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YOUR Adventure Stories We create an international network of outdoor enthusiasts through storytelling and personal connections in order to help you adventure like a local.

YOUR Adventure Stories We create an international network of outdoor enthusiasts through storytelling and personal connections in order to help you adventure like a local.
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YOUR Adventure Stories We create an international network of outdoor enthusiasts through storytelling and personal connections in order to help you adventure like a local.






Ice Cold: Swimming and Running Ep. 65

It might be warming up here in the Northern Hemisphere, but these stories are about athletes who took on some ice cold challenges including ice swimming in Vermont and running 135 miles in the freezing cold and remote places of Minnesota in the dead of winter while pulling a sled! Warning: listen in a warm place because the stories are likely to make you shiver! Adventure Storytellers: Cindy Werhane, Greg Pressler From: Portland, OR Music: Ryan Little, Maricz, Doctor Turtle, Puddle of...


Threats Of No Return. Sailing and Paddling. Ep. 64

First, what it’s like to refurbish and sail a rusty tall ship and the impending adventure (danger) that awaits. Second, a group of friends set off on a camping adventure by kayaking down the River of No Return Frank Church Wilderness not very long after one person has surgery that he hasn’t completely healed from. Adventure Storytellers: Lee Newberry, Mark South From: Portland, OR; Bend, OR Music: Ryan Little, Maricz, Jason Shaw, The Whole Other, Dan Lebowitz Sponsors: TERRITORY RUN CO. An...


Lost & Found. Skiing, White water Rafting. Ep. 63

This week I’m sharing stories by a semi-pro nordic ski racer turned nomad, a white water rafting and kayak guide, and an alpine skier. Each of the stories have components of being lost, then found and interweave friendship, loss and self image. The storytellers go through some major self-discovery and each of them uniquely describe how they’ve made adventure their lifestyle. Adventure Storytellers: Carly Wynn, Peter Fox, Demetri Zouboukos From: Bend, OR; Truckee, CA Music: Ryan Little,...


Explosives: Boy Scouts, Camping, Surfing, Chile, & Dynamite. Ep. 62

Part 1: Discovering hidden treasures at scout camp. Blindly hiking surf boards through a minefield in Chile. Stories about narrowly missing getting blown up and a sudden, deeper appreciation for life. Part 2: A special feature from Washington Climbers Coalition’s April fundraising event in Seattle, Washington aimed at gathering the most epic climbing stories in the area. We’re sharing a family’s climbing story that might make your palms sweat. Adventure Storytellers: Kolby Kirk, Russell...


Miracles: Cho Oyu Mountain Climbing and hiking in Ecuador. Ep. 61

A story by previous Seven Summits Guinness Book of World Record Holder about the time she witnessed a man fall off Mount Cho Oyu, the world’s 6th tallest peak, and by the founder of running apparel company, Territory Run Co. and the miracle he experienced during a hike to an ancient Incan settlement up a mountain in Ecuador. Adventure Storytellers: Sam Larson (Mountain Climber), Brett Farrell (Trail Runner) From: Seattle, WA & Portland, OR Music: Ryan Little, Maricz, Siddhartha, Wes...


Undignified Extreme Racing: Adventure Race World Championship & Running 100 miles. Ep. 60

Two stories about extreme racing and the dirty little places you might find yourself during the depths of extreme thirst and fatigue. First you’ll hear from a slimy Adventure Race World Series finisher, then from a Javelina Jundred finisher who finds herself in an embarrassing prickly position. Adventure Storytellers: Ben Brewer (Adventure Racer), Ana Hinz (100 mile ultra marathoner) From: Bend, OR & Seattle, WA Music: Ryan Little, Maricz, Bird Creek, Freedom Trail Studio Sponsors:...


Road Trip: Transcontinental Cycling & Transamerica Search For Best Places to go Backpacking. Ep. 59

Stories of self discovery and really long adventures in time and space. First a story of a bike trip from Alaska to Argentina with a couple stops to summit each continent’s highest peak - Denali and Aconcagua. Then a recounting of a cross-country turned West Coast Road trip full of friends, family, solitude, and loneliness, and the insidious creep of homelessness that leads to massive self discovery. Adventure Storytellers: Sam Skrocke (Adventure Cyclist) and Tom Zimmerman (Long distance...


Adventure Socialites: CXRACING & R2R2R. Ep. 58

These are stories of friendship and fun amidst some grueling and weird challenges. Grand Canyon in One Day - The rim to rim run is hard enough, but this mom’s group went 47 miles from the Grand Canyon South Rim to the Grand Canyon North Rim and back in 20 hours. Cycling and cycle sports of all kinds are popular in Oregon. Included in that is Cyclocross (CX) racing, and this week we hear about the kooky activity that has women cycling - others too - and riding hard at the 2016 Single Speed...


