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The Charity Strike is the BEST/WORST Sports Show Ever! We are all about sports and all about being funny (or at least trying to be), all while drinking some delicious adult beverages. Greg " The Rebound" Jones, "Trigga" Mike Everett, and "Mid-Life Crisis" bring you the latest news and humor from around the sports world.

The Charity Strike is the BEST/WORST Sports Show Ever! We are all about sports and all about being funny (or at least trying to be), all while drinking some delicious adult beverages. Greg " The Rebound" Jones, "Trigga" Mike Everett, and "Mid-Life Crisis" bring you the latest news and humor from around the sports world.
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The Charity Strike is the BEST/WORST Sports Show Ever! We are all about sports and all about being funny (or at least trying to be), all while drinking some delicious adult beverages. Greg " The Rebound" Jones, "Trigga" Mike Everett, and "Mid-Life Crisis" bring you the latest news and humor from around the sports world.




TCS 298: Two Week Notice

Episode 298 from June 20, 2016. In basketball talk; it's night of game 7 and it's heating up, Derrick Rose is a hot topic of trade debate, the Lakers looking to offer D'Angelo Russell, Steph Curry and Steve Kerr both fined and much more. In MLB action; the Red Sox place Rusney Castillo on waivers, Tim Lincecum wins his first outing with Angels, breaking Big Papi news, Vin Scully gives us his view on socialism and more. Darya Klishina is our hot chick of the day. Five Threads 'Bliss' DIPA...


TCS 297: LeBron James and the Testicle Contusion

Episode 297 from June 13, 2016. TCS makes a HUGE announcement that isn't to be missed! In NBA news; the Finals are getting deep and it's bad news for Draymond Green and the Warriors, everyone thinks LeBron James is a bitch, Tryonn Lue is a huge liar, David West wants more money, 76ers are shopping around, the Lakers remove Magic Johnson's vice president title and much more! In MLB talk; it's bad times for Juan Uribe, the Mets' Terry Collins is good to go, the Tigers' Victor Martinez is out...


TCS 296: The Fall of LeBron James

Episode 296 from June 6, 2016. In NBA news; It's all about the 2016 Finals, the problem with LeBron James, Kevin Love has proven he's worthless, Steph Curry makes his Olympic status official, Klay Thompson thinks he's better than Showtime, J.R. Smith is distracted, Kevin Johnson will never make the hall of fame and much more. In MLB talk; the Dodgers pay big money for minor league ball, the Mets are down a player, Madison Bumgarner wants to be in the home run derby and more! Big fighting...


TCS 295: Memorial Day Sports Extravaganza

Episode 295 from May 30, 2016. In NBA action; Game 7 between the Warriors and Thunder is going on and ticket prices to the game are insane, Rookie Bryce Dejean-Jones shot dead, DeRozan's destination, Tyronn Lue misses David Blatt, Dwight Howard has a new coach and so much more! In MLB talk; the Mets are mad at the Dodgers for their defense, Noah Syndergaard ejected for his wild pitch, the Yankees prove baseball is boring and more! Mexican soccer stars are getting kidnapped, people are...


TCS 294: Draymond's Nut Shot Heard Around The World

Episode 294 from May 23, 2016. The NBA is down to four in the playoffs, Draymond Green is in some trouble over his ball kicks, Dahntay Jones is in more trouble for his ball kicks, the Magic find a new coach, Bradley Beal wants a big contract, what will the Lakers do with the second pick and so much more! In MLB talk; Josh Hamilton is done, the Rangers having a pitching problem, Vogelsong takes a ball to the face, the Royals lose Alex Gordon, Tony Gwynn's family is desperate for money and...


TCS 293: Steph Curry is Mr. NBA

Episode 293 from May 16, 2016. The 2016 NBA Playoffs are down to the conference finals, Mr. MVP Steph Curry is setting more records, Karl-Anthony Towns picks up rookie of the year honors, the 76ers whore out their jerseys, Gregg Popovich goes out in the most Pop way, sad news for the Heat, the Lakers odds in the lottery and much more! In MLB talk; apparently there was a game after the fight broke out, Jose Bautista takes one from Rougned Odor, the Angels are trying to pick up Tim Lincecum,...


