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Will Foley and Tim Parent have open conversations on mental health/illness and all its counterparts .. stomping the stigma’s on culture and life. Raw & real mental health talk from the peer perspective, every Wednesday. Because you can't serve below. Be Well, be Safe, be Above...

Will Foley and Tim Parent have open conversations on mental health/illness and all its counterparts .. stomping the stigma’s on culture and life. Raw & real mental health talk from the peer perspective, every Wednesday. Because you can't serve below. Be Well, be Safe, be Above...


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Will Foley and Tim Parent have open conversations on mental health/illness and all its counterparts .. stomping the stigma’s on culture and life. Raw & real mental health talk from the peer perspective, every Wednesday. Because you can't serve below. Be Well, be Safe, be Above...






Do it for Jonny

Debbie and Rich Straight share the story of losing their youngest of 3 children to suicide. Jonathan Richard Straight died at age 20. He never showed any signs of depression or anxiety until 2 months before he died. His family had no knowledge of his struggles until less than a week before he took his life. Jon was a Sophomore at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Where he majored in Transportation Design. He is survived by his parents, Debbie and Rich; brother, David...



Persistent depressive disorder, also called dysthymia (dis-THIE-me-uh), is a continuous long-term (chronic) form of depression. Described to us as the 'blue screen of death'. The concept was coined by Robert Spitzer as a replacement for the term "depressive personality" in the late 1970s. Today's title was inspired by Truckfighters song of the same title. This episode was sponsored by Inner Balance Massage Therapy of Ballston Spa, NY. Mention you heard this ad and receive $15 off your...


Nobody Puts Katie in a Corner

We lose 22 Vets a day to suicide. The numbers don't lie. Our #RealConvo today is with,Katie Fisher-McVeigh, a retired Air Force Veteran with five years active duty and fifteen as a Reservist. She was also the Board Chair for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Capital Region NY. Her story is one of strength and resilience. Today is Veterans Day in the States. We thank our Vets for their service, sacrifice and heroism. Today we talk about military sexual trauma, the stigmas of mental...



Blueprints are technical drawings used for architecture. We need schematics to build our best selves. Our structures (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) need a diagram in order to stay ABOVE. You will notice that this idea contains half of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. These designs only come to life if you have an outline to chart your course. Create your blueprints now.


Killed By Death

What is assisted dying? The Netherlands could probably explain it better, they were the first to legalize it in 2002. Many debates have been had overtime if this is “justified “ Supporters of this think it is humane and a more honorable way with safeguards in place & specialists overseeing things Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada & Switzerland are some who have passed the law in support of this. We didn’t know what we were getting into when we decided to bring up this topic in discussion but it...


Pushing Forward Back

Matthew Shapiro is the Associate Director of Public Affairs for NAMI NYS. Mental health fell onto him not the other way around. From Ritalin to raising awareness and spreading hope with his helpful, empathetic spirit. Matt is a heavyweight champion in the fight against stigma. This week is NAMI NYS 2020 Virtual Education Conference on Friday and Saturday October 23-24. Please sign up, to be a part of the exciting program. Will Foley is one of the performers for a second year in a...


Rage for (DIS)order

What happens when two individuals, who are also 1 in 5, talk about rage? Listen to Will & Tim rage for (dis)order, the mic, the podium and the space to have their opinions be heard. Tempers were a flare as the raw conversations built with discussions of the nine triggers of rage..... triggered them both! As usual this is how they do it, real, raw and open conversations. Are we all violent? Can you feel rage come on? Do you know your triggers? Do you see red when you are singled out?...


Grounded On Glen St. w/Yoga Kayla

Kayla Kraft (Yoga Kayla) is the creator of Grounded on Glen St. A place to pause, connect with your body, nourish your soul and calm your mind. The studio is located at 206 Glen St. Glens Falls, NY 12801. Start your new lifestyle with Yoga Kayla. www.groundedonglenst.com on Facebook and Instagram @groundedonglenst


Toxic Waltz

We can find ourselves in the "Toxic Waltz" if we deny too much that we can explain. Denial is a byproduct of toxic positivity. The state of being overly positive at the expense of your emotions. Telling yourself you got a fist full of diamonds and your holding lint. So many of us want to believe what we want to believe is so. Yet doesn't make it tangible. But by believing in something so hard it can cause delusion. When you ignore your emotions to constantly look at everything in the...


