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Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.

Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.


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Glenn Clark Radio is a daily trip through the world of Baltimore sports. Glenn and Kyle Ottenheimer are discussing sports, not life and death matters. They approach it that way. Guests include some of the biggest newsmakers in the area and beyond.




Glenn Clark Radio February 24, 2021 (Pierre Desir, Joe Posnanski, Patrick Stevens)

Yes, we talked about Tiger Woods today, but, like, there's not much more to talk about at this point. We also covered Willie Snead/Dez Bryant's comments from yesterday and in Hour 2, Matt Judon being angry at Jamison Hensley. It's also #WouldYouRatherWednesday presented by Glory Days Grill. Would you rather the Ravens sign Allen Robinson OR sign both Marvin Jones and Hunter Henry? Near the bottom of Hour 1, legendary baseball writer Joe Posnanski checked in to discuss his thoughtful Orioles...


Glenn Clark Radio February 23, 2021 (Ed DeChellis, Andy Katz, Drew Forrester)

We started today's show by sharing some memories of Ted Patterson, the veteran Baltimore sports media voice who passed away yesterday. Early in Hour 1, Navy basketball coach Ed DeChellis joined us to discuss the Mids being the #1 (RPI) team in the country, how special Cam Davis is as both a player and person and why the Patriot League deserves multiple NCAA Tournament bids. Later in the hour, Big Ten Network's Andy Katz checked in to discuss Maryland's turnaround, why he believes it's one of...


Glenn Clark Radio February 22, 2021 (Daniel Jeremiah, Mike DeCourcy, Pam Shriver, Jeremy Conn)

Maryland has won four straight. That's good! But is it worth saying much more than that? And do you know who the NUMBER ONE team is in the country according to RPI? Kyle Ottenheimer certainly did not. Just after the bottom of Hour 1, tennis Hall of Famer/ESPN analyst Pam Shriver (McDonogh) joined us to recap Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka's wins at the Australian Open, the future for Serena Williams and more. Early in Hour 2, our weekly NFL Draft segment. This week former Ravens scout now...


Glenn Clark Radio February 19, 2021 (Bradley/Nikki Bozeman, Tim Welsh, Joe Amplo, Stan Charles)

Happy Friday! Glenn's not getting up at 3:30am to watch the Australian Open finals despite LOVING tennis. What are the actual list of sports you'd watch if they were happening live at 3:30am for whatever reason? Early in the show, Bradley & Nikki Bozeman joined us as Kyle paid off his bet and consumed his Bradley approved Banana/Mayonnaise sandwich. Later in Hour 1, ESPN/SiriusXM analyst & former Providence coach Tim Welsh joined us after calling UMBC/Vermont last night. We talked Ryan Odom,...


Glenn Clark Radio February 18, 2021 (Randy Mueller, Ryan Moran, Patrick Stevens)

So there wasn't snow (again) but things still really sucked. Le sigh. Everyone is obsessing over Serena Williams losing last night like she didn't just literally make a run to the semis and knock out two of the best players in the world at 39. Yeesh. Is Corey Davis the Ravens' top free agent receiver target? At the bottom of Hour 1, UMBC lacrosse coach Ryan Moran joined us to preview their season, which gets underway Saturday at St. Joseph's. At the end of the hour, our weekly visit with...


Glenn Clark Radio February 17, 2021 (Peter Milliman, Chris Trapasso, Ben Clemens)

It's #WouldYouRatherWednesday, presented by Glory Days Grill! Would you rather the Ravens sign JJ Watt for 2 years, $25 million or Matt Judon for 4 years, $64 million? And would you rather the social media fun yesterday turn into a Happy Gilmore/Shooter McGavin Netflix show or NO, don't do that? Late in Hour 1, Johns Hopkins lacrosse coach Peter Milliman joined us to preview their season, which gets underway Sunday against Ohio State. Early in Hour 2, our weekly NFL Draft segment-this week...


