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Stories shared by auto repair professionals and auto owners to help improve the car repair experience

Stories shared by auto repair professionals and auto owners to help improve the car repair experience
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Stories shared by auto repair professionals and auto owners to help improve the car repair experience






Palmer’s Automotive Repair Interview ASI006

The Auto Shop Connection podcast’s mission is to interview auto repair shop owners, employees and customers. Our purpose is to improve communication and trust between shops and their customers.


How Sharing Stories Can Benefit Your Auto Shop API005

Another Auto Podcast By Dave EastmanA repair shop with a podcast can benefit from an improved online presence, the ability to connect with its local community, having a status of being experts, and a reputation of being trustworthy and honest.This is the fifth in a series of introductory episodes that present the vision, mission and strategies behind the podcast. This episode takes the benefits listed above and expands them by covering four aspects of podcasting that work well when marketing...


How Stories Can Improve Auto Repair Services API004

An Auto Podcast By Dave EastmanAlmost every auto owner has had an auto repair experience they can share. Stories offer a way to connect automotive consumers with repair professionals. They can give compelling feedback to those automotive businesses.These are stories that car drivers can relate to because of their own experiences getting vehicle repair work done. Episode four of the Auto Shop Connection podcast shows how stories can connect automotive consumers to repair shops. Shared stories...


5 Motivating Factors behind the Automotive Podcast API003

An Automotive Podcast By Dave EastmanIn episode three we continue the introduction of the podcast goal of improving auto owner satisfaction with auto shop services. Our vision is to present unbiased auto repair facts from auto repair shop owners and employees.In accomplishing our vision and mission we will use one of our core values, which is to be an impartial resource for repair shops and auto owners alike.This discussion presents a summary of the complex issues in the automotive service...


Introduction to the Auto Shop Podcast Part Two API002

Automotive Podcast By Dave EastmanThe introduction of the podcast continues by providing more detail about episode format and auto repair topics to be covered. It identifies the automotive professionals to be interviewed and describes the target audience that the podcast content is intended to help. It explains the podcast and Auto Shop Connection website mission and goal of highlighting exceptional repair shops.The purpose of information shared in these monthly episodes is to help auto...


Introduction to the Auto Shop Podcast API001

An Automotive Podcast By Dave EastmanIn this first episode Dave Eastman introduces the podcast as an alliance between repair shops and auto owners. He presents his vision and objective for the podcast as a way of helping auto owners have a better auto repair experience by accessing unbiased and trustworthy information from repair professionals. Most of the episodes will be in the form of interviews with a variety of individuals who are willing to contribute by sharing their experiences,...