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The Amazing Kendal Conrad! Award Winning Songwriter! Singer! Actress! Keith Urban's favorite Raise 'Em Up Tour Moments...

Bucks County Bytes presents to you the award-winning songwriter, singer, actress, and Keith Urban's favorite Raise 'Em Up tour moments, Kendal Conrad! I discovered Kendal from my friend and social media personality, George Wacker, who is known as Lehigh Valley With Love....once I went exploring Kendal's music I was in love with her voice and her Martin guitar! I reached out to her and asked if she could come on the show and tell the world her story! She has the most amazing personality, voice, and love for what she does! Kendal Conrad has such an extensive list of remarkable and outstanding performances, but the highlight really is when she performed and sang a duet with Keith Urban on stage in Bethlehem's Musicfest singing "We Were Us" as part of the Raise 'Em Up Tour and it is said this is one Keith Urban's favorite tour moments! She also joined Walker Hayes onstage to perform "Halloween" for 92.5 XTU's Ski Day at Jack Frost Big Boulder. Kendal is also International Miss Talent and won the title with her original song "Girlstrong." She has performed at the White House, Wells Fargo Center, Sands Casino, Six Flags, Hersheypark, the Bitter End, Musikfest, and the Susquehanna Bank Center for 92.5 XTU's anniversary party. Kendal has sung the National Anthem for MLB, NBA, MMA, NASCAR, and NBC’s National Dog Show. She was a finalist in the NBC 10 Talent Search and a finalist in the Colgate Country Showdown. Kendal was the 2015 Country Showdown Winner for Philadelphia's 92.5 XTU. She has opened for country artists Blake Shelton, Charlie Daniels Band, Devin Dawson, Drew Baldridge, Alabama, Walker Hayes, Hunter Hayes, Brandon Lay, Carter Winter, Sara Evans, Tucker Beathard, Jerrod Niemann, Michael Ray, Thompson Square, Parmalee, Dylan Schneider, Diamond Rio, Kane Brown, Granger Smith, Phil Vassar, Craig Morgan, Rodney Atkins, Easton Corbin, Trailer Choir, Maggie Rose, Craig Campbell, Mo Pitney, Striking Matches, Old Dominion, Outshyne, Chris Cagle, and The Cadillac Three and performed personally for author Nicholas Sparks. She has played the Dick's Sporting Goods Open, the Foundry at the Fillmore, iPlay America, Jenks Club, Prospector's Saloon, One Centre Square, Sherman Theater, Sellersville Theatre, Provident Bank Park, PPL Center, Wayne County Fair, PGA Concert at the Bogey, and the Santander Arena. Kendal was an extra in the film Silver Linings Playbook where she can be seen bumping into Bradley Cooper. She starred as Holly Golightly in the exclusive post-Broadway production of Breakfast at Tiffany's at the Civic Theatre of Allentown. Kendal recorded her first EP in country star Reba McEntire’s studio in Nashville. But my favorite part about Kendal is her sincere love of music and her love of the Martin guitar she plays...and I had the honor to chat with her and who she is on my podcast...her laugh and love are truly addicting and I hope you enjoy her chat as much as I did!! Kendal Conrad links: Facebook Kendal Conrad Music Instagram @kendalconrad Twitter @kendalconrad YouTube Kendal Conrad Support the Show.


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Meet the famous Griffi the Dancing Cockatoo!! Parrot rescue, Griffi, friends and Florida!

Bucks County Bytes presents to you Griffi The Dancing Cockatoo! Yes! The famous Griffi has made an appearance on Bucks County Bytes along with my friends from Florida! Nancy is a very good and long-term friend of mine who brought this to my attention and her friend Alana is the owner of Griffi and we wanted to talk about what it's like to own birds, how to get involved with rescues, and what the story is behind Griffi. Come listen in on our conversation and hear Griffi and friends chat about everything! Thanks to everyone who made this possible to have Griffi on the show and share information about bird care, rescue, and the story of Griffi. Thank you so much to my good friend Nancy, who has dedicated her life to helping birds of all feathers...we are grateful for your love and caring for the birds...we need more people like you in our world... Griffi the Dancing Cockatoo links: YouTube: Griffi the Dancing Cockatoo Instagram: @griffithedancingcockatoo TikTok: @griffithedancingcockatoo Facebook: Griffi the Dancing Cockatoo Florida Parrot Rescue Griff, Donate to Help Griffi's Amazon Wish List Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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The Powerful Benefits of Kangen Water with Thomas and Kristin of Nature's Waves Inc.

