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Autobiographical Audio Drama Podcast - created by Aidan Rosewell true real life storys

Autobiographical Audio Drama Podcast - created by Aidan Rosewell true real life storys
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Autobiographical Audio Drama Podcast - created by Aidan Rosewell true real life storys




episode 11 911 fight or flight

september the 11th 2001 needs to exsplaning, for why it is a well known date in history, in this episode it the events of this day and memorys from back in the 1980's prove to be the motivation i was neededing to try and change my life. Days of My Life are real life storys from Aidan Rosewell written recorded and created by Aidan Rosewell with music from Alan Piljak Art work Luke Jefford this episodes comtains audio clips that maybe upsetting for some listeners


Lost and Found part 1

at age 22 I find myself at Heathrow Airport ready to strike out on an adventure Lost and found is a 3 part story to begin season 2 of Days of My Life Days of My Life are true audio storys from Aidan Rosewell with art work from Luke Jefford and Music from Blue Dot Sesssions, Kevin MacLeod


Lost and Found Part 2

so Traveling around India is not what I thought it would be! how long can I last? Lost and found is a 3 part series to begin Season 2 of Days of My Life Days of my Life are true audio storys from Aidan Rosewell recorded written and performed by Aidan Rosewell with Art work from Luke Jefford Music from Tri-Tachyon, Alan Pijjak, Chad Church and Blue dot Sessions


Lost and Found part 3

so I made it and im starting to find what I was looking for... This is the last show in the current run from Days of My Life ( thanks for sticking with me) true storys from Aidan Rosewell written recorded and performed by Aidan Rosewell with Music from Alan Spiljak David Hilowitz, John Bartman Artwork from Luke Jefford


Episode 10 My Friend Bill

I memeory of my friend Bill... or was it will? Days of my Life is true storys Created By aidan rosewell Art work by Luke Jefford show contains reffrence to drug abuse


Episode 9 Do Look Back In Anger ( for juno)

After a long drive home and some windy weather, I have a moment of reflection on the pain of separation, do look back in anger Days of My life is written, spoken and created by Aidan Rosewell with Music from David Hilowitz, Lee Rosevere and Scott Holmes Art work by Luke Jefford follow me on Twitter @days_podcast


Episode 8 This Misadventures of the Cocaine Kid

Riding low on a wave of anxiety, The misadventures of the Cocaine Kid and his search for lost innocence Out here in the Midlands of Britain Unsatisfied souls seek out sex, drugs and rock n roll Our hope fails us like sail boats sunk in the night And even if we did believe in God..... he could not help us know Days of my Life Podcast is created by Aidan Rosewell. Aidan Rosewell as himself Featuring- Oliver Fox as " police man" Music from Blue dot sessions, Chad Church, Jahhzar John...


Episode 7- Divorce

1985 my life was like a film, but one day the makers of the film dicided to change the story of the film and add a new plot called " Divorce" Dispite me not wannting my familty to break up, I see now that I am a adult it lead to some good things, so on this show I share some of love and moments that kept us together even tho we live aprt. Days of my Life Podcast are true story from the life of Aidan Rosewell. Created and recorded by Aidan Rosewell With Thanks to Soundtrack by Ketsa ,...


Episode 6 A beginers Guide To becoming an Aitheist

in late 1999 after my mother had died I find myself alone late at night talking to her grave, with Whiskey and grief and some poor decision making I find myslef doubting even my own existence Days of My life Is an autobiographical Podcast Created By Aidan Rosewell With Music from Blue dot Sessions, Eddy, Alan Spiljak,Jahzzar and Chris Zabriskie With special guests Phill Usher created of Aethuran Dark Sarga as " Dan" And the beautiful voice of Izzy as " Tracey" thanks to Luke Jefford...


Episode 5 Dyslexic Idols

Growing up in 1980's I was " normal" kid... that was until the age of 6 when i started to see that I could not read or write like other children. In this episode I talk about how scary that was and chart the begining of a life long condition or rather state of " dyslexic" A learning diffrence that I have grown to love, it has shaped my life, my relationships and almost everything I do. Dropping out of school at age 11 and without any clear role modles in my life I had to search out my own....


Episode 4 The Treble

May 26th 1999 was a starnge and contrasting day emotionally. My mum had died 4 days before and in a few weeks time I would become a man 18 years old! The was also the small thing of the new Millenium on the horizon Most of my life Manchester united have given me a solid stable reltaionship, They give me a place to go where i always feel at home, where I always feel welcome, somtimes they give me somthing really great, and dispite the tragic life eventd and shifting times today they...


Episode 3 This is the place

This is the place, Manchester Growing up I always wanted my mother and farther to show love to eachother. They never did and so as a child and still now I like to think of a time and place where they did... the place they first met Manchester England. Manchester has always been a stable place but also a kind of dream land, its given me the soundtrack to my life in the forms of Oasis, The Smiths and many others, Its given me a football team that has always been there for me in good times...


Episode 2.5 Voices

what voices do you listen to? in this mini episode I ask you that and share some of the voices I hear and one voice that I really Listened to. Written recorded and produced By Aidan Rosewell Music by Chad Church aka Podington Bear Art work by Luke Jefford


Episode 2 420

April the 20th known as 4/20 is date that marked the begining of the end of my mothers life, the 19th of April was a dark night for me as I tried to get my head around what death and loseing a parent might be like, I was 17 years old. At the same time this was happening for me two boys id never met or herd of before where preparing to throw life its self away and take others with them. its a day of my life that is bittersweet in memory, WARNING this episode contains graphic audio clips...


Episode 1 Home Base

In the Summer of 1997 I was 16 years old. I was about to have a life changing day, as it turned out it was a day that the whole world would remmber. With Phill Usher as " Dan" Written Recorded and produced by Aidan Rosewell Music by David Hilowitz Blue Dot Sessions Jahzzer Minus Pilots Monplaisir Alan Pijak Art Work By Luke Jefford


Episode 0 -Things I wish my mum knew

This is A sneak peep from my upcoming podcast Dasy of My Life. Look out for new longer episodes in spring/summer 2019