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Owl 047 Alan

Alan went to two meetings at 17, but wasn't ready. At age 25, he went to meetings for about 2 weeks before picking up a start chip. His attorney suggested AA. In the second meeting, he got hope. He was 12th-stepped as he was trying to "slide out" at the end of a meeting. The "God thing" was an obstacle. A candlelit meeting was really helpful to him. Alan's sobriety date is 17NOV1983 and his home group is Summit Fellowship Men's in Greensboro, NC.


Owl 046 Chris

Chris was ordered to go to AA by the courts, but he didn't need it then; he was just unlucky. 6 DUIs later... He started going to AA again in 2000 and also going out to eat with members after the meetings. He went to AA meetings in a clubhouse and would stay there all day. When he moved, he checked out AA and didn't feel it - didn't get a sponsor or go to meetings. He drank shortly thereafter, started over and got a sponsor. He found it harder to get sober the second time. Chris's sobriety...


Owl 045 Amber

Amber left her husband for an affair with her boss. Her boss said she was too messed up. She got a DUI and woke up in jail. She found herself drinking and calling rehabs - rehab would look good for court. She found more excuses not to go. She had 2 days in detox and then went to rehab. From there, she took suggestions: live in a women's Oxford house, get a sponsor, get a network. She jumped into service in Young People in AA. She has a "super-full life today." Amber got sober on 15NOV2011...


Owl 044 Scott

Scott got sober at 40 in treatment. He moved to Los Angeles and his family stayed behind (divorce). It was 2 years before he returned. He called his dealer and asked her not to sell to him, then called her a month later; she didn't call him back. His early sobriety was in LA, where he went to a meeting at the Screen Actors Guild and saw his old bartender... who became his sponsor. His 9th step to his wife was too soon and without his sponsor's knowledge. The feeling of connection with his...


Owl 043 Jean

Jean started drinking at 15 and stopped at 45. She was home alone often and her body would scream for alcohol. She drank wine from a coffee mug. She was miserable when her husband was home because she had to be sober then. Her last drink wasn't her choice. She went to a 28-day program and then a long-term recovery center for 3 months. She went to a meeting daily for 2 years. Speaker meetings were important in her early recovery - "Identify, don't compare." Jean's sobriety date is 12MAY1983...


Owl 042 John

John started with drugs at 13. In middle and high school, his friends could just do weekends but John couldn't stop. At 14, he went to his first meeting (NA), did 90 in 90, got 6 months and did some stepwork. He tried many other times to get sober, but it never stuck. At 16, he was in treatment for 6 months and got drunk and high within 2 weeks of leaving. He considered suicide for a year and gave AA one more try. His 4th Step was a particularly powerful experience. John's sobriety date is...


OMG It's Here Again Holiday Special

What?! It's that time of year again?!??! Boiled Owl alumni, Alex and Miranda, join us again to talk about the holidays. Hold on, this one's a hoot!


Owl 041 Karen

Reality set in after Karen's husband left, furthering her drinking. Her first chip was a start-over chip. She didn't understand sponsorship at first and then got a sponsor at 6 months. Gratitude was a big part of her early recovery. For Karen, Step 5 was public and painful but allowed self-forgiveness. Karen's home group is Big Book No Smoke in Greensboro, NC, and her sobriety date is 04MAY1997.


Owl 040 Steve

Steve came to AA on crutches, having jumped out of a moving car in a blackout. His first sponsor was assigned to him. He started drinking and using drugs at 11. He yelled at God, cursing him and then got a call from an AA member needing jumper cables. He went all-in after his first meeting and started helping newcomers at 2 weeks. He has a beautiful 12th-Step story about taking the train from work. Steve's home group is Serendipity in High Point, NC. His sobriety date is 01APR1989.


Owl 039 Molly

Molly just completed another 4th Step and is meeting one of her sponsors to do a 5th Step right after recording this episode. A DUI in 2002 led her to getting sober 2 months later. Years before getting sober, she had a boyfriend in AA and, by living the AA program, he showed her what a sober life in AA can be like. A musician, Molly regained access to her talent at about 2 years sober and now is "performing behind enemy lines" frequently. Step 3 and the St. Francis prayer are very present in...


