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The dirtiest podcast in football (according to FC Dallas fans). UZ and Ben talk everything related to Colorado soccer, specifically the Rapids and USMNT.

The dirtiest podcast in football (according to FC Dallas fans). UZ and Ben talk everything related to Colorado soccer, specifically the Rapids and USMNT.
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The dirtiest podcast in football (according to FC Dallas fans). UZ and Ben talk everything related to Colorado soccer, specifically the Rapids and USMNT.




Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 64

Well, this show was supposed to be the glorious return of the Colorado Rapids Thugcast, previewing the 2015 season for the Burgundy Boys. Apparently that might not be happening, though. So... hey, let's talk about the MLS CBA battle between the players and the owners for a while as well! I'm sure Bulldog Ben and myself will find plenty to talk about, unless we've lost our touch or something. (Something tells me we probably haven't. You and I both know that the two of us can talk for hours.)


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Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 62

We spent the majority of our time in the last two episodes talking about the World Cup, and that's probably a pattern that will remain true tonight. The USA have worries about getting to the next round because Michael Bradley is a jerky-jerk, and big bad Germany stand in their way tomorrow. I guess we'll also talk about the Colorado Rapids' spectacular something-or-other that transpired against the Atlanta Silverbacks. Do we really have to, though? I think we'd all be better off if we just...


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 61

It's still World Cup time, and all of our predictions are still looking decent, though that might be because most of the teams have only played one game. We'll find time to talk about all sorts of World Cup material after an incredibly exciting first round of matches on this week's Rapids Thugcast. In more Rapids-centric news, the burgundy boys played Orlando City SC in the US Open Cup yesterday, earning a lovely 5-2 win off the back of a Deshorn Brown hat trick. Does Pablo play another...


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 60

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has officially kicked off! Brazil and Croatia played a game that could best be described as 'ruined completely by the referee' to start things off today, and Ben and myself will surely have a few words about that one, along with the rest of the WC and our predictions for the US Men's National Team. Besides that, the Rapids lost a match against FC Dallas last weekend that we'll get around to, and there might be some time for Open Cup chat as well? Who knows anymore...


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 59

We're here early this week! We saw a fantastic showing against the Houston Dynamo last weekend, and there's a quick turnaround to a game against the Chicago Fire. Though our shows are usually on Wednesdays, we decided to push our schedule up a day in order to bring the Rapids Thugcast to town before the Chicago match. We'll talk up the Rapids' Dynamo performance and the underperforming tendencies of the Fire. Quincy Amarikwa's 'grit' and 'hustle' will likely make an appearance. Oh yeah, and...


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 58

When's the last time we had a win this good to digest on the Rapids Thugcast? The Montreal Impact came to Dick's Sporting Goods Park last weekend and were toasted by Dillon Powers and the Colorado Rapids, 4-1. Good stuff all around, and a huge three points. Theres another match against the Dynamo coming up this weekend, and we'll also chat about the US Men's National Team (We haven't gotten the chance yet!) and tonight's Open Cup match between the Rowdies and Lions on the Thugcast tonight.


Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 57

Do we really have to talk about the game against the San Jose Earthquakes? Really? Like, we have to spend time talking about the tactics and whatnot from the worst soccer game that most of us have seen in a long time? Come on. Nah, I think we'll just talk about the upcoming game against the Seattle Sounders and maybe mention Shane O'Neill eating a Geoduck or something. I'd sooner not even mention the words 'San Jose Earthquakes' again in my life.


Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 56

Let's be honest here, I'm going to spend the entire show just talking about Crystal Palace. Just kidding. We've got plenty of Rapids to discuss today. The Diamond formation stayed strong this weekend and brought the Rapids a 1-0 win over Toronto FC. It was a win over a very weakened side, but still a win at a ground that has spelled little but misery for the Rapids before. We've got a big game against the bottom-feeding (hehe) San Jose Earthquakes as well to discuss.


Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 55

Rapids midfielder Jose Mari scored two fantastic goals to beat the Vancouver Whitecaps last weekend, and that's probably going to be taking up most of the discussion time on the Rapids Thugcast this week. We've also got a Toronto FC game to preview, and the usual tangent or two, probably about Chivas USA. Why do we always end up talking about Chivas USA? Ah well, join us at 7 PM MT for the Thugcast tonight -- tune in or call in!


Caribous of Colorado Thugcast - Episode 54

Oh, if only we really could do the Caribous of Colorado Thugcast, right? It's time for the dirtiest podcast in football according to Dallas Tornado fans, where we'll talk about Colorado's April Fools Day stunt for the ages and probably that Sporting Kansas City game that I didn't actually watch. (I was too busy watching the pinnacle of American soccer beauty, DC United vs. Chicago.)


Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 53

Another week, another Thugcast. We'll talk about that 1-1 draw against the New York Red Bulls and preview the upcoming Portland Timbers match, as well. Maybe something about how awesome Dillon Serna is? Or how the media is fawning over Chivas USA again? Who knows?


Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 52 - MLS Preview

The season has returned for the Colorado Rapids, and it's the Pabo Mastroeni show here at the Rapids Thugcast. We're going to try and preview Major League Soccer as well, despite the fact that we already have a week of matches in the books. Whatevs.


Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 51

It was a week featuring a big high and a big low for the Colorado Rapids. We'll cover them both on today's Rapids Thugcast!


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 50

I'm back! Ben's... still here! We've got games against FC Dallas and the Portland Timbers to talk about! It's Episode 50 and I'm not dead yet, let's go!


Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 49

The Bulldog goes solo because UZ has that Dos-A-Cero Hangover. Call in to talk about: -- Rapids WIN over LA Galaxy 1-0. WONDERGOAL ALERT: Edson Buddle and Vicente Sanchez combine for a Assistlazo and Goalazo. What do you do about an in-form Edson Buddle? --Rapids bumped for High School Football game. OH yeah, we have to talk about that. -- Rapids host FC Dallas... teams possibly will be playing water polo. -- You know we got to talk about dat DOS-A-CEROI


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 48

Let's try this again, shall we? Last week broke, but we're back with another try this time around on the dirtiest podcast in football!


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 47

We had a week off, and so did the Rapids! We're back though, with a Sporting Kansas City match on the horizon for the weekend.


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 46

Let's not talk about that draw against Chivas. For more than 90 minutes, at least. This week on the Rapids Thugcast, we have that and the upcoming Whitecaps match to chat about.


Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 45

Vicente Sanchez! Rocky Mountain Cup! Gaby Torres! Aaaa! There's way too much to discuss on the Thugcast this week, so we extended it a half-hour! Today we'll also have a call-in by Alicia of The Goat Parade to chat about the Chivas USA match on the weekend.