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Lori Lindsey - Passion for Health and Wellness

What happens when you use your passion for health and wellness to help others? TrulyLivin Host Charm London talks to Lori Lindsey this week. Lori is the founder of Your Wellness Navigator, a health and wellness resource company that educates and motivates women to take control of their health, gain balance in their life, and live without boundaries. **This talk was originally a Facebook Live on our TrulyLivin Facebook page. You will hear some of the comments and questions asked by people who...


Braisha Owens - TrulyLivin with Confidence

How are you confidently living your passion? In this episode, TrulyLivin host Charm London talks to Braisha Owens, a designer, artist, and stylist. Braisha talks about how she is working to help girls find their confidence, be intentional, and how to rock a paper bag (really!) EPISODE SHOW NOTES: 2:10 Braisha talks the incredible impact that working as a high school mentor for girls has had on her life 4:00 Braisha talks about the Year of You - being intentional and planning out her vision...


Jasmine Barfield - Discovering your Spirituality and Gratitude in Life

How are you taking your passion and creating opportunities for yourself? In this episode, TrulyLivin Host Charm London talks to Jasmine Barfield about the important roles that spirituality and gratitude play in her life. Jasmine started her YouTube channel, Goddess in the Making, a year ago. It's a platform she uses to express her spirituality, and something she says she needed several years ago when she started on her journey to rediscovering herself. She couldn't find a lot of YouTube...


Jackie Jenkins - Living a Passion for Running

Have you ever dreamed of being a runner? This may be the burst of inspiration you need to get started! TrulyLivin Host Charm London talks to Jackie Jenkins about her passion for running, how she got started, and how she combines travel and running to keep it exciting. Get off the couch and get moving! EPISODE NOTES: :45 Jackie talks about her job, background, and her family. 2:07 Jackie shares what the Year of You means to her. 3:15 Why Jackie loves running, what it does for her well-being,...


Kimberly Minor - Real Talk about Diversity, Inclusion, and Why Women Aren't Supporting Each Other

It's time for some Real Talk on Diversity and Inclusion! This week, Host Charm London talks with Kimberly Minor, who has experience working for major brands like Macy's, Express, FootLocker, David's Bridal, Ann Taylor, and L Brands. Kimberly talks about her experiences with the lack of support women receive in executive roles, the pressure to change in order to be successful, life after corporate America, and her new passion called Spiceteria. Episode Notes: 3:00 She talks about her...


A Passion for Travel & Service

It's a family edition of the TrulyLivin podcast! Host Charm London is joined by her daughter in this episode to talk about her passion for travel and service. They talk about the lessons learned during service trips to Nicaragua and China. This talk was originally a Facebook Live on our TrulyLivin Facebook page. EPISODE SHOW NOTES 4:00 Charm and her daughter talk about a service trip to Nicaragua. 5:00 Talking about different cultures and the types of work they did there. 8:30 Charm talks...


Erin Perdue - Following Your Passion with Entrepreneurship

Host Charm London talks to Erin Perdue, the owner of Family Value Cleaning Services, high quality carpet cleaning in New Albany Ohio, and surrounding communities. Erin talks about how he thought about starting his own business for a year, before leaving his job and diving in to entrepreneurship. Erin shares the process he used to live his passion. Erin says, “You don't have to worry about how everything is going to work out, you just have to get started.” This talk was originally a Facebook...


TrulyLivin - Havilland Maxwell - Find Your Spark, Fight Your Fear, Be Open To Your Passion

Is there a spark in your soul you are ignoring? Maybe it's something you've been afraid to act on. This week, Host Charm London talks to Havilland Maxwell, a creative business coach and on-camera personality. She helps freelancers and small businesses on how to attract clients and build confidence and gain clarity, she is an actor and a voice actor. They talk about being afraid of change and how to be open to it, finding your passion and your purpose in life. “Be open and receptive to the...


Laura Staley - Transform Your Life With Feng Shui

Host Charm London talks to Laura Staley, author of the book, “Let Go Courageously and Live with Love: Transform Your Life with Feng Shui” Laura is a Feng Shui expert who is sharing these principles to help you organize and improve your life. She talks about giving yourself permission to live with the things that you truly love, and permission of getting rid of the things you loathe, including belongings you feel pressured to keep – like family hand-me-downs. This talk was originally a...


Cinnamon Reiheld - TrulyLivin After Trauma

We all have fears and negative beliefs about different topics, but something we may not realize is that many of them are the result of events that have happened to us in the past, and shaped our personality and actions. But there are ways to stop operating in fear, and get the help and support we need. TrulyLivin's Charm London talks to Cinnamon Reiheld, a trauma therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio. Reiheld talks about counseling first responders including firefighters and police officers, ways...


Brittany Dixon - Stop the Overwhelm and Get Organized!

We've all been there – struggling to keep up with being a mom, work, and all the other things you'd like to do – organizations, your kids' activities, and on and on. It can be overwhelming! Sometimes it leaves us little time to even think about our passions and what we'd like to do to share them with others! If you can relate – this episode is for you! This week, we're talking about getting organized in all aspects of our lives. Host Charm London talks to Brittany Dixon, owner of Brittany &...


Dr. Tina Diggs - Be Intentional, Authentically You, and Live Your Authentic Truth without Fear

Live your life and have the lifestyle you desire, without fear! This episode is all about intention, purpose, and finding your true path in life. This week, Host Charm London sits down with Dr. Tina Diggs, a mentor, coach, and owner/founder of Be Intentional LLC. Through her 60-day virtual coaching program, she helps clients identify their purpose and determine ‘what’s next’ so they can live the life they want, personally and professionally. Episode Show Notes 1:15 TrulyLivin believes 2019...


Jasilika Davidson - "Walkin' My Purpose On Purpose" with Faith, Family, and Fashion

Let's have some real talk about the journey to overcome our fears and obstacles. Are you ready to take some risks in life and see where the adventure takes you? TrulyLivin is all about creating positive overall wellness in our lives, finding our passion, and taking action to truly live our best lives. Guest Jasilika Davidson, Founder of J's Faith Walk – Faith, Family, and Fashion – shares how she's turning her passion into action, and TrulyLivin with Host Charm London. In this episode:...