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Shining a light on the world's sport stories and issues.
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Shining a light on the world's sport stories and issues.




Shona McCallin's World Cup Woe

As the Women's Hockey World Cup begins we look at how the sport deals with concussion. Photo: Shona McCallin in action at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. McCallin will miss this years 2018 World Cup having suffered a concussion. (Credit: David Rogers/Getty Images)



We look ahead to 2018's biggest sporting weekend with the finals of Wimbledon and the World Cup


World Cup, Wimbledon and the Giro Rosa

We are live in Russia ahead of the hosts attempts to secure a place in the World Cup semi finals. We are also on Centre Court looking ahead to a busy day of action from Wimbledon. Next we take a brief stop with the Tour de France before continuing our pedal powered tour of Europe by checking in at the Giro Rosa, the only grand tour on the women's cycling calendar... And then there's rugby in Guatemala too! Photo: Anna Van Der Breggen of Netherlands celebrates winning the Giro Rosa in 2017....


Fabulously Fashionable Football

The World Cup 2018 has been a delight to watch... such swagger, such chic, such unmistakable style... and that's just what the players are wearing! So who better to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of football fashion than Simon Doonan, Creative Ambassador for Barneys department store and author of "Soccer Style: The Magic and Madness" and Aaron Dodson sports,culture and sneaker writer for ESPN. The Secret to Argentine Success? We think we've have found the secret to Lionel Messi's...


The Ballhawk

No one has ever caught more balls in Major League Baseball than Zack Hample and what's more amazing is, he's never been on the field of play. Zack Hample is a ball hawk : a spectator who attends games to catch as many as possible and he's as famous as he is infamous. World Cup 2018: Germany's Political Football Germany play Sweden on Saturday and there seems to be a link between the team's issues and the political tensions bubbling away back home. Sudha David-Wilp is a fellow at the German...


The World Cup Begins!

If your looking for a nation to support at the World Cup, if yours isn't there, then you might think about cheering on Iceland! The smallest nation to every qualify for a World Cup finals, expectation is high after they reached the quarter finals of Euro 2016 cheered on by fan's "Viking Clap" and the screaming commentators. To celebrate his nations debut in Russia, we speak to the President of Iceland. Watching Habits The NWSL not only attracts the best players, offers some of the highest...


The Alternative World Cup

Millions of fans from the around the globe will be glued to the opening match of the World Cup in Russia. But on Saturday, in front of a much more modest crowd, the final of an alternative international tournament will take place. The CONIFA World Cup is a competition made up of nations, regions and communities who aren't recognised by football's world governing body FIFA. Caroline Barker has been finding out more. You Can Bet On It! So you think you know who's going to win the World Cup...


Jab Don't Stab

In an area troubled by gang violence and knife crime, the club under coach Michael Harris, has helped many youngsters with minor criminal records to get into steady employment.


The Road to the Kyiv Free Couch

Liverpool and Real Madrid fans have been angered by the extortionate prices of hotel rooms leaving many fans in chaos for finding affordable accommodation. It’s not difficult to find Victor Kylyma in central Kiev – he explains to Caroline why he took to Social Media to invite football fans to stay in his home for free. He has had over 8000 people join his group and he is also offering to be tour guides or to cook traditional meals for their guests, including a chicken Kiev supper. Staying...


From Windsor to Wembley

With all eyes on the much anticipated Royal Wedding tomorrow – we speak to former soldier Philip Gillespie who lost a leg in a bomb blast in Afghanistan and this week, has been selected for the UK team to compete in archery and rowing at the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney later this year. Prince Harry has been very much, the driving force behind the Games since setting up in 2014. He tells Caroline how he is preparing for one of the biggest events of the year and how sport has given him an...


A Ringside Alliance?

As President Trump announces the United States withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal, 2012 Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs weighs up the possible impact on sport. USA and Iran are both powerhouses in wrestling - could the reintroduction of sanctions hit the sporting landscape too? Bibiana Steinhaus is the first female referee to officiate in the top tier of men's football in Germany - the Bundesliga. She's made history, but hopes her gender won't be a talking point in the future. With...


