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Each week Jane Markson asks the same questions to anyone willing to answer, as she tries to figure out if we have more in common than just our navels. Whether we do or not doesn't matter — she's curious to ask, eager to listen, and enjoying conversations that wouldn’t otherwise take place.

Each week Jane Markson asks the same questions to anyone willing to answer, as she tries to figure out if we have more in common than just our navels. Whether we do or not doesn't matter — she's curious to ask, eager to listen, and enjoying conversations that wouldn’t otherwise take place.


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Each week Jane Markson asks the same questions to anyone willing to answer, as she tries to figure out if we have more in common than just our navels. Whether we do or not doesn't matter — she's curious to ask, eager to listen, and enjoying conversations that wouldn’t otherwise take place.




Ep 048 - Julissa (Julie) Jimenez

Julie is the teacher you will wish you had in school – she is kind, warm, and supportive. She is living her dream, even though she knows she is not done learning and growing. She taught me that table manners can be an expression of love, and that the little sister should never be underestimated.


Ep 047 - Jenna Galligani

Jenna has overcome greater challenges than most of us and yet she is one of the most centered and positive people I have had the honor to meet. Listening to her speak about her work and perspective enhanced my day. She lives her mantra – to feel fulfilled even when things are bumpy around us.


Ep 046 - Cathy Cosentini Bonczek

I want to be more like Cathy, who has lived her life knowing that if a door is open, you can walk through it without a plan and figure it out along the way! She was able to use that strength to pursue her life’s work, which is simply an embodiment of her desire to help others along their journey. Cathy spreads unconditional love and reminds her family and friends not to let anyone dictate what you can achieve.


Ep 045 - Brian Panella

Brian is one of the bravest people I have spoken with – at 50, he left a successful business behind to move to New York City and pursue his dream of being an actor. He believes that we all have a life purpose, and you never know how or when you will find it. Check out his episode to learn about his “attitude of gratitude” and the most incredible and unique superpower he wants to have.


Ep 044 - Laura Lian

Laura is a delightful, rare, and beautiful combination of artist and spiritual mentor. As an artist, she creates bronze statutes that have traveled around the world to inspire and raise money for charities and found their way into the homes of collectors. And as a spiritual mentor, she encourages us all to shower our “shadowy bits” with light and love, invite our demons to tea, and remember that we have the power to lead with positivity. Her manner and message will carry you through your day.


Ep 043 - Stacy Gabel

Stacy always loved to sing, and now she’s an entertainment entrepreneur, performing and connecting with people through her upbeat (and sometimes quirky) music. When she’s not on stage, she teaches, helping other musicians follow their dreams. Stacy makes sure to keep a positive mindset – and a healthy dose of humor even during the pandemic.


Ep 042 - Paul Sutt

Paul’s enthusiasm for his passion is impressive – he’s a blacksmith who creates authentic swords and knives with the same method used hundreds of years ago, in a forge built by his father. It was a pleasure to meet this unique man who loves animals and believes that life is too short to be mean, angry, or miserable. Paul's YouTube channel


Ep 041 - Bevin Luna

Since Bevin grew up moving around, she knows what it means to be the new kid, and now keeps her arms wide open to understand everyone she meets. She is both rooted in science as an industrial hygienist (you have to listen to understand), and in music, deriving her talent from her father. It’s important to her to break down racial barriers and teach people one on one that inequity should be challenged. It was a delicious conversation, and if I ever get to meet her I will let her drive (again,...


Ep 040 - Suzanne Reed Fine

Suzanne is a kind and gentle artist who believes that anyone can find a way to express themselves creatively. She has a unique fear, especially as she can trace her roots back to a sea captain ancestor who traveled to Jamestown in the 1600’s. I had a lovely conversation with Suzanne and hope she finds a way to ensure the Rockettes attend her send off.


Ep 039 - Randy Hand

I had a wonderful time hearing about Randy’s adventurous childhood, exploring the woods and surviving a haunted house. And he went on to make some bold choices, not the least of which was to pursue his passion for sculpture, creating everything from small comic creatures to a life-sized cheese and cracker tree. He wants to make sure that people remember he made them smile – and he certainly did that for me.


Ep 038 - Ariella Strauss

Ariella’s role as a mother of four young adults is most important to her, but she finds time to be a humanitarian building bridges with those in need, and a self-published author of several fantasy novels. She honors her Cherokee heritage, and moved me with her insight – that we each have the choice to help ourselves and inspire others to do the same.


Ep 037 - Anne Mandler

From Seattle, to New York, to Germany, to California, Anne found her way to Texas where she heals and motivates people to pursue their life paths and passions, and to connect with their intuition. She knows that what matters most is not what you do but how you make someone feel, and she makes sure to pass along friendship and encouragement to those in her life.


Ep 036 - Rebecca Vogel-Pitts

Rebecca’s second graders are lucky to have her – she’s creative, thoughtful, and loving. Her journey from paralegal to teacher and devoted mom, and from loving wife to widow, and later, embarking on a new relationship, has taught her to move through her life with grace, resilience, and positivity.


Ep 035 - Rich Italiano

This kind and open soul is a pianist, composer, and professor who will move you with his bravery. It was inspiring to hear his story and learn that he does not let the challenges he’s faced diminish his life – whether pursuing his passion for music, encouraging his students to do what they love, or living a full and joyous life with his husband.


Ep 034 - Darrel DeWitt

I cannot stop smiling from my conversation with Darrel. He is a true creative soul, kind and compassionate, and committed to making sure his clients don’t give into aging. He is proud of his say yes attitude (even if he doubts himself), loves punk music, and doesn’t think I’m a stalker. (You have to listen to know what that means!)


Ep 033 - Anne Alexander

Author, empath, mentor, investigator, editor --- it all comes together in her quest to uncover the energy of desire and spark others on their journey to discover what makes them irresistible. She is the creator of SoulCandy and she lives by a simple rule – keep trying new things.


Ep 032 - Charles Shaughnessy

Though he didn’t land the role of Peter Rabbit when he was five, he’s been entertaining and charming us ever since, whether on Days of our Lives or The Nanny. Charlie is a delightful storyteller with an optimism that is infectious. But what makes him truly special is his kind heart and perspective on life.


Ep 031 - Mary Moses

Mary describes herself as a “late bloomer”, but in reality she is someone who continues to bloom by keeping herself open to new opportunities and challenges. From DJ to beekeeper, she is delightful and kind, with a spirit that will bring some light to your day.


Ep 030 - Damon Neagle

Not many kids choose their career by seventh grade, but not many kids are as logical and clear headed as Damon. He’s an engineer and patent attorney who relies on reason more than emotion, but that didn’t fool me -- this future farmer has passionate views and a huge soft spot for his family.


Ep 029 - Connie Challingsworth

From pharmaceutical sales, to life coach for women over 50, Connie always incorporates charity and service in her endeavors. She is sweet and delightful, and as she adjusts to retired life in Myrtle Beach, I hope she gets to star in the rom-com of her dreams!