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Every Wednesday, Will Foley and TPP have open, raw conversations on mental health, mental illness and everything on its spectrum. Stomping the stigma’s one conversation at a time. Two not so ordinary dudes sharing their stories, opinions and tools to be well, be safe and be Above.


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Every Wednesday, Will Foley and TPP have open, raw conversations on mental health, mental illness and everything on its spectrum. Stomping the stigma’s one conversation at a time. Two not so ordinary dudes sharing their stories, opinions and tools to be well, be safe and be Above.






Coloring Outside the Lines w/Keli Kane

Our lives can change in the blink of an eye. We have a life that we are living and then… something happens. Accident, death, divorce, loss, trauma. Our lives unfold just as they should , but our acceptance of that is very uncomfortable to accept, acknowledge and live with. Healing from these events, roadblocks or setbacks forces us to seek help from others to help us on a path of healing. Many will say you need to adhere to strict guidelines and will never seek an alternative. They will limit themselves. Keli Kane has unfolded to color outside the lines and forced to relinquish control to the universe. What’s up everyone? Time for episode two hundred six of Above Ground Podcast. Our guest this week is Hudson Valley Author and Educator, Keli Kane. Her book, Angel in the Mirror, is available now. Keli shares with us her story of overcoming her traumatic brain injury, her healing journey and finding her way out of the darkness that she touched. Keli left no healing modality untouched and used many to help her learn how to walk and talk all over again. It takes a village and Keli is surrounded. Letting go creates the greatest power for our spirit and giving our bodies to the water helps us float. Keli gave herself over to the universe and it has been gifting her since she made that sacrifice of the life she thought she was meant to lead. Keli was the victim of a drunk driving accident and suffered a TBI. Keli was forced into growth mode and she grew into a the angel in the mirror. Happy birthday also to Keli, because she celebrates the following day. So let's make this a birthday to remember. This Saturday, May 27, 2023 at Barnes and Noble, Kingston, NY from 1-3pm. Keli is discussing and signing her book, Angel in the Mirror. Keli has dedicated her life to helping others. Keli's work as a Reading Specialist and Teacher and her Reiki work deliver direct support to people and meets them where they are. Things that are therapeutic don't have to look like it. Thanks for listening to another episode of Above Ground Podcast. As we roll out of another month and Mental Health Awareness Month ends, remember, everyone has mental health. Until next time we run the beautiful bean footage, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.



When we hear the word peer we often think of others with similar backgrounds, cultures, likes. When Above Ground Podcast refers to our peers, we are speaking to our brothers and sisters out here who share a similar, anxiety, depression or a more severe type of mental illness or disorder of some type. May is closing fast and that means Mental Health Awareness Month will be off the calendar once again, but as we dawn on our fourth year of stomping stigma and staying above, let’s suit up and dive into the peerspective . Hey it’s once again time for another episode because hope won’t spread itself. This week is two hundred five and Will and Tim are talking about what the ideas of peer work and being a peer are when it’s in relation to mental health and the journey of healing. Connection being an essential need might hold the first key to why to the best therapy don’t look like therapy at all. Join us for a peer meet up at the Sages Circle 443 Saratoga Rd Glenville NY on Sunday May 21st, at 1pm. Sign up at SagesEvents.com and let us know if you’re planning to attend. We’d love to see you. Plus the store is Nippertown’s premier metaphysical gift shop and spiritual center. Huge shout outs to everyone Will met at Tulip Fest last Sunday. Including a special meet-up to say hey to Nipper!! Special thanks to Laura DePolito for grabbing this pic. Also wanted to say thanks Tatiana and all at Noteworthy Resources!! We were fortunate to be at her brand new Community Center and Indoor Skate Park at 930 Broadway Commercial Suite 1, Albany, NY 12207. Our table was very busy having conversations with many individuals. Providing resources and receiving well wishes for being there and allowing space for others to express their feelings. It was a special day topped off by a raffle win for Will, when he won this deck and and wheels donated by https:/townandcountryskate.com of Scotia NY. Go see Kyle for a gnarly setup. Special thanks to Jake from In This Together. And it was great meeting Scott who has deep old school roots to the pod. Always awesome making new friends. Please come back every Wednesday for a new episode. Next week , Hudson Valley Author, Kelli Kane. Until we meet again get well, be safe ,stay Above.


