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Leading voices within various fields share their thoughts on Norway-India.

Leading voices within various fields share their thoughts on Norway-India.




Leading voices within various fields share their thoughts on Norway-India.




Det Moderne India Podcast #12 - Kinas femårsplan og Atmanirbhar Bharat

One of Norway's leading experts on China, Knut Sørlie, joined us in this podcast episode. Listen to the episode and hear what he and Rina Sunder have to share when it comes to: Why does China have a 5 year plan? What is the status of the plan? Is India operating with a 5 year plan? Who has adopted the plan? We often hear Modi talk about a self-sufficient India. What does that entail? What is the main element of the plan? China and India's relationship seems conflicted. Can India...


Det Moderne India Podcast #11 - Norway-India cooperation and different leadership styles

In this episode Wayne Cheong and Rina Sunder are discussing


What does the UNSC have to do with business? | Ole Jacob Sending | UNSC Seminar guest

What does the UNSC have to do with business? What business does business have in the UNSC? Ole Jacob Sending is Director of Research at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and an adjunct researcher at the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI). Sending holds a PhD (Dr. Polit.) from the University of Bergen, titled: “How does knowledge matter?”. His work is mainly focused on the role of international organizations in crisis management. He has previously worked as Senior Adviser...


Det Moderne India Podcast #7 - Space Exploration: The Big Picture

This space podcast dives into the big picture of what is going on in space exploration these days. Since the Moon race in the 60’s when it was the United States and the Soviet Union racing to put the first man on the surface of the Moon, the situation today is much more diversified. More countries are involved, both China, India, many European countries and new space nations like the United Arab Emirates, are initiating projects to explore the Moon and Mars. And not to forget Elon Musk with...


Det Moderne India Podcast #6 - India and Norway in the UNSC together

India and Norway will serve on the Security Council as elected members for the term 2021-22. Listen to Espen B. Eide and Thoralf Stenvold.


Det Moderne India Podcast #5 - Norway can indeed make a difference at the UNSC

It is not going to be easy dealing with the high-powered “P5” at the tallest table in the world. But when Norway joins the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on 1st January 2021, we can absolutely make a positive difference – possibly with India – in promoting human rights, gender equality, sustainable development and social justice as preconditions for lasting peace and security! This was a clear message from Tove Gravdal when she spoke to Det Moderne India last week. Tove is a...


Det Moderne India Podcast #4 - The Race for Space Data

New data is made available by innovative new satellites that could benefit both societal needs and new business plans. It is important to merge data available from ground with space data in order to enable new services in various fields like maritime surveillance, property monitoring, agriculture, construction, finance and insurance. Space solutions, satellites and launchers have become cheaper, paving the way for a new generations of experts and entrepeneurs entering the space arena with...


Det Moderne India Podcast #3 - Good Guys Go Global with Sony Kapoor

What happens when you put two global guys - one from metropolitan New Delhi, the other from a village in the North of Norway - on the same rooftop in the Barcode of Oslo? They solve all the world’s problems. At least for a moment. That’s what occurred the other day, when Det Moderne India invited Sony Kapoor, the re-knowned thinker and international adviser on economic and political affairs, for a chat Thoralf Stenvold, our editor of the month. Their subject was Sustainability. The two...


Det Moderne India Podcast #2 - India-Norway: An Innovative Partnership

An interview with H.E Bala Bhaskar Ambassador to Norway with our Host Sundeep Singh, a consultant at McKinsey Norway.