Owl 038 Buddy

Buddy was in and out of AA for 6 years prior to getting sober. His alcoholic drinking started in his late 20s. Religion prevented earlier drinking. Drinking saved his life. A major health issue threatened his life and he quit drinking but with no program, he resumed. Ultimately, a DUI led to his coming to AA. He didn't know anyone who drank like him; in AA, he heard a guy who did. Making amends to his first wife was a big moment in his recovery. Buddy got sober on 10NOV2008 and his home...


Owl 037 Viki

Viki started drinking at 14 and was a round-the-clock drinker the last year and a half of her drinking. Being unemployed gave her time to drink like that. Her daughter left during her drinking and didn't accept Viki's amends; 8 years later, she did. Viki grew up in church and taught Sunday school. Step 2 seemed to have nothing to offer - she thought she had a relationship with a higher power but didn't. Step 2 started her looking at her relationship with her higher power and helped her gain...


Owl 036 Hunter

Hunter got sober in 1996 in NA but wasn't thorough on his 4th step. He started drinking again in 2003. In 2006, he came to AA and did things differently. In 2016, he backed off of his meetings, would arrive at the start of them and leave before the end. He had surgery and didn't take the pain meds as prescribed. He experienced depression, too. He drank for 2 months and came back in 2017. He says he's stubborn but will take suggestions. Hunter listens to 5th steps at a local treatment center....


Owl 035 Candy

Candy tried going to a psychiatrist to help with her drinking. She was ready to end it all. She stopped for a while and then tried controlled drinking. She hid her drinking evidence from her husband. After going to a treatment center, she followed their suggestions when she left. Step 1 was very powerful for her. She stopped on her 4th Step and was ready to go out. Candy's sobriety date is 14JAN2012 and her home group is Step Lively in Greensboro, NC.


Owl 034 Josh

Josh first got drunk in 7th grade and chased that feeling until age 25. At the end of his drinking, he was violently ill a lot. That little voice in his head saying "you know you're an alcoholic" grew louder and louder. Then it was, "You're going to die. Are you ready to die?" He wasn't. He called a treatment center and heard the first of many times, "We can help you." He resisted sponsorship and the God stuff in Steps 2 and 3. Josh's sobriety date is 17OCT2000 and his home group is Radiance...


Owl 033 Myra

Myra had her last drink in 1988 but continued to smoke pot occasionally over 4 years. A blackout drinker, her life was "pitifully out of control." Going 30 days without drinking was a spiritual moment for her. At 3 months, she realized she trusted her higher power. In therapy, she found she was "not a big fan of Myra." She's going through a tough time; service, meetings, and fellowship are really important. Myra's sobriety date is 02JUN1994 and her home group is Language of the Heart in...


Owl 032 Tom

Tom started getting high and/or drunk at 11 and was a daily drinker in his 20s. He was living with his parents and got sober at 24 when his father suggested he go to an AA meeting. He detoxed for 3 days at a hospital and then went to treatment for 2 weeks - he felt safe there. He got 30 days and then the obsession hit and he drank. Tom had problems with "God" - a power greater than himself - and thought AA was going to trick him into it. Afraid to make amends to his mother, he did it anyway...


Owl 031 Judy

Judy got sober on 01FEB1994. Judy's mother was in recovery, so Judy grew up in AA. Her last drunk was at a Super Bowl party. She worked in the restaurant business - great for drunks! Her first AA meeting for herself was in Charlotte, where she met with one of her mother's old sponsees. She moved to Wilmington 30 days later and got very active in AA there. Judy worked the Steps quickly and sponsors the same way. She had a wonderful random opportunity to make amends to someone when she ran...


Owl 030 Doug

Doug needed to take a class to allow him to get his license back. He was arrested between making the appointment for it and going to it. Hearing AA members, he related and wanted to get sober. He wondered who he would be without his character defects. He found it surprising to be at business events an no one cared that he wasn't drinking. Doug's sobriety date is April 30, 2006. Having recently returned to Greensboro, he's shopping for a home group.


Owl 029 Blair

Blair got sober on November 7, 1994, in Binghamton, NY, after being homeless, living in a car, and losing many jobs. He was in and out of jail for misdemeanors and faced a felony DWI charge. He went to rehab and began his journey into recovery. Court-ordered, he went to AA. Dry for a period, he saw AA members modeling what life could be like and it was attractive. He lived over a bar before and during his early sobriety - sold drugs in sobriety, too. He felt he was living a double-life and,...