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40 Lessons is a podcast about the lessons we've learned about family, career, community and the lessons we are still learning. Host Todd B. Waldo and his guests share their stories, insight and wisdom to encourage listeners to take care of themselves and each other.

40 Lessons is a podcast about the lessons we've learned about family, career, community and the lessons we are still learning. Host Todd B. Waldo and his guests share their stories, insight and wisdom to encourage listeners to take care of themselves and each other.


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40 Lessons is a podcast about the lessons we've learned about family, career, community and the lessons we are still learning. Host Todd B. Waldo and his guests share their stories, insight and wisdom to encourage listeners to take care of themselves and each other.






40 Lessons - Episode 60 - Lessons from the movement with Marc Cheatham

For the season finale of the 40 Lessons Podcast, Marc Cheatham joins Todd B. Waldo to talk about the last ten years of The Cheats Movement and the impact it has had on Richmond. They reminisce about Marc’s journey through 90’s hip hop and the impact 2020 has had so far on his family, career and service to his community. Marc Cheatham is a creator of The Cheats Movement. The Cheats Movement is a multi-media platform that celebrates the Richmond region as a hub for music, art, culture, and...


40 Lessons - Episode 59 - Lessons from sowing seeds and Black places with Duron Chavis

Outside on a Saturday morning, Duron Chavis sits down at Canvas with Todd B. Waldo to discuss his “Resiliency Garden,” a project being constructed outside the VCU Institute of Contemporary Art in Richmond. They discuss the importance of Black spaces, authenticity and collaboration. Duron also shares stories from his life growing up in Richmond that still impact his family and his work as an educator and change maker. Duron Chavis started his career in community advocacy as first a volunteer...


40 Lessons - Episode 58 - Lessons from the pivot with Yewande Austin

Todd B. Waldo travels to Petersburg Virginia for a conversation with Yewande Austin. They talk about the impact this year has had on their professional and personal lives. And Yewande shares insight from her work across continents to help us understand what is possible for our communities in America. From MTV to the historic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Dr. Yewande Austin’s socially charged music has taken center stage with musical icons from the Black Eyed Peas to Maroon 5, but it is her...


40 Lessons - Episode 57 - Lessons and questions from my daughter

Todd B. Waldo invites back to the podcast his daughter Samaya for a special conversation. They talk about this summer and their reactions to the pandemic. They also discuss Camp Diva with Girls for a Change (GFAC) and the impact it had this summer. Since 2013, GFAC has focused more deeply on the empowerment and uplifting of a population whose needs are most unmet—Black girls and other girls of color. We, as an organization and movement, view this action as a first step to end the prejudice,...


40 Lessons - Episode 56 - Lessons on love and business from Robert and Catina Jones

Robert and Catina Jones join Todd B. Waldo to share the journey from their first date to leading multiple businesses together as husband and wife. They talk about selflessness, commitment, communication and growth as well as the legacy they are building for their family and the community around them. Catina Jones is the founder and Principal Broker of ICON Realty Group. With 15 years of providing a superior service experience for her clients, Catina and her team are committed to being your...


40 Lessons - Episode 55 - Lessons from the old stories with Mighty Joshua

From his rehearsal studio, Independent Reggae Artist Mighty Joshua joins Todd B. Waldo to begin a new season of the 40 Lessons podcast. Mighty Joshua talks about growing up in Virginia and how it shaped his musical foundation. They talk about life on stage and at home as well as the work in community. And they talk about the pursuit of liberation in the midst of all that has happened in our world this year. Mighty Joshua engages audiences by opening minds and activating bodies through song....


40 Lessons - Episode 54 - Happy hour lessons on community and culture from Robey Martin

Robey Martin and Todd B. Waldo talk about their shared love for food and culture and what it means to come together to experience both in Richmond. They also share how their focus on mental health and self-care impacts how they live and work each day. Robey Martin lives an unctuous soup of a life. During a day, she balances human resources and contract staffing for Remx Specialty Staffing (need a temp?). In that very same day, she's an online/tv/print personality who features food, spirits...


40 Lessons - Episode 53 - Special Episode: Second Part of Lessons on Mental Health with James Harris

#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth is here to remind us that our mental health deserves to be prioritized more now than ever. Whether it be supporting a friend or opening up to someone about your own experiences. In part two of his focus on mental health, host Todd B. Waldo talks with James Harris about his own journey with mental health and therapy. And why he created Men To Heal and the opportunities it provides to our community. James Harris the founder of Men to Heal . He is a Licensed Mental...


40 Lessons - Episode 52 - Special Episode: First Part of Lessons on Mental Health

#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth is here to remind us that our mental health deserves to be prioritized more now than ever. Whether it be supporting a friend or opening up to someone about your own experiences. In part one of his focus on mental health, host Todd B. Waldo talks about his experience with depression and anxiety and the importance of self care in his life today. He shares the impact of forgiveness, giving himself grace and that it is ok to not be ok. If you need help or support, you...