All Shook Up

The floor is lava and the bridge is eggshells when you have a mentally ill parent. When it's the only normal you have, you normalize the abnormal. We often want a diagonally different life when we are old enough to choose. Mental illness affects the whole family. It can lead to many outcomes including depression and even suicide. Michael Shook, originally from the 5-1-8, is a retired educator and writes at Medium.com. His upbringing made him, pleaser, protector, educator and survivor....


Communication Breakdown

Communication is an art we have lost. In the age of one minute sound bytes, magic pills and willful ignorance. We have become uninterested in others and the breakdown is evident. The delicate dance of communicating starts with eye contact, empathy and the willingness to open the mind and LISTEN! Rapport, as described by Tony Robbins, is a set of skills we can use to create quality connection with others. Sometimes it takes stepping out of our comfort zones and confronting our fears head...


A New Version of Groundskeeping

When our foundation is weak and cracked, it can lead to emotional storms, physical torment and mental collapse. Trauma is the leading earthquake that shifts our ground and swallows us up in the sink hole. But, we can let light shine into the cracks and open us to a new version of groundskeeping. September is Suicide Awareness month. This week is Suicide Prevention Week. The 10th of September is World Suicide Awareness day. Above Ground Podcast feels that everyday is Suicide...


Mind to Make a New Start with Tearle Ashby

From Fear of Flying to making a difference in the urban school landscape. Artists and musicians often make the best social workers.Tearle Ashby, (ask him how to pronounce it) embodies the reasons for that; empathy, creativity, awareness, openness, honesty, caring. Our conversation covers the ups and downs of working in the world of test scores over trauma response. Common core to emotional IQ. Are we causing the anxiety and depression in our children? We agree that we need to do some work...


You Down with P.T.G.?!

"You down with P.T.G? Yea, you know me! Wait, what?!? W.T.F. is P.T.G.? Post Traumatic Growth is the idea that we can be fundamentally changed in a positive way by our traumas and challenges. Psychologists Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun developed this concept in the mid-90s. Post Traumatic Growth was becoming measurable. An inventory of 21 items were used to assess individual's response to traumatic events. Their perceptions of self, story, and show.


Under the Mask of Happening

When we think of masks we often think of Halloween and not our emotions or persona. So many of us are hiding our true face. Behind a false covering of ourselves. So many negative emotions fill in the spaces between the cracks. We are filled with a lack of self confidence, fear, sadness and dread. Our emotions overwhelm our need for connection and we find isolation. Making the negative feelings more up front. Louder, faster. We live in a social media diet world of micro-chaos and...


Domesticated Animals

Somewhere between childhood and adulting our dreams, hopes and fantasies, are replaced by dread, fear, and anger. Adding up to a despair often left unacknowledged until it leads to a crisis, or worse, death. "You get right up then sit back down The revolution is one spin 'round.." sings Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age on the track, "Domesticated Animals".


He Won't Back Down

Jordan won't back down from life. It takes strength, solutions and stamina. A member of some distinguished clubs, like the club of divorced parents, suicide attempt survivors, bad therapists, the hospitalized and the largest club of all; the club of the unseen. His story is riddled with ups and downs. Trials and tribulations. Diagnosed with bipolar and over medicated as so many are. When the cracks are deep they may never be filled in. Jordan is a huge supporter of Big Brothers/Big...


How Much Grief Can You Take

Grief takes over the entire body. We can spend many years grieving and not realize we are grieving. Grief is an emotional response to loss. We have experienced much loss in 2020. We haven't seen the toll this year will take on us all, and may not for years to come. The Stages of Grief, are not linear and you may or may not experience all the emotions related. Identity seems to permeate our grieving processes. Or does our identity lead to grief? What we have learned is that grief is a sticky...


Strength in the Struggle

From addiction and despair to founder of a non-profit and helper of many. This week we have Jacque Ecuyer. He is the founder of 4S4Life.com, a life coach and he has been to hell and back. He considers himself a phoenix emerging from the ashes. He has seen the darkest days of a drug raddled existience and risen above to touch a lot of folks along the way. Jacque Ecuyer


The Wheels of the Struggle Bus Go Round N' Round

Has the struggle bus been making stops at your house? Do you find yourself heading out to catch it, or are you waving as it drives by? We all find ourselves at the corner of Grey St and the end of the world. This week we try to dissect the struggle bus, a piece at a time. We find we have more questions than answers, but we have learned that we aren't supposed to have as many of the answers as we feel we are entitled too. It's all about the journey. The destination is just the invitation to...