Bucks County Bytes is happy to bring you Thomas Sinner and Kristin Singh of Nature's Waves Inc. where we talk about the benefits of Kangen Water...Change Your Water, Change Your Life! Thomas and Kristin and I met through one of my earlier podcast show guests, Nick and Steve from SerisEvents, our very healthy and organic private dinner event planners. Here I learned about Kangen Water and had to find out even more! So I found Thomas and Kristin and was able to eventually schedule a show while they were in the middle of moving to Boston. Join us for an in-depth conversation about how water can transform your life, make the needed changes, help the environment, as well as learn about Diane, Thomas's mom who is an advocate for the water system and who is a survivor of lung cancer. I am a firm believer that drinking from plastic bottles is detrimental to your health in so many ways, that I took the dive in finally....as I am a Kergan Water believer and going through a detox stage...realizing we have done more harm to our cells by drinking water from plastic...I am a farm girl by nature, and we only had a well and never drank from a plastic bottle, only from a glass. I am happy to be part of the Kangen family... Make sure to follow all of Thomas and Kristin on their social media, and please contact them for more info! And if you are local to Bucks County, I would be more than happy to give you some water as Thomas's mom did that for me... I wasn't feeling too good and I started to drink the 8.5 and 9.0 ph which changed my world! Thank you all!! Thomas Sinner Nature's Waves Inc. www.enagic.com Linktree Instagram @thomas_sinner Facebook Thomas Sinner LinkedIn Thomas Sinner Kagen Water Uses https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:ed3e0168-117c-45d6-ba7d-d9cd870802db Bottled Water Crisis in the News "Tapped" The Movie, 9 min excerpt CNN: Most Bottled Water Is Tap Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Biscotti! Everyone Loves Bucks County Biscotti! Artisanal Biscotti right here in the Heart of Bucks County!

Bucks County Bytes is happy to bring you Bucks County Biscotti! Our own artisanal biscotti made right here in Bucks! Come join us as Riley Silbert, son of Karen & Craig Silbert, talks about coming back to Bucks after college with an extensive background in marketing and decided to help the family business... and wow has Bucks County Biscotti grown! They supply to over 200 partners across the county! And one fantastic Honor Stand that's open 24/7/365 days a year! Based on the honor system, where you can go to the stand and pick a bag for $5...it brings back the memories of my own farm background where my father ran an honor stand as well...thank you Bucks County Biscotti, and thank you, Riley, Karen, and Craig for making amazing biscotti! Honor stand is located at: 10 West Creamery Rd Hilltown, PA 18927 Make sure to check out all their links including the ABC news segment that aired on Bucks County Biscotti. Coffee and Biscotti...there is nothing more relaxing than the best of both worlds! Bucks County Biscotti Facebook Bucks County Biscotti Instagram @buckscountybiscotti Twitter @BCBiscotti Bucks County Biscotti Featured on 6ABC Action News Localish x Bucks County Biscotti Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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The Iron Triangle with Award Winning Photographer Jeff Weiser

