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Good, Better, Worst: It's Harder To Be A Fan Than A Player Sometimes

One of Scott's favorite things about football? It is unpredictable. Take the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers game. So many games just came down to the wire. But do you know what can ruin these games? When no one wins. Scott hates ties. The better part of this? All of these great games are being played by pretty new guys. Our worst segment is pretty fun to. Did you hear about the Bills player who decided to retire at half-time because his team is so bad. Is there something in the...


The Mighty Utah Fans Are Scaring The Huskies

Chris Petersen gave a warning about The University of Utah during his last post-game press conference. He warned that Utah and the MUSS (Utah student section) would be much louder and harder to play at than Auburn. This got Scott thinking...fans REALLY impact a game. He tells how much fans can make a difference from the perspective of former Utah Quarterback. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami...


The College And NFL Games Scott Is Watching This Weekend

It's hump day so that means we are already ready for the weekend. Are you? In this episode Scott tells you what he would do if he were sitting down for a weekend of football viewing. Meaning, he is going to give you his personal games to watch. In the first segment we tackle the NFL. It the second, we go after college. What games are you watching? Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami Dolphins,...


NFL Takeaways: Can Aaron Rodgers Find The Tom Brady Magic? And Much More

We are doing a recap of the first weekend, excluding the weekend. The quarterback play in the NFL this weekend was just incredible and so fun to watch. Aaron Rodgers had the miraculous recovery. Can Aaron Rodgers find the Tom Brady magic? As we move along through the weekend we talk about the winners, because that is really what matters right? We save the worst for last. There are just some things that make Scott scratch his head. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the...


Scott Compares NFL Locker Rooms To The Kardashians

We are talking about the things that really annoy Scott. Something happened this week that Scott can't get off his mind. It's the hot seat and sports' (besides baseball) need to put coaches on it. Coaching is a hard job there is more drama in an NFL locker room than there is on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Also flopping. Enough said there. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit...


Terry Bradshaw is The Worst.

Sports are getting WHITE HOT and Terry Bradshaw is on Scott's list. We start with good... Major League Baseball playoffs are right around the corner. And the playoffs are really the only time Scott watches baseball. Man, that season is just so long. Baseball playoffs remind Scott of football. Yep, he has a one track mind. Looking at possible match ups in the baseball playoffs makes Scott excited. On to better and I think you know what is coming. The NFL season starts tomorrow when the...


Brandon Stokley On Receiving Record Breaking Catches And His First Touchdown

Scott had the pleasure of talking to a two time Super Bowl Champion and the receiver of some iconic passes in the NFL: Brandon Stokley. Brandon Stokley played for the Indianapolis Colts during their Peyton Manning offensive dynasty. He also spent some time with the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens. Scott and Brandon were teammates with the Baltimore Ravens where they shared a pretty special moment. Brandon was on the receiving end of the pass that broke Dan Marino's record. He shares...


NFL Countdown: Tom Brady Couldn't Beat His Mother In A 40 Yd Dash

We are finally at Scott's favorite position, but more importantly...THE NFL SEASON STARTS NEXT WEEK! It is finally here, and it feels so good. In the first segment Scott gives the things players need to be an star quarterback. He starts by explaining qualities that you DON'T need. Some of these might surprise you...like height. Or speed. Listen in to see what a quarterback actually needs to make Scott's list. In the second segment Scott gives his list. It's going to shock some of you. Let's...


Good, Better, Worst: The Worst Pain A Player Can Ever Feel

We are getting excited because the NFL season officially starts next week. Scott is breaking down the good, better and worst parts of game week. Because as fans, it's all great. But players don't always feel the same way. We take this episode a little different, because we want to end with the best part. So we are going Worst, better, BEST! Here is your look inside game week from a former NFL Quarterback's mind. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After...


BYU Might Be The Reason College Football Has A Terrible System

As an alumni and huge fan of Utah Football Scott should be ecstatic that the Utes are now being recognized as 2008 National Champions. Scott thinks it is an atrocity for college football to not have a legitimate play off system. It is embarrassing for anyone who has ever played or been a fan of the game. Do you have a better solution? Please find us on Facebook and share it. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played...


