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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.

Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.


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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.






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Bob Toski on Golf and Building a Golf Swing for a Lifetime

Bob Toski is a legend of golf instruction, a member of The PGA Hall of Fame, a former PGA TOUR winner, and still teaching golf at age 95. Arguably the "Father of Modern Instruction" Toski joins Mark Immelman to talk about golf, the golf swing and how you can understand the nature of the swing to build a swing that can stand the test of time. Mr Toski elaborates on: Feeling Your Golf Swing, Controlling the Clubface, Developing Good Contact and Ball-striking, The Function of and Correct Use...


Erik Barzeski on How to Be a Good Student and Improving Your Golf

Erik Barzeski brings both an extensive scientific understanding as well as a history of teaching to his golf instruction. Recognized as a Golf Digest “Best Young Teacher in America” in 2017 and a Golf Digest “Best in State” instructor in 2017-2020, Erik is the Director of Instructor Development for 5SK® and co-authored the golf instruction book "Lowest Score Wins." He joins On the Mark to help you to improve your golf by becoming a better student and lesson-taker. Erik shares 6 (of 13)...


Ted Scott with Lessons to Learn from The 2022 Masters

Ted Scott is a Golf Professional, Golf Instructor and a long-time PGA TOUR Caddy. Having spent many years at the highest level of the game working for Grant Waite, Bubba Watson and now Scottie Scheffler, Scott is hugely experienced and has a wealth of knowledge about: Playing and Getting the Most out of the Game, Course Management, Attitude and Mental Acumen, Productive Practice and Positive Habits for Success. He joins "On the Mark" to share lessons from his journey and experiences whilst...


Dr. Bob Winters with his Ten Mental Keys for Great Putting

Dr. Robert Winters is a sought after and internationally renowned Sports Psychologist who works with golfers and athletes of all skill levels. Based in Orlando, FL. at The David Leadbetter Golf Academy, Dr. Winters is the founder of theconfidencedoctor.com. The author of multiple books, Bob joins the podcast to talk about his ideas and mental concepts for consistently great putting. He shares ten insights/tips that are easy to comprehend, simple to apply and guaranteed to help you hole more...


Craig Foster Explains how to Develop a More Stable Putting Stroke and Make More Putts

Craig Foster is a long-time golf club-maker and fitter and the founder of Dynalign Golf LLC - a dynamic putting pre-shot alignment technique. Craig used his knowledge of golf club manufacture and design and an exhaustive research of human biomechanics to beat the "Yips", and that experience led to the development of Dynalign. He joins us to share his story, his research and his insights to help you develop a more stable and reliable putting stroke. Craig walks you through the concepts of...


Chris Mayson with Things the Pro's Do that You Should Too

Chris Mayson is a GOLF Magazine-Top 100 Teacher, and a Golf Digest-Best Young Teacher in America. He works with a number of elite level golfers including PGA TOUR and LPGA players and is uniquely qualified to advise on things the pro's do that you should too. Chris illustrates lessons and approaches you can emulate in Practice, On the Course and After the Round: Practice: Create a "bandwidth" - functional shot dispersion, Understand your numbers/yardages applicable to the day and the...


Mark Immelman Shares Lessons from The 2022 Masters

Mark Immelman is the host of the "On the Mark" Podcast, a GOLF Magazine "Teacher to Watch" and an Announcer and Analyst for CBS Sports and ESPN+. He was the analyst for The Amen Corner Channel at the 2022 Masters and he recaps the event and shares lessons you can learn from Scottie Scheffler, Cam Smith and The Augusta National Golf Club. Mark discusses: Practicing and playing from Uneven Lies, Course Management and the importance of Smart Misses, Mental Perspective and Understanding the...


Bernie Najar Shares Secrets to Long Driving and More Power off the Tee

Bernie Najar is the Director of Instruction at Caves Valley Golf Club in Maryland. Recognized as one of the top instructors in both the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area and the USA, Bernie is one of Golf Digest's 50 Best Teachers and Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers. He is also Kyle Berkshire's (World Long Driving Champion) lifelong instructor. Bernie joins the podcast to share his take, and some industry secrets, to hitting the ball farther and more powerfully off the tee. With a view to...


Iain Highfield helps You Turn Your Practice into Lower Scores

Iain Highfield is the Director of of The KOHR Academy, an award-winning Mental Performance Coach and a published author. He joins "On the Mark" to help you develop skills to make your practice productive with the goal of turning it into lower scores. Iain shares his take on what makes practice effective, describing how learning happens via cognitive stress. He describes "Spacing" and Variability" Effects and how they can make your practice count. He also contrasts "Working Memory...


Jeff Fisher describes the Things the Pro's do that You should Not

Jeff Fisher is nationally recognized and decorated golf instructor. He works with golfers of all skill levels including PGA TOUR, LPGA and Mini Tour professionals. Vastly experienced, Jeff has seen the game at all levels and is uniquely qualified to contrast and compare the Pro and Amateur games. He joins "On the Mark" to illustrate certain golf swing elements/moves the athletic professional can pull off consistently; moves with which the club golfer may have a problem in consistent...


