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"They are shortbreads, he's getting very parched."

Fabian thinks Sean is phoning it in, but Sean just hibernates during the Australian sports off-season. Tim wraps up his nuggets and tries to hold it all together, Sean has a new, costly obsession, Fabian wants to chat sport... but its international break. There is no sport. It's plenty loose, this one.


"She's like the Stone Cold Steve Austin of horses"

The boys reconvene following a week off to talk nags, F1 world champions, John Wick, a little bit of AFL, NFL and NBA, Tom Brady and the World Series and... some other stuff too!


“Petrol is one-hundred-and-sixty-three cents at the moment”

Sean, Tim and Fab hold it all together for another evening of rambling about movies, sport from all corners of the globe and horse racing... which is only a sport because you can bet on it.


“He was a Seventh Day Adventist, it was against his religion to play goalkeeper.”

The boys' gather to reconvene their collective descent into madness, documented for all time so that wiser heads may one day make sense of the rambling. This week Fabian, Tim and Sean do a deep dive on First Man, The Meg, sprinkling in some sport for variety. AFL Trade gets a go, as does Australia's issues in the cricket in Abu Dhabi, NBA opening day, NFL comings and goings, postseason baseball and Tim's nuggets ahead of Caulfield Cup Day.


“If the horse was called Goldberg and was on this streak it’d be amazing…”

Back after a week off and a false start, Tim, Sean and Fab dissect the AFL Grand Final, rule changes and trade period, Carlton's co-captains, Manchester United's stuttering starts, Winx's legacy, Conor and Khabib, Lewis Hamilton's world title cruise and a whip around the horn of the NBA, NFL and MLB.


“I lost out on Grand Final MVP due to an administrative error”

It's Grand Final week in the two major codes and that means several things: previews of the big games trips down memory lane re-living former glories that's it The boys also talk former NFL players whose names rhyme with major awards, Manchester United's current issues, heritage listed stands, cultural relations and more!


"Shoutout To Kelly"

Tim is at a primary school showing of Aladdin, so Sean and Fab call in the big guns. It's like replacing Lionel Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo. Into the guest chair comes Kelly - shoutout to Kelly. It's a loose, loooooose ep. AFL Finals, ticketing, some NFL, F1, Champions League and all sorts of weird tangents.


“The Dick Trickle? I Think That Was Buff Bagwell’s Finishing Move…”

You like sport? Tune your ears to this week's chat about the AFL Finals, NFL Kickoff, Kimi Raikonnen's move back to Sauber and a certain temper tantrum at the US Open... As well as all the usual stuff and nonsense: movie chat, remembering Burt Reynolds, Days of Thunder and everyone's favourite wrestler turned escort, Buff Bagwell.


“She Expressly Bought A Packet Of Alphabet Potato Chips To Spell Out 'Fuck The Blues,'”

Father’s Day is a sham, an unintended plug for Chromecast, an AFL Finals preview, unintended finals traditions, NFL season guide and Fab’s fawning praise for United’s heroic 2-0 win over Burnley and Sean and his text exchange in the aftermath are top of the pops. The boys also listen to Fab explain the UEFA Nations League and Sean decalre that Lewis Hamilton has one-and-a-half hands on the Formula One's World Driver's Championship.


"In A Former Life I Used To Do A Lot Of Swimming; I Was An Aficionado"

Tim returns from his travels abroad and joins Sean and Fab in chatting nonsense about AFL, a little F1 and parenting. The boys dissect the AFL Finals ticketing fiasco, the priority pick debate and muse on some possible trades. Outside of that, Milli Vanilli, David Copperfield, Tales From The Punt and more headline an extraordinarily weird chat.


"He's Allowed On Land Once Every Ten Years, And He Used His One Day To Bone Her"

New Top Gun call signs, annoying human beings in advertising, Orlando Bloom doesn't want help from his on-film son, Buff Bagwell... and some sport. Sean, Fab and a very special guest - a legend of the podcast - chat AFL priority picks, coach re-signings, draft chat, media coverage and the Demons finals qualification. Then have a robust and willing discussion about Manchester United and Jose Mourinho's tenure. Talk turns to Arsenal, Goal the movie and... maybe, a Deontay Wilder update. Loose....


"If There Isn't Fairy Bread At Your Party You're Too Old For A Present"

Wowser is this a loose ep! Sean and Fabian are all on their own as Tim absconds to Bali for a humanitarian mission, and in his absence they talk about everything from the week in AFL, a review of the first weekend of EPL, a Deontay Wilder update, the fate of the Davis Cup and... a lot of wild, off-topic nonsense. Cocktail. Again. Oh, and Sean has a surprise for Fab!


"Cocktail Does Not Work - It Shouldn't Work. But It's Amazing."

Much like Wrestlemania XIV - one of the best Mania's - it's only fitting that episode XIV of The PrenderCast is one of our best! We unveil a new full-time recruit, the one and only cultural attache to Provence, France - Tim Davis and dive deep into the AFL, EPL and F1 with a few detours along the way (Cocktail). The Gaff hit, the Giants' premiership tilt, the punch; the EPL contenders previewed and reviewed; Daniel Ricciardo's move to Renault and more.


"I Think This Is Going To End Badly; And It Could End Quickly"

In this week's episode the boys discuss the goings on in the AFL, NFL drugs scandal, player movement, Buff Bagwell, Tim's thorough Le Tour update, Jose Mourinho's Manchester United future, Patrick Cripps for All-Australian captain and much, much more...


"Throw On The Foxtel, Phil Taylor Is Throwing World Class Darts"

The boys are back at it and discussing everything from AFL rule reform to lingerie, the NFL training camps to membership reform, Mr. Mom to Ballers. It's wild, unruly and a littl bit weird!


A Carlton Carol part II

In part two of A Carlton Carol, Tim picks up where Sean and Fab left off, taking our liste strategy from review into preview. Presenting his list ladder he goes through that which we have as thoroughly as you'll hear, before turning his attention to that which might be on it's way with some of the best draft breakdown you'll come across prior to draft night. Do we trade out, trade up, take Lukosius, stick or twist? 00:00:00 - A Welcome 00:01:02 - An introduction to the list ladder 00:02:02 -...


A Carlton Carol part I

Sean, Tim and Fab return in the second Carlton centric special in Prendercast history! The ghosts of Carlton Past, Present and Future have constructed a two-part investigation into the Blues' current plight, examining the who's, whats and why for's of the Club's recent travails, all the while plotting a course for a long overdue return to football's summit. In Part I Fab takes a look at the period 2009-2014, surveying the drafting and recruitment ills that left a list bereft of true quality...


"Fashion Is Never Finished"

Sean, Alex, Fab and special guest Tim Davis talk an eclectic brand of nonsense in this week's Ian PrenderCast! Sean goes into depth about the AFL state of the game, Tim gives a Tour De France update too thorough to be believed, the group dissect the World Cup Final, Quantum of Solace, talk Kawhi Leonaerd becoming a Raptor, American heroes, football transfers and much, much more.


"Not All Turtles Make It To The Ocean"

Alex, Fab and Sean take in and dissect a hectic week of sport through a gaze of sheer lunacy, touching on England's World Cup, the final in Russia, Lewis Hamilton's whinging and Kimi Raikonnen's shoddy defence. In amongst the madness they stop to ponder the failings of horror films, Amelie Mauresmo, the AFL and much, much more.


July 5

In an unruly, wild and all-conquering chat Sean, Fab and Alex talk everything from the happenings in Russia to LeBron's move out West; the Indo-Rapter to Formula One, the AFL, Tennis and pretty much everything in between. It's been a huge week in sport and we talk all of it... kind of.