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Be The Change - Volunteering in Greece - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #33 This episode is a glimpse into a "day in the life" of a Global Volunteer in Crete - from the perspective of a volunteer teacher and the Greek team leader who guides her team. Greece Country Manager Sam Pinakoulaki first describes the team's daily schedule at a typical Greek English language "camp." After a hearty breakfast together, we have a short team meeting and we walk through the vineyard to school, says Sam. After three hours of teaching conversational...


Be The Change - New Year, New Beginnings - Be The Change

Hope = Action – Episode #32 This week’s episode takes us into the new year filled with thoughts of hope. Each of our four featured storytellers looks at cultivating hope through action, from a slightly different angle. Peggy and her family had a year loaded with personal challenges so large that she felt as though the fabric of her family was ripping away. Peggy, her husband, and their children found hope while working together, teaching conversational English in Greece. Peggy believes...


Be The Change - Why Give? - Be The Change

Why Give? – Episode #31 What are the advantages of donating to organizations doing work outside the United States? How important are financial contributions in the long-run? Some people may question if and how their own donations ultimately have an impact. Global Volunteers co-founders Michele Gran and Bud Philbrook, who married in 1979 and conceived the idea for Global Volunteers on their honeymoon in Guatemala, share facts and opinions about how contributions to their organization...


Be The Change - Unexpected Transformations - Be The Change

Unexpected Transformations – Episode #30 This week's podcast is highly personal and reflective - as our storytellers share how they've been changed since re-entering their daily lives after their volunteering experience. Julia says she was transformed on the Blackfeet Reservation at a Sweat Lodge ceremony. "I almost see myself as who I was before the Sweat and who I am after. I felt such a profound sense of connection to not only the locals, but to all of humanity. It was powerful, really...


Be The Change - Handwashing with Soap and Water - Be The Change

Life-Saving Action – Episode #29 In many developing communities worldwide, even the barest resources to protect health and welfare may be outside a family's budget. But, we know that a commodity as common as soap can and does prevent up to 80 percent of infectious diseases. The practice of washing with soap and water is more than 300 times as effective as any single immunization! Emily, today's storyteller, explains the urgent, critical need for immediate action - to save children's lives...


Be The Change - Students' Passion for Service - Be The Change

Students' Passion for Service – Episode #28 Tristan's service-learning experience in the Cook Islands gave him a new understanding about how service catalyzes understanding. "Every kid I worked with really touched my heart in a different way," he reflected. His story about a pick-up game of basketball underscores his point. Hadley's service program was her first international trip. She said she was immersed in the Ecuadorian culture deeper than she had expected. She can't imagine a better...


Be The Change - Leave Your Mark on the World - Be The Change

Leave Your Mark on the World – Episode #27 One person's volunteer service has the potential for touching hundreds of lives. Every day, we impact others in ways we may not even be aware of. The storytellers in this episode describe the joy of expanding their reach into new dimensions of service. Each of these unique experiences are also shared experiences that reveal how humanity is connected through acts of care and respect. As a college instructor, Mindy takes seriously the expansive...


Be The Change - Philosophy of Peace Waging - Be The Change

Philosophy of Peace Waging – Episode #26 This episode is a retrospective from our host, Ruth, and four storytellers on how Global Volunteers' Philosophy of Service is a philosophy of waging peace, promoting justice and working hand-in-hand with local people. Carol lends an academic perspective by reminding us that colonialism was the historical mindset by dominant cultures, and helping others in useful ways is a very recent orientation to the world. The roots of childhood stunting, which...


Be The Change - Thoughts on Peace - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #25 In honor of International Day of Peace, designated by the United Nations annually on September 21, this episode features peace wagers we've heard from in earlier episodes, and new ones from around the world. Global Volunteers' volunteers and staff reflect on what true world peace means to them, and how they've experienced peace waging by working together with others. What does peace mean to you? Episode Storytellers: Gila, Mindy, Jeff, Chemida, Carol, Samantha,...


Be The Change - Reaching Childrens Potential - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #24 This episode is dedicated to the stories of volunteers and staff who have contributed to Global Volunteers' Reaching Children's Potential program (RCP) in Tanzania. It's a demonstration program to address childhood stunting - and the effectiveness of short-term volunteers in helping halt this disastrous affliction. What does it take, to take on such an expansive goal? Carol explains, from the informed perspective of a professor of anthropology, that a careful,...


