forrester)

Happy #WouldYouRatherWednesday, presented by Glory Days Grill. Would you rather the Ravens draft no pass catchers or draft no edge rushers? Near the bottom of Hour 1, our friend Sal Paolantonio joined us before he covers the Ravens as part of ESPN's Draft coverage and he does not think a Julio Jones trade would be far-fetched. Late in Hour 1, our weekly visit with Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) covered Mark Emmert's extension and a look at where all local teams stand going into the final two...


Glenn Clark Radio April 27, 2021 (Zac Lowther, Geoff Schwartz, D. Orlando Ledbetter)

So we need to at least discuss the Julio Jones thing, right? What would you be willing to give up and when? Near the bottom of Hour 1, Zac Lowther joined us to tell us about what the experience was like for him in making his MLB debut with the Orioles Sunday-particularly after recently becoming a new father. Late in Hour 1, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Falcons beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter joined us to discuss more about the Jones situation. Are they really looking to trade him? What...


Glenn Clark Radio April 26, 2021 (Rondale Moore, Doug Farrar, Johnny Stefanowicz, Jeremy Conn)

On this Monday Glenn Clark Radio, Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer discussed the Orioles, Ravens, and more. At 10:20, USA Today NFL editor Doug Farrar talked about his recent piece about At 10:40, former Purdue wide receiver Rondale Moore talks about his preparation for the NFL Draft. At 11:20, Baltimore native, Marine and Olympic wrestler Johnny Stefanowicz discussed his work to prepare for the Tokyo games, coming up through Harford County and Baltimore, and more. At 11:40, 105.7 The Fan’s Jeremy...


Glenn Clark Radio April 23, 2021 (Charles Davis, Mike Pereira, Kim English, Paul Mittermeier)

Busy Friday edition of GCR. Glenn's all about the Padres/Dodgers series. What does the discovery of Terrace Marshall's injury history mean? Late in Hour 1, NFL Network's Charles Davis joined us for our weekly NFL Draft segment-why does he see the Ravens taking Jayson Oweh in the first round despite him not tallying a single sack last season? Early in Hour 1, our friend Paul Mittermeier told us about the virtual Ed Block Courage Awards this weekend and what Ryan Odom meant to UMBC for five...


Glenn Clark Radio April 22, 2021 (Ian Martinez, Ruben Hyppolite, Jim Henneman, Andrew Stetka)

Andrew Stetka (Eutaw Street Report, Birdland Tonight) is with us for today's show via the magic of Zoom. He had something to say recently about why he wouldn't be bothered by anyone the Orioles might trade-does he REALLY mean that? Also, we dive back into The Super League later in Hour 1 and how it may compare to American...boxing? Early in Hour 2, PressBox's Jim Henneman joined us to discuss his retirement as official scorer at Orioles games. Maryland linebacker Ruben Hyppolite checked in...


Glenn Clark Radio April 21, 2021 (Ryan Odom/Richard Bleier/P. Stevens/D. Forrester/Kenny Cooper)

It's #WouldYouRatherWednesday, brought to you by Glory Days Grill. Would you rather the Ravens use Orlando Brown and the 27th pick to move up and take Jaylen Waddle (or another reasonable player of your choice) or stand pat at 27, take Marshall and then trade Brown for an early second round EDGE pick? Early in today's show, we caught up with Ryan Odom to discuss his decision to leave UMBC for Utah State. Late in Hour 1, Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) checked in to discuss more roster changes...