Go Your Own Way w/Lisa Davi

Massapequa ,Long Island makes sure its high school students know that mindfulness is important. High School English teacher, Lisa Davi proves in all she does that mindfulness matters. Lisa has developed and implemented a high school English elective course, to help students learn to love themselves and go your own way. What’s up everyone? Welcome to episode two hundred four of Above Ground Podcast. This week we talk mindfulness, Don Miquel Ruiz and The Four Agreements, High School English and how we can learn to connect and stay connected to ourselves. Lisa’s inspired idea sprouted when she started to notice a shift in students levels of anxiety, overwhelm and loneliness. Inspired by Tim O’Brien’s, The Things They Carried, Lisa proposed the question to her tenth grade pre -AP class of what do you carry everyday? Then the second day she asked what do you carry mentally and emotionally? This assignment was issued for three years and Lisa was noticing a difficult trend to ignore, our teens were hurting. It was being exacerbated every year by culture, social media and our unwillingness to change the way educate our adolescents. In a world that is on hyper speed and it’s harder to compete on every level, we as parents have an important role to play. We have to acknowledge and fix our shit. We owe it to our children and the world. The foundation of Lisa’s Mindfulness Matters class is The Four Agreements by Don Miquel Ruiz. The district even goes as far as providing the students who enroll in this class their own copy. In turn, they take it out and spread it to parent, grand-parent, caregiver and society. Into the Magic Shop written by Dr. James R. Doty, Rhonda Byrnes book The Secret, which is about the Law of Attraction, and Ruiz’s sequel, The Fifth Agreement round out the reading list for her English elective. An elective that not only is making the school district notice. CBS 2 Long Island News recently spotlighted the class on a broadcast and is bringing attention to this young but hopeful and needed program to be picked up District wide. Lisa Davi is a true change agent exemplifying Gandhi’s words of, be the change you wish to see. Above Ground Podcast is grateful to be able to bring you these important InnerViews with mental health agents of change all over the globe. Please support and Buy AGP a Coffee. One or ten coffees, whatever you can do, we appreciate it. Another way to show love is to share our episodes, posts and content with your peeps. Just tag us as you take us with you. You could also come see us in person at the Sage’s Circle, 443 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY on Sunday May 21st for our May Mental Health Peer Meet-Up. Click the link to rsvp. Thank you for listening to episode two hundred four of Above Ground Podcast. Thank you for supporting Nippertown and all our guests. Without them we’d be way less dynamic and cool. Until next week get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.



It’s May according to the calendar. That means we have reached Mental Health Awareness Month once again. This week the guys are talking Recovery-oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R). A form of therapy that was based around cognitive behavioral therapy, Aaron Beck’s therapy developed from a belief that a person’s experiences result in cognitions or thoughts and these are related to core beliefs developed from early life. These cognitions create our emotional behaviors and states. Hey everyone, welcome to episode two hundred three of Above Ground Podcast. We are into May, spring and we continue to grow. Above Ground Podcast is always trying to bring you useful tools and to turn you on to something new to bring to your mental wellness. This week talk CT-R , a form of CBT that Will was just recently turned on too. CBT Aaron Beck’s Beck’s work with depressed patients taught him that depression is the result of hostility turned inward. CT-R is Beck’s most recent research and developed theory of therapy. This modality focuses on concrete and actionable steps to promote resilience and recovery. Rather than focusing on symptoms, the team works on aspirations, to identify values and to take steps in pursuit of ones goals. Thank you for listening this week. Join us all month and all year everywhere you pod. Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.


Through the Lens of a Spouse

Not every relationship can withstand the struggle of mental illness. Countless marriages have ended. With that comes a lot of lonely, struggling people. When David & Rita McCormick found each other at their local church,what they found was looking through the lens of a spouse. Hey, what’s up everyone?! It’s time for episode two hundred two of Above Ground Podcast. This week we have a Nippertown guest, author David McCormick and his muse and spouse, Rita. During the Covid -19 Pandemic we found the biggest spotlight highlighting our worlds struggles with mental health. We developed a rate of anxiety quicker than a 1990s Black Friday sale. We will feel the effects of this for generations to come. Which makes it even more important to stomp out the stigmas of mental illness. Rita, who manages a mental illness, is just like everyone else. She manages her life like anyone managing diabetes, heart disease, or at times cancer. David, her husband, knows Rita’s cues, inflections and her tells. They laid a foundation of intimacy that wins like a royal flush at the #worldseriesofpoker. David discovered in their original church that there was a stigma that he wasn’t expecting, but was ready to confront, surrounding the discussion of mental illness. The couple will take us on their journey from hurt and alone to strongest together. David & Rita McCormick share what’s on their bucket list and share some knowledge of Rita’s tools that she uses to keep her mountain high happy days lasting longer. A huge thanks to them for appearing on the pod. You can find Through the Lens of a Spouse and it’s follow up on Amazon. You can find their two Facebook groups Silently Suffering Ministries and the Through the Lens of a Spouse book group. Check them out and share that you heard it on Above Ground Podcast. This Saturday we will be tabling at Noteworthy Resources Grand Opening of their new indoor skate park, Endure Skatepark. An indoor skate boarding paradise for everyone. 12-7pm come to 930 Broadway Commercial Suite 1, Albany NY 12207. The event is free to attend and check out the decor, but it’s $15 to skate. So wrench up your trucks , get on your board and come celebrate your skatepark, Endure Skatepark. Thanks for listening to episode two hundred two and helping us continue to stomp out the stigmas of mental illness. Until we meet again get well, be safe, stay ABOVE…