Bucks County Bytes brings to you photographer Jeff Weiser and the story behind his love of photography and The Iron Triangle. I have always been in love with the camera and capturing the moments of places, people, and landscapes, and Jeff's images lure me to who is behind the camera and the stunning landscapes that he captures, but it the people's faces that fascinate me. A face has mystery, a story, as the eyes and expression are beyond what words can sometimes measure. Listen in as Jeff Weiser talks about who he is, how it started, and tells us about the Iron Triangle...a place I never knew existed until now. Let the story capture your imagination of what life is like in a place that New York tends to forget about. The Iron Triangle is also known as the Valley of Ashes from The Great Gatsby. The Iron Triangle is encompassed in acres of auto repair shops, salvage yards, and abandoned stolen cars that have been picked clean. This is the gray and dirty part of Queens that you drive through to get from Long Island to NYC. Jeff says that people in the photos that he captured enjoyed having their pictures taken and took the time to talk and tell him a bit about their lives. They know him as “the guy with the camera”. Jeff does make a point of returning and giving them copies of their photos. We definitely had a great talk on the podcast as I was intrigued by his ability to be in The Iron Triangle and capture these moments... The podcast cover is "Javier's Yard" and is currently featured in Black & White Magazine at the time of the interview. It also won in the photo contest "Looking Back Looking Forward" as it is a part of a series that Jeff has been working on for the past year, Faces of the Iron Triangle. When you go to Jeff Weiser's website you will also see "Man of Faith" that took a Gold Award in the Tokyo International Foto Awards this year. Make sure to connect with Jeff Weiser on all his social media links as well as view the website of his amazing images... Jeff Weiser Photography Instagram @jeffweiser52 Facebook Jeff Weiser Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn! Meet the Top Mom in Podcasting, Powerhouse, Mindset Empowerment Coach, Entrepreneur & Dog Mom!!

Bucks County Bytes presents to you the PowerHouse Podcaster Juliet Hahn from Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn! Not only is Juliet a podcaster, but she is a Club House Host, Mindset Empowerment Coach, Dog Mom, Mom to 3, Wife, and Public Speaker! And that still doesn't sum up all she does in a day! Want to talk about passion, love, commitment? Juliet is a powerhouse and full of compassion to help others so jump in and listen to Juliet as we had tried for some time to connect and make our show happen! Thanks to Juliet for her patience and understanding on a mechanical meltdown! Life is full of bumps and it is an amazing journey so make sure to follow Juliet Hahn on all her social links! Don't forget to like and subscribe to Bucks County Bytes while you are at it! Juliet Hahn links: I Am Juliet Hahn Instagram @iamjuliethahn @julietnhahn Facebook Juliet Hahn Twitter @iamjuliethahn YouTube Juliet Hahn LinkedIn Juliet Hahn Spotify Podcast Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn Apple Podcast Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn ClubHouse info for Juliet @fulfilling Two clubs - Your Next Stop and Next Stop Crazytown Next Stop Workshop Support the Show.


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Southern Florida Realtor Kathia Green-The Exploding Florida Real Estate Market & Pet Friendly Realty

Bucks County Bytes is happy to introduce to you Kathia Green from sunny Florida and in one of the hottest real estate hot zones in the country! Located right in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach! And Kathia is also a Broker in NC! As we all know, the world around us has changed and it means that many can move to their state of choice and work now from the convenience of home....wherever they choose that to be! And real estate is HOT in Florida! And I don't just mean HOT in HEAT, I mean it's a HOT market to buy and sell!! According to the latest stats, 1700 people a day are moving to the HOT ZONE of Florida, and when you make that decision, Kathia is your girl to call! Let her make the transition of moving from the NorthEast to the beautiful state of Florida or no matter where you are, call Kathia! Let her simplify the move...listen in as we talk about the changing times of 2021! So many people relocating as I have moved several people to Florida and even driving their doggies! Speaking of doggies, Kathia is a very dog-friendly realtor and can help you with any questions you may have! Check out her IG site of Remy n Cash! Kathia also offers a residue income opportunity as well and it is an opportunity to join ACN which provides Wireless, TV, Energy, Security & Automation, Payment Processing, High-Speed Internet, Identity Theft Protection so make sure to reach out to Kathia for questions and joining her team! We all have residual bills so why not make residual income! Learn how to earn money through another stream of income...Text Kathia at 954-372-0270 for an invitational link and a short zoom presentation! Make sure to like and subscribe to all of Kathia's links as well as Bucks County Bytes podcast! Kathia Green's links: Lnk./bioeJXt Instagram @kathiarealtor @remy_n_cash YouTube Kathia Green Realtor PSA LinkedIn Kathia Green Twitter Kathia Green REALTOR Facebook Kathia Green - Feels Like Home Team TikTok @kathiarealtor Pinterest Kathia Green Realtor - Feels Like Home Team ACN - Independent Business Owner Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Growth Is A Decision - John Calabrese; Author, Health and Personal Development, Doh Yi Martial Arts Master, Medical Qi Gong, Speaker