Glenn Clark Radio February 16, 2021 (Brenda Frese, Drew Forrester)

Happy Tuesday. Glenn is worked up about the Jalen Johnson thing. Not because he cares about Duke (haha Duke sucks) but because he's sick of people trying to distract from the real conversation (how broken the NCAA is) by instead choosing to talk about whether Johnson is "quitting" or whatever. We'll get back to that. Near the bottom of Hour 1, Maryland women's basketball coach Brenda Frese joined us after claiming her 500th win at Maryland Sunday night, breaking Chris Weller's school record....


Glenn Clark Radio February 15, 2021 (Darius Stills, JJ Cooper, Jeremy Conn)

The Daytona 500 happened! There was golf at Pebble Beach! Maryland won a game! The Australian Open continued. So there's your recap. Glenn was...largely unmoved. Particularly about the Orioles signing Matt Harvey. We have to stop describing these things as "lottery tickets." They're more like "Keno tickets." At the bottom of Hour 1, Baseball America executive editor JJ Cooper joined us to discuss the Orioles' system being ranked 7th on their list, the highest the Orioles have ever been. One...


Glenn Clark Radio February 12, 2021 (Ryan Odom, John Klausmeier)

Happy Friday! JJ Watt is available now and so, yeah, we've gotta talk about him. It probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but it makes sense. Some fun #FinishThises (#FinishThi?) including a scenario at an Alabama Cracker Barrel and a daring effort in Florida. Late in Hour 1 we previewed Sunday's Daytona 500 with Perry Hall's own John Klausmeier, the crew chief for rookie driver Chase Briscoe. And early in Hour 2 we caught up with UMBC basketball coach Ryan Odom as the Retrievers are in...


Glenn Clark Radio February 11, 2021 (Amari Rodgers, Austen Lane, Patrick Stevens)

Snowy Thursday here...let's talk about the anthem on GCR. Let's talk about whether we need the anthem at sporting events. Let's talk about whether there are other options. We covered all of that to start today's show. Late in Hour 1, Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse, Washington Post) joined us to discuss another tough week for Maryland, how good UMBC and Loyola Chicago are and to preview Loyola (Maryland) lacrosse season. A few minutes into Hour 2, ESPN 690 (Jacksonville) host and former Jaguars...


Glenn Clark Radio February 10, 2021 (Steven Means, Dan Shonka, Paul Mittermeier co-hosts)

What a day. Our friend Paul Mittermeier is back with us after this year's Ed Block Courage Award winners were announced. We talked about that but then things took a really weird turn as we ended up spending most of the first hour talking about all of the many weird foods Paul doesn't eat. What's wrong with him? It's also #WouldYouRatherWednesday (presented by Glory Days Grill)-would you rather a holiday fairy allows you the opportunity to finally make the day after the Super Bowl a holiday...


Glenn Clark Radio February 9, 2021 (Bradley & Nikki Bozeman, Charley Toomey, Drew Forrester)

Today's the day. Glenn has to pay off the lesser of his two outstanding debts. We discussed Maryland's loss to Ohio State but then Bradley and Nikki Bozeman joined us early-ish in the first hour to discuss their trip to the Super Bowl, losing out to Russell Wilson for Walter Payton Man of the Year (boo!) and yes, Glenn consumed his own Bradley Bozeman sandwich-bananas and mayo and a little salt & pepper. What was his reaction? It might surprise you. Later in Hour 1, Drew Forrester...


Glenn Clark Radio February 8, 2021 (Bill Raftery, Bruce Feldman, Clark Judge, Jeremy Conn)

The Super Bowl is over and the Buccaneers won and Glenn has a lot of prices to pay. Yuck. We cover all of it on today's show-including how much of the story was the Bucs and how much was the Chiefs, particularly their non-existent Offensive Line. Midway through Hour 1, a surprise visit from the legendary Bill Raftery before he calls Maryland/Ohio State tonight for FS1. We discussed the season as whole, the greatness of Gonzaga, Maryland's roller coaster and the job Mark Turgeon has done....