40 Lessons - Episode 51 - Diving deep into lessons from Radiah Rhodes

Todd B. Waldo is joined by long-time friend Radiah Rhodes as they look back on the journey through life after receiving their Engineering degrees from NC State. Radiah shares what she gained in her career moving from corporate leadership through entrepreneurship. They talk about what the process of introspection has done to transform her life, family and business. And the impact that process is having on her clients. Radiah Rhodes is an alchemist, activist, and innovator for all things...


40 Lessons - Episode 50 - Lessons on being and doing from Enjoli Moon

From her home in Richmond, Enjoli Moon joins Todd B. Waldo for the 50th episode of the podcast. She shares how intuition and intentionality have impacted her family and career. And they talk about learning how to maintain balance with time and attention while pursuing passion. Enjoli Moon is the founder and creative director of the Afrikana Independent Film Festival, a festival dedicated to showcasing the cinematic works of people of color from around the world - they place a special focus...


40 Lessons - Episode 49 - Loving and listening lessons from Mike Watts

Mike Watts begins a new season of 40 Lessons from his home in Maine. He talks with Todd B. Waldo about family, marriage, business and self-care. They share what it takes to balance all of these and continue to listen, learn, grow and show grace. As an entrepreneur, speaker, and dad, Mike Watts has built a multimedia digital empire with his wife, Kate Northrup, that reaches hundreds of thousands globally. They are committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning...


40 Lessons - Episode 48 - Lessons on loving family and serving community from Anedra Bourne

From her office in Richmond Virginia, Anedra Wiseman Bourne talks with Todd B. Waldo about the impact of her family on her life and career. She talks about being wife, mom and friend while making time to listen, lead and serve communities. Anedra Wiseman Bourne is a wife and mother of two, but by day she’s the Deputy Executive Director at Venture Richmond, Downtown Richmond’s Marketing organization. Anedra has spent most of her 20-plus year career focused on public relations, community...


40 Lessons - Episode 47 - Lessons from James Warren on fatherhood, friendship & fulfilling potential

James Warren sits down with Todd B. Waldo for a candid conversation about family, fatherhood and how they experience forgiveness and freedom in relationships. They share lessons on community building and what it means to work in a diverse community pursuing common goals. James Warren is a storyteller and a strategist, passionate about the intersections of human and digital, and brands, culture and communities. He is the Founder and CEO of Share More Stories, which helps companies understand...


40 Lessons - Episode 46 - Lessons from running into the fire from Keron Tull

Todd B. Waldo joins City of Richmond Fire Lieutenant Keron Tull for a conversation about his journey from Guyana to Richmond and his career of service. They talk about family, fatherhood, and the drive to give back to the community. And what it means to learn and grow from our past and pursue a better future. Keron Tull has been an active member of the City of Richmond Department of Fire and Emergency Services for the last 10 years. He has served in the role of Engine Company Lieutenant at...


40 Lessons - Episode 45 - Artist S. Ross Browne’s lessons from creating art that heals and reveals

From his studio in Richmond, Artist S. Ross Browne joins Todd B. Waldo to share the journey with family and loved ones that shapes his work. And the deep convictions and passion that motivate him through struggle. They talk about the impact of art on the community and how it can be used to help heal after difficult and tragic moments in our lives. S. Ross Browne studied Communication Art and Design at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, VA and Photography at The Corcoran School of...


40 Lessons - Episode 44 - Lessons on passion and fear from Dr. Hollee Freeman

Dr. Hollee Freeman joins Todd B. Waldo on the podcast sharing how she leads the MathScience Innovation Center and cares for her family, while also creating space to live out her passion. They talk about the hard work of building community in Richmond and what is possible when you push through fear and step out of your comfort zone. Dr. Hollee Freeman is the Executive Director of the MathScience Innovation Center in Richmond, VA. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and has worked as an...


40 Lessons - Episode 43 - The dope and different lessons from Kelli Lemon

Kelli Lemon joins Todd B. Waldo for a conversation about her family, career and her journey to discover how she could weave together all that she is to connect people, create experiences and help shape the world around her. Kelli is socially connecting people through food, sports, arts and education. This week she is celebrating the first year of her social cafe Urban Hang Suite in Richmond’s Historic Jackson Ward community! She is also the host for Coffee With Strangers where each week...


40 Lessons - Episode 42 - Lessons from building space and home from Adrienne Cole Johnson

Adrienne Cole Johnson joins Todd B. Waldo for a conversation about what she has learned creating intentional spaces and balancing her work at home and in the community. Adrienne Cole Johnson is a social justice professional focused on creative approaches to change and has done this by focusing on building robust engagement strategies for various communities for over 15 years. She is an innovator and entrepreneur, co-leading thoughtful and intentional brands such as The ARTisan Cafe, The...


40 Lessons - Episode 41 - Dance lessons in the spotlight from Sandi Cauley

Sandi Cauley joins Todd B. Waldo for a conversation about family, career and life in Richmond as she leads her business and serves the community. Sandi Cauley is the owner and founder of TURN Cardio Jam Studio, a fitness instructor and also a choreographer and instructor for Dance Trance Richmond; She discovered the program while working as a television news producer in Birmingham, Alabama in 1998. Sandi's love for dance starts in Corpus Christi, Texas where she took Ballet Folklorico and...