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Real. Authentic. Transparent. Thoughts on faith, family, food, fitness, and fun.

Real. Authentic. Transparent. Thoughts on faith, family, food, fitness, and fun.
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Real. Authentic. Transparent. Thoughts on faith, family, food, fitness, and fun.




#202 – Let it Go!

If you're gonna learn to live well, you're gonna have to learn to let some things go. There is no way around it. To grab hold of the best of life, you have to learn how to let go so that there is room for you to grab hold to the good stuff. But what [...]


#201 – Show Up for Your Life

Are you struggling to get going even though we are at the start of a brand new year? Has the hustle and bustle of the holiday season left you a tad exhausted or low on energy? Have you been feeling stuck because it’s yet another January and the goals you have this year are the [...]


#200 Chrystal’s Christmas Collection

Episode 200 is here!! They say time flies when you’re having fun and I must agree -- the past 199 episodes (yes! ONE NINETY NINE) have been a blast! Thank you for listening. It doesn’t matter if you started listening at episode one or if this is your first time listening today -- thank you! [...]


#199 Singled Out – Celebrating the Holidays Well

The holiday season is upon us! I can feel the shift; the weather is changing, the smell of fresh pine and peppermint is on the rise and ya’ll, I have already seen Christmas trees. Fully decorated Christmas trees! I’m not there yet. I’m not a grinch. I love this season - I love making special [...]


198 – Thriving During the Holidays

It’s officially November, which means the holiday season is upon us! It’s a joyous time for a lot of us as we gather to celebrate with family and friends. However, if you’re anything like me, this season can also become a little stressful... There are so many things to do added onto the normal everyday [...]


197 – A Chat with Brittany Null

Listen ya’ll, sometimes, life just happens. Eventually, we all find ourselves in unexpected, painful moments — whether it is being laid off of work, experiencing sudden health issues, losing of a loved one, or getting a divorce. None of these things can be anticipated, and they always come as a terrible shock. But when they [...]


196 +++ – A Chat with Jackie Hill Perry

In our rapidly-changing Western culture, all women at some point find themselves asking: What is my role? What does it mean to be a “woman”? Christian women in particular struggle to reconcile what culture says they should be (whether that is the broader secular culture, or the particular Christian culture they grew up in) with [...]


195- The Skin I’m in – Arielle Estoria

What does it really mean to feel good in your body? We are all different shapes and sizes, and what works for one woman might not necessarily work for the other. You and I are responsible for taking care of our God-given vessel, but more than care, we should also celebrate the beauty of the [...]


+++193 – Ekemini Uwan – Bonus Episode

Many of us, in one way or another, have fallen asleep to the reality of the culture we live in. It’s almost unavoidable. After all, the beliefs and assumptions of our culture (whatever culture that may be) are like the air we breathe—we take them for granted, and may not even realize we have them. [...]


194- The Skin I’m in – Michelle Lewings

Have you ever found yourself wondering: What is it that makes you, you? Psalm 139:19 states that it is God who makes you who you are: he made all the delicate, inner parts of your body and knit you together in your mother's womb (Psalm 139:13, NLT). But even though most of us know [...]


#192- The Skin I’m In – Morgan Harper Nichols

When we look around at the world we live in, it’s evident how intentional and detailed God was when he designed it—the colors, the temperatures, the incredible variety of living beings, the seasons, and even the rhythm of time; if earth were just slightly out of place, we wouldn’t be able to live on it. [...]


#191 – A Chat with Margot Starbuck

Are you comfortable in your own skin? What does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin anyway? Does it mean you love your physical body? Does it mean to be at ease with the core of who you are? How do you know if you are actually at home with yourself? Ultimately, we [...]


#190+++ – When Your Kid is Hurting with Kevin Leman

What to do when your kid is hurting? Sometimes as parents we don’t know the right words to say to our kids when they experience rough times. I’m here to tell you, I’ve been there - we’ve all been there. However, today we’ve got some help! In today’s episode, I spoke with New York [...]


#189 – A Chat on Discipline with Mahisha Dellinger

Have you ever felt as if your life experiences disqualified you from achieving your goals? Well, you aren’t alone in that. I hear from women all the time who wonder if it is still possible to reach their dreams based on where they’ve come from or what they’ve been through. They question if they can [...]


#188 – A Chat on Contentment with “The Nester”

When it comes to decorating their homes, most people I know tend to think of it at best as something fun but low on their list of priorities, and at worst, as something inessential—and maybe even shallow. Personally, I know I’ve put off investing time and effort into decorating or really settling into my home [...]


#187 – A Chat on Balance

"I'm overwhelmed." "There's too much going on in my life right now." "I'm trying to find balance." Have you ever found yourself saying any of those phrases or something like it? I have. I talk about being overwhelmed and struggling to balance it all too. Life has a way of feeling like too much sometimes. And [...]


#185+++ – Unexpected Places with Anthony Evans

I had the opportunity to talk with my brother on YouTube Live about his new book, Unexpected places. This is a fun, honest, transparent and vulnerable conversation that only scratches the surface of what the book entails. Authenticity is the word Anthony describes his book. We chat about struggling with self-doubt, depression and bringing your [...]


#186 – Authority with Priscilla Shirer

Five years from now, what will you wish you had done with what you have now? You have power and God has given you the authority to use it, but are you using it? Has the authority you have access to cultivated change within your workplace, neighborhood or relationships? In this episode, I’m talking with [...]


#184 – Forgiving Others – His Porn Addiction

For Christians, talking about sex can be awkward, even when the subject is simply about what God intended it to be. So it’s not surprising that for most Christians, the idea of discussing sex addiction is downright terrifying. But these struggles do need to be discussed: With about 30% of the internet industry being pornography, [...]


#183+++ – Forgiving Yourself: Recovering Alcohol Addiction

Addiction—whether it be alcohol addiction or addiction to drugs, porn, food, the internet—is something that countless Christians struggle with, yet it isn’t something that gets talked about in church. It’s ugly, it’s messy, and we just aren’t comfortable with it. That’s why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Dana Bowman, author [...]