Glenn Clark Radio February 5, 2021 (Nick Boyle, State Senator Justin Ready)

It's the last Friday of football season and, you guys, that sucks. To start the show, our final picks segment of the year. Glenn trailed KZ by one coming into this week. He HAD to pick differently than Ken or he would clinch eating the PB&Mayo sandwiches. How did things unfold? Is it over or does Glenn have life? Midway through Hour 1, State Senator Justin Ready joined us to discuss his bi-partisan Name/Image/Likeness bill he's hoping to get through the legislature and have in place for the...


Glenn Clark Radio February 4, 2021 (Damon Evans, John Brenkus, Soren Petro, Tom Krasniqi)

Felix Hernandez is an Oriole! Let's...keep it in our pants, guys. Who are the players you were most convinced were still a thing that disappointed you when they arrived in Baltimore because they. were. not? Early in the show our buddy Kris Ruhling from Great 8's Memorabilia checked in to tell us about the "Save Baltimore Restaurants" virtual gala Saturday night to benefit the "Famous Fund." At the bottom of Hour 1, John Brenkus (you remember him from Sports Science) joined us to discuss his...


Glenn Clark Radio February 3, 2021 (Ky'el Hemby, Shawn Nadelen, Tony Pauline, Patrick Stevens)

Maryland won! That's cool! There's a media fight! We kinda like those too! And it's #WouldYouRatherWednesday-would you rather, after years of threats, the nation FINALLY runs out of chicken wings just days before the Super Bowl and they're gone for a year OR we discover that there was an executive order from the last administration that bans tacos (and all shelled Mexican foods) for a year? Late in Hour 1, our weekly chat with Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse, Washington Post) covered the...


Glenn Clark Radio February 2, 2021 (Eric Burrell, Jess Settles, Drew Forrester)

We wanna get some hate out on today's show. We'll get there-give us a minute. Near the bottom of Hour 1, Big Ten Network analyst Jess Settles joined us before he calls Maryland/Purdue tonight. How to particularly explain the struggles Aaron Wiggins has had-can he build off a solid second half against Wisconsin? Later in Hour 1, our weekly visit with Drew Forrester ( We discussed an "On This Day" memory of something that occurred at the Super Bowl a few years back, this...


Glenn Clark Radio February 1, 2021 (Bob Nightengale, Jeremy Conn)

The snow wasn't that bad. Let's all act like adults. Happy Monday! Glenn finally addressed the lingering Deshaun Watson/Lamar Jackson rumblings today-but basically just to say "there's obviously nothing there, let's stop pretending like there is." At the bottom of Hour 1, USA Today MLB writer Bob Nightengale joined us to help us remember our friend Mel Antonen and to discuss the league and Players' Association being unable to work out an agreement-what does it mean for baseball? At the top...


Glenn Clark Radio January 29, 2021 (Victor Dimukeje, Jim Callis, Stan "The Fan" Charles)

We're cleaning out the notebook today. Trent Dilfer is still mad. He has that right but there's something we're badly missing from the story. And is there any world where Carlos Correa or Javier Baez would be practical for the Orioles next season? Late in Hour 1,'s Jim Callis joined us to discuss their Top 100 Prospects update for 2021, including Adley Rutschman at #2 and four more Orioles on the list. Early in Hour 2, we caught up with PressBox's "chief grand poobah"...


Glenn Clark Radio January 28, 2021 (Greg Cosell, Brandon Stokley, Patrick Stevens)

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Ravens winning Super Bowl XXXV. The weird thing about this anniversary is that because we had so little doubt the Ravens were going to win, it feels like we don't celebrate the anniversary of the game itself the same way? We also reflected on David Culley taking the Texans job, Deshaun Watson officially wanting out of Houston and more. Near the bottom of Hour 1, Brandon Stokley joined us to share his memories 20 years later after his early touchdown catch...