Be The Change - Dream to Reality - Be The Change

# 23 “Dream to Reality” Where there's a dreamer, there's a way! These storytellers from all walks of life benefited from unique ways to help fund their service programs - and found that the challenge of earning the privilege to serve made the experience that much sweeter! Tristen, a high-school senior, received a service-learning scholarship from a generous couple who enabled him to live his commitment - to travel to help others. His motivation will surely inspire you! Gabe's employer...


Be The Change - All About Spirit - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #22 This episode takes us to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Northwest Montana - in the shadow of the great Rocky Mountains. Once part of the land that now cradles Glacier National Park, to most visitors, this sovereign nation is but a "pass through" on the road. But, a closer look reveals a spirit that's as majestic as the mountains themselves. Reservation volunteers take the time to learn about the traditions, history and heart of the reservation - directly...


Be The Change - Beautiful Reality - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #21 We continue with our report from Ipalamwa, Tanzania. Our host Ruth Curran brings us four unique interviews with team members who're experiencing rural African life for the first time. We get to listen in while they explain what - and who - most impressed them about the character and magnetism of the community. Please note - the ambient sounds and rough audio is due to the field recording - and brings you into the scene! Amy affirms the beauty of the children's...


Be The Change - Links in a Chain - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #17 “Links in a Chain” Why do some volunteers return to serve the same community time after time - sometimes several years annually? What have they discovered about how they can affect change? Our first story teller says a legacy of service brought her back to Tanzania. "You're part of a long chain of providing service and hope and community" says Lisa. Two weeks of your life can have a profound, long-term impact, especially when you're part of a stream of...


Be The Change - Heart Stories - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #16 “Heart Stories” Do you ever wonder about your place in the world? Sometimes, we have to take a leap of faith in to discover the true impact we can have. In this episode, our storytellers open up about the moments that brought this reality into focus. And how it changed them. Pam tells us about being moved on her first team leading experience in Romania. She realized how profoundly needy the children were; one baby in particular who had little physical tone or...


Be The Change - Volunteering Highs - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #15 “Flying High With Service” Being asked to stretch outside our comfort zones can be exhilarating and intimidating. The "can-do" spirit arising from a team of devoted volunteers can gently push individuals to apply themselves in unexpected new ways. Our storytellers report that contributing personal skills and talents in a new setting can be the most rewarding experience on a service program. Carol describes how, as a team leader, she helped community leaders...


Be The Change - Philosophy of Service P1 - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #14 “Philosophy of Service Part One” The most important question you can ask about your own volunteer service is: What impact do I hope to make? Global Volunteers’ co-founder Michele Gran and board member Carol Conzelman explain how to truly help others, wage peace, and promote justice directly and appropriately. The "magic happens," says Michele, "when you wholeheartedly serve others. You can be significant in ways you've never imagined." You can truly change the...


Be The Change - Heart to Heart - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #13 “Heart to Heart” In this episode, our storytellers talk about the transformative power of person-to-person service within their relationships as couples. They express in different ways how service strengthened their bond by allowing them to witness how they each care for and learn from others. Greg is clear about the value he derives from teamwork with his wife, Marcia. "Serving together as a couple affirms our belief in each other...we work well together. Just...


Be The Change - The Gift - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #12 “The Gift” Service to others is at it's core is a selfless act. So many unexpected gifts stream from this one act - reciprocal benefits to the giver and receiver. Our storytellers address this dynamic head-on, describing how giving and receiving the gift of service has changed their lives. It's important to understand the true meaning of "gift" in this context. A gift, by definition, is "something given voluntarily without expectation of payment in return, as to...


Be The Change - Most Memorable Projects - Be The Change

Be The Change – Episode #11 “Most Memorable Projects” We continue our conversations with Cindy, Lynn and Jeff: What service projects impacted them the most? Jeff helped build a wall in a family's home and obtained insight unavailable to tourists and "average" travelers to Cuba. Cindy recalls four volunteers from Maui on her team on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation who joined to connect with other indigenous Americans. To highlight their own culture, the group of four performed a...