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A podcast for those who may have left summer camp, but camp never left us.

A podcast for those who may have left summer camp, but camp never left us.
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A podcast for those who may have left summer camp, but camp never left us.




Ep. #51: Annette Richmond

Annette Richmond loves camp. Not only was she on the Disney show Bug Juice about camp back in the day, but this summer she is starting her own body positive summer camp called Fat Camp. We talk about her experience as a TV star, how camp helps you find comfort in your own skin, and how Micah is more jealous of Annette than any previous guest on the show. Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #50: The C&CW Questionnaire Extravaganza

It's our Completely Arbitrary Celebratory 50th Anniversary Episode! Featuring listener (and former cohost) stories for each of our questions in the Title Still Pending Campfires and Color Wars Questionnaire! Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #49: Robin Gelfenbien

Comedian and entertainer Robin Gelfenbien was just your average Jewish girl growing up, with one interesting exception - she spent her summers at church camp! Robin shares stories of her time learning different prayers, singing songs, and more! Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #48: Camp Movie Night - Indian Summer

It's time for another Camp Movie Night, as Micah is joined by Jare Akchin and Kari O'Hara to break down the movie "Indian Summer". Does it hold up after all these years? Do the camp references stick? Can anyone figure out what people actually wear at camp? Don't waste a minute, take a listen and find out!


Ep. 47: Mike Stasko

Filmmaker Mike Stasko joins to share his experiences growing up at Camp Kitchikewana in Ontario, Canada, much of which serves as the inspiration for the movie he is making, "Boys vs. Girls". We discuss the effects of older sisters on your dating life, what happens when you go a whole summer without showering, and much much more! Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #46: Rebekah and Jason Gourley

Rebekah Page-Gourley spent the entirety of her adolescence at summer camp. Her husband, Jason Gourley, did not. What's it like to be in a relationship where one of you had such a life-changing experience, and the other...has to listen to stories about it all the time? We find out in the latest episode. Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #45: Dava Krause

Imagine you went to camp every year with your best friends - then imagine your parents wouldn't let you go for your last year as a camper. The horror! Comedian Dava Krause doesn't have to imagine it, it actually happened to her. She joins to tell her tale of woe, plus musicals gone awry, hot dogs for canteen, and much much more. Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #44: Ellie Krupnick

Ellie Krupnick spent many a summer at Camp Ramah in the Poconos, and based on her time there co-authored a great piece for HuffPo singling out the 24 Reasons Dating At Camp Is Better Than In The Real World. We dive into some of those reasons, plus explain why napping with your boo during an off period is one of the great treats in life. And much much more! Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Minisode: Like The Time I Almost Got Kicked Out of Camp For Eating a Cheeseburger

Jonathan Goldman stops by to give a full account of the story told on the last episode, of the time he nearly got kicked out of camp for eating half a cheeseburger (and some corndog nuggets) on the big summer trip to the water park. So much drama! Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #43: Molly Tolsky

Molly Tolsky is the editor of Alma, a Jewish pop culture site for millennial women, but before that she was just your average shy girl at summer camp. Join us as we discuss mean girls at camp, the scandal that almost sent campers home from a water park, and much more. Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #41: Blake Wexler

Blake Wexler is a hilarious comedian, and his new album "12 Years of Voicemails from Todd Glass to Blake Wexler" explores his relationship with fellow comedian Todd Glass, who in many ways served as a camp-counselor-like role in Blake's life. We talk about our favorite counselors, the scariest things that ever happened to us at camp, finding camp in every day life, plus much much more! Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #38: Like the Time I Made Out With the Son of the Head of Homeland Security (w/ Rebecca Caplan)

Rebecca Caplan got her start as a comedy writer putting together dramatic plays at Camp Timber Tops, where she also penned the world-renowned Forrest Gumpstein for Lip Sync Night. Join us as we discuss the difficulties of being a counselor, the importance (or lack thereof) of keeping a clean bunk, and hear her tale of romance torn apart due to government interference. Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #37: Like the Time We Gave Thanks For Camp (w/Jare Akchin and Daniel Kaufman)

Camp Newman is home to so many fond memories for people who went there, which makes it all the more devastating that it was burned to the ground after the wildfires in California this year. Daniel Kaufman and Jare Akchin join to talk about what made Newman so great and how the community is rebuilding the camp, plus we talk about what we're thankful for from camp, embarrassing first kisses, plus an unexpected tale of an unrequited display of affection. Don't waste a minute, take a listen!


Ep. #31: Like the Time Wet Hot American Summer Was Based On My Camp Experience (w/David Wain)

Fans of Wet Hot American Summer rejoice! Cocreator and director David Wain joins to talk about his summer camp experiences and how they shaped one of the most beloved movies (and series) ever set at camp. We discuss which WHAS scenes and characters are based on real-life stories, what David was known for at Camp Modin in Main, and hear about how surgery vastly improved David's prospects with the ladies. Check it out!


Ep. #30: Like the Time I Asked Out Every Girl at Camp (w/Jason Sattler)

Sometimes if you feel like you don't fit in, you end up on the sidelines making fun of all the perceived cool kids. Perhaps that experience helped shape the comedic voice of Jason Sattler, aka @LOLGOP on Twitter, who takes some time out of his busy schedule roasting the embattled leaders of the free world and fighting for progressive causes to join us this week. Jason recounts his times at an Orthodox Jewish Camp in California waiting on the arrival of the Messiah, gives tips on who to...


Ep. #29: Like The Time Camp Was Ruined By An Electric Razor (w/Stephanie Butnick)

Deputy editor of Tablet Magazine and co-host of the popular 'Unorthodox' podcast Stephanie Butnick joins Micah to discuss her time at Camp Point O' Pines, the differences between Jewish camps and camps for Jews, and tells a harrowing story of a summer gone wrong thanks to an electric razor (or few). Take a listen!


Ep. 28: Like The Time I Had a Threesome at Camp...Sort Of (w/Lindsay Fram)

Noted sex educator Lindsay Fram is back to dish on the latest from the frontlines of gender and sexuality at summer camps. Plus we discuss the definition of "Camp Hot", our favorite camp cheers, the best way to spend a day off, and of course, Lindsay's super-mature Shabbat Walk threesome (spoiler alert - it's not as sexy as it sounds). Take a listen!


Ep. #27: Like The Time We Talked to The Camp Directors of Our Childhood

With summer camps in full swing, we talk to longtime directors Macy Hart (father of Micah) and Ron Klotz about their years running summer camps in Mississippi and Indiana and how they prepared for each summer. We learn about how they got involved in the camping world, the funniest postcards ever sent home from camp, and answer the age-old question, "What do camp directors do in the winter time?"


Ep. #26: Like The Time The Director Was An NFL Quarterback (w/ Jay Fiedler)

Every camp is special, but not every camp can boast the former quarterback for the Miami Dolphins as camp director! Longtime NFL signal caller Jay Fiedler joins Micah and Sara to talk about leading Brookwood Camps in upstate NY and his summers growing up at Lenni Lenape, as well as the similarities and differences between a season in the NFL and a summer at camp.


Ep. #25: Like The Time Paris Hilton Broke Color War (w/Stacy Davidowitz)

A summer at camp wouldn't be complete without a good ole fashioned Color War (aka Maccabiah Games, Yom Sport, or Special Day...). Whatever you want to call it, everyone left it all on the field for the green, the red, the yellow, and the blue. Author Stacy Davidowitz joins Micah and Sara to recount her days at Tyler Hill Camp and talk about her newest book in the Camp Rolling Hills series, "Breakout", which takes place during Color War. Plus we discuss great Color War fakeouts and breakouts,...