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LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.

LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.


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LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.






HR 3: Honesty

The guys discuss AD's comments about the Lakers' most recent loss and Ireland explains why this team hates losing two games in a row so much. Then, Mason asks everyone to share what the love the most and hate the most about each other member of the show. Producer Lindsey and Jorge share their love/hates, which include many compliments and some funny jabs. Then, Mason and Ireland share theirs. And they close out the show with a friendly game of "Guess The Price, Cameo Edition," in which...


HR 2: Dan Graziano talks about Goff and McVay

ESPN analyst Dan Graziano stops by to give his thoughts on Goff/McVay and makes a bold prediction about the Rams' offseason. The guys go through the news of the day in The Scoop and discuss Steve Wyche's comment about Goff/McVay needing "marriage counseling." Producer Lindsey gets everyone's thoughts on the "brutally honest" restaurant menu in Montreal and brings up some interesting MLB free agent news.


HR 1 : Marriage Counseling

Mason tries to convince Ireland why he should get an IG account, after all, even Mason's mom is on IG now. Ireland said he heard yesterday that Klay Thompson is reportedly dating a new IG model, which prompts a discussion about sliding into DMs. Mason plays sound from a recent podcast with Gilbert Arenas, who says Michael Jordan never would've gotten to The Finals with the teams LeBron did and Ireland disagrees. Bill Plaschke from LA Times joins the show and explains why it's NOT impossible...


HR 3: Change of Heart

Mason has a change of heart about Kyrie Irving after his latest Zoom, but still questions if things will work in Brooklyn. The guys debate a new proposal regarding the universal DH and whether famous people ever really know if their lover is just in it for the money. Plus, a close round of The Birthday Game produces a new leader in Game of Games. And Purgatory with Sedano and LZ!


HR 2: Cancel Culture

Ireland expounds on the now-fired Mets GM and his inappropriate texts, while Producer Lindsey weighs in on creepy texts from men. The guys discuss the news of the day, including the odd punishment Giannis has for missing free throws in practice, during The Scoop. Lindsey asks about RG3 and KPJ in Radio Tinder.


HR 1: What happened to the Lakers last night?

What happened to the Lakers last night? They blew a 20 point lead in loss to the Warriors. Also, Sean McVay was asked, if there is any scenario where Jared Goff is not in the Roster next season? what did he respond? Plus, Lindsey Thiry ESPN Rams reporter calls in to talk about the Rams QB situation and the latest on Aaron Donald's rib injury? And Giannis Antetokounmpo is changing his approach at the free throw line and Jeff Passan ESPN MLB Insider calls in to talk about the firing of NY Mets...


HR 3: Are expectations for Jared Goff too high?

Bill Macdonald from Spectrum Sportsnet calls in to talk about his catch phrases on Lakers broadcasts, supports Jared Goff as a fan but his expectations are too high and there needs to be another QB to compete with Goff. What is next for Jared Goff? as he says he is not making excuses for the loss on Saturday. Plus, Tom Cruise has hired 2 robots to monitor the set of his newest Mission Impossible movie. Another edition of Game of Games. And Purgatory with Sedano and LZ!


HR 2: Would you trade Aaron Donald for Deshaun Watson?

It’s clear now that Tom Brady was the leader of the Pats and not Bill Belichick. Have you watched the Tiger Woods Documentary yet? It's time for "The Scoop" where we talk about other stories we haven't yet. Also. Chris Mortenson ESPN NFL says Jared Goff is on the lower tier of QBs, Deshaun Watson at this point is going to demand a trade based on everything he is hearing, hoping and expects that Mahomes will be ready to play this weekend. And Producer Greg has his topics ready for Radio...


HR 1: What is next for the Rams?

What is next for the Rams? as they lost to Green Bay. Sean McVay says there is a lot of evaluation to do. Is Jared Goff done as the QB for the Rams? We take your calls about Goff, should he stay or should he go? Also, Mychal Thompson stops by, did he know that Warriors PG Mychal Mulder was named after him? Plus, What will Joe Biden not be allowed to bring to the White House?


HR 3: Too Many Questions...

They circle back to the Rams and hear from Stephen A and Max Kellerman on who they think the most interesting matchup of the game will be. Mychal Thompson chimes in with some odd questions for Producer Lindsey. And everyone gets schooled by MT in a round of Guess The Team in Game of Games. And Purgatory with Scott Kaplan and LZ Granderson.


