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Ep 75 - When you're addicted to healing with Jennifer Ibarra

Listeners, we're back this week with Jennifer Ibarra. Jennifer, is a Soul Coach, Author, and Poet who stands for Love and Liberation. She is the Founder and CEO of MindfulMamis, a purpose-driven company focused on empowering women of color and their families through the art of healing, self-love, and unity. Jennifer Ibarra is also a Tantra Coach, Quantum-Touch Level 1 and Spirit Junkie Level 1 healer and coach. Jennifer’s professional background comes from Spanish broadcasting where she...


Coping Strategies for Change with The Humbled Therapist

Hello listeners! We are back this week with the Humbled Therapist - Priscila Padilla. She's back this week and we have an overdue conversation after she moved, got pregnant and became a new mom. After a brief catch up, Priscila tells us her birth story, how she figured she had postpartum depression and how she dealt with it. We talk about coping strategies to help you deal with change. Follow The Humbled Therapist: Also, to submit an anonymous...


Ep 73 - You Racist, Sexist, Bigot with Pita Juarez

Listeners! We're back this week with another awesome interview. This time, we talked to Pita Juarez. Pita, is an award-winning multimedia journalist based in the border state of Arizona. Pita, a Guatemalan-American, is inspired by social issues affecting underserved and Latino communities. In her current role as Director of Communications at One Arizona, Pita supports the issues that matter to the immigrant community by highlighting Arizona’s stories of resilience in international,...


Ep 71 - Using Your Voice with Elsie Escobar

Hello listeners! This week we have a conversation with Elsie Escobar. Elsie Escobar is a ten year plus veteran in the industry and inductee into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. She knows the heart and soul of podcasters and podcasting beyond Apple Podcasts and public media. It is with this primary point of view of the average podcast listener (via thousands of hours of podcast listening) and independent podcast producer that Elsie brings a unique perspective to the podcasting...


Ep - 71 Overboard with Eugenio Derbez

Hello listeners! This week we're back and this time we had a special guest: Eugenio Derbez! We had the opportunity to watch the new film Overboard and we got to also spend some time with Eugenio and ask questions about his life right now in the U.S. Entrevista en español. To find out more about #OverboardMovie go to @OverboardMovie on all things social. Follow @cafeconpampodcast on all things social. Stay shining!


Ep. 70 - Forgiveness

Listeners, we're back this week with a solo episode. I have been called to tell this story for a few months now. I'm not sure why? I've been trying to avoid doing so because many times I think nobody cares about my personal story. For some reason, the Universe continues to bring this back and perhaps, I'm supposed to share this with you. It's a story about the time I learned to forgive myself when I was hurt the most and I did one of the most painful things. Now, I express nothing but...


Ep 69 - Let's Talk About Magic with Hanah Salas aka MagicMama

Hello listeners, this week dove deep with MagicMama! Hanah Salas, also known as MagicMama, is a Mexican Witchy Woman, a full-time mama of 3 little troll-angels and she runs her own little healing business. Hanah’s business is created out of, with, for and because of love. Hanah is an energy healer, an upcoming herbalist, and maker of magical healing products. She invests in herself and her communities, using sliding scale donations for much of her medicine and services and often giving...


Ep 68 - The 21st Century Man with Mark Halvorson

Hello listeners! We're back another week and this time we had a conversation with Mark Halvorson! Mark is a computer hardware & software design engineer by trade, and an entrepreneur. He just started his third business called which helps native San Diegans, and visitors explore San Diego. It’s a database of things to do, but with each experience it provides all the needed info so there is nothing left to do but to just go have fun. He’s also a Renaissance Man who has...


67 - There's Room For All of Us Here with Lauren Villa

Hello listeners, this week we talked to Lauren Villa. Lauren is a writer/artist/creative/social justice and mental health advocate/ and co-founder of One Million Wild Hearts (OMWH) - a project that captures the realities of being a womxn creative and documents these lived experiences through interviews. The mission of OMWH is to increase the visibility of womxn’s* experiences and identities** and how it relates to their creation of art. They share womxn’s stories through interviews in...


Ep 66 - March for Black Women San Diego

Hello listeners! This week I bring you a different type of episode. I had the opportunity to attend the March for Black Women in San Diego last week and I am bringing you the amazing pre-march program that took place in San Diego March 10, 2018. The event was organized by March for Black Women San Diego and Black Lives Matter San Diego. The event was described as follows and there's a link to support them also: We are strong, beautiful, and demand respect. Black Women's Blueprint, Trans...


