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Every Wednesday, Will Foley and TPP have open, raw conversations on mental health, mental illness and everything on its spectrum. Stomping the stigma’s one conversation at a time. Two not so ordinary dudes sharing their stories, opinions and tools to be well, be safe and be Above.

Every Wednesday, Will Foley and TPP have open, raw conversations on mental health, mental illness and everything on its spectrum. Stomping the stigma’s one conversation at a time. Two not so ordinary dudes sharing their stories, opinions and tools to be well, be safe and be Above.


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Every Wednesday, Will Foley and TPP have open, raw conversations on mental health, mental illness and everything on its spectrum. Stomping the stigma’s one conversation at a time. Two not so ordinary dudes sharing their stories, opinions and tools to be well, be safe and be Above.






Symptoms of the Universe w/Hannah Stainer

Everyone experiences the Symptoms of the Universe. Hannah Stainer realized that depression is an electrifying enemy, but standing up for yourself is swimming into a magic ocean. Hannah is the creator of Psykhe Mental Wellbeing Podcast. She is a Wellbeing Coach, Teacher, Podcaster, Mental Health Advocate & Artist. This week she speaks with Will & TPP about depression, life, suicide, empathy, Black Sabbath and podcasting. You can find Hannah's episodes twice weekly on Apple Podcasts Spotify...


Reluctant Hero

When you’re tired of having to be strong for strength’s sake and feeling overwhelmed, we can become reluctant to hear the calling of the hero in our story. Heroes don’t all wear capes and come from every where. F.E.A.R. keeps us stuck and comfort is a cozy place where dreams go to die. Our dreams. Our trials become endurance building exercises. Will is a necessary tool to possess in your bat belt. The willingness to do something can defeat the monsters of reluctance and resistance....


Uncomfortably Numb

Silence only strengthens stigma, but Rob Leathen is here to dowse that fire with a hose full of truth and experience. He speaks openly and honestly about his struggles and the source of pain for many of our dispatchers who simply just can’t un-hear things people should not hear. We often think of the first line response we see on a fire or accident call. We forget there are human beings answering these calls to send teams where they need to go. We forget the first voice we hear in a...


The Space Between

It's not always about you. Holding space is not judging, fixing, or adding your experience. The Space Between is making it about someone else, because I have all the time for you, love. We have a lot of trouble in not making it about ourselves. It is especially hard to make a non-judgmental place for an individual that has placed a burden on you. We are wired to take, want and seek from others. We enter with judgements, views and the urge to have our needs filled. SPMIs often make a...



Are you ready for real conversations about mental wellness, mental illness and everything in between? We are Will & TPP! Welcome to Above Ground Podcast. A weekly conversation between two not so normal dudes, talking about not so normal things. Normalizing things like suicide, mental health, depression, anxiety and all of the spectrum that covers mental wellness to mental illness. We are giving the PEERspective, not the PROspective. Join us every Wednesday for a new episode everywhere you...


Falling Back to See What Kelly Found

Victoria, B.C.'s Kelly Conrad is a blogger, BeachBody enthusiast and complex PTSD 'thriver'. The universe dumped the trash bin of her life, forcing her to pick up and examine every piece. We hear her story of overcoming the Negative Olympics to living a grateful, healed and purposeful life. Complex PTSD can develop in response to prolonged, repeated experience of interpersonal trauma. Causing difficulty controlling emotions, feeling very angry or distrustful to the world. Following a...


Hold the Line

This week Will & TPP hold the line and discuss boundaries. Boundaries are lines that are created by you for you. Guidelines or limits we create to identify more reasonable ways for people to treat us. Boundaries can be flexible and help foster self esteem. There are intellectual, physical and emotional types of boundaries. Not everyone will adhere to your boundaries. You may not, either. Communication is paramount and self awareness is a warm coat to wear in the storm of crossing those...


She Has Been to Venus and Back

'Tori', our guest this week. has lost a daughter, only after a few weeks of life. Survived cancer. With her son, humor, community and love of life helping her tread and fight her way back to shore. Tori talks openly about her mental health. The feelings of shame and malfunction. The door into the long hall of grief that leads to a window looking out at sunflowers under a glorious, warm sunshine. In times of great agony, and grief, drowning is not an option. Humor can buoy us, but for only...


The Sound of Silence

The art of active listening is open, direct attention to what a speaker is saying. Guiding the conversation, opening it up for connection. Stop, pause, listen. Then breathe and respond. The needs will be revealed, in the words and mannerisms of speaker. Active listening is a skill that can help facilitate trust. In self and in others. You can learn about others by picking up cues, thoughts or paying attention. Check out our friends, Close Knit Co. Here you can you order yourself a piece of...