Lexi Thompson on Golf and How She Plays the Game

Lexi Thompson is an LPGA champion, a Major Champion and one of the leading golfers in the Women's game. Compliments of Bridgestone Golf she joins "On the Mark" to discuss her career in golf and how she get the most out of her game. Lexi talks about her life in a golf household with two brothers who play the game well. She relives the story of her childhood in the game and some of her amazing feats including qualifying for the US Women's Open as a 12 year-old. Further, she talks about her...


Geoff Shackelford with Insights on Golf Course Design and Better Course Management

Geoff Shackelford is an author of eleven books, a journalist, a TV personality (NBC Golf Channel) and the Co-designer of five Golf Courses in the Los Angeles area. Thanks to his incisive and curious mind, Geoff is widely researched, and holds one of the most respected opinions on golf course design in the game. With that in mind he joins us to discuss golf course design and how understanding its concepts can help you to improve your course management. He talks about the "Golden Age" of...


Kevin Sprecher with the Easy Path to Game Improvement

Kevin Sprecher is the Director of Golf Instruction at Sleepy Hollow CC in New York. A Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Sprecher is sought out by golfers of all skill levels for his complete approach to golf instruction and game improvement. In this podcast Kevin shares simple ways to lower your golf scores. He discusses a wide range of topics including: The importance of Club-fitting and how adapting your swing to ill-fitting clubs can ruin your game Golf swing changes - Wholesale and...


Debbie Doniger on 5 Drills for a Better Golfswing and Improved Ball-Striking

Debbie Doniger, a former LPGA and LET Golf Professional, has parlayed her playing experience into a successful career in golf instruction. She is the Director of Instruction at Glen Arbor GC (New York), a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and a voice on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio. Debbie joins "On the Mark" for a second time to help you to a better, more efficient golfswing, by way of specially designed drills and practice. Debbie shares 5 drills to improve your understanding of the correct...


Mike Adams and Terry Rowles Help you from Powerless Effort to Effortless Power off the Tee

Mike Adams is a Hall of Fame Golf Instructor who has worked with PGA TOUR and LPGA winners and Major Champions. Terry Rowles has also amassed a noteworthy resume of champions at every level of the game. The two have collaborated to become a force in the world of golf instruction and they join "On the Mark" to share ideas and advice on how to gain an extra 10 MPH of clubhead speed without any additional effort. They address: Taking the Governor off your swing to facilitate more...


Karl Morris with Insights on Shaving Shots off Your Golf Score

Karl Morris is Europe's leading Performance Mind Coach, delivering cutting edge methods of peak performance and goal achievement to a range of clients across sports and business. He joins our podcast to talk about his most recent book (with Gary Nichol) "The Lost Art of the Short Game" but he also joins to help you to lower your golf scores. The first point he delves into is "connecting you to your golf club", the implement in your hand designed to maneuver the golf ball. He also discusses...


Playing Consistent Golf with Matt Kuchar

Matt Kuchar is a 9x PGA TOUR winner, a PLAYERS Champion, an Olympic Golf Bronze Medalist, The Vardon Trophy (PGA TOUR Leading Scoring Ave.) winner and The Byron Nelson Award (PGA TOUR Lowest Adjusted Scoring Ave.) winner. A former USA Ryder Cup and President's Cup Team member, Kuchar has long been one on the more consistent players in world golf. He joins Mark Immelman to discuss his career in, and approach to, golf. He talks about his college career at Georgia Tech, winning the US Amateur,...


David Armitage with Keys to Better Ball-Striking

David Armitage (Scotland) is a Master PGA Professional and one of the leading golf instructors in the game. Based in Miami, FL, he is sought out by PGA TOUR, Korn Ferry Tour and DP World Tour players for his insights and passion for player improvement. David joins "On the Mark" to share ways to improve your ball-striking, and by extension ball-compression and power, trajectory and distance control. He not only addresses the physical and golf swing elements for good ball-striking, he also...


Fred Couples Shares His Approach to Better Golf

Fred Couples is a Hall of Fame inductee, a former OWGR World #1, the 1992 Masters Champion, a 2x PLAYERS Champion and a 15x PGA TOUR Winner. Long known as "Boom Boom" and the owner of one of the smoothest golf-swings ever, Freddie joins "On the Mark" to talk about his career in golf, his ascent to the top of the game and he walks us through his victory in the 1992 Masters. Fred talks about growing up on a Public Course and the lessons he learned there. He delves into swing speed, power,...


Jon Schoepf with Advice on How to Maintain Your Inner Athlete While Improving Your Golf

Jon Shoepf is a Golf Digest "Best Young Teacher" and on of the Golf Digest "Best Teachers in California". A former disciple of Jim McLean, Schoepf joins us to explain the value of being athletic as you embark on game improvement and golf swing changes. As he dives into the concept of athleticism and the athletic nature of the golf swing, Jon shares his 5 Principles for Success: Trusting a System and not a Method; Exploring all Roads; Understanding Your Blueprint; Being and Staying...