NFL Countdown: The Weirdest Guys On The Field

There is a physical and athletic aspect of being a kicker or punter. But those traits are small compared to the mental toughness and stamina required. Kickers are put in more high stress situations than any other player on the field. Some of the very best kickers in the NFL have player for a long time. This position provides the most longevity. If Scott were going to start a football team, he talks about the special teams players he would pick first. Scott Mitchell was a record setting...


Giant Hot Dogs Are The Best Part Of Pre-Season Football

We are back with another edition of Good, better, worst. This time Scott is breaking down pre-season football. We really just can't wait for the actual season to start. We talk about the perspective of a player and a fan. Do you watch pre season football? Do you think it matters? Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens. What do you...


Athletes and Mental Health: Scott Opens Up About Personal Struggles

Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers recently opened up about mental health and his personal struggles. Scott talks about the intense requirements put on professional athletes to be perfect. It has been reported, but not confirmed, that NBA owners now want access to player's mental health records. Scott goes through a whole slew of issues that could come from owners gaining this access. In the second segment, Scott opens up about his own struggles with mental health during his time as an...


NFL Countdown: Scott's Second Favorite Position

It is getting even closer to the NFL season. We are talking about defensive backs and wide receivers. Wide receivers are Scott's favorite position, but he doesn't quite feel the same about anyone on defense really. You'll have to see who he chose as the greatest receiver of all time, but once again it was hard to narrow down. Let us know if you agree on Facebook or Twitter. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played...


When Great Players Become Awful General Managers

This episode was inspired by Derek Jeter. He is now a manger in the Miami Marlins organization. Now it seems the stars have aligned for the Marlins, arguably one of the best to ever play baseball is now running your team? Well we hope Jeter does great but history shows it hasn't always worked out just look at Michael Jordan's stint at management. More players than you might think have tried their hand to upper management with mixed results. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at...


Why Does Your Team Suck? The Things Franchises Need To Be Winners

How do you build a winning organization? Think the Patriots, the Steelers. We know what you HAVE to do but Scott gives his insight on how to do that. It starts with people understanding free agency, salary caps and big changes made in the NFL in 1994, while Scott was playing. Usually when elite teams don't win Super Bowls it is because they get bitten by the injury bug. Think Aaron Rodger and The Green Bay Packers. Scott gives his keys to the Super Bowl and we will give one away here. The...


NFL Countdown: What Scott Loved About Barry Sanders And Free Some Therapy

On to another week of our NFL Countdown...this week we are treating you with breaking down two positions: Running Back and Linebacker. So what does it take to dominate at these positions? Scott tells you. Good running backs don't go down on the first hit. They make you miss the first hit. Next, running backs have great feet to help them fit through tight spots. Think of it like dancing. You'll have to see if you agree with who Scott awarded the top spot to. Linebacker was the hardest...


Good, Better, Worst: Why The Best High School Football Team In The Nation Can't Find Anyone To Play

ESPN featured a story that really touched Scott this week, so much that we are doing an entire good, better, worst episode about one story. In their E:60 segment they introduce a coach, Biff Poggi, who is changing the lives of many young people. Read or watch the story by clicking here. Long story, kept very short here a kid loved football made a financial fortune and went back to rebuild an old, worn down high school in Baltimore. The football team he now coaches can't find opponents...


Donovan Mitchell and Terrell Owens: Politics Finds Its Way Back Into Sports

Donovan Mitchell has been active on Twitter over the weekend. First he took to the social media platform to defend LeBron James against Donald Trump's comments. Next, he took a stab at philosophy and his teammate Rudy Gobert suggested he stick to basketball, rather than philosophy. Let's move onto the NFL. Terrell Owens is causing the NFL Hall of Fame all sorts of issues. Terrell Owens knows the stir he is causing by not going to his Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Scott HATES his decision....


NFL Countdown: Week 2: Scott's Least Favorite Position ... Defensive Line

Seven weeks until the NFL season. Last week we did offensive line, we are going to the other side of the ball: Defensive line. We are going to give you a warning here, Scott is not a fan of defensive lineman. They're mean, and they were always after him. So, what does it take to be a superior defensive lineman? Size is a big one. You MUST be big, especially if you are a nose tackle. Another trait? They have to be quick, not always fast, but quick off the line. Maybe the most important trait...