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A podcast about getting out of your own way to achieve your dreams and desires

A podcast about getting out of your own way to achieve your dreams and desires
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A podcast about getting out of your own way to achieve your dreams and desires








Alone On The Train – NY To Atlanta

I love this episode. I tell the story about how I traveled alone by train from New York to Atlanta after I graduated from high school. Was it successful? Did I learn anything? Can you learn anything from my mishaps?'ll have to listen to find out. TRANSCRIPT FOR THIS EPISODE Steph’s CU Daily (Less Than 3 Minute Episodes) Instagram – cu_podcast FaceBook – Comfortably uncomfortable Public Group / comfortablyuncomfortablepodcast page Twitter –...


Traveling Alone – It Can Be Done And I’ll Show You How

In this episode I tell a story about how I got out of my comfort zone and traveled ALONE to someplace I really wanted to be. And, no, I'm not going to tell you where. You have to listen to this episode to find out. BUT I'm here to tell you can be done. It's extremely uncomfortable It does take a fair amount of effort and determination It isn't easy You will be challenged And, the end you will have accomplished a huge thing and you can now go anywhere you want and all over...


Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself! An Announcement And A Reminder

Don’t be too hard on yourself when life gets in the way. I’m still learning that lesson! This week’s long-form episode will be a couple of days late due to the long Memorial Day Weekend that we just had here in the United States. I'm still catching-up. Steph’s CU Daily (Less Than 3 Minute Episodes) Instagram – cu_podcast FaceBook – Comfortably uncomfortable Public Group / comfortablyuncomfortablepodcast page Twitter – @getting_cu YouTube – Comfortable...


The Law of Polarity – Opposite Day

Understanding all of the Great Natural Laws of the Universe are very important and in this episode I challenge you to use one of these laws to really make an impact on your daily life. The Law of Polarity IS the Law of Opposites. Try (with purpose) to implement this law for the next 21 days and see what happens. You will be delighted at just how quickly things can turn for the better with only a few simple changes. TRANSCRIPT FOR THIS EPISODE Season 1 Episode 9 Opposite Day Steph’s CU Daily...


Public Speaking And Confidence – An Interview With Colleen Aynn

Colleen Aynn is a Public Speaking Coach / International Best-Selling Children's Book Author / Singer and song writer with 30+ years of experience on stages all over the world. In this episode I interview Colleen Aynn and get some very good tips and tricks on public speaking, and some other very important insights. What a fun guest! You don't want to miss this one! Steph’s CU Daily (Less Than 3 Minute Episodes)...


My Introduction To A Rock Legend

In 1978 I went from a carefree kid living in suburbia to a 13 year-old kid living at a boarding school about an hour away from my cozy home. While I didn't like the boarding school experience very much, there was one exciting, wonderful, and unforgettable thing. This one thing was not a thing at all, but rather a person...a group of people that would forever change me. It wasn't the students or teachers. Curious yet? Well...take a listen because I'm not spilling the beans here. TRANSCRIPTION...


My Podcast Movement Speaking Gig Backstory

Back in August of 2016 I started my first podcast, Talk, Tales and Trivia. Although I was doing the podcast because I loved this new medium I had discovered, I was also using it as a learning experience. I put all my energy into that podcast so I could figure out how to podcast.But then in the late Fall, Podcast Movement came-a-calling (in an email) and I signed up so fast my head was spinning.Ahhh...what happened next? Well, you are just going to have to listen to find out.Yep, just like a...


Weighty Issues – With Emily Prokop Of Hate To Weight podcast

On this episode I have the extreme pleasure of speaking to Emily Prokop of the Hate To Weight podcast. We talk about what it's like to be comfortably uncomfortable while dieting...ummm...eating differently. Tips and recommendations are on this menu as well as chatting about the podcasting community and Emily potentially winning a Webby for her podcast, The Story Behind (although voting ended on the 23rd, she's a winner, no matter what!). Instagram –...


My Complete Raw And Real Backstory

It's not an easy thing to talk about but here I go. A very comfortably uncomfortable raw and real backstory. Get a taste of what it is really like to come to grips with something that is not easy to talk about. It IS a very hard thing to talk about because I don't like to admit my imperfections. Isn't that silly? And guess what I discovered? It's a good thing to have imperfections because that's how we all grow. I hope this episode takes the weight off of you. You can tell your backstory and...


How I Began Podcasting – The Backstory

In this short episode I tell you a little about my backstory and how I began to podcast. Let me ask you...are you settling for a career path or a position for work that you're not very good at? That's what I did. I knew customer service, retail, and event planning would be positions that were difficult. These positions required standing all day, lifting heavy boxes, and being very charismatic. And, most importantly, these positions weren't ultimately getting me to my goal of having a career...


Let’s Begin By Getting Comfortably Uncomfortable Trailer

I am embarking on a new challenge. The challenge is to be comfortably uncomfortable. This is a podcast but also a chance to change the way of thinking about being uncomfortable. I want you to join me weekly in becoming Comfortably Uncomfortable. It's not easy and it may go against everything we've ever been taught but together we'll find out how to go about it. Instagram – cu_podcast FaceBook – Comfortably uncomfortable Public Group /...