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Good, Better, Worst: The NFL Is a Marathon and Wisconsin Is Not That Good

Patrick Mahomes seems to be making our list of good things quite often and last night was no exception. The Kansas City Chiefs may have lost, but Mahomes was a shining star and he kept pace with Tom Brady better than most rookies would. Better? A whole bunch of Top 10 college teams lost. Scott likes this because he hates the polling system. We are going back to the NFL for the worst.


The Buffalo Bills Have Been Requested At a Funeral

Lee Merkel just passed away at the age of 83. It's likely you don't know who he is but his obituary caught our attention. He was a big Buffalo Bills fan and his obituary called the team out.


Let's Settle This ... Who Is "America's Team?"

We asked the question about "America's Team" on social media and some of you answered with the New England Patriots or the Green Bay Packers (because of their public ownership). Historically, the Dallas Cowboys were given the honor. Scott wanted to know why so did some research and it took him back in time to find some interesting facts. He wonders if they should still be called "America's Team."


Scott Chose Football Over Baseball. He Could Have Professionally Played Both

Scott's first passion was baseball. It all started with t-ball. He recalls hitting thousands of wiffle balls in his backyard. Scott was recruited and nearly drafted to play professional baseball, but he chose to go to college at The University of Utah and play football. He explains how football stole his heart.


Good, Better, Worst: Stanford Football Deserves Better Fans

Sometimes the good things are also the bad things. Take the Green Bay Packers for example. Now you might ask, "how in the world was that good?" Well Scott liked what Mike Mccarthy did at the end of the game. Better than the Packers? Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. Scott says you should tune into tonight's game because history should be made. But we have something EVEN better for you! The worst? Can also be found in the best... (do you like riddles?)


Should Fans Treat College Athletes Better And The Time Scott Failed a Class

The University of Utah caught some national attention on social media for their comment telling fans that they only see three hours of the countless hours of hard work that go into being a college football player. They called on fans to treat them better. Do you think college athletes deserve better treatment from fans? What about universities? Next, Scott tells the story of when he failed a class. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted...


Hands Down, The Nastiest Part Of Being A Quarterback ...

If you pay any attention to sports in 2018 you will see that player safety is becoming a hot button issue, especially in NFL football. Quarterbacks are very protected, just look at all of these roughing the passer the calls. Scott shares the #1 most dangerous thing about being a quarterback. Hint: It's a bio-hazard.


Good, Better, Worst: Utah Was The Better Team and Sharing A Locker Room With Tom Brady

Bill Belichick is great at finding those rough around the edges players and molding them to the New England Patriot way. Take Josh Gordon for example. The location of his assigned locker made all the difference for him. The better? Scott's absolute favorite story from the weekend and maybe the year. This inspired another episode (stay tuned on Friday) because Scott is so passionate about it. On to the worst ... The Ryder Cup. Just plain ugly. But, the worst thing of all. The University of...


Team Chemistry Fizzles When You Start Out 0-3 And We Have A Story For You

Starting 0-3 is *almost* the kiss of death in the NFL. There have been teams that come back from that start and make the playoffs. Scott was on one of those teams. And let's be honest, making the playoffs is what is it all about.


Getting Inside The Head of A Super-Fan

Rusty Keys from Utah's radio station FM100.3 joins us so Scott can get into the head of a fan. We talked in a previous episode about how hard it can be a fan, but it can also be really fun. Scott wants to get inside the head on a life-time super fan. Rusty LOVES the Kansas City Chiefs and always has. He comes on Helmets Off to tell a cool story about his favorite player Willie Lanier. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL...


I Am Cheering For Tiger Woods Because I Know His Struggle

Scott is amazed by people who have the ability to captivate masses of people. Tiger Woods is one of those people. Tiger Woods draws in a huge audience for golf, one they may never find again. And he even did it during football season with his win this weekend. A lot of people, including Scott were pulling for him this weekend. In the second segment Scott talks about Tiger's injuries and explains so hard it is to get injured but then play through painful injuries as a player. Scott Mitchell...