TCS 292: Luke Walton's Demise

Episode 292 from May 2, 2016. In NBA news; the NBA Playoffs are heating up in round 2, when will Steph Curry return, why Doc Rivers is a horrible coach, the Hornets are losing their team, Popovich is the best, the Lakers ruin Luke Walton's life, Byron Scott on his former players and so much more! In MLB talk; Dee Gordon isn't the only one getting suspended, Pablo Sandoval is fatter than ever, Justin Verlander is the man, ESPN's injustice against Curt Schilling and more from baseball. Anouk...


TCS 291: Byron Scott, Steph Curry and Superstar Kevin Durant

Episode 291 from April 25, 2016. In NBA talk; Round one of the playoffs is shaping up, the Lakers tell Byron Scott to hit the bricks, Steph Curry is sitting down, Draymond Green has a weird press conference, the Grizzlies are cry babies, Kevin Durant is in trouble, Tyron Lue cries for LeBron, Mark Cuban has words for Adam Silver and a lot more! Not a lot of MLB talk, but the Tigers hate their fans and the Twins love Prince. Check out our chick of the day Colleen Crowley! In fighting news;...


TCS 290: Kobe Drops 60 On His Way Out

Episode 290 from April 18, 2016. Kobe Bryant walks away from the game with 60 points, round one of the playoffs are under-way, Stan Van Gundy fined for his thoughts, bad news for the Warriors, Derrick Rose needs a participation trophy, more Kobe talk and more from the NBA! In MLB talk; Steven Wright nails Chris Colabello, Mike Piazza's 9/11 jersey makes big money, Vin Scully reads his grocery list and more. In NFL action; the 2016 schedule is released, the mock drafts are coming through,...


TCS 289: Farewell Kobe Bryant

Episode 289 from April 11, 2016. In NBA action; the Warriors put the Spurs down, Gregg Popovich is Gregg Popovich, does Phil Jackson has westward plans, tickets for Kobe's last game skyrocket, Charles Barkley gets political, sad news for Jerry Sloan and much more! In MLB news; Trevor joins us for a breakdown of the Dodgers/Giants, poor Pablo Sandoval's belt, Vin Scully Ave, Rockies rookie Trevor Story and more! Actual NHL news. Chick of the Day Vanessa Bryant. In talk; the Bronco's Derek...


TCS 288: Opening Day 2016

Episode 288 from April 4, 2016. In NBA news; the Warriors are a few games away from history, the 2016 hall of fame, D'Angelo Russell is in trouble with the Lakers, Nick Young has a message for Russell, more bad news for the Grizzlies and so much more. In MLB talk; it's opening day in baseball, Maui is dropping the charges against Jose Reyes, and Trevor joins us to share his baseball expertise! We've got some NHL and MMA news. Noelle Foley is the hot chick of the day. In NFL action; the...


TCS 287: Wrestlemania 32 Build Up

Episode 287 from March 28, 2016. We're not just talking sports, we're talking fake sports! In basketball talk; LeBron did something, Kobe Bryant will miss his locker, Blake Griffin is glutton for punishment, Chris Paul receives fake threats, what it will take for the Warriors to make history, Dikembe Mutombo was in Brussels for the attack, Mike Krzyzewski is pissing people off and much more basketball talk. In MLB action; the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Cubans, Matt Harvey is having more...


TCS 286: Adam LaRoche Walks Away

Episode 286 from March 21, 2016. In NBA talk; LeBron unfollows the Cavs on social media, bad news for Craig Sager, the Pelicans shut down Anthony Davis, Matt Barnes suspended for being Matt Barnes, Dwight Howard is in trouble for making his hands sticky, the Lakers are in trouble for sexual harassment and much more! In MLB news; Adam LaRoche retires because the White Sox hates kids, the Cardinals are full of anti-gay remarks, Matt West fractures Rymer Lirian's face and more baseball news....


