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Evolution of the NFL: The Greatest Game Ever Played

We are getting ready for NFL Playoff season by breaking down the evolution of the NFL. Scott is picking moments, players or games that have changed, or taken, the NFL to a whole new level. We are starting with the first NFL Championship that was broadcast across the United States. Seems weird to think that not every single game was broadcast nationally. People describe this game as they greatest game ever played.


Fitness and Nutrition Expert Talks Grueling NFL Training

Scott's body has been put through grueling situations throughout his life... to say the least. From the NFL to The Biggest Loser and everywhere in between. We are talking to health and fitness expert Melanie Douglass about the damage these experiences caused. Scott and Melanie teamed up on another podcast called Really Healthy. Really Healthy documents Scott's journey to find real, lasting health in his every day life. Check it out: reallyhealthyshow.com


Travis Wilson, Former Ute Quarterback, Hopes To Be Playing In Salt Lake City Again

Travis Wilson, former ute quarterback, might be playing in Salt Lake City, at Rice Eccles, again sometime soon. He was in town to work out with the Salt Lake Stallions and stopped by Helmets Off on his way through. Scott asks about his time at Utah and whether or not their run-first offense was best for Travis Wilson.


It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like NFL Playoffs

For some reason the NFL teams that make the playoffs are always a surprise. Sometimes the teams you think will dominate and be first seed in the NFL Playoffs fall apart halfway through the season like the Washington Redskins. Then you have teams like the Dallas Cowboys who were one loss away from their coach being fired and now they may be making a run to the NFL Playoffs.


Good, Better, Worst: Tim Tebow Should Have Been More Like Taysom Hill

The Heisman Trophy candidates are impressive this year. It's exciting to see this many talented offensive players about to enter the NFL. Speaking of offensive players... Taysom Hill is better and Tim Tebow should have taken advice from him. And for the worst? A CRAZY story Scott came across.


AUDIO: Is Will Grier Even Good Enought To Not Play In His Bowl?

Will Grier, senior quarterback for the West Virginia Mountaineers, isn't going to play in his last game. His team's bowl game. Will Grier is heading straight into the NFL Draft. Scott is confused mainly because he isn't sure Will Grier is skilled enough to make that decision.


AUDIO: Merril Hoge, CTE and "The Plot To Destroy Football"

Merril Hoge, former NFL running back and ESPN Analyst, joined Helmets Off to talk about his new book. The book is called "Brainwashed: The Bad Science Behind CTE and the Plot to Destroy Football." Merril Hoge told Scott his journey to learn more about CTE and the science behind it started because he was a concerned parent who loves football. Merril Hoge told Scott he doesn't think the "hysteria" behind CTE and football is warranted. He explains the other factors he thinks contribute to it....


The Secret To The New England Patriots (and the SEC's) Success

Schedules and divisions may not be the ultimate factor but they hugely impact the records and NFL playoff system. The NFL doesn't want the same team to win the Super Bowl two years in a row. NFL teams, like the New England Patriots, who are in a losing division have a huge advantage over teams in a good division like the NFC East. Same goes for the legendary 1980's San Francisco 49ers.


The NFL Is Not The Morality Police

Is the NFL the morality police? Scott doesn't think so. Kareem Hunt, star-running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, got let go after video surfaced of him hitting a girl. The NFL is an entertainment business. Kareem Hunt should be treated just as any other person would be in the work place after a crime. He should go through the system just like anyone else. It is not the NFL's job to be the judge, jury and executioner.


The Coaching Moment That Blew Scott's Mind

Have you ever wondered what makes a great football coach? A lot of it comes down to how they motivate their players. Scott has had lots of football coaches and none of them had the same style. Some coaches choose to call players out and embarrass them while others use manipulation. Scott talks about what it was like to play for Don Shula. It was often uncomfortable.


Here's Why Coaches Praise The Other Team ... It's Not Out Of Kindness

We are going to coaches and players during press conferences. They are careful. Very careful. But in being careful are coaches unintentionally saying things that could hurt them. Things you say and don't say, especially negative things, about the other team can easily become motivation. Saying how good the other team is can become patronizing. Scott explains.


