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21st Century HR is a podcast exploring modern people practices that are transforming the field of Human Resources. Each episode progressive approaches to HR, including interviews with executives who are reshaping the field.

21st Century HR is a podcast exploring modern people practices that are transforming the field of Human Resources. Each episode progressive approaches to HR, including interviews with executives who are reshaping the field.
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21st Century HR is a podcast exploring modern people practices that are transforming the field of Human Resources. Each episode progressive approaches to HR, including interviews with executives who are reshaping the field.








Ep7: The Hidden Costs Of Business Travel

In this episode, Lars shares his thoughts on the aspects of business travel and conference speaking you don't see when you 'like' that photo on LinkedIn.


Ep5 - Cool Tools With Craig Fisher

In this episode, Lars sits down with Allegis Global Solutions Head of Marketing, Craig Fisher, on-site at SmartRecruiters Hiring Success Conference to discuss cool recruiting tools, Hiring Success' startup competition (Congrats on the big win, Candidate ID), video in recruiting, and the most sporadic podcast in the history of audio (link below). http://www.cooltoolshow.com/


Ep4: The End Of Culture Fit

In this episode, Lars welcomes Dashlane Chief People Officer Ciara Lakhani to discuss the term "culture fit", building inclusive companies, and why startups struggle with diversity. Read the Forbes article, The End of Culture Fit, here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/larsschmidt/2017/03/21/the-end-of-culture-fit/


Ep3: Behind The Podcast, 21st Century HR Soundtrack

This episode is a behind-the-scenes look at how the 21st Century HR soundtrack came together. "Dragon" is an original track produced by Silver Lining out of Shanghai. silverlining is an electronic music duo based in Shanghai, China. They are part live performance, part DJ set. East meets West, ancient meets modern. Learn more and check out additional tracks at: www.silverliningmusic.cn/ and their press kit at file:///Users/AmplifyTalent/Downloads/silverlining-EPK-2019.pdf. "Dragon" copyright...


Ep2: How To Write A Job Posting People Actually Want To Apply To

Let's face it - most job descriptions suck. This podcast, based on a Fast Company article, provides tips on how to make them better. View the original article below. www.fastcompany.com/40547908/how-to…ant-to-apply-to


Episode 48: Ep1: Technology Alone Won't Solve Your Company's Diversity Problems

21st Century HR Podcast host, Lars Schmidt, breaks down the recent Fast Company article, "Technology Alone Won't Solve Your Company's Diversity Problems. Read the article below. https://www.fastcompany.com/90298888/technology-alone-wont-solve-your-companys-diversity-problems


Episode 47: Preview: 21st Century HR Podcast

A preview of the new 21st Century HR podcast.


Episode 46: Audio Storytelling in Recruiting

Amplify Talent Founder, Lars Schmidt, shares why audio is an important tool for storytelling in recruiting.


Episode 45: The Return of Random Tweets of Kindness #RTOK - March 8, 2016

This year's Random Tweets of Kindness will be Tuesday, March 8, 2016. To participate, send those you want to recognize tweets, snaps, Facebook mentions, etc using the hashtag #RTOK. Learn more about last year's campaign here: http://amplifytalent.com/2015/03/16/random-tweets-of-kindness-analysis/


Episode 41: Ep17: "He Said, 'Let Me Tell You About My One Testicle'" - JJ Owen, Movember Foundation

Movember Foundation Director of Business & Community Engagement, JJ Owen, shares his career story. Moustache | Community | Social Good | Athlete | Non-Profit JJ shares his career story, from college athletics and moustachery. In this episode, JJ shares his thoughts on chasing his dream in baseball, knowing when to walk away, discovering the way of the moustache, experimenting with 'Just for Men', the kinship of the Ginger Mo, the role the Movember community plays in steering the movement,...


Episode 38: Ep14: "Great Ideas Can truly Come From Anywhere" - Kellee Santiago, Google Play

Google Play Partner Development Manager, Kellee Santiago, shares her career story. Gaming | Video Games | Creativity | Leadership Kellee Santiago shares experiences and insights from her career in gaming. In this episode, Kellee shared her views on a broad range of topics including what drew her to gaming, how USC's Interactive Media program influenced her approach to game design, empowering indie developers, Goldeneye, comparing video games and film, the transition from console to...


