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The Creative Me Podcast is a show about art, culture, and all the other kinds of creativity happening in Aberdeen. during each episode of london boy Ica Headlam will explore with an individual or group what inspires and influences their creative practice and what they would like to achieve from their work.

The Creative Me Podcast is a show about art, culture, and all the other kinds of creativity happening in Aberdeen. during each episode of london boy Ica Headlam will explore with an individual or group what inspires and influences their creative practice and what they would like to achieve from their work.
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The Creative Me Podcast is a show about art, culture, and all the other kinds of creativity happening in Aberdeen. during each episode of london boy Ica Headlam will explore with an individual or group what inspires and influences their creative practice and what they would like to achieve from their work.






Episode 58 Shane Strachan

On this week's episode guest host Emily Utter chats to writer and performer, Shane Strachan about what he's been up to in the past 12 months since he was on the podcast this time last year. They talk about Shane's novel about Aberdeenshire-born fashion designer, Bill Gibb, the collaborations that have sprung out of the project, his residency as a Scottish Book Trust Robert Louis Stevenson recipient, and his involvement in this year's Look Again Festival.


Episode 57 Ryan Harris - Harris And Fox

Episode 57 of the Creative me Podcast taker over is with guest host Emily Utter. Emily sat down with the owner of Aberdeen hair salon, Harris and Fox, . Ryan Harris who has been working as a hairdresser for over ten years, and opened Harris and Fox seven months ago. They talk about Ryan’s career, his business partner, Hendrix, the salon, fish-keeping, and ambitious haircuts. You can find Ryan (or book an appointment!) at:


Episode 56 Fiona - Jane Brown (Hidden Aberdeen)

Episode 56 of the Creative-me-podcast taker over is hosted by stand in Gary Kemp of Doric Skateboards. This week Gary sat down for a chat with local historian and self confessed story teller Fiona-Jane Brown. Fiona is well known for her books and history tours and will soon be releasing a film based on an incident at the Grill Pub Aberdeen in 1973 - look out for No Ladies Please later this year. They talk about how Fiona got where she did and mention a lot of the people she came across on...


Episode 55 Mark Kemp - FortyTwo Studio

Episode 55 is the second from our guest podcasters, Doric Skateboards Gary Kemp as he chats to his brother Mark Kemp of FortyTwo Studio about life at Art School, getting started in the world of design, setting up your own business and advice for people starting out in their careers. Mark currently owns and runs (along with this team!) FortyTwo Studio and it was really interesting to look back on life and see the pivotal moments that made impressions and in some way guided Mark to where he is...


Episode 54 Alan Cynics

Episode 54 is from the first of our guest podcaster’s, local artist Jo Muir as she interviews another resident artist at The Anatomy Rooms, Alan Cynic. Alan is known in Aberdeen not only as an artist but as a musician in the band Kitchen Cynics. In this interview I got the chance to talk about his 30 year career as an art teacher, his life as a ‘musical experimentor’ and his move into the anatomy rooms and the art he has created since then. It was really cool getting to learn about Alans...


Episode 53 Nikki Makaronas- The Liberty Kitchen

Episode 53 is with local creative and independent business owner Nikki Makaronas. I spoke with Nikki about her time at Grays School of Art, travelling abroad, early creative influences from her family, how The Liberty Kitchen came to be and much more. I had a great time catching up with Nikki you can follow all what she ha ben up to on the links below so be sure to check it out and show Nikki your support.


Episode 52 V-Lad (v2k_abz)

Episode 52 is with local artist V-Lad. We covered quite a lot during our chat from his time growing up and living in lithuania, creative awakenings, reggae music, volunteering with Spectra, Lookagain, Festival, Nuart and much more. And if your up for winning a piece of V-Lads art work listen to the end of the episode to how you can enter this competition. I appreciate V-Lad coming through to the studio to share his story and look forward to see what else he gets up to for the rest of 2019....


Episode 51 Chloë Johnson

Episode 51 is with local film producer, actress and model Chloë Johnson. We spoke about how Chloë developed her interest in acting with the British Film Institute through SHMU, the projects she’s been involved in to date, connecting with creatives in Canada and America, the challenges with being a film producer and much more. It was great to chat with Chloë she’s a hard grafter who’s continuing to develop her practice so thanks again for coming the podcast and sharing your story with us. And...


Episode 50 Craig Fisher

Episode 50 is with local artist Craig Fisher. We spoke about Craig's time studying in Aberdeen, his transition from BrewDog bar manager to being their full-time mural artist, where his current job has taken him, creating work for himself and much more. I really appreciate Craig taking the time out of his busy schedule to come on the podcast for a chat and share his story with us. Be sure to check out Craig's work on the link below. All Creative Me...