Good, Better, Worst: Weird To Be Calling the Cleveland Browns Good??

We are back with the good, the better and the worst. We have to start with the Cleveland Browns. It's weird to be calling the Cleveland Browns good. Baker Mayfield is giving Browns fans hope. It was controversial when Hue Jackson was fired but it seems to be working out in favor of the Browns. We are staying with quarterbacks. Andrew Luck has been playing lights out this year. In the next part we talk LSU and Texas A&M's record breaking game. The worst? The Jacksonville Jaguars.


The Green Bay Packers Have Had Two Quarterbacks In Almost 30 Years! It Is Incredible.

Why do some college teams and even sometimes NFL teams always produce great players at one position? This is a fascinating topic. What do you think of when Scott says Chicago Bears? Middle Linebacker. BYU? Tight ends. Is it coaching? Is it cyclical? We explore.


Should Whittingham Sit Starters Against BYU?

The Utes have a chance to play in the Rose Bowl. Should coach Kyle Whittingham sit players against their bitter rival Brigham Young University (BYU)? He said he won't. The team will go into this game like any other game. Traditionally this game is always a close one.


Chemistry With Herman Moore Was Supernatural

One of Scott's favorite subjects in school was chemistry. A different type of chemistry led to the most special experience of Scott's career. His undeniable chemistry with Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Herman Moore. Scott helped Moore get to multiple Pro Bowls. How do you find this type of chemistry? It has to come naturally.


Utes Quarterback May Be Having His Tom Brady Moment

The University of Utah football team were well on their way to a Rose Bowl berth when they lost two key players to season ending injuries. They lost their quarterback, Tyler Huntley, and their starting running back, Zack Moss. Scott talks about how hard it is to change key players mid season. The Utes did it pretty well in their win against the Oregon Ducks. Jason Shelley, their freshman quarterback, may be experiencing his Tom Brady ... or should we say Scott Mitchell moment.


What Is The Hardest Position In Sports To Play? And Some Olympic Talk With a Hockey Addict

Today we have Jay Stevens, back up goalie for the Utah Grizzlies, on Helmets Off. He is a self-proclaimed hockey addict. Jay just started a podcast called the Utah Puck Report. Jay is the longtime back-up goalie for the Utah Grizzlies and his passion for hockey, specifically Utah hockey, really shines through. Scott shares his own story about playing hockey and the time the Detroit Red Wings invited him to skate with them. Find Utah Puck Report wherever you get your podcast or on the 103.5...


Good, Better, Worst: Nobody Hates Drew Brees And Is The Book of Eli Closed?

We are leading things off with the ageless Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. Scott theorizes that players now have such a better grasp on staying healthy and maybe some of the new rules help to. Is there anyone out there who hates Drew Brees? Larry Fitzgerald. WOW. Drew Brees is good but he is better. Now no one will ever come close to Jerry Rice, but Fitzgerald is incredible. The worst comes tonight. The Monday Night Football game is TRASH. Not even worth watching.


Gordon Hayward Pretty Much Told The Jazz They Are Losers. Sweet Revenge.

Let's preface this with saying Scott is a big fan of the Utah Jazz. The Utah Jazz and especially Jazz fans got their revenge against the Boston Celtics and Gordon Hayward. Gordon Hayward, former Jazz man, left the team last year to play for the Boston Celtics. The Jazz beat the Celtics Friday and Scott said it felt so good to be a Utah Jazz fan. Even during shoot around, he was being booed by the handful of spectators in the stands.


Andy Phillips: Understanding Kickers

Andy Phillips, former kicker for the University of Utah, heard Scott talking about kickers on a prior episode and now he is here to clear some things up. Andy Phillips also told Scott about his journey from ski racing to kicker. Andy teamed up with former University of Utah punter, Tom Hackett, for a podcast called Special Forces Gang (SFG). Find it wherever you get your podcasts.