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A Deal is Made, A Cave is Explored

This episode features our heroes reluctantly accepting the deal proposed to them by the houses of Ithermoore. Xavier’s plan falls short, Kayne can’t land a hit, Perseus’s Snake makes an appearance. Xavier demands a contract and likes the offer they are given. Some mysterious creatures fancy themselves a snack in the form of our party. Will the party be able to fight them off? Be sure to check out our sponsor, Libris Arcana, to start your dice subscription service today. and...


A Tense Dinner Party, a Threatening Offer

The party accepts the invitation of their new hosts. Kayne gets cleaned up. Xavier tests Glaysa’s powers. Perseus practices self control. Esme lays down the truth.


Allies, snakes, and plots Abound

In this episode the party regroups at the brass cup after meeting with the “interesting people” they were asked to meet. Kayne and Xavier get an invitation. Esme inspires. Perseus resurfaces and talks about snakes with Esme. Xavier goes boat shopping.


Interview with a Dungeon Master

In this special episode for April 1st, Josh sits down with our DM Justyn to talk about some of the thoughts, inspirations and methods that went into designing and creating the world our characters our players are currently playing in. They discuss things such as world building, features of the world, a little bit of philosophy, how Justyn’s other campaigns feed into this one, and also some of the more sillier aspects of the show. If you like what you hear, leave us a review on itunes and...


Champions of the Arena

Esme, Kayne and Xavier split up as they try to get in touch with either the Malquim or the Brotherhood of the Black Grouse in order to help their new goliath friend, Mikel, find safety and freedom. Esme joins the aristocrats. Kayne and Xavier team up, Xavier tries his hand and subtle suggestions. Esme steps into the Arena. Kayne and Xavier back her up Be sure to check out our Sponsors: for a premium dice subscription service for a free 30-day...


Party Tensions, Missing Tortles

The implications of Xavier’s midnight mission come to bear down upon the party. Xavier spills the beans and draws. Esme and Kayne discover the nature of Xavier’s mysterious doll. Perseus is nowhere to be found. The party faces a difficult problem. Be sure to check out our Sponsors: for a premium dice subscription service for a free 30-day trial for audible’s audiobook service Thank you to Salty Dawg Co. For the use of our Intro and Outro...


Character Upgrades

This short episode explains the upgrades of 3 of our player characters: Esme, Kayne and Xavier. These are the upgrades that these characters obtained by reaching level 3. Unfortunately Perseus was unable to join our recording session due to illness, so we will include his level 3 upgrades the next time he is on the recording. The new episode drops tomorrow, so be sure to catch it!


Kayne's Morning Meanderings

In this episode we journey with Kayne as he awakes to find the members of his traveling party missing, with few clues as to their whereabouts and a cryptic message from his former master, Zogan. Kayne meets a new disciple, climbs the staircase, and gets shoulder checked. The mystery of the cages beneath the arena is revealed. Be sure to check out our Sponsors: for a premium dice subscription service for a free 30-day trial for audible’s...


Esme's Midday Mission

This week we have a special solo mission episode featuring Esme. The effects of the drawing of the first card from the mysterious deck are laid bare. Esme question’s Xavier’s actions, Explores the city, and finally learns more about the brotherhood and obtains a surprising artifact. However, all is not at peace in the city of Ithermoore. Esme realizes that she needs her allies, she needs them now. Be sure to check out our Sponsors: for a premium dice subscription...


Xavier's Midnight Mission

Here at Are We Dead Yet? we want to bring you as much content as possible. So every week in February we will be releasing solo missions for each character that go to explain how the characters reach level 3, rather than simply saying it and going over a bunch of stat increases, we thought we would add some story and flair to the whole endeavor. This week’s solo mission features Xavier. Awoken in the middle of the night by his Doll, Glasya, Xavier dons his equipment and undertakes a daring...


Narzugon Revealed

The party finally faces off against the mysterious people that are sabotaging the temple. Xavier takes control, Kayne and Perseus search for treasure, Esme keeps a secret. This episode is brought to you by, your onestop shop for a premium dice subscription service. You can also show support for the show by signing up for a free 30 day trial with audible at Thank you to Salty Dawg Co. for the use of our intro and outro music.


Gathering Intel

This week the party takes more steps towards figuring out the mystery behind the destruction of the temple district. Perseus discovers his artwork, Xavier interrupts, Kayne takes the lead. Esme gets fed up.


Ithermoore Nights

Our heroes have finally arrived in Ithermoore and are finally ready to present the request of Arinport to the municipal guard. Perseus tries some negotiation skills, Xavier changes appearances. Esme has a late night encounter, Xavier and Perseus drink. Kayne seeks to make himself more powerful. All the while, an evil omen looms ever closer to our heroes, as the journey they are on begins to intertwine with the threads of fate. Be sure to check out our sponsor, LibrisArcana.Com. Libris...


Magic and Consequences

This week our heroes journey into the Canyon of Sheer Cliff Mountain Pass. Xavier brings a friend into play, Esme takes a hard hit. Kayne scouts ahead while Perseus looks for love in all the wrong places. Our heroes have to make a tough decision. This week’s episode is sponsored by Libris Arcana, your source for premium dice subscription service. To get your dice subscription started today go to Be sure to follow us on Twitter @AWDYNetwork A huge shoutout to our graphic...


Bandits Be Warned

This week our heroes begin their Journey from Arinport to Ithermoore. Kayne and Esme have a fireside chat, Xavier wants some wraps. Perseus forgets his shell. Bandits visit the party. Xavier and Esme do some artwork. Be sure to check out our sponsor, Libris Arcana, to start your dice subscription service today. and tell them Are We Dead Yet? sent you! Big thanks to @LuvAshleyNicole for the creation of our podcast art and a huge shout out to our cast member Larry for...


Throwback Thursdays- Xavier and Perseus

Hello, This week our episodes is a little different. A little lighter on the role-play, dice rolling aspect of the game and a deeper dive into the backstories of the characters. Our 2 back stories we are diving into are those of Xavier Davros, under the guise of his painter persona David X and Perseus Lippus, the forgetful Tortle Monk. Xavier creates a work of art for a local lord, upsets a butler, and makes an uncomfortable alliance with a being he knows nothing about. After a quick...


Throwback Thursday- Kayne and Esme

This week our episode is a little different. A little lighter on the role-play, dice rolling aspect of the game and a deeper dive into the backstories of the characters. This week we dive into the backstories of 2 characters: Our Human Monk, Kayne and our Human Fighter, Esme. Kayne must first survive his master’s final lesson before learning the true nature of what it means to serve a higher purpose and the true nature of his master. Things take a dark turn upon the visit to a local town’s...


An Auspicious Day in Arinport

The story begins as we find our party members in Arinport, preparing to set out on their travels when suddenly the docks descend into chaos. As the situation turns from freakish natural disaster to malicious attack by mysterious monsters, the party bands together to help keep townspeople safe while also avoiding meeting their own ends. A huge thank you to our sponsor: Libris Arcana. Libris Arcana is a premier dice subscription service based out of Vancouver Canada. You can find out more...


Setting up the world, Introducing the Characters

Hello and welcome to this very special first episode of “Are We Dead Yet?” This Actual Play DnD podcast will take you into strange new worlds where you will encounter four loveable heroes as they fight terrible monsters, solve intriguing mysteries, and continue to ask the question Are We Dead Yet? In this introductory episode, Justyn as Dungeon Master, sets up the basics of the world that our heroes find themselves in. Each of our heroes introduces their characters and what they are doing...