Coping with the Urban Coyote

When the coyotes are scratching at the door, and you’re gripping onto whatever steadiness you can find. What’s your reaction? Response? Healthy? Unhealthy? This week the boys tackle coping strategies and help you start coping with the urban coyote. Thank you for joining us for episode two hundred one of Above Ground Podcast. Four years of the peerspective of mental health every Wednesday on Nippertown and everywhere you pod. We are into spring and that means cleaning for many of us. When was the last time we looked at our coping skills storage closet? You still holding onto rickety regrets and kindergarten grudges? Spring is the perfect time for tidying up that brain of yours and clearing out the clutter of outdated systems and material that was classic before Vh1 knew the word rock. According to Therapist Aid, coping strategies are actions we take to deal with stress, problems or uncomfortable emotions. Let’s think about this. When we think unhealthy coping lets think that they are instant gratification with not a long term plan to sustain. But a healthy coping skill don’t always feel good in that moment but they lead you to long term positive outcomes. What you’re feeling could be factual, but it may not. If you can’t decipher that conundrum you might choose to make a different coping choice. Always remember, your thoughts have the power to change the way you feel. Say it again, a bit slower, now. Both positive and negative. We don’t take kindly to your kind, you negatives. Get outta here you negatives. Banish the negatives by chilling with the positives. Thanks for listening to episode two hundred one of Above Ground Podcast. Don’t forget to find us on Nippertown and everywhere you pod. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Support the show by Buying us a coffee and sharing our episodes with your peeps. Until next Wednesday get well, be safe, stay Above.


I've Been Everywhere w/Abby Tegnelia

This week we leave the ones behind and storm into our terrific twos. This is episode two hundred of Above Ground Podcast. Our guest this week, lost her grandmother, brother and dog since coming to be a resident of Nippertown. Abby Tegnelia is the CEO of Capital Region Living and Saratoga Living magazines. Abby shares her grief story with us and also gives us a glimpse into how she stays so positive and creative. 1.8 million people were said to have perished during covid and that number may not be accurate Loneliness and disconnect were at an all time high and we were forced to hole up wherever we were and not always safely. Ryan Tegnelia died in isolation during lockdown. An extrovert with a co-dependency issue and a functioning alcoholic. Beloved by his family. Abby reflects so happily and joyfully about Ryan. Ryan ran a law firm, created content for his YouTube channel. Loved being front of the court, in the courtroom, barroom, prison or community. Ryan is missed dearly, but always a chat away Abby says. We cover that during our conversation on spirituality, meditation, prayer and tradition. Abby has spent many months now with the grief of so much loss. Ryan’s death caused Abby much pain. But pain can lead to positive energy if you let it guide you and listen. Abby is a Catholic and says that with a rebellious snarl, as the church has many issues still to address. Reiki, Life Coaching, prayer and meditation have all kept her connected to her source and herself. Abby has been saying her goodnight prayers since she learned then and feels it keeps the universe in sync. That has fostered her greatest creative drive and in born passion to be a writer. When five year old Abby Tegnelia declared in her journal that ‘I am a writer’. She meant it and made it happen. Abby has written for HuffPost, Vegas News, Afar and of course is at the helms of Capital Region Living and Saratoga Living. Abby has made her path in a creative tornado that touched facets of all the arts but writing is a spiritual calling as much as a dream. Writing keeps Abby connected to her source. Everything was just until Abby was a writer. Abby is a writer. And a CEO and a Social Media Expert. Abby is also an aware soul who has kept her life plugged into her bliss. “No one prepares you for waking up at two am with overwhelming grief”, says Abby. Her goal was to go through the process as healthily as possible and discovered the concept of this often thought of outdated child age coping skill, co-dependency. Some people don’t appreciate that term and say it causes stigma. Now Abby feels it stems from needing outside validation as to your own personal validation. A term often related to relationships and our unhealthy attachments within them due to trauma, neglect and of course addictive behavior or mental illness. https://crlmag.com/author/abby-tegnelia/Abby Tegnelia can be found on Facebook, at Saratoga Living, Capital Region Living and on Twitter. Sunday April 16, 2023 is our next Mental Health Peer Meet-Up at 4pm. Join us at Nippertown's coolest spiritual boutique, the Sages Circle. 443 Saratoga Rd, Glenville, NY. TPP & Will co-faciliatate a safe space, meet up, where we can talk openly and without judgement in a beautiful, soul filling environment. End the weeknd and start your week free of some baggage. Hope to see you there. $5 suggested donation when you sign up or visit the meeting. Thank you so much for helping us bust the twos and carry on our stigma stomping conversations. Hard to believe its been 200 weeks since we released the first of seven episodes I had in the can to start. Like podcasting, as in life, we have grown and learned so much from those first seven through today at two hundred. Please check in every Wednesday for a new episode. We are going to kick 2023 into high gear. Hang on, its time to rock. Until next week. Get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.


