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The Anything Goes Project is about people and their stories. Real People, Real Stories.

The Anything Goes Project is about people and their stories. Real People, Real Stories.
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The Anything Goes Project is about people and their stories. Real People, Real Stories.






Heather Vickery: The Brave Files

Today we had a special guest, the host of The Brave Files, Heather Vickery. All I can say is Wow. I loved having a conversation with her. Each week Heather introduces you to a new guest who is moving beyond fear and doubt to achieve amazing things in life, business, education, the arts, politics and more. These inspiring stories flow from the authentic truth all guests bring to the conversation. You can find her show here:...


AGP Mini: Fogging Out With The BATMAN

WARNING: This episode may contain Nicotine, or Not. This AGP Mini is with Santos Duran, aka The Batman. I brought him on the show to talk about addiction and an alternative to this cigarettes you might have on you at this moment. I have a lot of respect for this man and he has personally helped many people kick the habit. You may have noticed this episode being published outside of the normal release date (Saturdays). This is an AGP Mini. You can expect these from us from time to time....


Dr. Aaron Smith: Awakening Your STEM School

Today we were joined by Dr. Smith, the author of Awakening Your STEM School. It is a brilliant book that answers the question, “How can educators transform an ordinary STEM site into an inspired, premiere learning center?” We talked about changes public education and businesses in our communities need to make happen in order to better our children's education and secure their futures in an ever-changing work environment. His book can be found here and I highly recommend it:...


Luke Williams: #Live 20: Experiencing a Focused Life

Today's episode is with Luke Williams, Author of #Live20: Experiencing a Focused Life. Luke and I dove into the process of writing a book, to publishing it. It was a very informative conversation that took us in many directions. Check out his book here: #Live20: Experiencing A Focused Life is a practical guide to time prioritization, building routines, and goal attainment. Through the Daily Path Agenda, you will build a...


Tracey Maxfield: Escaping the Rabbit Hole

On this episode of Anything Goes Project, we had a sit down with author Tracey Maxfield. She has a passion for this subject and there will be a lot of information in this episode. I must warn you first, this topic is about depression, anxiety, bully and suicide. Please proceed with caution. Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my journey through depression is a brutally honest, raw, and vivid description of what life is like after experiencing an acute depressive episode. This book is a must read...


Nick Elkins: Personal Financial Peace

Today's episode is a little off from the normal format. We brought Nick Elkins on to talk a little about himself but most importantly finances. Many people live paycheck to paycheck but can't ever seem to break that cycle. Here is where you begin. Nick can be reached at Feel free to reach out to me if you want me to forward any info to him. the budgeting software we discussed in the show. If you...


Bonus Episode: David Mee and Break Through Your Barriers

We joined David to discuss breaking through your barriers. His group page is focused on helping men overcome things that may be holding them back. This episode is not for younger audiences as we are discussing things like infidelity, addictions, and pornography. These are all real issues men face and many cases aren't willing to face. This episode is brought to by M&C Designs and The Wizards Workshop. Music is by XTaKeRuX from his Beyond the Grave album and used under an Attribution...


Juan Sepúlveda, Gentlemen's Brotherhood

Juan 'One' Sepulveda The work of Artist Juan Sepúlveda is one that aims to inspire the viewer to see things from a different perspective, to be introspective, and to achieve greatness. Whether it is through symbolism or optical illusion, the work of the artist reflects his passion for knowledge, inspiration, and creativity. Today, Juan’s work is included in private and corporate collections around the world, including The United States, South America, The Caribbean, Europe, and...


Luis Jimenez, Karate and Discipline

Today's guest is Luis Jimenez. He is a Fifth Degree Black and First Degree Black belt in Kickboxing. He was Born in Mexico City, Mexico and is now living in Victoria, TX. Luis started his own school in 1999 and is the owner of Zen Martial Arts in Edna Texas. He also Created Global Point Fighting Method in 2015. Luis has won numerous world championships as well as having trained more than 10 world champions, 3 of whom are from Edna, TX. The work Luis does has impacted the lives of more than...


Dave Reda Interview

We were able to hook up with horror film producer Dave Reda. We had a small issue with audio because Dave was coming to us via Skype on his phone but we made the interview work. Lots of great info on the Indie film scene and we had a great time just hanging out with Dave. If you would like more information about Dave, look for him on IMDB and or at