Bucks County Bytes presents to you one amazing individual who I highly recommend introducing yourself to... A man who can change your present thought pattern and change your life. Meet John Calabrese - Author of "You Are The Common Denominator In Your Life" and "Get Out of Your Own Way", Qualifications and Certifications of excellence. Doh Yi Masters 10,000 hrs of training Certification (Martial Arts Master Level Teacher), Medical Qi Gong Certification, 8th Degree Black Belt, co-founder of Body Mind Systems Martial Arts Training Organization 2002 to present, 40 yrs of martial arts training, 35 yrs of teaching and training of martial arts, 10 yrs speaking experience, Sanctioned speaker certification, Toast Masters Silver Advanced Competent Communicator, Author of two books, "You Are The Common Denominator In Your Life" and "Get Out Of Your Own Way", Senior Officer L-8 Ambassador within Global Information Network (global success club/training) - Welcome to John's Growth Is A Decision where he helps you to continue to grow and provides enlightenment to help with your health, personal development, and growth as a spiritual and human being. Experience the potential you have by joining John in one of his personal development classes, take a zoom class, read his amazing book, take a few courses or sign up for one of his workshops and change your life! An incredible person beyond what words can explain...as an Empath, I felt the strong presence of his healing that he can do for others, let alone myself...Thank You, John! Make sure to like and subscribe and to take John's offer up on some of the discounts he is offering along with a free one-hour personal development coaching session... Free one-hour personal development coaching session -click to sign up below https://calendly.com/john-giad/complementary-coaching-session?month=2020-08 50% discount off any of our coaching programs for the first 10 listeners who book a free one-hour personal development coaching session at www.growthisadecision.com and join a coaching program. 25% discount off any of our coaching programs for all listeners who book a free one-hour personal development coaching session at www.growthisadecision.com and join a coaching program. John Calabrese links Growth Is A Decision YouTube John Calabrese Instagram @growth_is_a_decision Facebook Growth Is A Decision LinkedIn John Calabrese Support the Show.


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Writing, Suspense, and Thrillers! Zero Island with author Chris Bauer

Bucks County Bytes is back!!! Bucks County Bytes hosted by Martha Voorhees is happy to bring you author Chris Bauer who is the one responsible for putting you on the edge of your seat with books such as SCARS ON THE FACE OF GOD JANES BABY HIDING AMONG THE DEAD (Blessid Trauma Crime Scene Cleaners #1) BINGE KILLER (NIEA Finalist) And his latest release on May 11, 2021, is - ZERO ISLAND (Blessid Trauma Crime Scene Cleaners #2, May 2021) TUNE IN AND HAVE A LISTEN!!! Dive into the life of Chris Bauer and learn of what it takes to be a suspense/thriller author-his influences, and how it all began! Chris Bauer is a local author here in Bucks County and so excited to make this happen after months of planning! Chris's book, Zero Island launched today May 11, 2021, and is available on Amazon... he will be speaking at Quakertown Alive on Saturday, May 15, 2021! Make sure to stop in and say HI and tell him you heard his podcast on Bucks County Bytes!! Available on Amazon See all his books here on his Amazon Author Page! C. G. Bauer Make sure to like and subscribe to all of Chris Bauer's links as well as Bucks County Bytes! Chris Bauer www.chrisbauerauthor.com cntbauer1@msn.com Facebook Chris Bauer Twitter Chris Bauer Instagram @cntbauer1 GoodReads Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Noah Sommer Photography and Water Wheel Tavern-Supporting Local Businesses with Love

