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AutoLooks AutoPod will take you back in time, jump to other side of the world and even teach you some long lost information about the automotive industry we all love. So sit back and take a listen, as we bring the automotive world, to you. Everett J.

AutoLooks AutoPod will take you back in time, jump to other side of the world and even teach you some long lost information about the automotive industry we all love. So sit back and take a listen, as we bring the automotive world, to you. Everett J.




AutoLooks AutoPod will take you back in time, jump to other side of the world and even teach you some long lost information about the automotive industry we all love. So sit back and take a listen, as we bring the automotive world, to you. Everett J.








Saab: The Life and Times - 0044

Sit back and take a ride through the live and times of Saab Automobile. AutoLooks takes a look at how it all began to how it all fell apart and where the brand is now. Saab was built from the aerospace industry just to fall to ruin at the hands of another company. We uncover the truth behind what really want wrong in the end and why Saab was left to die by its formerowner. So sit back and get ready to uncover the truth with us.Everett


#S3XY Tesla

It was bad enough when Tesla created the word #S3X from their vehicles, but now they have really turned up the heat. With the release of the Model Y, they now have the word #S3XY. Add to that the upcoming Cybertruck, Roadster, Semi and possible ATV, and you have the makings of some S3XY CARS. This maybe a great play on words for their main product line and could be even better with the arrival of some new models A & F. This would make Tesla, one S3XY AF automotive brand. But how did they...


Green Cargo Vans - 0045

Delivery is on the rise and so are the amount of companies who want to deliver your products. The EV Cargo Van segment is booming and AutoLooks wants you to know why. Many companies want to fill a need in the market, but how many can successfully survive. Everett J.


12 Days of Cars-Mas - Project Cars: C020

AutoLooks brings you our own rendition of the "12 Days of Christmas", made into our own project car theme. So sit back, relax and grab a cup of hot chocolate, as we bring you the "12 Days of Cars-Mas"​Everett J.


What's in a Name?: 0041

Hello My Name Is_________This is a question many ask themselves about their personal vehicle. But really how to we choose the perfect name for our vehicle. AutoLooks takes a look into the why and how of naming our vehicles. ​Everett J.


Polestar! The Volvo Way: 0029

Polestar started life out as a racing team and now they are becoming a green automotive company. AutoLooks takes a look at why Volvo is doing this and where Polestar is headed.Everett J #AutoLooks


Hyundai-Kia Truck: 0025

Hyundai is building a truck soon. Should Kia follow suit as well. AutoLooks takes a look at how both companies would benefit from a truck and which segment each company should enter.Everett J.​


Bond Cars - 0027

His cars have changed the world and even helped save the world. James Bond has many vehicles over his career, but how many of them are worthy of the James Bond name. AutoLooks takes you a journey to see the most influential products 007 has ever driven. Everett J. #autolooks


VW Trucks - 0024

The Beetle seemed to have started something for Volkswagen. Yes, they did actually start Volkswagen, but again it did start more than one product line as well. Follow AutoLooks as they take you on a journey back to the VW's beginning, when they utilized that famous Beetle platform to help build more for their ever growing company ​ Their foray into the truck market was a long one and even longer if you consider how long it actually took them to make their own mid-size truck. Being the...


Borrego to Telluride - 0023

Kia may have been on to something 12 years ago with their body on frame Borrego model. But it is too late to bring this model back. AutoLooks takes a look back on the history of Kia and their off road models, to see if there could be a new light at the end of the 4X4 tunnel. Everett J.


Future of the Grille - 0022

Radiators play an important role with all I.C.E. vehicles. But have you ever wondered if their cooling intake or the Grille will last forever. AutoLooks takes a look at the past, present and future of the radiator covering, the Grille. We uncover where this covering came from, what it has done and where it is going to wind up. You may be surprised about its possible future within the EV marketplace. So, strap yourself in for one fun wild ride from the AutoLooks Podcast. Everett J


Canada's Motorcade - 0020

Canada is not just hockey, beer and maple syrup. We are one of the top automotive producing countries in the world. Sure, we don't build lots of cars, but based on a per capita basis, Canada offers a lot to the automotive world. So, why doesn't our Prime Minister roll around in something from his own country. AutoLooks looks to uncover the truth behind our lack of a proper Canadian built motorcade, as we take a look at Canada's auto industry. Everett J.


Aurus Motors - 0019

Aurus Motors may seem new to most people, but their road to creation was one that could inspire other countries to follow suit. Come with us a we take a look at how Russia's new luxury automaker came to be. From the initial idea to where it is going, we take a look at the all new Aurus Motors. Everett J.


Get the frunk out! - 0018

Supercars use to be the only product out there that had a frunk, but with the rise of alternative vehicles, the frunk is moving into your everyday vehicle. With the loss of the space hogging I.C.E. powerplant, designers are utilizing this extra space for new storage compartments. But how far can they go with storage? Everett J.


Hercules to the Rescue - 0008

They may just be rumors, but there could be some truth to what Jeep may have in store for us. With the green light for the Rebel TRX model it could just be a matter of time before Fiat-Chrysler's most profitable lineup receives a Hellcat model as well. Time will tell for sure and maybe the aftermarket world will help push this model into the market.Everett


Is RAM ready for the TRX - 0017

RAM is finally going to make a Raptor fighter, but will it have what it takes to take down the off road performance king? We find out and a bit more about the history of the TRX, to see how old this project really is. Everett J.


Life and Times of the Caravan - 0016

Listen in as we follow the life and times of the Dodge Caravan and what it has done for the automotive world. It was a lot more than you think it was and influenced more in the industry than most know. So come with us on this journey as we follow the Caravan through its great life cycle. Everett J.​


Canoo to the Future - 0014

Ride ownership is down and ride hailing services are up. So what are companies to do in this day in age. Ask former company EVelozcity as they answer the question on everyone's mind. What is the future of mobility? We answer that question on this week's podcast. Everett J.


CUV Coupe Market - 0013

Coupe's are changing and evolution is taking over. The days of the 2-door sedan are over as the CUV market takes over. Following in the footsteps of the sedan coupe profile (saloon), the rise of the CUV coupe market is now expanding at an exceptional rate. AutoLooks takes at look at this market and where it is going. Everett J.


Active Lifestyle Vehicles - 0012

Is the new Ferrari SUV a true SUV and is the Urus really one as well. We answer this question with the arrival of a new segment to the CUV / SUV marketplace. Active Lifestyle Vehicles or ALV's are slowly taking over the market, as companies try to find more ways to solve the inevitable question of a true package deal. Everett J.