Sione's Miracle Kidney Transplant: the next chapter

Sione's story: the next chapter A few months ago Sportshour told the story of the Tongan Rugby player Sione Vaiomounga. Having travelled to Romania to play, he suffered kidney failure. With no dialysis machines in his native Tonga, Sione believed returning home would be a death sentence, But things are now looking up for Sione. The road from Jerusalem: As the Giro D'Italia gets underway in Jerusalem we hear from the country's top riders, those who welcome the arrival of the race and those...


'Footballers are pawns'

Former Premier League footballer Nils Eric Johansson didn’t believe his playing days were over at 38. Until that is a trip to the doctor diagnosed a congenital heart condition had worsened and recommended immediate retirement. What effect did that have on him and his wife Alice? Two New Zealand Olympians, Emma Twigg and Rebecca Wardell, together with their friend Sarah Van Ballekom, are settling off on a mammoth cycle ride from Switzerland all the way home. The journey of around 18,000...


'Sky Diving Saved My Life'

Could extreme sports like sky diving and base jumping have a lasting positive affect on the mind? We hear from professor Eric Brymer whose research suggests just that, and Jared Lindzon who says Sky Diving cured his depression. As Arsene Wenger's time at Arsenal draws to a close we hear from one of his harshest critics, Robbie Lyle from Arsenal fan TV. We're in Denver as Rugby Union makes it's latest attempt to carve out a spot in America's crowded sporting landscape. 24 hours before the...


Grand National: The Female Riders Making Huge Strides

When the 38 runners and riders gather at the starting line at Aintree, it will be a Grand National like no other seen in the past 30 years. For the first time since 1988, three female jockeys will be in their number. We speak to the first ever female rider to take part in the race in 1977, Charlotte Budd now known as Brew on her memories of that iconic race and how the sport is now heading in the right direction with gender equality. Australian weightlifter Tia Clare Toomey was asked...


Jab, Don't Stab

47 people have died in fatal stabbings and shootings in London since the start of the year, many of them teenagers or young adults. Michael Harris, head coach of Double Jab Boxing Gym tells us how the South London club is looking to keep young people clear of gang violence. Six years after first accepting women members, the home of Masters announced their plans to host a women's amateur tournament from 2019, Former LPGA tour professional Anya Alvarez assesses the pros and cons of the plan....


Should England Boycott the World Cup?

The fall out to the attempted murder of a former spy continues with UK police contacting a number of Russian exiles to discuss their safety That's after Prime Minister Theresa May said it was highly likely the Russian State was responsible for posioning Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the English City of Salisbury. In response, amongst other sanctions, came the decision this week that no member of the British government or Royal family will go to this summer's Football World Cup in...


'I had to crash to earn respect from male drivers'

Tatiana Calderon admits that her career hasn’t always been easy. The Sauber test driver tells Sportshour she had to crash in order to the gain the respect from the male drivers. Calderon also talks about the controversial comments made by Carmen Jorda, the former development driver for Lotus and Renault. Jorda said women were more suited to competing in the new Formula E series, using electric vehicles than the high octane world of Formula One. The E-Car she believes presented less of a...


Biathlon's Russian Boycott

Biathlon Boycott Find out why the US biathlon team are boycotting a World Cup event in Russia this month, despite the IOC lifting their ban. A member of the US team, Clare Egan, tells us they’re making a stand against doping in sport and believe the IOC lifted the sanctions too soon. Zimbabwe to Zambia in a chicken wagon We find out how the footballers of Matabeleland qualified for the ConIFA World Cup in England in May - a tournament for nations and regions not recognised by FIFA. Their...


Barry Bennell No Longer Has Power Over Me

Following former football coach Barry Bennell’s sentencing of 31 years for 50 counts of child sexual abuse, we speak to one of his victims Steve Walters who along with other survivors, have set up a support network, The Offside Trust to combat child abuse in sport and support the healing journey of survivors. In a moving and raw interview, Steve explains what it was like coming face to face with the man who ruined his childhood and how he now aims to rebuild his life. Fans in Australia...