Episode 37: Ep13: "I Would Do It All Over Again" Kathryn Minshew, The Muse

The Muse Founder and CEO, Kathryn Minshew. Founder | CEO | Startup | #DreamJob The Muse Founder and CEO, Kathryn Minshew, shares her career story. In this episode, Kathryn shares what drew her to public service early in her career, working in Rwanda and Malawi, how management consulting shaped her career, where her passion for empowering job seekers comes from, rebounding from failure, her bias to action, the origin of "The Muse", and finding inspiration in the reader emails about The Muse...


Episode 36: Ep12: "I Had My Left Thumb Basically Bitten Off" - Dr. Dean Grubbs, FSU Coastal & Marine Lab

Dr. Dean Grubbs, Associate Director of Research - FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory, shares his career journey. Marine Biology | Academic | Research | Professor Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory Associate Director of Research, Dr. Dean Grubbs, shares his career story. In this episode, Dean shares his career journey including what drew him to marine biology, where his passion for sharks comes from, how he got his start in the field, the dual role of an academic and field...


Episode 34: Ep10: "My Favorite Artist Is The One I'm Working With Right Now" - Chris Jay, Rusted Can Records

Rusted Can Records Owner, Chris Jay Music | Producer | Entertainment | Audio Engineer Rusted Can Records Owner, Chris Jay, shares experience from his career as a music producer and audio engineer. This podcast covers how to earn a musician's trust, touring with Bad Brains, editing hip hop for radio, what it takes to get kicked off the Warped Tour, sharing sound feedback with an artist, why he hates MP3's, Down By Law's influence on his career, and the wondrous dream career of a Baker.


Episode 33: Ep9: "This Is The Contribution I Want To Make To NPR" - Danielle Deabler, NPR

Danielle Deabler, NPR Director of Audience Engagement & New Ventures shares her career story. PR | Marketing | Intrepreneur | NPR | Digital Danielle Deabler shares her experience through her career in PR. In this episode, Danielle shares her thoughts on what drew her to PR, what the learned in banking, why she joined NPR, backseat babies, how Generation Listen came to be, combining online and offline engagement, co-ventures, advice for intrepreneurs, and how Generation Listen has transformed...


Episode 32: Ep8: "A Startup CEO's Day Starts With A Profound Sense Of Incompetence" - Hung Lee, Workshape.io

Workshape.io CEO and Co-Founder, Hung Lee. Entrepreneur | CEO | Startup | London | Recruiting In this episode, Hung Lee shares his career journey from recruiter to Founder and CEO. We dive into area spanning what originally drew him to technical recruiting, transitioning from full-time to consulting, the role of recruiters as "information brokers", determining pricing models, solving the "noise" problem in technical recruiting, matching jobs by interest (forward-looking) over experience...


Episode 31: Ep7: "It Happens Faster, Closer, And More Violent Than What You Think" - Ronnie Goode, U.S.M.C.

Ronnie Goode, U.S.M.C. Ground Combat Element Action Officer, shares his career experience. Military | USMC | Officer | Soldier | Leader Ronnie Goode shares experience from his 17 year career in the United States Marine Corp, including 6 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. In this episode, Ronnie shares his thoughts on topics ranging from what drew him to the Marines, Officer Candidate School, preparing for deployment and being deployed in a war zone, the brotherhood of Marines, trusting your...


Episode 30: Ep6: "These 4 Things Will Transform Your Candidate Experience" - Gerry Crispin, CareerXroads

CareerXroads Principal and Co-Founder, Gerry Crispin. Recruiting | Consultant | Candidate Experience | Author Gerry Crispin is the Co-Founder and Principal of CareerXroads, and one of the leading thinkers in global recruiting. A lifelong student with a career that's spanned several decades, his work has taken him around the globe and shaped his views on the industry. In this episode, Gerry shares his career experience and wisdom in topics ranging from his thoughts on the current state of...


Episode 29: Ep5: From The Goonies to Hollywood Dealmaker - Jeff Cohen, Cohen Gardner LLP

Jeff Cohen, Partner at Cohen Gardner LLP, shares his career experience. Lawyer | Dealmaker | Entertainment | Actor | Hollywood | Author Jeff started his career as an actor, most notably as "Chunk" in The Goonies. He reinvented himself as a successful Hollywood dealmaker, calling on his prior entertainment experience. In this episode, Jeff shares his thoughts on topics ranging from the origin of the "truffle shuffle", his UC Berkeley student body president campaign, #ChunkForPresident, the...