Episode 49 Jaye Christie

Episode 49 is with local artist Jaye Christie, we spoke about Jaye's time growing up in the 80's in Glenrothes, being compelled to create work through his imagination, studying at Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art and Design, and much more. It was great catching up with Jaye definitely good people and appreciate him coming on the podcast to share his story with us. So be sure to follow Jaye on the link below to see his what his been up to. All...


Episode 48 Mimi Hammill

Episode 48 is with local surface pattern designer Mimi Hammill. We covered quite a bit during this episode from Mimi's brief career as a dental surgeon, living in London and working for a science journal, how entering a competition by chance led to her first design being sold in Topshop, how she prefers to run her business and much more. Glad to have met Mimi in person as she's a local creative who's personality comes throw their work. So be sure to check out the links below to see what Mimi...


Episode 47 Callum Barrack-_ p_o_l_k_a_

Episode 47 is with Architectural Designer Callum Barrack. We Spoke about how Callum became his own boss, some history of Aberdeen's skate culture, projects his been involved in and much more. Always great to meet people like Callum and great to hear all about his story, projects his been involved in along with his passion for Aberdeen. So thanks again Callum for coming on the podcast. Also be sure to check out the inks below to see more of what Callum has been up to....


Episode 46 Gemma Hare

Episode 46 is with Visual Artist Gemma Hare. We spoke about Gemma developing her practice over the past year by incorporating bees and other insects in her work, studying in Edinburgh for five years, her career path to becoming a teacher, using social media to connect with local creatives and much more. I like meeting and chatting with new guests and I look forward to seeing Gemma's creative journey grow and develop over the year. So thanks again Gemma for coming by the Anatomy Rooms for a...


Episode 45 Frieda Strachan - Quarry Wood Weavings

We kick off 2019 with episode 45 featuring self-taught weaver Frieda Strachan. Frieda briefly featured on the Christmas at the Anatomy Rooms episode last year. So it was great finding out more about Frieda from her early childhood experiences and influences, her various times away from Aberdeen, personal motivations, family and much more. I really enjoyed the opportunity to have a chat with Frieda she's clearly a talented and creative individual who's story is very interesting and I look...


Episode 44 Rachel Robertson- Hackley

We close out 2018 with episode 44 featuring Rachel Robertson who is the creator and owner of Hackley. It was great catching up with Rachel as we spoke about how Hackley came to be, her career in law, and what motivates her to do what she does. This is definitely a nice episode to finish out a great year of podcasting in the deen. So thanks again rachel for coming on the podcast and sharing your story with us. And be sure to check out all things Hackley on the links below and I'll see you in...


Episode 43 Christmas Ramblings from The Anatomy Rooms

Creative Me Podcast is back with an early present for you all a collection of ramblings from the Christmas at the Anatomy Rooms event that took place on saturday 8th December. The episodes features a some of the Anatomy Rooms residents along with local creatives who had stalls on the day, and members of the public. It was a great day and turn out so I hope this audio collage gives you a sense of the good vibes. And be sure to check out the links below of all the guest from this episode. I'll...


Episode 42 Jodie Galloway

Episode 42 is with Art & Design student Jodie Galloway. It was a nice chat with Jodie as we spoke about the creative influences from her family, her physical and mental health and how this also influences her current practice and much more. Over the past year it's been good to sit down and have a chat with local creatives at varying stages in their careers. So it was great to have a natter with Jodie who's at the early stages of her creative journey. So be sure to check out her work on the...


Episode 41 Catherine Smith

Episode 41 is with local painter Catherine Smith. I first met Catherine back in 2016 when we both attended a short course with the Creative Learning Team called sustaining life as a creative #SLAAC We spoke about how Catherines family has been a huge influence on her creative practice, her time at Gray's School of Art, personal motivations, and stepping out of your comfort zone. It was great catching up with Catherine as I had been pestering her to come on the podcast for a chat. So thanks...


Episode 40 Pete Smith - Grey Area Ink

Episode 40 is with local independent business owner, screen and printmaker Pete smith. We spoke about Pete's early creative and employment experiences and where this took him in terms of his own practice. We also spoke about how Grey Area Ink came about and Pete's own motivations to creative for himself and actually finding the time to do this, along with supporting and working with Aberdeen's creative community. It was great having a catch up with Pete at the Anatomy Rooms so thanks again...


Birthday special - Part 2

So here it is people part two of the podcast birthday special featuring Elane Colville, Emily Utter and Lauren Aitchison. It was great catching up and reflecting on all the goings on in Aberdeen in terms of creativity and culture, and also looking back on our creative and personal journeys over the year. So thanks again guys for coming back on the podcast for a catch up. It's been great to provide a platform in which we can discuss creativity and culture in Aberdeen and support one another...