Live Saturday morning global sports show with reports, debate and humour.

Live Saturday morning global sports show with reports, debate and humour.


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Live Saturday morning global sports show with reports, debate and humour.




The return of international cricket and one man's road to recovery

We go live to Southampton where it is day four of the first test match between England and the West Indies. It has been four months without International cricket and we bring you the latest action from our team who are at the ground. It’s not just listening to cricket that has made a welcome return this week, in the next few hours cricketers up and down the UK will be pulling on their whites for the first time as they are allowed to play for the first time and we hear from one of the...


Derby day - 'The greatest flat race in the world'

We go live to Epsom in the South of England where the Derby will be held for the first time behind closed doors. Our racing commentator John Hunt will tell us about the importance of the race and we hear from jockey Oisin Murphy who has overcome many hurdles to ride in the big race today. We speak to Lee Kershaw who is a professional Rugby League player with Wakefield in the Superleague. But, like many, with no sport to play, he’s had to look elsewhere for work, away from the sport he loves....


Premier League dreams come true after 30 years of waiting

Liverpool and the end of their long wait for the Premier League title - For some Liverpool fans, seeing their side end a thirty year wait to be crowned English Champions was bittersweet as they had loved ones who didn't live to see it. Mark McVeigh joins us to talk about his son Owen, who died of leukaemia at the age of eleven. Father and son travelled home and away together to watch Liverpool and there's a flag in Owen's honour on the Kop. Mark admits its been an emotional time and he also...


The Premier League is back and Black Lives Matter

The Premier League returned this week following a one hundred day hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ahead of the opening round of fixtures: players, managers, coaching staff and officials took a knee to highlight racial injustice. The BBC's football correspondent John Murray, former Liverpool defender Gary Gillespie and Liverpool fan and broadcaster Lizzi Doyle discuss the significance of English football making its voice heard and the prospect of Liverpool ending a thirty year wait for a...


'You have people wishing death upon another human because they disrespected a flag' - CJ Sapong

Chicago Fire forward - CJ Sapong - tells us he welcomes the US Soccer Federation's decision to repeal it's policy requiring national team players to stand during the national anthem. Sapong - who has played for the US Men's National Team - believes a situation has been created around the national anthem, which equates to: "if you're not loyal to this deserve to die". He also recalls an incident where his family were confronted at a high school soccer game because someone in the...


'Choosing to be neutral is the knee on my neck' - Natasha Cloud

Washington Mystics player Natasha Cloud believes the time for silence is over following the death of George Floyd. Cloud says "I fear for my life simply because of the colour of my skin" and that she knows she will suffer racism at some point every day. Cloud adds "that fear is there for every single black American" and says one of her biggest fears is bringing a black child into the world. Cloud says if what happened to George Floyd doesn't "wake you up" it "says a lot about who you are as...


'A really cathartic experience' - Mary Cain on her return to running

The former Nike Oregon Project athlete - Mary Cain - tells us she now feels "free" when she runs and how she has "discovered the love for it". Cain says her performances during the indoor season have added "fuel to the fire" as she seeks to improve and she believes the Olympics being postponed until 2021 could work in her favour. Cain describes her current coach - John Henwood - as an "amazing person, friend and confidant". Cain is now working with the Boston based company, Tracksmith, on a...


'National teams all over the world are standing up and uniting to make progress for themselves'

"I don't think it's going to stop the forward momentum" - Author and documentary maker Susie Petruccelli joins us to discuss the development of women's soccer in America after the US National Women's Team lost their equal pay lawsuit. The team are appealing the decision and Sarah Mulkerrins joins us to explain the background to the case. Former USWNT players Brandi Chastain and Sarah Hagen give us their thoughts on the fight for equal pay and we also speak to Lindsay Eanet. She recently...


A coronavirus survivor, inspiration and friendship

Story of survival - Ken Dwan is an Olympian who competed at the 1968 and 72 games. But one of his toughest battles was in the last few weeks as he fought coronavirus, he tells us all about what it was like, the doctor who saved him and his hopes for the future. We also hear from Olympic and World Cup Champion Brandi Chastain and former professional footballer and cancer survivor Sarah Hagen. The two have exchanged twitter messages after Sarah celebrated being 15 years cancer free. They have...


Sporshour: Stories of hope

This week on BBC Sportshour we bring you stories of hope. Australian swimmer and silver medalist Madeline Groves tells us she how the Olympics moving to 2021 has helped her after describing the pain she suffers as being 'stabbed in the uterus'. Luckily she has been able to have surgery to help and now is hopeful she will be able to compete in the Olympics next year. The Netflix documentary The Last Dance has been released early due to Coronavirus. It charts Michael Jordan's all-conquering...