HR 2: JB Long stops by to preview the Rams-Packers matchup

JB Long stops by to preview the Rams-Packers matchup and shares what he think the biggest challenge will be for Goff. The guys discuss the news of the day in The Scoop, and Producer Lindsey asks about a crazy Super Bowl bet and how much is enough money to compensate someone for trying to save a life, in Radio Tinder.


HR 1: Pumped for tomorrow’s Divisional Round game Rams v Packers

Mason & Ireland are pumped for tomorrow’s Divisional Round game between the Rams and Packers, but John doesn’t understand how the Rams can win with Jared Goff as the starting QB. The guys shift to the NBA and discuss the latest with James Harden in Brooklyn ahead of his debut with the Nets tomorrow. Dave Mcmenamin stops by to give his thoughts on the Harden deal and the Lakers hot start.


HR 3: Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner stops by!

Rams safety John Johnson joins the show and talks to the guys about how the Rams defense stacks up against the Packers. He praises QB Jared Goff for being a great leader and gives his thoughts about facing Aaron Rodgers. Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner also stops by to break down what he thinks Goff’s biggest challenges will be in Green Bay, why playoff experience doesn’t always matter and what he’s looking forward to most in this weekend’s matchups. The show closes with a character guessing...


HR 2: Mason explains why he has changed his mind on lottery tickets?

Mason explains why he has changed his mind on lottery tickets after the Mega Millions goes unclaimed again, plus they visit other stories from the day in The Scoop. Producer Lindsey asks the guys if they’ve ever left a bad review on Yelp, which turns into an interesting debate, plus John admits which of his wife’s beauty products he borrows in Radio Tinder.


HR 1: The Rams have named their starting QB!

Jared Goff has been named the Rams starting WB for Saturday’s Divisional Round playoff game against Green Bay. The guys give their reactions and debate whether it’s a good idea. John is still pumped from last nights Lakers victory, which set a franchise record for most road wins to start off a season. Pro Sports Bettor Steve Fezzik joins the show to give his picks for this weekend’s NFL playoff games, and updated odds on the NBA Finals after the Harden trade.


HR 3: Ramona Shelburne with James Harden trade details.

They start off the hour with a ‘Price is Right’ style quiz in Game of Games, in which Lindsey takes the win to tie up Steve and John for the month so far. Ramona Shelburne joins the final segment of the show to give her thoughts on the Harden trade and what it means for Brooklyn moving forward.


HR 2: Blockbuster trade

More reaction from the Blockbuster trade that will send James Harden to Brooklyn, including how Houston’s haul impacts the Western conference. The guys hit on some other stories from the day, including Justin Thomas’ apology and a whole to of OchoCinco audio. Mason wonders if Mike Silver’s report about the rift between Goff and McVay will impact Saturday’s game, while Ireland thinks Wolford could actually be the starter. Producer Lindsey closes out the hour with Radio Tinder, asking if...


HR 1: James Harden got traded!

It’s a crazy day in the NBA and Mason & Ireland are here to react to all of the news and rumors. Last night’s Lakers-Rockets game signaled the end of the road for James Harden in Houston, which was sealed with his postgame comments about where he stands with the team. News of a blockbuster trade involving Harden breaks during the first hour of the show, with Harden going to Brooklyn Nets to team up with KD and Kyrie Irving. The guys give their thoughts on the deal, with Michael Thompson...


HR 3: Keyshawn Johnson stops by.

Keyshawn Johnson checks in to give his thoughts on the Rams’ chances for Saturday against Green Bay, plus he entertains some NFL trade proposals from Mychal Thompson. Mychal sticks around to give Steve and John get a quick preview of tonight’s Lakers-Rockets game and shares his thoughts on the Kyrie Irving situation.


HR 2: Is there tension between Rams head coach Sean McVay and QB Jared Goff?

Mason shares a report from Mike Silver who indicates there’s some tension between Rams head coach Sean McVay and QB Jared Goff. The guys discuss the situation and what a potential rift would mean for Goff’s future with the team. They take a quick look at the other stories going on today, including Urban Meyer’s potential landing spots and what happened in last night’s College Football Championship game. They debate why college football needs to expand the playoffs, and Producer Lindsey...