Bucks County Bytes brings to you Noah Sommer Photography @shotsbysommer and bringing our local restaurant Water Wheel Tavern since that is where I actually met Noah! Love my Bucks County businesses and all those people that I meet along my journey! One of the first nights I finally went back out to actually eat in a restaurant and found myself at my favorite place, Water Wheel Tavern, where the beer and staff are great and have the best Fish and Chips ever!! But just so happens that night I met Noah, and of course, I love to talk! So I started chatting about my podcast, he tells me what he does, and voila! He has a spot on the podcast where he talks about who he is, what he does - his love for photography and his love of his work at Water Wheel Tavern as well as getting through the pandemic. Noah has a great personality and an eye for art through the lens...make sure to check his Instagram out at @shotsbysommer as well as connecting with him on his Facebook page at Noah Sommer and when you stop down at the Water Wheel Tavern, make sure to ask for Noah!! And make sure when you book Noah for a shoot tell them you heard about him on Bucks County Bytes! Thank you Noah for your chat with Bucks County Bytes! We appreciate you! Bucks appreciates all you do and appreciate your photography! Looking forward to more works from you in the future! Noah Sommer links - Instagram @shotsbysommer Facebook Noah Sommer Water Wheel links - Water Wheel Tavern Instagram @waterwheeltavern Facebook Water Wheel Tavern Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Christy Studt Manetta & Bucks County - Doylestown Small Business's GOOD NEIGHBOR FOOD DRIVE

BUCKS COUNTY BYTES is super excited to have Christy Studt Manetta where she will talk about the wonderful GOOD NEIGHBOR FOOD DRIVE, part of Doylestown's Small Business and Bucks County's outpouring of love, support, and community to make this dream a reality. See some of the photos and videos here on Christy Studt Manetta Facebook page!! Christy Studt Manetta, along with Earl Caffrey, Matt Caffrey, owner of Chambers 19, Robert Whitley, and countless others that made this possible. If it were not for all the volunteers, and all the community that came together this would not be possible. The outpouring of Bucks County came together to raise 16,735 lbs of food and $6,000 in cash donations! Bucks County! We are proud of you! I am so fortunate to have been connected with Christy and bring this story to you...to have her voice heard, the story of how it happened. The love, gratitude, compassion of so many to provide to those who need it during this time of crisis. On Feb 21, 2021, Bucks County came together and made this happen...Bucks County gave back to the community. Christy, Earl, Matt, Robert, and countless others...THANK YOU BUCKS COUNTY!!! And a quick shout out to our moms...because they instilled in us the love, compassion, and caring that makes us who we are to bring stories to life. To help others in dire situations and to support so many during times of need. One more shout out to Christy's daughter, Belle, which we covered briefly in our podcast and discussed one of her recent written articles called "LONE" published in Loco Mag, Off-Campus Philly Lifestyle. Here are some amazing links to get connected and help out! Check out all the links to see more about the Good Neighbor Food Drive and those that helped sponsor! Bucks County Housing Group Chambers 19 Villa Capri Sports Bar & Pizzeria Nina's Waffles & Ice Cream Discover Doylestown Exploring Doylestown Bucks County Courier Times Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Meet HeatherAnn Hughes from Intuitive Life by Design: Animal Communication, Love, and Energy Healer

Bucks County Bytes introduces to you HeatherAnn Hughes, Intuitive Life by Design where you will learn about animal and spiritual communication and energy healing. Step inside and learn something that you were not capable of. Learn about healing energy and our love and bond between our pets and human connections. Many of you know that I lost Herkales on Dec 21. and Sam on Jan 1, and while during the care of these regal English Labs, I happen to find HeatherAnn by accident, by coincidence as you may call it. As I was losing my beloved boys, HeatherAnn was there when I needed her most. Her love and compassion are more than I would have ever thought possible. What she did for me as a human, and to connect my two beloved English Labs. What HeatherAnn gave me was a gift that I will never be able to repay...except that of giving my audience her story in this podcast. Intuitive Life by Design helped me through the most difficult time of my life as my heart was shattering and I could not bear to think of losing Herk and Sam...I invite you into Bucks County Bytes to share my story along with HeatherAnn Hughes. So please, please open your mind and your heart and step inside the world of energy healing, animal communication, and spiritual love of our furry friends and human connections. HeatherAnn Hughes links for Intuitive Life by Design - Introduction video about Intuitive Life by Design The website is still under construction-check back for the latest news! Intuitive Life by Design Facebook Intuitive Life by Design Instagram @intuitivelifebydesign Email heatherann@intuitivelifebydesign Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Mosquito Hunters of Doylestown: The Vacation Hotspot is your Backyard-Time to Protect Your Loved Ones!