Hiking Trails & Surprise Attacks. Ep. 57

Places to hike and the unknown and unexpected dangers lurking - some funny, some not. Stories from El Salvador, Palm Springs hiking trails, Palm Springs camping, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT Trail) and Oregon hiking trails. Important things you’ll learn: What damage can a rock from a slingshot really do? What to say when you are attacked and have a machete held to your throat? Are raccoons dangerous? What do raccoons eat? What’s a nighthawk? How to escape. Adventure Storytellers: Daniel...


El Camino de Santiago. Ep. 55

This week we hear from pilgrims about their experiences walking The Camino Frances in Spain. Three different pilgrims with three different perspectives describe their experience of the pilgrimage in Spain taking them to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Featured Peregrinos / Pilgrims: Phil, Riki Thompson, Patrick Stewart From: Moab, UT, Tacoma, WA, & Bend, OR Music: Ryan Little, Squire Tuck, Jon Watts, Ars Sonor, Jahzzar Sponsors: TERRITORY RUN CO. An independent trail running...


Bikepacking San Francisco - Boulder, Ethiopia - Namibia, & the Trans America Trail. Ep. 54

This week’s storytellers tell how cycling adventure riders get on the bike and complete an interstate house move, get an insider view of the consequences of severe drought in African countries, and celebrate memories of loved ones and new friendships. Bikepackers and Adventure Riders: Jan Rous, Kari Vigerstol, Chelsea Edwards From: Boulder, CO, Seattle, WA & Moab, UT Music: Ryan Little, Katy Kirby, Chris Zabriskie. Sponsors: TERRITORY RUN CO. An independent trail running apparel brand,...


Mental Health & the Outdoors. Ep. 52

A canyoneer and a hiker describe how they use the outdoors as a tool for pushing through some mental health challenges, and how you can do it too.


Paradise! Kiss it Goodbye. Ep. 51

Perspective on how beautiful outdoor places can be tainted - wrong directions, land mines, lack of environmental stewardship, and permanent vision loss. Storytellers: Nichole Lumadue, Dale Kidd Music: Ryan Little, Jon Luc Hefferman, T H R E E Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners! Keep the show going on and join us at


Discovery. Ep. 50

Breaking through imposter syndrome in the Central Cascade Mountains in Washington, regaining lost confidence on the Colorado Trail & how a 12 year old girl establishes a pattern of resilience by hiking in Moab, UT. Storytellers: Ellen Bayer, Resa Rieckh, Gabby Ramirez Music: Ryan Little, junior85, Nuno Adelaida, Mesmerists Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners! Keep the show going on and join us at


Firsts & Foremost. Mountain Biking, Backpacking, Fishing. Ep. 48

A mountain biker, a hiker, and a fisher from Laramie, Wyoming capture the horror, peace, magnitude, and elation that come from exploring the outdoors in challenging and new ways. Storytellers: Cynthia Dywan, Stephanie Winters, Elizabeth Traver Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners! Keep the show going on and join us at Music: Ryan Little, J. Hacha Zola, Push N Pull by Various Artists, PC-ONE, Pictures of the Floating World


Teenagers doing stupid things. Ep. 47

Stories from a white water kayaker, an all around outdoorsman, and a long time ultra runner about their formative teenage experiences. We’re celebrating our birthday this week at Boldly Went too. Thanks for being part of our first year creating this! We’re excited to continue sharing the adventure with you! Storytellers: Ali Small, Kyle Banerjee, Will Thomas Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners who support us on Patreon! Keep the show going and join us at Music:...


Community to the Extremo. Ep. 45

This week we feature some of the most hard core stories we’ve ever featured! Ultrarunners with stories from Vol State, running across Tennessee, and Euchre Bar Massacre, bushwhacking and navigating 50 miles in 28 hours! We also get a peek into the lives of 2 white water kayaking buddies. The stories are so extreme, it’s got everyone, including the storytellers questioning why they do it, but in the end, we know why. Because of the people and the challenge. This episode is a direct result...


Introducing HumaNature podcast by Wyoming Public Media. Ep. 43.1

This week we’re going off script and introducing our listeners to a podcast we think you’ll enjoy called HumanNature produced by Wyoming Public Radio. Music: Ryan Little, Maricz, Doctor Turtle, Ray Rude


Not as Planned. Ep. 43

Going in search of whale sharks in the Caribbean waters off the coast of Belize and an attempt at swimming across the extremely rough waters of the English Channel. Rethinking the way we talk about unsuccessful attempts when undertaking difficult challenges. Storytellers: Ben Lynn, Randy Perkins Music: Ryan Little, Laszlo Harsanyi, Squire Tuck, Babe Parade Sponsors: Say Yes to Life Swims, Seattle, WA TERRITORY RUN CO. An independent trail running apparel brand, created to empower the wild...


Unexpected Turns of Events. Ep. 42

Three fantastic and diverse stories about how adventure helps us cultivate resilience and agency. The first a story about swimming the Willamette River through Portland, OR. That's followed with a story about packrafting in the crater of South Sister volcano to escape wildfire smoke in Bend, OR. The final story is about events that led to taking up ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies. Listener's note: this episode was created in a Salt Lake City, UT Public Library. For this reason the...