Hole in My Life

This week we talk about depression, acceptance and filling the holes of our lives. What's up everyone? It's time for episode one hundred ninety-nine of Above Ground Podcast. We thank you for checking in with us for these last, almost four years. We are marching on into 2023 and it's shaping up for more stigma stomping conversations. When we do the deep work of healing we often encounter obstacles. The hole we thought was only inches deep, turns out to be a chasm full of jagged rock, deep water and the Lochness Monster. We must learn to accept that we could be wrong even to such a massive degree as the judgements we self impose. Join us for our next Mental Health Meet Up on Sunday April 16, 2023 at our favorite spiritual boutique, The Sages Circle 443 Saratoga Rd, Glenville, NY. at 4pm. We hope to see you there. Until next week when we hit 200, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE


Just Breathe w/ Dr. Michelle Marks

Thinking does interact with feeling and behavior. Dr. Michelle Marks believes it’s the emotion we encounter before the thought. Dr. Marks also feels that if we could just breathe momentarily, we might quell the alarm that goes off in so many of us. What’s up everyone? It’s episode one hundred ninety eight of Above Ground Podcast and this week we are talking emotions and the alarms they set off in our bodies and minds. Little tiny abrasions affect our authenticity stress. Our sympathetic stress response comes from us being wired to react. Proving that response is different than reaction and have separate frequencies that they carry. Our deep sense of shame keeps us from feeling the connections we need so badly. Shame is a reaction. A possible false tale that you have question and doubt. During our time together we cover RUTs (Repetitive Unhelpful Thoughts), the ideas of distract, detach, dispute. Everything starts with self-compassion. Psychological Fitness and its five elements; self care, breathing, mindfulness, positivity and self-compassion. Those alone can help to make the world a safer place. Dr Michelle Marks is currently offering online consultation services for stress, health and well being. Her thirty year professional career has a pedigree of coveted certifications and accolades. Please click the link above to visit her site. Thank you for listening to Above Ground Podcast. The only mental health podcast from the peerspective in Nippertown. Please follow us on all the socials and come find us at NipperFest 2024. Until next week get well, be safe, stay ABOVE…


Bring the Noise

Most would agree that how we show up in the world can be shaped by our environment, emotions and our feelings of connection. If we showed up as a dimmed, dull version we may react out of sorts, causing harm, doubt and hurt. That’s why it’s important to take responsibility for any word or deed you put out there and own your shit. Sometimes we have to bring the noise down a bit and chew some humble pie and others call us to bring the noise to our own fioble. Hey, welcome to episode one hundred ninety seven of Above Ground Podcast. The only Nippertown podcast from the peerspective of mental health. This week we talk responsibility and knowing when to say you’re wrong. This week Will is given us a peak into a recent text he received from a listener, and must take responsibility for his word. Leaders lead, and leaders acknowledge when they are wrong. In a dire time for legitimate sources of information and not just listening to the mainstream jargon or “expert” influencers, who are busy being the new super family poster children of consumerism. Will believes his integrity depands to provide accurate content and to uphold one of the most important tenants of service, do no harm. Check it out and let us know what you think. You can tell us personally to our faces at Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market, this Sunday March 26,2023 from 11am-5pm at Empire Live Albany. 93 North Pearl Street Albany, NY. Come by and give spring a slightly darker, macabre and underground feel. Channel your inner Joey Ramone or Debbie Harry and rock out to Radio Radio X spun punk music. Thank you for listening and please come back next week for another episode. Please be kind and look out for eachother out there. Get well, be safe and stay ABOVE....


