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Three pals discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!

Three pals discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!




Three pals discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!




Episode 532: Blood, Guts and Wrestling Talk

Its Monday Night, You Know What That Means The boys are back with another jam packed episode. Tony is ready for the Thunderdome at 9pm, and we have a full show with Mike Sheer and Perch the Ref. We come in hot talking about the A & E WWE Biography series. Matt finally got around to the Macho Man and he hated it, plus we dive into the Booker T...

Episode 531: LaGreca’s Pain and Ice Train

We are off and running this week with Busted Open’s Dave LaGreca. Fresh off his ass whipping at Mission Pro Wrestling courtesy of Thunder Rosa. The boys have some fun with Dave, but at the end of the day, Dave did an amazing job with this story, cut a killer promo, and took a beating like a champ. Plus Mission Pro Wrestling got a nice rub. Dave also busts on...

Episode 530: Seeing REDD

We are back and picking up where we left off last week The boys catch up, and we find out that Tony likes to watch movies in bits and pieces. We rag on him for a while, before we turn our attention to the Mickie James garbage bag situation. We are then joined by Redd Davis, independent wrestler & from the 1st graduating class of the Rhodes Wrestling Academy. We...

Episode 529: Tony Appreciation Night

Tony won the 2020 PPV Picks for the Year So our punishment was to have a show dedicated to Tony Matt and Kevin put together a star studded list of guests. We do very little pro wrestling talk, we kick off with some catching up, then its some talk about WWF VHS tapes and the recent releases before our first guest joins us. After some technical difficulties J George joins...

Episode 528: LaGreca MANIA

Coming out of the busiest week of the wrestling year the boys are all back for another epic show. We are joined by our great friend and host of Busted Open Radio on SirusXM David LaGreca. We catch up with Dave on Busted Open, his ongoing feuds with Sami Callihan and Thunder Rosa, and of course Wrestlemania. We get a run in from one of Dave’s rivals as Thunder Rosa...

Episode 527: I Wanna Be Like Mike

Kevin and Matt are back for the latest episode We catch up with each other about our Easter’s, and the past week, sports wise, and what not Michael Bennett joins us to talk about his time in the WWE, his return to Ring of Honor, who he is dying to wrestle, being an inspiration in the wrestling community, Matt Taven, Japan and much more. Back from commercial break, we are...

Valet32 Tournament Final Four Results, Championship Preview!

The Final Four is in the books! We’ve got results from the two matchups and a preview of the #valet32 Finals!

Episode 526: LIST A MANIA

Hot off the ROH 19th Anniversary Show the boys have a ton to talk about, some how they get to talking about what TV shows they watch, poo stories, and a ton of other non wrestling related things. Once they get that out of their systems, its on to picks and the Ring of Honor 19th Anniversary Show. They talk about all the matches, how we did in the picks...

Valet32 Tournament Elite 8 Results, Final Four Preview

The Elite 8 is in the books and we have all the results! There is plenty to analyze in the stats and we say goodbye to some of the movers and shakers, and one entrant continues to move forward after very close voting in the early rounds. Plus, we introduce the stats of the division winners and cover the matchups for the Final 4!

AEW Dynamite Post Show 52

Its Wednesday, You know what that means The gang is back to cover all things AEW From AEW Dark Elevation, to Dark, the rankings, any news and notes from the AEW world, then its on to AEW Dynamite. We cover the show from back to front, and break down all the stories, segments, and matches from the night. Its a must listen too show for any fan of All Elite...

Episode 525: H.O.G. in the WOODS

We got a jam packed show for you Right out of the gate we are joined by ROH Superstar Josh “The Goods” Woods to talk about this Friday’s 19th Anniversary Show, his relationship with Silas Young, The Pure Division, Cats, and DC Movies. After an excellent conversation with Mr Woods we are joined by WWE Legend Henry O Godwinn. We talk about being a part of the Undertaker’s send off...

Valet32 Tournament Round of 16 Results, Elite 8 Preview

The Round of 16 comes to an end and we have all the results! More breakdown of the voting results with some interesting statistics from the second round. Plus upsets! Tony also breaks down the Elite 8 with who’s moving on and who they defeated to get there.

AEW Dynamite Post Show 51

Another week with the Triple Threat, Ant, Kate and Matt The crew quickly catches up with each other, before talking a little about AEW Dark: Elevation before jumping into the main story coming out of Impact’s Sacrifice, and who is gonna face Kenny Omega at Rebellion. Back to AEW Dark: Elevation & AEW Dark, not necessarily a break down of each show but Matt asks the question, is this too...

Episode 524: Tracy Williams, Night Moves

The boys are off and rocking on this episode. They start off the show with the usual banter, catch up with each other, and play some strange version of Name That Tune before jumping into some NWA talk before turning our attention to Impact Wrestling, and the monthly Impact Plus Special Sacrifice. They go over the card, the title changes, and what it means for Impact going forward We cover...

Valet32 Tournament Round One Results, Round of 16 Preview

The Round of 32 closes and we have all the results! Plus, Tony provides a breakdown of the voting results with some interesting statistics from the first round. We preview the Round of 16 and the matchups for this week of voting!

AEW Dynamite Post Show 50

Fresh off of AEW Revolution Kate, Anthony and a late Matt talk about the PPV. What they liked, didn’t like, and of course the barbed wire main event Then its on to AEW Dynamite, all the matches, segments, fallouts from the PPV and what the future holds for our favorite people from AEW. It’s a must listen to episode of your favorite AEW Podcast!

Episode 523: Barbed Wire Explosion

Fresh off the AEW Revolution PPV, we have a loaded show We first address why we don’t have a guest on the show tonight, then we do something we haven’t done in what seems like YEARS. We talk about last week’s Monday Night Raw. Tony watched the show, Matt is convinced that he will never get to face Bobby Lashley & Kevin believes Bob & Matt will one day be...

Valet32 Tournament Round One, Part Two Preview

The #Valet32 tournament continues with the second half of the first round with action from the Sensational and First Lady regions, and we bring you some information on the second sixteen participants!

AEW Dynamite Post Show 49: CrossRoads

Its the go home show for the AEW Revolution PPV Cross Roads is a huge show, stacked from top to bottom with Cody & Red Velvet taking on Shaq & Jade Cargill. Before we dive into Dynamite, we catch up on Mox in NJPW, a rundown of AEW Dark, before a quick break. Then its Rankings, Cross Roads from front to back. Shaq/Jade vs Cody/Velvet, Inner Circle Press Conference, FTR...

Episode 522: We Watch Wrestling with Vince Averill

We had a huge week and wrestling, and so much to talk about. We are joined by Vince Averill, Co Host of the We Watch Wrestling Podcast. We talk about his podcast, stand up comedy, Chicken Sandwiches, NJPW, WWE, NWA, Cat Buttholes Too Much Wrestling, and a ton of other topics. He’s an awesome guest, and hosts an awesome podcast, we suggest you check it out. After Vince we follow...