Ep 63 - Conscious Parenting with Danellia Arechiga

Hello listeners! This week we had a conversation with Danellia Arechiga. Danellia, is a single mother, full spectrum doula, childbirth educator, lactivist, placenta encapsulation specialist, and advocate for conscious, intentional, and peaceful parenting. She has spent the better part of her adult life trying to understand her cultural identity and in doing so, she has uncovered how cycles of emotional and physical abuse within our family lines can have a significant impact on how future...


Ep 62 - Whatever it takes with Ruben Torres

Hello listeners! Happy to be back and this week we had a conversation with Ruben Torres! Ruben is a San Diego native deeply rooted in the Southern California's culture and lifestyle. Ruben started off his career as a musical performer and songwriter. Ruben emerged into the business side of the music industry by sphere-heading the independent record label RESCUE RECORDS for rock band P.O.D., where he learned all aspects of the record industry. In 2010 “Connected with Ruben Torres” was...


Ep 61 - You don't get to complain about what you allow with Jo Luehmann

Hello listeners! We are back with a new episode and this time we talked to Jo Luehmann! Jo is a piece of the Luehmann Circus, Jo, is one of the members of the Luehmann Circus. They are a family of improving Christians. What that means is that they love God a lot, but they also have a lot of issues with Him and His church, and they are ok with that. After Jo and her husband worked hard for years to build up a church, they did “whatever it took” and learned whatever they needed to learn to...


Ep 60 - Who Is Supposed To Be Here Already Is

Hola listeners! We're back another week with a new guest! This time we talked to Alma Tilghman. Alma can best be described by her Twitter profile: Matchmaker for corporate brands, non-profits and media outlets; advocate for #diversity #arts #film #TV. With life and career experience on both coasts; the bilingual and bicultural #superconnector is well-versed in the languages of Corporate America and the Arts. Leading up to her role as Principal for Paper Planes Collective, Alma honed her...


Ep 59 - Patience

Hello listeners! This week we're back with an espresso episode because the first week of 2018 went by too quick and I didn't want to start the second week without checking in. How are you doing with your intention setting for 2018? I have been focusing on what is going to happen this year and as I got a bit inpatient, the Universe put this quote in front of me and I felt compelled to share it with you this week. It is a Christian quote and even if you're not religious (I am not at all, but...


Ep 58 - Because Goals

Hello listeners! Last episode of 2017 and I wanted to bring you an episode to help you end the end right: a goal setting episode! As a recovering procrastinator, I have researched many ways of goal setting and I have found a formula that works for me. First, we start with a 2017 review. We must acknowledge the year and be prepared to let it go. If you were to name 2017. What would that name be? 2017 Review: What did you accomplish? What can you celebrate? What lessons did you learn? If you...


Ep 57 - Once A Caregiver, Always A Caregiver

Hello listeners, here we are at the last episode of 2017! This year flew by and I'm glad soon we will be able to say adios to this year. This week, we have a conversation with Martha Rañon. Martha, is the Director of Education & Programs for Southern Caregiver Resource Center. Martha first became a caregiver to her great aunt who was 93 and had Dementia. With little knowledge on how to be a Caregiver, Martha reached out to Southern Caregiver Resource Center and became a client they taught...


Ep 56 - Listen

Hi listeners! This week you sit down with me, listen to me make a cup of coffee (literally) and I tell you a story about the beginning of Cafe con Pam. I tell you about the time nobody wanted to hear from me and the irony that now I'm part of a team that is developing a platform to help other's voices be heard. This one is raw and personal. I almost didn't post it. Let me know what you think, share this episode with someone you love. Remember the butter and stay shining! @cafeconpampodcast...


Ep 55 - The importance of Creative Collaborations

Hello listeners, We're back another week and this time we had a conversation with Susanna Peredo Swap. Susanna has over twenty years of experience as an arts administrator, actor, jazz vocalist, arts advocate, and public relations specialist. While working for the San Diego International Airport Art Program she curated over eighty exhibitions with some of San Diego’s best museums, artists and galleries; as well as a fantastic roster of talent for its performing arts series. She currently...


Ep 54 - Brown is Beautiful

Hello listeners, here we are with another episode and this time we had a conversation with Fernando Lopez! Fernando, is a restaurateur and entrepreneur. Alongside his three siblings, he owns LA’s iconic Guelaguetza restaurant and in 2014 branded and launched the delicious michelada mix, I Love Micheladas. The mix is available online and in over 150 retailers throughout the US and has been covered nationally by Vice, Los Angeles Magazine, GQ, Urban Daddy, and the LA Times. Fernando was born...