Gonna Fly Now w/Lou Solano

For those of us who lack self love, life can be arduous. Like carrying around a hundred pound weight. A weight hard to shed no matter how hard you run. Lou Solano found recovery in running. Connection in running. And Lou is gonna fly now because he knows he is never alone in running or in life. What's up everyone? Welcome to episode one hundred ninety six of Nippertown's mental health podcast from the peerpective. This week we discuss suicide, running and connection. The power of mother nature's soundtrack and a group of strangers cheering you on to just cross the finsih line. Peer support at its essence. Lou knows recovery from a suicide attempt is not going to be perfect or easy. Lou likes to focus on where he'd like to finish and not the missteps along the way. Lou came to our attention through his article titled, You Are Not Alone, for Adirondack Sports magazine in July 2022. Thanks to Julie for making the connection. Through training and life Lou continually strides to just keep on running. Thanks for listening to another episode of Above Ground Podcast. Please continue to follow us, share our content and connect with us. Get well, be safe, stay Above.


Under Your Scars

Scars can hold us back and keep us stuck. Scars can also act as a catalyst for change and a reminder that we are stronger because we have overcome something. Sharing the stories under your scars might even plant the seed for another to bare their own scars. Welcome to episode one hundred ninety five of Nippertown’s only mental health podcast from the peerspective. This week we are talking scars. Our title inspired by the GodSmack song of the same title. We all have them, but not all scars are visible at first glance. Scars validate our journey and offer evidence of meaning. That doesn’t mean that you should share the meaning of your scars with everyone. Not all inquiries require an answer. You can even have fun with the ones that come with negative feelings or memories by coming up with an interesting anecdote or story of its acquisition. As humans we need to remember that not everyone is comfortable with their scars, let own facing a barrage of questions about them. This can be a triggering experience for individuals. None of us are in the same place at the same time enough when it comes to talking about our scars. Let’s face it, scars are often trauma induced. We aim to be trauma informed. Thank you for listening to Above Ground Podcast and supporting mental health awareness, advocacy education. You can find a new episode every Wednesday wherever you pod. Join us at our favorite metaphysical boutique, The Sage's Circle, 443 Saratoga Rd, Glenville NY. Sunday March 12, 2023 at 1pm. This is our monthly Mental Health Peer Meet Up Group. Come be surrounded by others who our having similar experiences. It's confidential, share as much or as little as you like. We can all use support at one time or another. This is a safe space for all to be supported. Find us at the next Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market on Sunday March 26, 2023 from 11a-5pm at Albany's big city rock club Empire Live. Come down to 93 North Pearl Street Albany, NY 12207;(518)900-5900. Come down and find very cool and unique one of a kind items of the often dark and macabre. Lots of items to check out and people to watch. Get on down and paint your spring with a shade of black. We appreciate all of your support in the way of shares, likes, follows, and donations. Continue to spread the word that everyone has mental health. It's time to end the stigma and take care of it like it should. Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.


Will the Circle be Unbroken

In ancient times, Sages were revolutionaries, teachers and healers whose wisdom was sought by those seeking universal truths on how to live well in the world. Divinely inspired philosophers, saints and leaders with a direct and unique knowledge of the Universal/Absolute Truth. Will the circle be unbroken? It will with Sages like Jaime Pawlinga. Hello and welcome to episode one hundred ninety four of Above Ground Podcast. Our guest this week is the founder of the Sages Circle, Jaime Pawlinga. The Sages Circle is Nippertown’s premier metaphysical boutique and spiritual center located at 443 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY. Offering a variety of products, services, classes and workshops with your wisdom and growth at the heart of it all. Jaime has come to her wisdom by possessing an unquenchable desire to grow and learn from her spiritual practice. One that started when she was young. As the granddaughter of a pastor, she knew at an early age that a spiritual path needed to be followed. This morphed into being certified in energy healing as a young teenager. Growing into a healer and a guide. Working in the health care domain as an end of life doula and guiding families through the last, an often most difficult transition, death. Going on to become an EMT and then a FireFighter until health forced yet another shift. Leading Jaime to pursue yoga as a mode of therapy to later becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher. Jamie has been led to the circle, because she is the circle and that circle will be unbroken. This Sunday, March 5 at 6pm, come to the Sages Circle for a book signing and discussion of TPP’s new book, Never Underestimate the Power of You. A help yourself book because life is the ultimate DIY project. Come hear Tim discuss and read from the book. Copies will be available for purchase at the event. Then, Sunday March 26, from 11a-5p, is the next Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market Empire Live, 93 North Pearl Street, Albany, NY. Vendors from all the dark corners come to fill up the room with unique, macabre, one of a kind jewelry, art, fashion, and creations you won’t find at Crossgates Mall or anywhere else. Come down say hi to Above Ground Podcast and let’s put some black in our spring. Thank you as always for listening and please continue to visit with us every Wednesday wherever you pod. We cannot do it without you. You can support the show by donating at BuyMeaCoffee/AboveGroundPod. Remember that everyone has mental health and until next Wednesday get well, be safe, stay ABOVE