Bucks County Bytes is happy to bring in Mosquito Hunters of Doylestown and right before the season begins to wreak havoc on the backyard that contains pesty fleas, ticks, and mosquitos! Welcome, Mary Guarino of Mosquito Hunters of Doylestown! Unfortunately, we all have to deal with those pesky critters during the spring and summer and even into fall with our mild temps that we have around here in Bucks County. One of the best things we can do here is to try and control the disease-carrying mosquitos and Lyme-carrying diseased ticks and the pesty fleas that can wreak havoc on any family or backyard bbq... As a farm owner, I can tell you Lyme is no joke. Fleas are the worst thing for our dogs and family. Mosquitoes carry so much disease and if you can have a company come out to protect your yard, then do so. There is no better investment than to have Mosquito Hunters of Doylestown come to help you out as the season begins to bring in all the nasty biting critters! So don't hesitate! Listen to the podcast and listen to what Mary has to say about how Mosquito Hunters of Doylestown can lend a hand during the buggy season!! Mosquito Hunters of Doylestown links - Mosquito Hunters of Doylestown Facebook Mosquito Hunters of Doylestown Instagram @mosquitohuntersofpa Support the Show.


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Donna Roggio: From Bucks County to Ibiza to Fierce Financials & Organization

Bucks County Bytes is so happy to bring in Donna Roggio, a Bucks County resident that actually sold her salon and moved to an amazing island called Ibiza!! Now that my friends is one courageous and daring move! Donna is one amazing business-minded woman! When she sets out to do something she sticks with the plan, makes the right decisions, and focuses on the tasks at hand, and accomplishes it...and that brings us to why we are having her on Bucks County Bytes. Donna Roggio may have sold her salon, moved to Ibiza, but she moved back to Bucks County as she has an amazing business and course workshop that so many must hear about. She was able to put together a course workshop called Fierce Financials & Organization and has implemented this into a 3-month course for so many across the country and across the world! Donna's course, The Beauty Business Coach, where she has a 3-month course called Fierce Financials & Organization, Salon Success Money Map, and Stylist vs Suite, and nothing is stopping her as she has tremendous reviews and successful women that are following her 3-month course! Make sure to check out Donna Roggio right here on Bucks County Bytes and contact her with any questions you may have! Thank you Donna for a wonderful zoom podcast on your end, and my audio on my ZoomH6! Donna Roggio links - Instagram @donna.roggio Instagram @the.beautybusinesscoach Facebook The Beauty Business Coach LinkedIn Donna Roggio The Beauty Business Coach Email thebeautybusinesscoach@donnaroggio.com Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Rotated Views Podcast, BL3SSED Lifestyle and Bucks County with creator and host Jimmylee Valez!

Bucks County Bytes is excited to bring our neighboring Bucks County podcaster Jimmylee Valez from the Rotated Views Podcast and BL3SSED Lifestyle brand!! Love having a famous podcaster on my own podcast! From upper Bucks County to lower Bucks County, located right in Bristol, PA I was blessed with having Jimmylee on from Rotated Views Podcast and the creator of the BL3SSED Lifestyle Brand! Jimmylee has been a lifelong Bucks County resident, writer, speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur in the personal development field and we are about to explore Jimmylee's world. Here we will get an insight into how it all began...the beginning of Jimmylee's life throughout his creation of Rotated Views and how BL3SSED Lifestyle was formed. Rotated Views Podcast and Bucks County Bytes have much in common, as we are out here helping businesses give that needed platform to profile their services and products...now it's Rotated Views turn to showcase their podcast and brand, and how they help others out there. Thank you Jimmylee Valez and the team from Rotated Views Podcast and BL3SSED Lifestyle Co. ...from all of us here at Bucks County Bytes we appreciate you! Rotated Views Podcast and Bl3SSED Lifestyle Co. Brand links - Rotated Views Podcast - Apple Podcasts Rotated Views Podcast - Spotify Rotated Views Podcast - Pandora The Motivation Files: Unleashed Facebook Rotated Views Podcast Instagram Rotated Views Podcast BL3SSED Lifestyle Co. Brand Facebook BL3SSED Lifestyle Co. Brand Instagram BL3SSED Lifestyle Co. Brand Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Miss Jackie from Down Under in Australia! Breast Cancer Awareness, #55squatchallenge, Fitness, Australia and MapMyFitness/MapMyRun connections!