Stanley Cup Champion on Winning, Management and The Tricks Players Learn to Stay Out Of The Box

Stanley Cup Champion and current president of the LA Kings, Luc Robitaille and Scott have a candid conversation in this one. Luc was a Detroit Red Wing while Scott was a Detroit Lion. They talk junior hockey in Canada. Luc knew there were players that were better than him, but he credits his success in the NHL to his undying passion. In the next segment Luc talks about the tricks hockey players learn to avoid the penalty box and his time with Wayne Gretzky. Next, they talk about his...


Advice for Le'Veon Bell. You Will Not Get Paid In Pittsburgh.

You don't hardball the Pittsburgh Steelers and Le'Veon Bell may be learning that the hard way. Scott has some advice for Le'Veon Bell. Two words. Kirk Cousins. Scott has some inside information when it comes to free agency and contract negotiations. He was in on those meetings and says the conclusion he came to after them was that it ruined the NFL. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami Dolphins,...


Good, Better, Worst: It's Harder To Be A Fan Than A Player Sometimes

One of Scott's favorite things about football? It is unpredictable. Take the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers game. So many games just came down to the wire. But do you know what can ruin these games? When no one wins. Scott hates ties. The better part of this? All of these great games are being played by pretty new guys. Our worst segment is pretty fun to. Did you hear about the Bills player who decided to retire at half-time because his team is so bad. Is there something in the...


The Mighty Utah Fans Are Scaring The Huskies

Chris Petersen gave a warning about The University of Utah during his last post-game press conference. He warned that Utah and the MUSS (Utah student section) would be much louder and harder to play at than Auburn. This got Scott thinking...fans REALLY impact a game. He tells how much fans can make a difference from the perspective of former Utah Quarterback. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami...


The College And NFL Games Scott Is Watching This Weekend

It's hump day so that means we are already ready for the weekend. Are you? In this episode Scott tells you what he would do if he were sitting down for a weekend of football viewing. Meaning, he is going to give you his personal games to watch. In the first segment we tackle the NFL. It the second, we go after college. What games are you watching? Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami Dolphins,...


NFL Takeaways: Can Aaron Rodgers Find The Tom Brady Magic? And Much More

We are doing a recap of the first weekend, excluding the weekend. The quarterback play in the NFL this weekend was just incredible and so fun to watch. Aaron Rodgers had the miraculous recovery. Can Aaron Rodgers find the Tom Brady magic? As we move along through the weekend we talk about the winners, because that is really what matters right? We save the worst for last. There are just some things that make Scott scratch his head. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the...


Scott Compares NFL Locker Rooms To The Kardashians

We are talking about the things that really annoy Scott. Something happened this week that Scott can't get off his mind. It's the hot seat and sports' (besides baseball) need to put coaches on it. Coaching is a hard job there is more drama in an NFL locker room than there is on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Also flopping. Enough said there. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at the University of Utah. After being drafted into the NFL he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit...


Terry Bradshaw is The Worst.

Sports are getting WHITE HOT and Terry Bradshaw is on Scott's list. We start with good... Major League Baseball playoffs are right around the corner. And the playoffs are really the only time Scott watches baseball. Man, that season is just so long. Baseball playoffs remind Scott of football. Yep, he has a one track mind. Looking at possible match ups in the baseball playoffs makes Scott excited. On to better and I think you know what is coming. The NFL season starts tomorrow when the...


Brandon Stokley On Receiving Record Breaking Catches And His First Touchdown

Scott had the pleasure of talking to a two time Super Bowl Champion and the receiver of some iconic passes in the NFL: Brandon Stokley. Brandon Stokley played for the Indianapolis Colts during their Peyton Manning offensive dynasty. He also spent some time with the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens. Scott and Brandon were teammates with the Baltimore Ravens where they shared a pretty special moment. Brandon was on the receiving end of the pass that broke Dan Marino's record. He shares...