The Human Factor

Carl Jung suggests we learn the theories and modalities, but not forget that in the end we are dealing with human beings. All the stuff that comes between us in a therapeutic setting especially, between client and provider, can work against the Human Factor. What’s a peer to do? Welcome to episode one hundred ninety three of Above Ground Podcast. This week the guys discuss the conundrum of dealing with humans in the mental health world. Be it peers, professionals and the dreaded self-anointed know it alls. It’s clear that in 2023 our human capacities have been taxed beyond what many of us ever believed. The engineering of social media and algorithms have dissected connection and our views of ourselves. This has led us to feel untrusting, unloved and often unlovable. Thanks for connecting with us. Please follow us on the socials. Subscribe to the pod on your fave platform. If what we provide is helping, you can help us by going to BuyMeACoffee/AboveGroundPod. Come out Sunday March 5, 2023 at 6pm to our favorite metaphysical boutique and spiritual center aptly named, the Sages Circle. Located at 443 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY. Celebrate and take part in the Never Underestimate the Power of You, book signing and discussion with TPP. Because life is a DIY project and this is a help yourself book. Grab your copy at the event. Sunday March 26, 2023 is the next Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market at Empire Live Albany, NY. 11am-5pm come down to 93 N.Pearl Street Albany, NY 12207 and purchase some one of a kind, cool, and often macabre gifts and jewelry. Artists and creators from all over the Tri-State and New England areas bring their creations for sale. Above Ground Podcast will be there to discuss mental health. Hope to see you there. Thanks again for listening and for supporting mental health. Find us every Wednesday on Nippertown.com and everywhere you pod. Until next time get well, be safe, stay ABOVE!


You Can't Stop Me

This week Above Ground Podcast is stoked to have as our guest, Sylvester Jenkins the third. Sylvester is known as a Bounce-back Specialist,as well as, Author, Speaker, Husband, Father and Vet. Sylvester's journey would be the definition of resilence. Suffering from low self-esteem and abandonment issues, stemming from not having a male figure in his life, Sylvester found gang life as the closest thing to family.That led him into life on the streets as an early teen and could have ended much differently. You Can't Stop Me is the story of what it takes to grow into the strongest version of self development. "People fake being fine, they don't fake being depressed", says Sylvester. Having feet in different cultures that contain many believing mental illness is a weakness, Sylvester has become a staunch mental health advocate. Sylvester believes that by being better for yourself you are better for everyone else. His ability to overcome every hurdle thrown in his path speaks to the commitment he has to, empower the next generation to rise above their obstacles and unleash their inner-warrior. Sylvester Jenkins dedicates himself to sharing his life's work and to helping others become the best versions of themselves. Find Sylvester's book, From Combat to Comeback, on Amazon or grab the audio somewhere. Check out Sylvester's YouTube page. Or find him on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for listening. Please come out Sunday February 19, 2023 at 1pm to The Sage's Circle,443 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY, for our next Mental Health Meet-up Peer Group. Click the link and go to the Facebook event page. Then Sunday March 5, 2023, will be TPP's Book Discusiion and Signing at 6pm. Please call (518)369-7018 or info@thesagescircle.com. Come out, purchase a book, have it signed and hear some of the wisdom from this help yourself book. Never Underestimate the Power of You, Hope to see you there. Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE...