Karina Leblanc on coronavirus fears after childbirth

"I couldn't see my baby daughter for two weeks" - former Canada Karina Leblanc goalkeeper gave birth to her daughter last month. However, soon after her baby was born, Karina was rushed to hospital with breathing issues. Due to the possible risk of exposure to COVID 19 at the hospital - Karina then had to self quarantine from her baby and husband for two weeks. We speak to Karina about what happened, how hard it was being separated from her daughter Paris and how good it felt to hold her...


'This will probably not end pretty' - What unfolded at the NFL draft

"It's almost deja vu - I had flashbacks" - Former Green Bay Packers executive Andrew Brandt joins us to give his reaction to the virtual NFL draft and his old side's shock selection of a new quarterback. Draft selection Jordan Love is being tipped to challenge established quarterback Aaron Rodgers long-term and Brandt who drafted Rodgers and had to manage a similar situation with him and Brett Favre predicts things won't end pretty. Cricket in the South Pacific Islands - On Saturday the...


Nathan Haas: The Tour de France is like "oxygen" for the French

Team Cofidis rider Nathan Haas joined us to discuss the importance of the Tour de France to the sport of cycling and the French public after the race was postponed until August. The Australian has been on lockdown in Spain for over thirty days now due to the COVID 19 pandemic and describes how hard that has been. He warns that a year without the Tour de France could be disastrous for his sport. Guenther Steiner, the breakout star of the documentary series Drive to Survive and team principal...


Brittani Coury: The US paralympic snowboarder helping the fight against Covid-19

US Paralympic snowboarder Brittani Coury told us she is choosing "faith over fear" after swapping ski slopes for hospital wards. Coury has returned to nursing to help fight the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic. The silver medallist from the 2018 Paralympics told us she isn't afraid for her safety and says her "heart breaks" for her patients. How long does it take an athlete to lose their competitive edge? That is a question we explore with the help of an Olympic Swimming Champion, a World...


Joseph Parker: The heavyweight isolation sensation

How is horse racing coping amidst the coronavirus pandemic? On Saturday Tiger Roll should have been aiming to win a third Grand National in a row but the race was called off last month. The BBC's racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght and the Grand National winning trainer Lucinda Russell joined us to share their feelings on the morning the race should have gone ahead and to discuss how the sport is coping in the absence of racing. Travails on the Tennis Tour: In the week that Wimbledon was...


What next for the Olympics?

Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics moves by a year - what happens next? We devote the first half of the programme to an in-depth look at this week's decision to postpone Tokyo 2020 by a year. We cross to Japan's capital city to hear how the decision has been received and to discuss the challenges they face in staging a delayed games. Canada's double Olympic champion, Rosie MacLennan, tells us postponement rather than cancellation was the right thing to do but admits it will spell the end for a...


Coronavirus: Living in lockdown

After another week of sporting event cancellations, we bring you the latest on the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on global sport. This week we discuss the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and how Formula 1 has been effected. We take a look at how the crisis is having an impact on the NBA, where players are being tested for the virus without struggle, in stark comparison to the American public. Also this week we talk to former international New Zealand netballer Catherine Latu, who is trapped...


Coronavirus: The sporting world shuts down

This week the International Sporting Calendar has been decimated by the Coronovirus. From Basketball in the United States to Cricket in India to Formula One in Australia and everything in between. All cancelled or postponed. So as the world battens down the hatches on Sportshour we look at the sporting impact financially and socially. We hear from Australian cyclist Nathan Haas who was tested negative for Coronavirus but was in quarantine for a week. He tells us what it was like and how he...


Managing Coronavirus and an extraordinary marathon debut

As sporting events are cancelled and postponed because of Coronavirus we assess the possible effect on athletes with sport researchers Lauren Keaney and Dr Deb Dulson from the Auckland University of Technology. After cancelling their racing activities for two weeks Dr Serge Niamke, head of Astana Cycling's medical team, tells us if the Olympics, Giro d'Italia or Tour de France were next week he would be advising his athletes not to compete. Australian Paralympic Wheelchair racer Madison de...


Coronavirus: Will the Olympics go ahead as planned?

Sportshour looks ahead to the Olympics in Tokyo and whether the recent outbreak of Coronavirus will prevent the tournament from happening. With several other sporting events cancelled, will the spread of the virus get under control in time? We'll be talking about emerging motor sport Formula E. A series that's been in contention since 2011 but with climate change a growing concern, how do the 'greener' electric cars of Formula E compare with Formula 1? The women's T20 Cricket World Cup is...