Bucks County Bytes is happy to introduce to you the highly awaited episode with Jackie Lenz from Down Under in Australia! Otherwise known as Miss Jackie on our wonderful fitness community of MapMyFitness/MapMyRun! This is Miss Jackie's first podcast and super excited to have her on as we connected through a mutual friend through the app, our lovely friend Ed Baumstark who did a podcast earlier and was super successful! Miss Jackie and I joined this lovely fitness challenge of doing the #55squatchallenge for Breast Cancer Awareness - for Australia and the USA. Join us as we talk about our fitness friends, how we met through Ed Baumstark, Australia, Breast Cancer Awareness, and of course fitness! It was amazing meeting Jackie and then actually making the call to Australia which is 15 hours time difference from her home in Australia to my home in Bucks County, PA. So please join us in the fight for Breast Cancer Awareness and our fitness journey! Help support us, Team Jackie and Martha, by clicking this link to sponsor us, donate towards a good cause, and make a difference in our world. We would love for you to make a small donation towards our #55squatchallenge as we still have the rest of March to do our daily 55 squats a day! Here are all the links to Jackie and Martha's Team support for Breast Cancer Awareness - Support Team Jackie and Martha National Breast Cancer Foundation NBCF AUSTRALIA #55SQUATCHALLENGE JACKIE LENZ #55SQUATCHALLENGE FIND US ON FACEBOOK JACKIE LENZ MARTHA VOORHEES FIND US ON INSTAGRAM JACKIE LENZ BUCKS COUNTY BYTES Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Robyn Achey - Spiritual and Loving Talk on Life, Furry Friends, Tall Tails Training & Boarding

Bucks County Bytes introduces you to a long time friend and connection, Robyn Achey, from Tall Tails Training & Boarding and Robyn's first podcast and she really did an amazing job and speaking about the love of her animals, her spiritual connection, and all about her amazing farm and how we are so connected to Mother Earth and all that surrounds us. This is a beautiful podcast and will warm your heart and uplift your spirit!! Sometimes people lose contact over years, but then somehow, and some way people reconnect as we really never lose touch. When Robyn from Tall Tails Training & Boarding and I reconnected, it was as we never lost all those years. We were meant to be connected on different levels through life, and here she is, full of love and life and to help so many through her love of animals, spirit, and her business as she is a guide on so many levels. When I lost Herkales and Sam, so many were there to support my loss. And Robyn happened to be going through her own difficulties with her Luigi...it just so happened that we were dealing with such a 24/7 care of our furry friends during the same time. My loss was first, and she followed not long behind me. You can read her journey with Luigi on her personal Facebook feed of Robyn Achey...thank you Robyn for being the gifted and spiritual soul you are. You have helped many on your journey, as well as mine. And I hope you continue this gift into the future as you have so much to offer. Robyn Achey is also an author and her book is available on Amazon... you can click here to get a copy of her book! Listen to her amazing journey here right on Bucks County Bytes and continue with our series as we talk about our wonderful animals in our life...we have part 2 coming to you in April. Make sure to Subscribe and share all of Robyn's links as well as Bucks County Bytes! Connect with Robyn Achey on all her links - Tall Tails Training & Boarding Facebook Tall Tails Training & Boarding Instagram @talltailstrainingandboarding Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Friendships & Connections in Bucks County: Meet Local & Lovely with Christen and Lauren