The Battle of Evermore

The Battle Royale is on. it’s a mash up of our thoughts, emotions, fears, doubts … all in the same ring. How will you make it out of the ring? Balance? Letting go of the idea of winning? You’re thinking is the main variable in making it to the ring and being the last one standing. Not letting your thoughts dominate your emotions, not letting the emotions take over the mind and control your actions. Allow grace, give yourself compassion and remain vigilant throughout. This is the battle of evermore and it will forever carry on, just don't let it take you down for the count. Welcome to episode one hundred ninety one of Above Ground Podcast. This week Will & TPP throw down in the squared circle of emotion and face the battle of evermore. The emotional mind vs reasonable mind. Does carrying on that fight cause more dilemmas or will it inspire your solution? Here in lies the strength it takes to don the tights and boots, march down the aisle and step between the turnbuckles. The battles we wage within ourselves often leave us sick in the aftermath. Don't get caught in a figure-four. If you can find your wise mind you can learn to blend the parts into the whole. There is always the middle path. The non-doing side. By just the right amount of effort it all gets done. We can use our wise mind to help guide us in the fight between emotion and rationale, talk them down and bring them together. In our wise mind we put into action the integration of wisdom and utilize its power to aim us in a non-attached manner toward our wanted outcome. Always keep in mind, does not one battle make an entire war. You will have exercise after exercise in the mind war games. Know this, you are enough. The Sages Circle at Point Plaza, 443 Saratoga Road Glenville, NY is quickly becoming Nippertown’s premier metaphysical boutique and spiritual meeting place. Sunday February 19, 2023 at 1:00pm is the second Mental Health Meet-up Peer Group. This is a general peer group for mental health conversations. Facilitated by either or both TPP and Will. Our first group drew nine participants. Follow the link or call the Sages Circle at (518)369-7018. Then Sunday March 5, 2023 at 6:00pm will be a Discussion and Book Signing for Timothy (TPP) Parent and his book, Never Underestimate the Power of You at the Circle. Please call or click the links to register for these events and any other event or service you'd like to have facilitated by Jamie and the Circle. Thanks for listening to Above Ground Podcast. Until next week when we are joined by Author, Bounce Back Expert, Mental Health Advocate and Retired Army Veteran, Sylvester Jenkins III, we appreciate your support. Get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.


Chosen Reject w/Phillip Fleming

We don’t always recognize that our lived experience has meaning. Meaning to us, yes. But, it can also benefit the betterment of mankind. That’s what peer work is. Using our lived experience to benefit others, should they need it. Chosen Reject , Phillip Fleming knows the power of peer support and hears its music. This week Above Ground Podcast episode one hundred ninety. We are joined by Phillip Fleming for our first of two innerviews to celebrate Black History month. Phillip is a member of the Board of Directors and a Peer Specialist at Fountain House, an ordained minister, and the Recording Secretary at New York Association of Black Psychologists. Phillip spreads his knowledge and on the way out drops the mic. Kurt Cobain shouted that the kids were the chosen rejects and when Phillip first heard that, he knew he belonged somewhere. Phillip just needed to find his place. “You’re free to take off the label like you take off a coat!” Says Phillip about the labels that stigma adorns us with. Taking off that coat allowed Phillip to discover who he was and create who he is. Thanks for listening to this week's episode of Above Ground Podcast. This Saturday, February 4th at 8pm Will Foley is performing at the Fuse Box in Albany, NY. 12 Central Avenue Albany, NY. $10 dollars at the door. In support of Black Belt Jones, Psychomantieum, Same Old Rat. A great heavy rock bill. Will should take the stage just after 8pm. Come support local music. Sunday March 5th at 6pm the Never Underestimate the Power of You Discussion and Book Signing celebrating the release of Tim's book at The Sage's Circle, 443 Saratoga Road, Glenville NY. We will also be holding another Mental Health Peer Group on Sunday February 19th at 1pm, back at the Sages Circle. Thanks for listening, get well, be safe, stay Above...


Falling To Pieces

Missing pieces of the puzzle can cause it all to fall apart. You can create new puzzle pieces. Connecting the pieces can make a beautiful picture. The displaying of the picture takes epoxy, a frame and care. One misstep can cause the pieces to fall, and when falling to pieces, is it a piece that we are missing or have we put pieces together in the wrong order? This week on episode one hundred eighty nine the guys discuss the pieces of the helping yourself puzzle. Putting yourself back together is a do it yourself, no one is going to save you project. The wisdom to be gained is outside, but integrating it is an inside job. Just like gasoline is only potential power and unless you pour it into a combustion engine it won’t do what it is intended to do. This we week we also mention the fine art of kintsugi. This technique of repairing broken pottery is an extension of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the philosophy of finding the beauty in transience, imperfection and simplicity. This great article from the blog, The Conversation will help you understand. Some questions to ponder this week; what pieces are you missing? What pieces no longer fit? Is ignorance really bliss when the pieces are falling apart? What do you recognize that no longer fits and are you ready to create new pieces? Does healing ever end? Thanks for listening to episode one hundred eighty nine of Above Ground Podcast. We appreciate you listening . Please support our endeavors by sharing, reviewing and following. You can also support us at these upcoming events. Saturday February 4, 2023 Will is opening for Black Belt Jones, Psychomanteum, Same Old Rat at the Fuse Box 12 Central Avenue, Albany, NY. Doors at 7pm $10 support local music. No support, no scene. Sunday March 5, 2023 at the Sages Circle 443 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY Nippertown's premier metaphysical boutique hosts, Timothy ‘TPP’ Parent and his book discussion and signing event at 6pm. TPP's book, Never Underestimate the Power of You, is a help yourself book because life is a DIY project. Hope to see you out there in support of mental health. Until next week get well, be safe, stay Above.