TCS 285: 2016 NFL Free Agency Begins

Episode 285 from March 14, 2016. In NBA action; the Kings suspend DeMarcus Cousins, the Warriors lose a key player, the Grizzlies drop Mario Chalmers in his time of need, more bad news for the Thunder, Donald Sterling makes a surprising announcement, Kanye wants to get involved with the Clippers, Joey Crawford makes a big announcement and more! In MLB talk; the Red Sox have some personnel issues, bad news for the Angels, whats wrong with C.J. Wilson, Dodger talk and more baseball talk....


TCS 284: Peyton Manning's Retirement

Episode 284 from March 7, 2016. In NBA talk; the Lakers did the unthinkable, bad news for the Warriors, Carmelo Anthony wants a new role with the Knicks, Marcus Smart makes a dumb move, Steve Ballmer is full of money, LeBron James is tired of the meeting and much more from around the league! In MLB action; Aroldis Chapman is in trouble, Yasiel Puig is facing a potential suspension, Chase Utley received some good news, Yoenis Cespedes has to give up his prize and more. In fighting news; UFC...


TCS 283: Steph Curry Breaks Steph Curry's Record

Episode 283 from February 29, 2015. In NBA talk; Dwight Howard is mad at his agent, bad news for the Grizzlies, Kyrie Irving receives an apology, Kobe Bryant is giving out gifts, Steph Curry keeps breaking his own records, Mark Cuban weighs in on three pointers and much more! In MLB news; Jose Reyes is rewarded for being an a-hole, Yovani Gallardo gets a different deal, Yasiel Puig buys a helicopter, Yoenis Cespedes buys something other than a car, the White Sox are full of racists and...


TCS 282: Peyton Manning's Rug Doctor

Episode 282 from February 22, 2016. In NBA news; the trade deadline has come and gone and so many names were thrown across the board, David Lee is going down south, the Lakers hate answering Byron Scott questions, Anthony Davis' superstar status and much more! In MLB talk; the White Sox upset Mid-Life, someone's in trouble with the law, Yovani Gallardo get's a deal, Papelbon is sorry, Bautista won't negotiate, Don Mattingly is an angry old and more from baseball. Melanie Collins is our hot...


TCS 281: A Sports Illustrated Threesome

Episode 281 from February 15, 2016. In NBA talk; fall out from the All Star weekend and all the exciting festivities that took place there, Michael Jordan's gift to Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin suspended, the Rockets are shopping Dwight Howard, more trouble for Phoenix, Hall of Fame announcements and way more! PED's are the big topic of baseball discussion and what MLB is doing. The chicks of the day are Hailey Clauson, Ashley Graham and Ronda Rousey! In NFL action; Johnny Manziel has a bad...


TCS 280: Super Bowl 50 Hangover

Episode 280 from February 8, 2016. In NBA news; bad news for Manu Ginobili and his bits, the Bulls lose Jimmy Butler, Derek Fisher is coming back to the east coast, Rebound digs up the old 30 beer bet and more! New rules are coming to the MLB and more bad news for Delmon Young. US soccer is suing the women's team, Tony Steward did stuff and the BMX world lost a huge name. In fighting news; C.M. Punk has his first opponent, Daniel Bryan makes a big announcement, Wrestlemania updates and so...


TCS 279: Gearing Up For Super Bowl 50

Episode 279 from February 1, 2016. In NBA action; the official All Star coaches have been announced, LeBron James is upset over criticism, the Suns need a head coach, Blake Griffin is knocking out the competition, Kobe has feelings for Dirk Nowitzki, the WNBA makes some changes and more! The Dodgers retain some big players, big news for Vin Scully, the Diamondbacks are stacking up, Rod Carew is on the mend and more from MLB! In WWE talk; Bret Hart has a big announcement, Kurt Angle on the...