Am I Safe with Russell Kennedy the Anxiety MD

“Feel it, to heal it. You can’t just talk about it!” Says Russell Kennedy, MD. The Anxiety MD, has lots of credentials, street cred, incite and a sense of humor. He shares it in his new book, The Anxiety Rx. He shares with AGP this week. We talk about the ‘alarm’ that childhood trauma produces in the body. We talk about LSD, psychedelic medicines and the usefulness of micro-dosing. He shares the ah-ha moment he experienced hearing renowned developmental psychologist, Gordon Neufeld. Russ...


A Sense of Purpose

Resilience is the tool to overcome life’s undertow. Building the muscle to tread and stay above takes repetition and patience. If you’re reading this, then you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. I want to share a secret with you. ... Come closer. YOU ARE RESILIENT! Resilience as defined by the Bounce Back Project is our ability to bounce back from the stresses of life and not avoiding, but learning how to thrive within them. Here at AGP we’re all about the thriving. Purpose comes...


In the Blood with Valéry Brosseau

Strength and struggle form the plasma, while pain and perseverance hold the platelets. For Toronto, Ontario based, Valéry Brosseau it won’t wash out in the water, it will always be In the Blood. Mental Health advocate, speaker and trainer; Valéry Brosseau is a bad ass on so many levels. She understands the importance of speaking up to kick stigma’s ass. Her speaking has taken her from crisis hotline trainer to TEDxMcGill stage. Valéry’s workshops and support groups create an atmosphere...


Self Destruction Blues

Old records are often warped and will not play properly on the turntable of the limbic jukebox. Do we set ourselves up for failure by letting old feedback loops repeat? We often get jammed in the grooves of our Self Destruction Blues. The hellhounds howl at the back door, but we have a choice to let them in. This week Will & Tim talk about getting locked in old patterns, which often doom us to be stuck on repeat. We see through shit colored glasses and cannot find the wipes. We wouldn't be...


Shut Up and Listen with Sean Wellington

Sean Wellington has learned that the best thing we can do for others is to...SHUT UP and LISTEN! As a crisis counselor, podcaster, storyteller and trainer, Sean has heard many stories of survival, strength and loss. Sean produces two podcasts, Suicide Noted and Grit,True Stories That Matter. His journey has taught him not to take life for granted. His genuine curiosity and empathic heart make him a great set of ears. He is well travelled and the greatest lesson learned is that pain is...


What's In the Sauce?

Validation is getting in touch with someones emotions. Acknowledgement is hearing the words without putting any emotional value in the macaroni. What's in the sauce? We discover that making sauce takes a lot of ingredients, time and care. Will & Tim talk this week about validation, acknowledgement, judgement, ideas of what we need to move forward on the crusty bread of life. Happy New Year! Time to re-evaluate where we are, where we're going and whether or not we have cookies. Stay tuned.


Epic. It is.

A pad of butter will not cover an entire loaf of bread. Spreading yourself too thin leads to a ride on the overwhelming color wheel. Getting off the merry-go round can be a battle. Epic. It is. We may have faith no more. If we ever had it. You want it all, but you can't have it. You can't grab it, either. We discuss boundaries, self worth and the feelings of overwhelm that come with not being enough. These waters run deep. They can drown us in self doubt. How do we say no, not knowing when...


It's Okay, Let's Talk

People don't see the fight when someone dies by suicide, they only see the ending. Depression is the voice that says you're not good enough. Anxiety is the voice that says everyone else can see it too. Suicide is sometimes the question mark on that conversation. Dan Egan is the Board Chair for AFSP Capital Region NY. He lost his dad to suicide when he was 19 years old. Surreal milestones mark the road of healing. His commitment to sharing his story with others lead him to the American...


Eyes of a Stranger

Into the eyes of a stranger, the mirror never lies. Masks only hold our true authenticity hostage and we cannot always afford the ransom. In the game of hide and seek, we are only hiding from our true nature. Can people place masks on you? Are you wearing a mask to hide shame, doubt, fear? When the grease paint sweats off, what scars are you willing to show? Join us this week to talk about see ourselves for who we really are. Inner Balance Massage Therapy of Ballston Spa, NY wants to give...


Right Now

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the States. They affect over forty million adults per year. Highly treatable, yet so many never seek treatment. You are nearly six times more at risk of hospitalization from a psychiatric disorder. This week's episode is Right Now. A timely conversation about anxiety. Surprisingly, we have not done an episode exclusively about anxiety until now. Anxiety disorders are often accompanied by depression or vice versa. These develop from a...


Rock Bottom

In the darkness it's hard to tell where you're at. Rock Bottom is as much a state of mind as it is a place of despair. There is comfort in our dark places. Our friend, Jordan joins us this week for a #realconvo about the scary places. We talk about landslides, avalanches, rescue vs. support and the uncomfortable places we stand. Witnessing a loved one struggle is difficult to watch. We often assume roles we think the other needs. Or the ones we think we should. Do you have to hurt yourself...