Bucks County Bytes is so happy to bring to you an amazing friendship turning into an unexpected business called Local & Lovely owned and managed by Christen and Lauren who are located right here in Bucks County! When we spoke before our podcast, I could sense they had such a zest and beautiful love for their community! And they just happened to form such a friendship that they decided to put together this wonderful business called Local & Lovely! Happy to had such a lovely conversation with Local & Lovely owners, Christen and Lauren, and I know they will do very well and having this lovely business located here in Bucks County! Their merchandise is available online and even available in a few local shops - upMADE Market in New Hope Makers Off Main in Doylestown Somerville Provisions in Somerville, NJ Remember to Subscribe! Share! Love and like all our content! Small businesses are counting on you!! Local & Lovely links - Local & Lovely Facebook Local & Lovely Instagram Local & Lovely Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Perkasie's own Rise and Grind Cafe! Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Avocado Toast & Coffee That Will Amaze You & Change Your Day!!!!

Bucks County Bytes is happy to introduce to you, Rise and Grind Cafe located in Perkasie, PA - a small community located in Bucks County and as everyone knows, people love Perkasie PA!! One of my favorite towns along with Sellersville, the sense of small-town community just demonstrates the strong-willed community support that it is well known for. Christina Rushton, owner of Rise and Grind Cafe persevered against the odds as she was only open 3 months before the pandemic hit. Listen to her story...warning as it made me tear up hearing what it was like as she managed to keep her store open, and her staff working. Come join us and listen as Rise and Grind Cafe struggled through the worst of 2020 only to realize what it's really like to have Perkasie stand behind them 1000 % - how the small-town community supported them and how they were one of the small businesses that only recently received help from the PPP program. Rise and Grind Cafe continues to stand strong and ride this storm out... The heart and love of Perkasie shine through to all small businesses!! I love doing what I do to help support all individuals, local businesses and let their voice and story be heard through Bucks County Bytes. Make sure to visit Rise and Grind Cafe in Perkasie, PA, and have that cup of coffee that can change you....one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day, one step into Rise and Grind Cafe and you have made THEIR day!! Make sure to subscribe, share, and like all of Rise and Grind Cafe links as well as Bucks County Bytes!! Rise and Grind Cafe info and links- Rise and Grind Cafe Facebook Rise and Grind Cafe Instagram Rise and Grind Cafe Cafe Owner Continues to Persevere Amid Pandemic Email riseandgrindcafe18944@gmail.com Vendor Email inforiseandgrindcafe@gmail.com Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.


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Doylestown Ninja- Follow The Way - LET'S GO! Energy, Determination, Love, Commitment, Smiles, Respect- Who is The Doylestown Ninja?

LET'S GO!!! DOYLESTOWN NINJA! SAY WHAT?!? Bucks County Bytes is presenting to you in our podcast of amazing places, people, businesses and so much more!! Did you know that our very own Doylestown right here in Bucks County has a Ninja?? A Doylestown Ninja?? I had no idea!! So I had to go find out who is the Doylestown Ninja!!! When the Ninja and I did our precall, it was not 15 min...it was 45 min! WOW! I was so overwhelmed with who he is, and what he is all about that I knew I had to have him on the show! Luckily I have great connections with fantastic bloggers! And we know who you are, don't we girls!!! YES! The infamous Britt Around Town and Bucks County Mama! Both having done blogs with the Doylestown Ninja I had to find out who is that man with the hair! What he's all about and I wasn't sure what to expect! And a big shout out to the Doylestown Police Department as you had quite a mention in the podcast with Doylestown Ninja...thank you for your service officers! So here he is! Bucks County's Doylestown Ninja, coming to you in full LET'S GO SPIRIT!!! Make sure to subscribe and share and review Bucks County Bytes and Doylestown Ninja! And don't forget those girl bloggers! Available on all your favorite listening platforms!! Doylestown Ninja Instagram Facebook Bucks County Bytes Bucks County Bytes links Support the Show.