Lose Yourself w/Donna of James's Warr;ors

Suicide is devastating. The aftermath often pulls apart loved ones, and their communities. Loss gives way to grief, guilt and even shame. Time can help you heal, but if you are not mindful, you can lose yourself. This week Above Ground Podcast speaks with Donna Thomas. Donna, along with her husband Bobby and daughter Shannon are the founders of James’s Warriors. James's Warriors is a non profit organization that provides resources and education to change the way mental health is perceived in the public and to reduce the stigma surrounding and preventing suicide. “You don’t just lose a child you lose the future”, says Donna Thomas. Donna speaks candidly about the loss of her son James. Her approach is authentic and heartfelt. She and her team speak to schools all over New York State. She provides a sense of peace and a mother's love. During her presentations she is raw and real. Donna shares the real story with her student listeners. Her students a presented with a coping kit that contains helpful items to allow for a break, knowing that we need comfort. "No one wants to think their child will die by suicide", expresses Donna. There is a disconnect between people who do not understand why someone chooses suicide. In those individuals who choose suicide, there is a pain that won't end and our lost only want that pain to end. Some facts about suicide. There is a death by suicide every 11 minutes. From the years 2000-2017, there was a 41% increase in suicide rates for ages 15-25 and was the 3rd leading cause of death for this age group. According to the CDC more than 90% of people who attempt and survive never go on to die by suicide, however. These stats are from the CDC, AFSP and OMH of NY. If you are interested in learning more about suicide prevention and volunteering please check out the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and their Talk Saves Lives and More Than Sad programs. Please go to the Suicide Prevention Center of NY State to find tools, resources and information to support the effort. If you are in a crisis please dial or text 988. For TTY users dial 711 then 988. Dial 1-888-628-9454 for our spanish speaking friends. Vets text 838255. We thank Donna and all our guests past and future. Thanks so much for listening this week and please check in every Wednesday for a new episode. Until next week get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.


Low Self Opinion

The view of ourselves is shaped by many things. It is formed by our nurture. It is exacerbated by culture. It can elevate our egos or destroy our self esteem. Social media escalates the self-hate war with weapons of mass distraction and the algorithims only feed you a steady diet of doubt, fear and lack. Is it any wonder that so many of us our walking around with a low self opinion? I don’t think so. Let’s open the meat jacket and see. Welcome to episode one hundred eighty seven of Above Ground Podcast. This week we riff on low self opinion, where it could start, how we can face it and create self esteem. This week’s title was inspired by non other than Henry Rollins and the track from the Rollins Band album, the End of Silence. That’s us here, silent no more. When Henry screams,” unable to express the pain of your distress, you withdraw deeper inside,” takes you by your shirt and throws you into the pit of self knowledge. But, in order to get to the philosopher’s stone we need introspection and a language to describe what it is we are really searching for. Let’s get in the circle and do the work. Thanks to everyone that came out Sunday to our first Mental Health Peer Meet-Up at the Sages Circle in Glenville. Nippertown’s premier metaphysical boutique, mind, body, spirit shop. We will be meeting again on Sunday February 19, 2023, at 1pm. Jamie is an incredible force, spirit and has created a sanctuary for the soul. Stop in to the store at 443 Saratoga Rd (Rt.50) Glenville, NY for all your spiritual tools. TPP is doing a discussion and book signing for, Never Under Estimate the Power of You. A DIY book for the ultimate DIY project, YOU. Join us on Sunday February 12, 2023 at 6pm in Glenville. Grab a copy and connect. Last week’s guest, Jean Trewhella of Movement-Insights at 100 Saratoga Village Blvd. Suite 10, Ballston Spa, NY 12020, is offering a free class in January to mental health professionals. Use the code “Movement and Health” when signing up. Thanks for listening and supporting mental. Until next time get well, be safe, stay Above.